Saturday, May 31, 2008

"A house is not complete till it is fengshuied"

Today, I went to Ubi office to do a life reading and then later to a condo in Hillview area to do a house review. As you can see from my BLOG for the past few days that I am always busy. it is a GOOD sign and MUST be this way as YOUR fengshui master's own fengshui must be EXCELLENT if not then how to offer good advice to clients. One has to walk the talk.
PHOTOS: When I look at the leaves on this red palm I would wonder when the leaves are going to drop and fall into my garden ? the meaning of this photo is : "To look at the bigger deeper picture in life and not to focus on the dry leaves"

PREDICTIONS: Will Obama win or Hillary ? Obama will win.

About buying properties: if you intend to buy a landed property just ensure that the staircase is not in the wealth area if not you might be in trouble after buying this property and make sure there is no mirror directly facing the stair case.

PROPERTIES: If a young man come to me and asked me :"how can I grow rich?". I would reply : to buy his FIRST property in Singapore. this is because most people somehow or rather could make money from property and if they want a good property that never let them loose money then they definately need a fengshui master to give them an added advice to check first before they buy. Many are doing that so why don't you ?

SHARES: I intend to donate my dividends from Golden Agri away and intend to donate on 18 June where this date is the Tibetan day for Vesak Day. so that any good deeds done by me on this date would be mulitplied many many times over. I would go to several websites and do a donation using paypal.

Magnus Energy - let me see how to get out by 1st August 2008 if not to buy more to bring the breakeven point to closer the market price.

TIP: "Always blame yourself when things go wrong and examine if there is something to be learnt"

Friday, May 30, 2008

"Creating Wealth - The fengshuiQueen way"

Today, I went down to do a HDB house review and a life reading and then back to Ubi office to do a life reading and then come home and do a MSN video conferencing annual review which wraps up for the day.

It is such a hot hot day today but then last night at 8pm it rained at Seletar Hills area where I live and it was so lovely to look at the rain and the wind.......oh !!! wonderful. I love Life.

This morning when I woke up I saw that my GOOGLE Ad sense account has been approved and so I can start collecting money from my BLOG. Wow. so the more you click on the AD by GOOGLE on the right hand side the more I get. hehe.

PROPERTIES: You know, last year, 2007 my investment house a double storey terrace house with 4 bedrooms on a land area of 2000sq ft appreciated in value. I told you about it. So imagine : if I want to sell and sold it at S$1.4million, I would have pocket a cool half a million dollars and with my Ubi Teckpark office (1496sq ft) I bought for S$245k and with only 10% downpayment because the developers gave a lot of discounts etc that time in year, 2004 when nobody wanted to buy then and imagine if now I would sell for between S$290 to 310 per sq ft and that means a cool profit of S$200k . So on paper for the year 2007, I would have made S$700k. Yap......... I am THAT savy !!!

Now I am afraid of being kidnapped.

I had to write about my own experiences in buying and selling properties that I personally owned and with the numbers shown then you would be able to understand about "money management" better and "wealth creation" better and then you can PLAN how to make money for yourself and if there are errors in my calculations above............please remember that every year I had to take my re-sit for financial papers back then in NUS. I am that lousy but savvy.

In the line of my work as a fengshui master these days the readings are MORE than just on fengshui per say. it is also about "property investing" and "wealth creation". so when I show you HOW I did it......I've got substance. I am more VALVE ADD and so I can help you GROW your WEALTH since you now know where I am coming from.

Seriously speaking..........the success of my business REALLY depended alot on my clients' loyality and trust all these years. Thank you very much !!! and I will make you very very RICH !!! hehe

SHARES: For the last few days when I wake up I would key in to sell my Golden Agri shares at $1.09 cents, 21, 000 shares. then today I got my deal done at 4.21pm. I receive an sms from DBS Vickers online. Nice. Now I am going to have my salmon sashimi and sake. if you don't like my guts is fine but you cannot change the history that took place when I first started buying properties and all because what I wanted was for the "fengshui to be excellent"...........and I go around LOOKING for a good fengshui property for myself.......and because of "GOOD fengshui" I never ONCE lost any money on property. these days maybe I may still loose on paper........ loss for my shares but it is not lost until I sold them. So good.

I am now a full fledged Savy Investor.

I learnt to be better and better each time. it is my personal goal and
sake helps the blood to circulate and to improve health.... so cheers !!!

TIP: "To err is human to forgive is divine"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"What matters in life is happiness"

Today, I went to do my personal stuff and then to check fs for a condo and one annual review via MSN chat video conferencing.

BLOG: Sometimes I would take some photos and they would be downloaded and stored in Picasa2 Album so that whenever I need a photo for the BLOG, I would just go there and pick one and would take about 30mins to complete writing. In my BLOG, I have full control over what I want to post and everything I do myself whereas for my website : it is difficult as the website is hosted on a server and hosting is done through an independant party (my web developer) and any small change would incur cost.

There are some clients who sent me an email about their own BLOG. Give me some time to figure out how to do a link to your BLOG ok ? because this one takes time as BLOGGING is something new to me and would need to figure this out.

