Sunday, November 02, 2008

Do you know how to play with a yo yo ?

Today, 2nd November 2008, Sunday I went to visit my parents and then to Wine Network to meet my client for her annual review but we moved to Wine Company instead.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I just got home late and time to write my blog.

FENG SHUI: Just remember that if you have any problem on hand - fengshui can explain many things for you to understand. It is only if you are willing to listen.

DESTINY: A day element person who has a "rabbit" in that pillar would also have ears jutted out while if below the day element is "ox" or "goat" the persons ears would be stuck to the head or rather flat.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The market is already at the bottom but just wait two weeks first and see how.

TIP:"I know.....because I was young once"

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