Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009 !!!

Today, 1st January 2009, I would be celebrating a new year and a new beginning.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I would like to thank everyone for having the patience to wait for me to write this public blog once a month. The next update for this blog is on 1st Feb 2009. I have another blog which I write daily and is open only to registered members and currently we have 85 members since its opening on 21st November 2008.
On 28 January 2009, I have been invited by Amitabha Buddhist Centre to attend their 20th Anniversary Dinner with Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Grand Copthorne, Waterfront. Dress Code : formal. if you are our member, see you there.
MY RETREAT : At the end of each year, I would always look forward to my retreat and last year from 1st Dec to 12 Dec, I was at Nepal and here are some of the photos.

Lynn Yap Singapore Feng Shui Blog: Yes, thank you very much for ranking me Number One in Google search engine for "Singapore Fengshui Blog" as well as "Singapore Fengshui Blogs". I didn't know that I blog so well and have so many readers, it is amazing. Well, that is the power of the internet and anyone who knows how to use the internet for their own good will get ahead faster than anyone else.

FENG SHUI: Give you a good tip : Ensure that your house is not too clean that not even a single drop of dirt in the house. This is because if ants come to your house, you are in luck while if there are no ants, then your luck will be slow. If real frogs come to your house, even better and when they croak, it is music to my ears.

DESTINY: When a pig person and a rat person, get together, it is all fun and laughter. However when a snake and a horse get together there is nothing much to talk about because both are quiet animals.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: My portfolio remains the same and you can read about them in detail at my "FSQ Daily Thoughts" blog.

For year 2009 - it is best to keep cash and if you do have spare money only then can invest in stocks according to your bazi otherwise invest in Gold.
FSQ PREDICTIONS TALKS: Many thanks to the 234 people who have signed up for Safra Mt Faber talk on 10 Jan 2009, I promise that I will deliver a good talk since many of you somehow always make it a point to come and listen to me. You will be given a lovely door gift of a "silver ox" that is "charging". Thank you so much for your support. I have other talks at NUSS, Safra Toa Payoh, Safra Tampiness and also this year at HDB Fengshui seminars. See you !
FSQ TIP: "Thank you for making 2008 a fantastic year for me"


Confused said...

Dear Master Lynn

Really enjoy ur talk at Mt Faber on Sat. There is one particular question that I need your clarification.

When one of the audience asked about increase power esp in workplace. You said put our namecard and a dragon status holding a crystal ball. However, you mentioned that the dragon must face the wall and out of the house. I was a bit confused by that. For instance, my desk is against the wall, on my right side is my door and my left side is my window. Which side must the dragon face? Is it that I only need to put the dragon beside my namecard, it does not matter which side? Really appreciate you enlighten. Thank You in advance.


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for coming to my talk at Safra Mt Faber last Saturday where over 250 people attended.

The Dragon has to be placed facing a wall or a window and in your case, it would be the left side(facing the window) and and the Dragon can be on your "name card" left or right, it did'nt matter.

Good Luck !!!

smiling said...

Hi would appreciate if you can share some pointers for the talk. i was away so unable to attend the talk. for instance last year we have to put a 8 sided coin in our wallet, what should we do this year.

James Tomas said...

Dear Lynn...

I was trying very hard to get an advice on where to place a water fountain in my house to enhance wealth. My house is facing 7 degree North. Please advise where would be the best water spot and which direction should the water face in its flow.

Thank you
James Tomas

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments. I need more info like:
a) what type of house do you live in ? condo or landed property.
b) how old is your house or which year is the house built

With these two info I should be able to tell you where to place your water feature.

Master Lynn Yap

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

I am a regular attendance for ur talk but this year was busy shortly after my marriage in end of Dec 2008, so not able to attend the seminar at safra.

So is it possible to share your power point.

Thank you.

Happy new year.

Lynn Yap said...


First of all, congrats on getting married and thank you for your years of support at Safra for my "Prediction Talks".

Email me at : and you would be given a copy of my powerpoint slides and tomorrow after 4pm, you can then circulate to all your friends.

Thank you.

Confused said...

Dear Master Lynn

I cannot find the dragon that u told us abt which holding a cystal type ball (may red col, green col, clear etc). But I cannot find any of that. I only manage to get those bronze colour type of dragon. Is it ok to use that? Pls advise.

Thank you so much :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn

When can we start to pray to Taisui?

Thanks in advance!

Lynn Yap said...


You may start to pray to Taisui for everyone in the family during the first 15 days of chinese new year and this practise of praying to Tai Sui is taoists tradition and hence religious which is not part of my fengshuiQueen brand of fengshui.

Lynn Yap said...


You may find the dragon with the pearl either green, pink or white at Sago Street chinatown. However because so many people come to know about this, hence it might be sold out by now.

Go again and if you have "yuan" with a dragon, you will be able to find "him".

D said...

Hi Master Lynn,
I've been a keen follower of your FS talks and annual reviews for many years.

Can you advise for placement of bed? Can the bed be perpendicular to the door?


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for always making the effort to come to my talks on "Predictions" and also for your annual reviews.

The question which you asked is related to fengshui studies in which ideally at the back of the bed is a wall and directly opposite the bed is also a wall.

If the door to the bedroom is diagonally opposite your bed, it is fine as long as your bed is not directly facing the bedroom door then you are alright. For more details, when you next see me for your annual reviews then ask me about it. I would be most happy to share with you or anyone else about my fengshui theories which I have studied and practised over 20 years to perfect the system where my "fengshui truly works".