Friday, November 07, 2008

"Weekly Thoughts" in website

Many years ago, maybe 8 years ago, I started writing "weekly thoughts" once a week and in my website

I should say, it was like a form of a blog except that : it is open to subs. based members divided into two : a) golden member b) lifetime member (only a handful)

The fee then was : entrance fee is S$50/- and annual fee is S$50/- (golden members)

However, because I was so busy with my fs work, I did'nt have the time to monitor these members nor to ask them to renew their subscription. My staff back then had other job functions to do. so, if you have been enjoying free yearly articles which I write and I did'nt ask you to pay again and again, don't you think it is time to pay for my this new blog ?

In order to set this up, I had to pay my web developer too and it really has been taking a long time which I have "no control" of. However, in this process, it allows me to learn patience and more patience. Even my entreprenuer platfom has been delayed.

The articles which I have written on my "weekly thoughts" would all be open to readers to my website except for the blog which will hold one week's of latest articles and so people who did not pay can still read but outdated information.

To learn to grow rich - is to just pay when others ask and I make sure it is of a reasonable amount or unless you don't wish to pay then you can remain sitting on the outside rather than be in my most inner circle of clients/followers.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you, 100 readers of this blogspot for coming everyday to read what I write as I really really do spend quite a bit of my time on it and that includes taking photos on my digital camera and downloading them. Can you do it, would you do it ?

I would. it is because I have to be responsible to all my first 100 readers who backed me up during the months, 10 Sept, Oct till now when I closed my blog so that : my own "good fortune" comes back and I got my trip to Nepal coming up all nicely done. I will just live for this moment in time.

Have a great weekend and don't spend too much.


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - Good things don't come cheap... Your fee is SO reasonable! In old days, followers in Tibet had to sell their homes, jewelries and cattles to give offerings, so that can learn powerful Dharma & feng shui. Here you've made our lives & thoughts better by just a click away! I am very happy liao!

Lynn Yap said...

Twlight Zone

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the fee for the new blog. I totally agree with you.

In the old days when a student wants to learn fengshui from a master he would have to wash the sifu's clothes as well as his family's clothes and do housework. Only when the sifu felt that it is now time to teach you, fengshui then you will be deemed ready to receive the most precious teachings on fengshui.

In my life, I have been most fortunate to find very good sifus who taught me. I was always the top student in class as I have very good memory and highly intelligent.

However, after learning, it was time for the most difficult task of finding out which theory work and which one did'nt. Thru the years, I have perfected the system which truly works, my trademark.

I hope many will continue to read about "fengshui and destiny" in my new blog, ask questions and improve in their well being, wealth, change of mindset and happiness.

Well, if they don't like what they read, they can easily click the "delete" button and "delete" me away.


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I won't mind washing & doing housework for you. Just say - You're hired!

I must tell you how delighted I was this morning. I followed my honey to fetch a her student for exercise. The kid's father is a palm oil tycoon & his house was 100% Feng Shuied with so many FS items. Everything you taught was there! the pond, fountain & fishes, 2 Dragon balls, Expensive chopsticks on the wall and many others! Waah he gets richer every year!

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Thank you for your input on this palm oil tycoon's house.

Well, for you: just make sure you also have an expensive pair of golden chopsticks directly opposite your dining table and you would do well.