Wednesday, October 08, 2008

There is light at the end of this crises and is coming

FSQ NOTE: Do not panic. We never did, did we ? what we saw was a "window of opportunity" to buy some blue chips to keep for 10 years especially stocks that are known to give us good dividends. Of course from time to time the share price will fluctuate as it is a natural phenomena to do so. It is how our mind "thinks" that matters.


Learner (in shock) said...

Thank you, mighty Master Lynn Yap for your kind assurance.

I almost collapsed in shock when I see the humpty dumpty 'falling and rolling' down every day as I am still holding on to some blue chips bought earlier ....

Now, may buy in a bit more, hopefully to nett off the losses...since the light will be coming soon (next week?)....

Now, just hope to break even in time for Christmas.

Thanks, again.

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments.

Those who know my prediction style would know "how I think" and "what I would do" when the market is down and how to buy to average it up.

The "light" is not now as the 11th and 12th lunar months have water so the market will not yet come up. It will have to be after x"mas if you ask me.

If you have losses, ask yourself: Did you buy to hold for 10 years or you buy to trade short term to make coffee money. If it is coffee money then maybe you can buy some and average it and then wait for the new lunar year to cash it out.

I did my calculations and it is at least a 2 months wait.

Learner (with smile) said...

Thanks for the kind advice, Master Lynn. Will heed.

Hopefully, by Lunar New Year, the STI can regain back abt 2,300...

Yours truly shall be patient.