Thursday, November 20, 2008

When your mind is calm even a little itch on your hand would not cause you to fret

Today, 21 November 2008, Friday, I went to check fs for a condo at Jurong East area.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I have met some clients and they told me that business has began to be "slow" for them especially the last two months and they are trying hard to hold on. These are my "life readings" clients and not my fs clients for offices.

Usually at this point : I would ask them if their company has a line of credit from the bank and most of these are very very small business firms and they told me that these days banks are more careful in lending them the money. when I heard this, I was quite sad as I know many firms are in these situations and unless they had fengshui done to their offices or homes by me then I know, they need not worry. this is because my feng shui work and they would be ok.

A THOUGHT: Do you in all honesty think that when businesses face slow down : would they invite fengshui masters to check more fengshui ? Hmm........

LYNN YAP FENG SHUI BLOG: It is my style of writing that engages readers and that is why I have so many many readers to my blog and once they read it they become "hooked". I am like a "magnet" to them as most readers feel that here is a sifu who can help and bring a smile on their faces.

Since you are my clients and everything is fine with you so why not this Christmas give a bit more or spend a bit more those those who really need your money and these are the : taxi drivers.

Most of them have a whole family to feed and their children too. so why not take a taxi to this place or that and give them that income. with this income they can then spend the money on food or money for their children when they go out with their friends.

Imagine that : one of the kid is your son or daughter and you would be able to feel the compassion that I feel ,whenever I pay my taxi fares. Each day, I spend a minimum of S$20/- on taxi fares and another sum on food as I eat out often. I do my part for society, do you ?

FENG SHUI: Now you know why I collect "taxi receipts" and "wooden chopsticks". Well, I got more things that I collect or place in my fengshui investment home..........want to know more, come join me in my new blog !!! this new blog is going "private" as I do not wish new readers to make unwanted comments on stuff that I do. that is why you can see that I don't reply the comments here unless I know that person.

DESTINY: Once you learn my "thoughts", very soon you will find that you can learn how to predict for the year 2009 and by then : you don't need me to tell you already. Where do you read your news ? and if news upset you a lot, then don't read and make yourself upset lah.

To keep our luck, we must always have a "peaceful mind" - a mind that is calm so that whatever news that we hear, we would not jump and immediately bark. Are you like this or is your boss like this ? hehe.......barking around like a mad dog. wah, this sort of person usually have a lot of fire that makes him or her impatient plus "an untrained mind" that is so full of thoughts inside that this person would be a little bit "insane". then the people working beneath this person.......oh no !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Holding cash now is still the best or unless if you wish to invest in shares, you would probably already enter by now. I have always said : money in the bank stays and don't try and invest in this or that just because it pays you a bit more interests or unless that "colour bank" suit your bazi then "can go".

TIP:"you simply would'nt even notice that itch nor feel it"


FortunateAutumn said...

Hi, MasterLynn,
You sure are a "magnet". I even dreamt of you the other day. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Yes....time is bad and that is sad thing for most human beings.