Sunday, November 16, 2008

Always try to stay positive when people around you are not

Today, 17 November 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews and then to the supermarket.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I still have two weeks more before I fly to Nepal with my buddhist friends. My web developer recently shift his server and probably has problem with that and that is why my new blog is going to take some time. I am really sorry but in the meantime, just enjoy reading what I write here, ok ? and when I am in Nepal, I would like to spend quiet time reading as well as meditating and attending dharma teachings so I choose not to blog. we will start your subscription dates from the day my new blog starts so don't worry if you have paid too early.

And I have "thought" of sharing one very very good fengshui tip to all paid members when they first log in. You will love it !!! trust me.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui is almost now almost a "household word" that most people can talk about. However it is still very much a "belief" meaning that some people do believe in it while some still don't. It is alright for me as I am kept busy with my work mostly thru referrals and with this blog, I do get some new fs clients as well as life reading clients so you can say that my blog has been extremely successful. many people especially my own clients have come up to me telling me that "my blog is very good" so I guess it must be good. we are now at page 9 of Google search engine on "Singapore fengshui" while my bloglog is on page 2. my fengshuiqueen website is on page 10.

Thank you very much for making me a popular "fengshui blogger" and never mind if I am not the first blogger on this topic or maybe I am ....I don't know , it's not important but what's important is THAT : A popular fengshui blog must have many readers - a blog that engages people and influence them giving them deeper insights into life.

DESTINY: If you are a "ying wood" day element person then people who are born in the "yang wood" person will usually be your enemy. so this person will somehow harm you. got or not ? go check your bazi. Reason being : a ying and yang would ultimately "clash".
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I do know of some clients who have never dabbled in shares but now want to go into shares. These are the clients I usually don't like to give them direct advice but would somehow steer them out of it. This is because investing in shares is not for the faint hearted (kia see, kia suue)(hokkien). There is also no such thing as making easy money from stocks investing. but once you make a good trade that kind of wow feeling is like striking 4D or wining a bet at the casino.

It really takes a lot of experiences and time in order to make some money and usually it can take along time like 2 to 3 years. however sometimes can get luckly and then do a short term trade. but these kind of trade belongs to the day traders because they are more skillful than any of us.

TIP:"That way you will have to learn to be strong and grow up maturedly more than the rest"

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