Thursday, October 02, 2008

When one event ripens, another arises

Yesterday, 2nd October 2008, Thursday, I went down to fengshui for a condo at Siglap area and then to Kallang Bahru to do fengshui for a furniture shop. It was kinda of funny not to be able to access the computer ..............well I survived and here I am today.

Today, 3rd October 2008, Friday, I would be at Ubi office to do 2 readings and one new born baby name.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How you are keeping ? good ? I hope.

PHOTO: Getting ready for a spin with my BMW. cool.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The smss are still coming in but not many, maybe one a day requesting to read my blog.

FENG SHUI: I mentioned before that no two fengshui masters are the same in the sense that the wealth area may be different and that can be horrors for lay people who don't understand fengshui and how it can work.

I heard some masters use the 9 grid and plot out in your house floor plan while I use a pie chart with my template and plot it on the house floor plan. Every master would say theirs is their best and accurate. I leave it for you to decide.

Recently, I went to help a client choose can or cannot buy a condo which happens to be a 99 year leasehold property. I told her the fengshui of this house and then asked why is she buying this property ? I asked because : say the selling price of this condo is S$800k and a few years down the road, this property may be worth only S$600k and if she loosea S$200k, would she cry ? and she said "yes". Then I told her to go find another one so that she won't loose money.

Of course, if she buy the house, I get to do the fengshui later but that is not my point: The POINT is : if you engage me to do the job for you, I must help you not only in fengshui but also in "creating wealth" and just look at my track record, with that I said "good bye" and went home.

DESTINY: A few clients that came for life readings and I helped them to wear this and wear that so that their lives can be improved. This year, I think I did many more life readings because of my blog and even more when it got closed.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There is never a right timing or wrong timing in buying shares. Just make sure we buy in the right timing and sell to make profit. The last two years of my investing skills in shares have been perfect except for that paper loosses which I wanted to create and it helped.

TIP:"this is called troublesome energy, 5 yellow and would prevail in the year 2009"

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