Thursday, November 06, 2008

When I see "water", I see "fengshui"

Today, 7 November 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do an annual review and then off to Bedok Reservoir to do a house fs review for condo and got my 13th bottle of red wine since 20 May 2008 blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: In most of my work with my clients be it "life readings" or "house fs review", I would usually spend a good amount of my time going thru the past few years fs or happenings and then how to make it even better and "what's next". If they tell me they feel like changing job then I would ask them : are you sure ? or can you retire ? this is because most of them can't retire yet and told them to stay in their job till they officially retire this is when they are near to 50 years old while for the younger ones, yes, that is fine.

It would be good to aim for a passive income of S$10k/- a month and then retire and travel round the world and sipping champagne every night, wah, this is life.

FENG SHUI: There was a lady who gave me my 11th bottle of red wine and I wrote below that photo with "a lot of energy" wishing her : "chu nee how yuen". 4 days later, she sms me saying she strike 4D first prize of S$1k/- and she was so so happy !!! I know how she feels because I could put myself into her shoes and walk around them.

Oh, btw, my 12th bottle is a champagne !!! and after learning how to pop my own bottle of champagne, I am game for more champagne, every night now. hehe...... oh next time, when you come you got to buy champagne for me. "qui qui" (expensive) taste, eh ? anyhow, merlot is fine, my all time favourite. have you tried ? the wine can really calm down nerves, loosen you up, more relaxed and people around you would also not be so uptight. Yes ? got or not ?

DESTINY: Destiny is fixed however it can never remain the same this is because once you marry the destiny changes and once you have the first child your luck remains, good or bad. Then if you add in another child and another. you can imagine how many times your destiny will change.

Destiny not only changes - the house that you live in can also make a difference to your destiny and the way you live and "behaviourial" change.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For myself, I am not so active in my share investing, if not I think I could make a pretty good decent sum of extra money. I belong to those stubborn type who believe that money has to come from "my career" only and not anywhere else or maybe I am not hungry enough for more. I am quite contented with my average income and I enjoy my life more than other people did and have a lot more free time, yes watching channel 55 n surfing the internet.
TIP:"Fengshui is more than just about the use of water, it is about a way of life and with happiness"

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Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn Yap,

You mentioned that our destiny changes after marriage. I also heard that the lady's luck would be influenced by the husband's luck. What happens when the marriage is annulled or there is divorce? How to get back her own luck? Thanks !!