Monday, November 03, 2008

Do you have alot of love to give ?

Today, 4th November 2008, Tuesday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews.

DAILY THOUGHTS: People always say that we should first learn to love ourselves. Do you ? and do you know how to love yourself ? Loving yourself means : to look within you and to search for your own identity. who are you ? what do you want out of this life ? is your life happy ? if not then how to make it happy ? Count your blessings to make yourself happy and don't just focus on all the negative things happening around you.

Those negative things happenings are for other people to handle - what I hope to see is that : SMEs Companies continue to keep their staff and if business is slow then reduce wages across the board so that everyone is gainfully STILL employed. Bottomline is : everyone still has a job and we will weather it thru to the next dragon year, 2012.

FENG SHUI:When a fengshui master does the fengshui of the house, the fengshui master would usually also request for the family members birthdate and time to do the readings. One must remember that everything has to add up and balance. So the fengshui master has to think deeply and then to analyse and then to give the fengshui solutions.

The best fengshui house right now would be a swimming pool or the sea or river in the "south west" sector of the house. If you currently own a house like this, you are definately in good luck. On the other hand if your house faces the sea, river or swimming pool in the "north east" then that is really bad for you for you will loose a lot of money and will be in trouble. We call this in Fengshui Theories : "External wealth area" - water that is outside of your house.

DESTINY: I have always have this passion about four pillars of destiny and how to read it so that I can give the most accurate readings and when my clients come back and tell me this and that happen in the past year, I would go like a "Wow". Great ! I am spot on again and this gives me great incentive and passion to tell even more great happenings for their new year in 2009 and thereafter.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Today, someone sms asking if it is ok to buy Golden Agri at 22cents ? I replied : "I can't tell you lah". I cannot tell her because what if it goes up, he can be happy however if the shares go down he may get very angry with me and then what next ? I cannot afford to take "this kind of risk", you know ? I am very careful. This person also currently is not able to read my blog, so he does not know if I have bought any shares the last few weeks and what I had bought.

TIP:"When one has alot of love to give this is the attitude of a loving person with a big heart. If you always think of yourself day in and day out then you don't deserve the love from others because there is no love in you, my dearest"


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I love your today's Daily Thoughts. Similarly, we also voted to take big pay cut later if need to keep everyone's job. I also love myself first so that I could stay alive to love others too. I would miss your blog too if I die too soon. LOL

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

My blog will be shifting to my website once it is up and this one (blogspot), I will probably leave it as it is or maybe update it once a month - just so that it is still in the search engine.


You will live a long life.