Thursday, November 13, 2008

The sound of metal can fill up all the spaces in the environment

Today, 14 November 2008, Friday, I have a meeting at 11am then meet a couple for a selection of wedding dates and then another lady client for her annual review.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I have this small group of clients who simply love to buy 4D. they do all permutations and combinations just to get the right winning number. Sometimes I would reflect on these "group of people" and wonder how they are doing ? Gosh ....putting all their energy into buying 4D, betting on 4D etc. Hmm..............I would'nt say it is bad as it can give these small group of clients, something to think about and something "forward looking" which is not bad.
Have "future" will make them all excited and excitment brings about "positive energy" in their body. I like "positive" people as friends and do not like "negative minded" people. this is because they can make you feel sad and very drained in energy. I would always "siam" them. "er.....sorry not free".

LYNN YAP BLOG: I can't wait for my new blog to be up as that way I would be "free" to write what I want to say, this blog is too too public. If readers like you, that is good. however, if readers don't like you - then zapped !!! they will produce negative energy to this blog.

However, I always have my own fs cure to ward them off so that my own luck is still good. I am always careful to always keep "good luck to myself" because one of the main important part of my job is : to bring "good luck" to any of my clients and I know my clients all love to shake my "lucky hand" which can give you "good postive energy" and in turn "good luck" plus my usual spoken : "chu nee how yuen" !!!

FENG SHUI: Every master will say their fengshui is the best. however the real judge of them all are : usually their clients and followers. This is because if their fengshui skill is good then there would be many clients and followers. One thing to note: not all followers are clients of that master. And one very important rule : it is best to stick to one fengshui master especially when that master works for you.

DESTINY: I somehow get a "strange" feeling that persons born in the animal signs of the "rat" or born in the "rat hour" have this tendency to "exaggerate" until "like real". I used to be "bought over" by them when they tell me stories especially some of my close friends. However, over the last couple of years, my "spiritual level" has gone up and hence I can see clearer and further that these people are usually not to trusted 100%.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Hmmm......I am not too sure if I am a saver or a spendthrift person cause when I shop at POIS Boutique at Paragon where I am known there in my first name, I would buy a couple of clothes on a single visit.

By using fengshui to understand the cycles of the movement of the stocks, we invest in at the right timing and wait. When the market moves up and in an upward trend, all our stocks would make money. yesterday, I just bought another 100,000 shares into "oil and gas industry" so as to average down. The question on most lips now : "would be when the market is going up".

PROPERTY: Property prices will start to fall but don't enter now because it can go much lower next year, 2010, year of the tiger. If you are ready, go in next year 2010 but you can start shopping for one now in river valley or orchard road area.

TIP:"My windchime, the sound of metal, chimes everytime it is going to rain, filling up my small garden"

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