Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Growing wealth needs a Plan"

Today this morning went down to do fengshui check. that is work. I do not wish to talk about "my work" here.

I wish to use this BLOG to help people create more WEALTH using : a) properties b) shares. This is my wish and my motivation why I decide to BLOG. well..........maybe to get some advertiser money. hehe

PROPERTIES: market seem soft still. but I do have clients who had bought landed property and asking me to do the fengshui as well as Condo. so I guess the market looks good. this week I did'nt do any HDB mostly landed and condos and plenty of life readings such that I had to work 7 days a week as usual.

I also stop work on VESAK DAY cause I am a buddhist.

SHARES: this morning I heard the news that Magnus Energy has gone up to 9 cents. I almost choke and scold myself for selling those that I bought at 5cents. I guess I am still a newbie when it comes to shares and have a lot to learn.

But then I know that whenever I SELL....that stock sure go to up one !!!
hehe so how ??? I also don't know. well I came to the conclusion that money has to come but in one form and one X amount only. I make money from my business. maybe that is enough and no need extra from shares.

Hmm..........I still am trying to figure this BLOG thing and how to make me a FAMOUS BLOGGER.

hehe that way when I permanently retire from my full time job at age 60 then I can BLOG all the way. haha and also become a Day Trader. oh.....that one "dangerous" (sure to loose money)............ but at least can keep me "sane".



Hi, today, is the first day I start to BLOG. wow......what a big word.

Let's start by talking about my past investments :

Two Scopes:
a) property
b) shares

Currently property is moving slowly......as less people start to buy them. However for me I have business.......I do go down to help people choose their properties and am kept busy with these.
Property prices will be slow for now the first half of year 2008 (yang earth) while for the next half beginning 1st August it will move. property agents will be busy and when they are busy so will I (ying water). hehe

My latest acquistion is a studio apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the pix above. it is my first overseas investment and my 3rd property owned in my own name and as I grew I realise that I need to learn and this time is about "foreign currencies". I look at sing dollar vs thai baht every day whenever I can so that I know what is the latest exchange rate.
As for the shares : there are plenty to talk about. Let's start with what I already own.
a) Golden Agri - 21,000 shares - going to sell soon.
b) Magnus - 510,000 shares - planning to keep for a while and see what the new management would do. in fact I intend to keep to 1 million shares. let's see how.
We talk tomorrow.

Today - 20 May 2008

Hello......just a test.