Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to my FengshuiQueen world of Fung Shui

Today, 24 October 2008, Friday, I went to attend Golden Agri Resources EGM at 2.30pm and voted with my 60,000 shares and then to Sheraton Towers at 4pm for a meeting with my overseas clients from Shanghai, China.

DAILY THOUGHTS: In life, there will be people who like us while there are those who dislike us. All these are because of bazi - sometimes our bazi clash and so we somehow just don't like this friend or sometimes it can also be your spouse or your childen. Have you ever noticed that ?

FENG SHUI: Last time, I used to give 30 talks in a year. for the past few years I decided to give less and to charge more for my talks. It didn't mean that when you give talks you will get customers and anyhow it is never my intention when I deliver my fengshui talks. My motivation has always been to share my knowledge on fengshui and how it can truly work and help people. And because you are good, people naturally warm up to you and then you get business.

Bottomline: Your motivation must be sincere because people can feel the energy that comes out of your speech and "body language".

If you believe in my "fengshui Queen" brand of fengshui then you will know what I mean - quite unique eh ? as I don't like mirrors, glass n fans.

FSQ DAILY TIP: If you need "wood" in your bazi and whenever you travel by taxi always ask for a receipt which is a "piece of paper" and that is "wood".

DESTINY: For those single ladies and men - when you first meet a person and "sparks" flew. it is because you have destiny with that person. however, some people ahve the destiny to meet but the destiny to marry. so be quick if you wish to capture the man's heart. wear sexy clothes and charm him, ok sweetie dearest ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Every month once I get my pay I will try to buy some shares and keep. so that one day when all the share price rise the highest, I will make profit all at one go. cash out. This is one of my savvy plan.

For those who intend to buy shares just buy those shares that you always trade in or go for blue chips. The market is weak now however it may not be weak the next year. I believe "the bull" will come and give me a good ride on its back. Follow my blog, I will let you know here and not in my "prediction slides".

Be a member and PROSPER !!!

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Learner said...

yes, absolute trust in you and your brand of Feng Shui, master lynn.

btw, i am still waiting patiently for my wealth pond to 'take effect' has been about 1.5 months since it is set up. another 6 weeks to go ...