Saturday, October 18, 2008

When you give money, give it from your heart

Today, 18 October 2008 Saturday, I went down to do a house review and then to Clementi to check HDB fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I am home, I like to relax with tv, laptop and wine. For me, this is life !!! and once a year go for my annual retreat. This time is from 1st Dec to 12 Dec 2008 so I will be home for x'mas this year. This year since I would be home for christmas I intend to pop a bottle of champagne, drink and reflect on the year that just passed and to plan for my 2009.

FENG SHUI: Look for ants in your house - if there are ants it means good fortune is coming. If your house has frogs in your pond in the garden, it also denotes good luck and don't chase them away.

DESTINY: If you are a specialist in your field then be the best and number one. there is no need to sing about it, people will come to know and then you just do your job. whether you are a dentist, doctor, accountant etc.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Yesterday evening I was watching Ch 55 and there was a show that touched on the subject of money that I wish to share with you.

A rich man said : "Honey, we are rich arn't we ? but why arn't we as happy as that table with the family members who are also having dinner with us in this same resturant ?

The answer that the lady gave this man was : it is better to be rich than poor.

My thinking was : it is because those family members probably know "the art of letting go" and that is why they are so happy together and having a meal.

If you dabble in shares - you must learn to take risks and then learn the art of letting go. that way, you can learn to trade better, at least your emotions are "contained".

PROPERTY : If you read the classifieds, you would notice tht the prices of property has come down a bit.
I also think more people are fearful about their jobs than anything else. without a job, many people would not be happy and bottomline is : Without money, most would also not be happy for they would tend to worry about money. this is because they didn't know how to save. even a S$20/- set aside every month can come a long way.

It is the art of learning how to save that is important.

However in life : There is this universal truth that somehow when you are very very poor and down to your nearest dollar, someone will just come by and give you some money to tide you over that difficult period.
Have you ever experience that in your life ? I have.

TIP: "your family members who got your money can feel it"

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