Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you can read deeper into a painting then you are someone who can read deeper into words

Today, 18 November 2008, Tuesday, I went to office to do 4 annual reviews and 1 life reading and just got back.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Well, today has been a long day and in the canteen this morning at Ubi Techpark, one of my life reading client sneak to me and said "hi". wah and oh and I just got a 14th and 15th bottle of red wine from one of my annual review client this week and they are all merlot !!! and one tin of x'mas cookies too. wow. I think I am going to have a wonderful x'mas this year in Singapore.

FENG SHUI: Do you know we can do fengshui for the garden too ? I will tell you about it tomorrow. am going to watch my ch 55, 7pm show, (sin pu leow chin) starting soon.

DESTINY: A day element metal person is a "never say die" person. this sort of person will usually have that strong fighting spirit in them such that nothing is ever too difficult for them.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Each month, after getting your pay and if you are keen in stocks is to : just buy a share or so and keep. However make sure that the company has strong fundametals and is cash rich.

TIP:"the words that were said or not said"

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