Monday, October 20, 2008

What happen after crisis - calmness

Today, 21 October 2008, Tuesday, morning went to Ubi office for readings then afternoon off to do a house fs review.

DAILY THOUGHTS: My job requires to travel around Singapore and in doing so allows me to visit many properties which otherwise I wouldn't have the opportunity to do so. you can say that I throughly enjoyed my work very much.

FENG SHUI: There was a time when I was asked to speak in public about "feng shui" and I named Master Yang Yun Song as my sifu and one close friend of mine said : "I have never heard of anyone who claim Master Yang as their sifu". That incident showed my creativity and intelligence. Do a Google search on Master Yang and you will know what I mean.

I am also very fascinated with our chinese culture and its practises as I grew up in a world of taoists with talismans as a common tool.

DESTINY: If you need metal in your bazi in the old days fortune tellers would ask you to wear gold so that you can have more metal in your bazi and so then your 5 elements in your bazi would then be balanced then the good fortune comes. What I did "extra" was to tell them to go buy a car which is a very BIG metal and put it in their name so that they can own this huge metal and never mind if they are not the drivers.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Experience counts when it comes to investing in shares and the only way to accurately predict the stock market is to get myself into it. Hence the last few years have been great experiences for learning for myself to buy according to my bazi and to see if I can make coffee money, though I hardy drink coffee nor tea.

FSQ DAILY TIP: "Go to the bank once a week to create wealth for yourself. Got or not ?"

TIP:"To be a savvy share investor is to learn the art of patience"


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

To visit a bank every week is very troublesome. Also, create chances for bankdits to con us to buy stuff like 'minibonds'. What if we log in internet banking every week to look see, look see ? Will the effect be the same ? Plse advise. thanks.

Lynn Yap said...


It is not the same. I said one must visit the bank because bank is "metal" and can bring good luck especially if you need "metal" in your bazi.

If you know what you want in life you wouldn't be bothered if the bank staff wants to speak to you. Simply ignore or tell them that you are busy.

janet said...

what if you need water and wood. what do you have to do most

Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - When I felt down, I would walk the aisle of the food sections in hypermarket or walk into big banks. The frequency inside really worked to pep me up instantly. I'm not nuts. LOL

Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I really believe in talismans too! Just a mere piece of yellow paper and it got me charmed by a spirit for years through an evil medium. I had to take other talismans & plenty of prayers to cleanse myself after that. So horrifying ordeal but it made me wiser.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Thank you for your comments at least they help to brighten up my blog. hehe

1)Singapore has very good leaders so we would be fine in the years ahead.

2)Personally, I go to the bank at least once a week and the bankers there all know me. I love the buzz of a bank and that is why I am a very popular fengshui master for banks in Singapore altogether about 6 foreign banks.

3) Talisman - I hope you learn how to protect yourself by now.