Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wait for one more mini drop like a roller coaster eh ?

Today, 6 October 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office to do 3 readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: 2009 is not going to be another great year. Your question would be is it going to be worse this year 2008 or 2009, that's the right question to ask.

It's another how is your week ? been busy or simply trying to cope with matters happening around you.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Be a little bit more patient while my web developer do wonders for my "Daily Thoughts" at my website as I wanted it to come with comments so that people can comment on what I write, like this blog.

FENG SHUI: PART I: How to improve your office desk fengshui ?
1) For those who need wood is to go and buy a tall potted plant and placed it in your room or on your office desk but a smaller money plant.
2) If you need fire is to go buy a tall red candle and place on your desk and don't ever light it up, if not wait catch fire or use a table lamp like the one in my office.
3) If you need metal then get a windchime and hang in your office and chime it whenever you are free.
4)If you need water then use a radio or play music at the work desk or buy a ship and place it on your desk with the ship facing you.
5) If you need earth then place a big rock or crystal cave on your desk.

DESTINY: Go for a life reading if you haven't already done so and then learn to understand more about yourself and your fortune and try to follow it. That way, your future would be smooth and HAPPY.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When buying a property just make sure you check what is directly opposite your house before you make a downpayment. And once the cheque is given be sure that you feel good after that and that PROFIT is made the day you gave the cheque, if not, don' buy.

I bought my second property after viewing the house for only 15 mins and then give the agent a cheque of S$9000/- for the downpayment. There was no need to consult anyone else as I intended to buy this house in my own name.

TIP:"then that will wrap up for the year 2008 and a new begining for the year 2009"


Elephanthan said...

Hi Mst Lynn,

Gd afternn! U wrote on the element for office FS, do u refer to our Money element or Power element?



Lynn Yap said...


It has to be your favourable elements and if you have 2 favourable elements then put these on your desk at the office.