Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stretching your dollar wisely by using coins can help you go far

Today, 8 November 2008, Saturday, I went to office for a 9am appointment for 2 annual reviews, 1 life reading and 1 selection of wedding dates.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Somehow, I got this strange feeling that many people STILL do not know how to use their money wisely. Some let "money control them" while there are a few who are pretty "good with their management of money" and these are ones who will have a better retirement next time.
Others probably after 62, they still have to work. If you are lucky then next time let your kids feed you and you go and live with your kids that way you got a roof over your head and food to eat, so no worries.

For me, when I meet them, I usually would share with them my mindset and how they should "think" after that, I let them go home and "think think" for themselves and hopefully they can change to become better with their management of money. There is really a big need to educate our people about the use of money and how to use them wisely.

Bottomline : Why these people don't want changes is because they are too stubborn and refuse to change. They are also too lazy for a change.

FENG SHUI:If you have many handbags that are not being used, it is best to drop a coin in them so that they are never empty is the best. I don't have many old handbags, just a few and I put one dollar coins or 50cents coins in them. AND : dont ask me any MORE questions on this because I will NOT reply. wait my own fengshui don't work for me anymore then how ??

It is like the same "taxi receipts" and "wooden chopsticks" which are all my own secrets that I have been secretly doing. that is why I got business. so I cannot let anybody ask me any questions on them but somehow it is my karma - sure got some people will ask me questions. one time, two time, I will reply but when I can feel that it is no good for me anymore then I will not replying your questions everytime I give a damn good tip.

Just watch : if you come to my talk this Jan 2009 my fengshuiQueen tip will be damn good. These are all part of our chinese culture. How deep is your chinese, answer me.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you wish to know what I have to say about investments for 2009 then come to my "Predictions talk" at Safra Mt Faber, Tampiness or Toa Payoh. Please call them and book a seat. This time round, you cannot bring your thumb drive and get my slides until all my predictions are done. ok ? The first time my slides got leaked out was in the year 2005. After that every year, every body wanted to read my "predictions". I will put it up in my blog for all ok ? after that if you wish to distribute to your friends, sure.

You must be a leader in your industry then people will want to hear what you have to say because : what you have to say can affect the future and people wants to know so that they can plan ahead. Hence most people like to hear from economists, political leaders or fengshui masters especially those who give very good accurate predictions and constantly over time.

TIP:"Use 50 cents or one dollar coins if not use all 20cents coins"

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