Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is your take on stock investing ?

Today, 30 October 208, Thursday, I went to Tampiness to check HDB fs and then to Ubi office to do a life reading and to collect my Dell laptop. I am now blogging from my Dell.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Actually in times like this, most people do feel "tight" to a certain extent towards money, so do spend carefully. Spend on those that you need to and those that can wait, can wait. However, take these hard times to learn a good lesson in life - Ask yourself what did you learn ?

For me, I learnt that : I should buy at the bottom bottom rather than enter too quickly. I should learn to be more patient with stocks. Well, I am not complaining as when I decide to buy a stock at this price and whether it goes down or goes up, I always have my "strategy plan" waiting to react and I do not regret each step of my purchase this year although I should buy less. then now, I can buy more.

FENG SHUI: I hope you do enjoy the new daily tips that I share with you. Most important is : Take action and don't ask me any questions about it unless I was "not so specific" as to where to place the things or whatever, then it is my fault and you can ask me, if not, don't ask.

My philosophy for you is : Just follow if you wish and don't ask questions till you see results if no results then let me know.

My new BLOG will be up soon , probably next week and so far I have 7 people who have registered although it is not yet open for booking.........these are our kiasu fans. hehe

DESTINY: People who are born in the rabbit year might have rabbit years - I mean with ears jutting out. Please take out a mirror and tell me while those who are born in the dog, dragon, ox or goat will have ears that are very flat to their face because these are the stubborn ones and most of them are our "ba ba ti" friends. I mention this because I was watching channel 55 and there is this program on chinese korean serials where the lady actress had her ears jutting out and I was trying to figure out her bazi. hehe

Believing in fengshui is one area and those who believe in fengshui generally believe in destiny and would have their destiny read by any fortune tellers here in Singapore. I wonder how many famous and chun chun one do we have here in Singapore ? and am I number one ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Recently I received a flyer asking if I wish to sell my ubi office and rent it back from them.

I thought : oh what a wonderful idea !!! and today I read the classifieds that someone intends to follow this scheme and rent it back from the new owner at Ubi Techpark. However the current rent is now S$2.50 per sq ft which means that if I rent from the new owner, I would have to pay S$3700/- a month and that is a lot of money to pay for an office and when I am hardly in.

I am still thinking about this scheme, let me sleep on the meantime check the stock market.

TIP:"Do you invest for the medium term or short term ? if medium term then don't look at the market everyday, short term one yes, must study"


janet said...

hi mly ,
how to register with your new blog . also have u received my payment yet.

Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I had a good laugh while driving. In the rear mirror I saw my Rabbit's ear slightly jutting out! I never realized that. So chun! Not stubborn, so how's a Rabbit's character like?

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Two words to summarize a rabbit's character : "hop hop"

Meaning: tame on the outside but fierce like a dragon on the inside and full of changes.