Sunday, November 02, 2008

Next year is going to be about property

Today, 3rd November Monday, I went to office.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I was thinking the other day which "industry stock" is the best to buy for the next 5 years and then to cash out in the year of the Dragon ,2012.

For year 2009 (ox) - water industry is bad
For year 2010(tiger) - earth industry is bad
For year 2011 (rabbit) - earth industry is bad
For year 2012 (dragon) - water industry is bad

If one just look at the next 4 years, that means that one should avoid buying into "water" and "earth" industry stocks which in turn means that : "fire", "wood" and "metal" are ok to enter.

With this "industry picture painted" then we can now decide which industry sectors to enter and buy and keep till year of Dragon to exit - the first exit.

So if in your bazi, your favourable elements are wood, fire and metal then you can buy these stocks and keep. Bear in mind that : each year there would be one particulary good element industry that can do exceptionally well. Example is :
2007 - it was wood industry
2008 - it is going to be wood industry

When will we know the final results of which industry would perform well would be to wait for their annual results then we can see if our predictions are accurate, spot on or not.

Do bear in mind that most of the time their reports are usually reported vs last year's revenue or proft. Let us not be swayed by these but rather look at the bigger picture of their results vs their last 5 years revenue and profits before you conclude.

FENG SHUI: When one goes in to any resturant, shop, office or even a house one can use one's "gutfeel" (6th sense) to feel the energy of the environment.

If the energy there is stale or slow moving, one can expect that this house or shop or even an office would be slower paced than others.

Stirrers of energy refers to : windchime, television, radio, water feature, air con, real tall potted plants etc. Which one you will use usually depends on the fengshui master which one he or she wants you to use.

For me, I have always believed in the power of the water feature because feng shui has always been about the use of water. water in the right place, you get the right results. water in the wrong place, you will get a bad headache or troublesome matters.

DESTINY: If you wish to learn destiny reading or fengshui then to study under those fengshui masters would be alot better for you. Then you will understand that there are actually alot of indepth knowledge that goes on in a single reading.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Investing in shares needs a lot of guts and money. Sometimes one enters at the wrong timing or bazi cannot make it then the next day that particular stock is sure to go down. Then I wonder how the rich investors do it and why they can make money from stocks.

For some, I know their bazi is suitable and so they can make money from stocks. however most of us happen to belong to the same boat - cannot make it one but still want to try. hehe,stubborn behaviour.

Somehow in the last two years I seem to be able to find a "good formula" that always win and don't loose. that way, we can always make money from stocks all the time.

TIP:"so ask yourself why property prices will start to fall ? it is because of unemployment, the main cause of it all"


janet said...

hi mly,
what about yr 2013 and 2014 as they say the bull run will be these 2 years so must see which industry will not be good those 2 years.

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments.

Who are the they ? then why don't you ask them and not me. This is because I would refuse to tell which industry in 2013 and 2014 and why should I ? Go ask them.