Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new Blog coming........soon

Early this morning, 21 November, Friday, I was given my url to enter to read my new "blog layout" which is using word press. We currently have 41 paid members to this new blog, thank you very much for your support and today will be the last day I write daily for this blog.

For those who sign up for the new blog, please wait till I sms you your "userid" and "password". Give me a few days while I get used to this new blog so don't sms me but just wait, ok ? I will try to sms you tomorrow if I can and as soon as I get hold of the "userid" and "password". Cheers !!!

The "Fengshui Savy Investor" blogspot next update will be 1st January 2009. Come this day and read. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!


joelo_ol said...

Dear Master,
I look up and down but couldn't find the payment info on this blog to subscribe to your new blog. Can I send a cheque to your Ubi office?
I hope the little golden "8" I gave you many moons ago brought and will continue to bring you good wealth and luck. See you at the TP talk next yr.

Twilight Zone said...

I have just happily logged into the new private blog for registered members! What are you guys waiting for? Kindly sign up to enjoy extra goodies like me!

Lynn Yap said...


Sorry for my late reply as I was busy getting ready for the trip and work. Yes, mail the cheque to my company's name and to my Ubi office address. then a userid and password would be given to you.

Today, many of my supporters about 45 of them got their userid and pasword and they are happily reading ! not to worry, you can always read the back dated ones.

Yes, that little "8" brought me many many good luck as business had been great in 2007 and 2008 and now I keep it in my petty cash box on my wishing table in my bedroom. Safra TP ? ok.....please come and say 'hello'.

I want to thank you personally for that little shiny "8". I hope your bank account that ends with a 88 also grow !!!

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Great !!! Nice to know that you enjoyed my great superb FENG SHUI tips !!!

I will check with my web developer how to create a comment column so that you can post it there but be patient as he is very busy and I am travelling soon.

FortunateAutumn said...

Got the USER ID & password today. Couldn't wait to log in to the new blog once I'm home from work. Bon Voyage MasterLynn. Have a safe trip to Nepal. Sure is nice to have a fengshui master who cares for her clients/fans.

33449999 said...

How about overseas client? We will get our password via email when you got our cheque?

Do life members of weekly thoughts need to re-register for the daily thoughts.


Lynn Yap said...


1) Yes, they will receive via email if they so request. I have a client stationed in Shanghai but she sms me via her mobile.

2) Yes, they will need to register as it is a new blog.

Master Lynn

Snow said...

Dear Master Lynn

I happen to come across your blog and found it so interesting. I was wondering if i want to join your new blog, what is the payment that I need to made? Where should I send the payment to and also what information or contact must I give provide.

Thanks :-)


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for visiting my blog. I would suggest that you text me at +65-9685-2718. thanks

Concerned Registered Reader said...

Dear Master Lynn

You may wish to reconsider your decision not to write about stocks and shares in your new blog with registered members cos, some of us really wish to hear your views on is not so right to stop cos of some 'black sheeps'... you still have your faithful readers who want to read what you write on that, please...afterall, some register more for the stocks and shares segment. Thanks.

Worried said...

Dear Master Lynn

May I ask if there is such a thing that one is not destined to have lottery luck or share gain luck? cos, I noticed that everytime I or my family strike lottery or make some $$ gains from shares, my family members will fall ill thenafter. Is there any remedy such as making a donation, giving a treat? Thanks for your advice.

Lynn Yap said...

Dear worried

It is true that if you are not destined for the wealth then the person who strike this wealth could fall sick or someone within the family.

Therefore it is important to always do donations or give treat to friends or family members.