THE RAT STORY: Because of the rat invasion "just once" hence since then and for the past few months I had to close all my windows to sleep till they forget how to come to my house and then I would open my window again. hehe.

PROPERTY FOR SALE: Edwin Heng is my client so you can trust him, ok ? if you are keen in Studio 3, sms or email him.

PROPERTY : The property market is set to move after 1st August 2008 (ying water) and run till the new year of the Ox. I hope this is GOOD NEWS for those in the property business. for the fengshui business yes, we are also quite related to the property movements.

SHARES: The market is still on - and oh yes I got my dividends from Golden Agri and that is what I want for the "fengshui good luck" element.

FOREIGN CURRENCY: One sing dollar is now equal to $23.67 baht now if I were to go to Bangkok and change. almost everyday I would monitor this.

MY INTERESTs : I love to drink and when home would usually have a glass of red wine (merlot my favourie) and thank you to my lady client who gave me a good botttle......and sometimes I try whisky or volka.

TIP: "Contentment in life is happiness"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Your humourous fengshui master at work"

Today I went to Ubi office for work as usual and then to Sheraton Towers for another meeting. My clients know who they are because I know that they read my BLOG.
PROPERTY FOR SALE: The above photo is the Studio 3, freehold. For sale : S$790k, negotiable. If you have any inquiries you may email Edwin Heng at
About myself and my BLOG - As you know I have to keep my family life very very private as they prefer it that way. HE prefer it this way. but when I can I will show you my 2 sons and how they are doing, I will try. well let them finish with their exams A and O levels first. in fact, I can't wait for them to turn 21 then I can teach them how to buy shares by getting them to open their own securities account.
Today, I also just confirm with William, my office interior designer to go ahead and install my new air con BTU 18,000 York for my office room the one you are most familiar. it is just too warm these days. I spend when I need to.
The RAT year 2008 - Just before chinese new year a small rat came to my writing table in my bedroom because I sleep with my windows open. that night I left a packet of fish crackers on the sofa and forgot about it and went to bed. Viola !!! the rat came on my writing table and smash my 20 cents coins nicely stacked on the table and so woke me up and it got so frightened that it ran away.
No, it was'nt my long hair that make me look like a "ghost" so it ran away were the coins on the table that frightened the rat away.
That day in the afternoon was also the day my corporate client invited to meet me as they were going to give me ang pow for my good work. I was very very surprised when I opened it at home much later to discover that they had given me S$2688/- cash. the next day I banked it in under company account. I am most grateful to them for their generousity and every year without fail they would also send a big hamper with wine to my house. so.........nice. I am touched.
So the "fengshui theory" here is : "When rats come there is luck !!!"
This is my story. Now I tell you my client's one.
Also just before chinese new year, my client was reading newspaper at 1am in his wealth area outside the corner terrace house. A big FAT rat about 1ft long and grey appeared and "peep" at him and then ran away and then came back looked at him again and then disappeared. Guess what ?? 3 weeks later, my client strike first prize 4 D, a cool S$14k. He came back a few months later for his full life reading and then told me about it. we had a good laugh when I said : "Big fat rat Get 1st prize 4D, small rat like mine Get beh siah" (hokkien)(joke). haha. Now over to you to see if RATS come to your house. ahem.

TIP: Try leaving some cheeze behind or use a smelly fish crackers to attract them. hehe
PROPERTY: Buying any property lately ? go for landed property is a safer bet. however, please check your bazhi whether you can own land more than 4000sqft of land before you make that purchase. I have one lady client whom I told her not to go for land more than 2000sq ft.
SHARES: Magnus Energy will begin to show their year end "profit and loss" by end June 2008. Let's see if they make money and if they did I hope the shares price will rise.
For shares : I use to read annual report, insider trades and forumn where I like to read about the gossips there.
TIP: "To be humourous, one needs to have a happy heart and open mind to be able to laugh at our own silly mistakes"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Busy Busy with not a drop to drink"

Today I went down to do fengshui for a condo and then in the afternoon to do a can or cannot rent for another condo.

When I finished my work I looked at my sms then there was one who said that she read my BLOG and commented that I did'nt do any HDB flat recently. Actually I did so so many in the first Quarter of 2008 as some of my clients sold their condo to cash out and bought HDB flats and so I did the fs for them. That time I did not BLOG.

The first Quarter of this year 2008 is better than my first Quarter of 2007 in terms of sales revenue. We are now in the second Quarter. When I BLOG I am also telling you how busy I am and that is why when you sms me (9685-2718) for an appointment you don't get a reply is : because I am working.

BLOG : Today is the 8the day and I do receive 2 emails about my consultancy work which is a good sign and am trying to see how I can get Advertiser to advertise here in my BLOG using GOOGLE Ad Sense and nuffnang. My concept is : if others can do it why can't I ?

PROPERTY FOR SALE: A client of mine sent me an email to my Google Account and said that he had a studio apartment for sale at S$790k, River Valley Road. Project name: Studio 3. Size: 549 bedroom studio apartment on the 17th Floor. Tenanted till June '09 at $3200/mth. Tenure: Freehold. Call : Edwin Heng Hp: 9271-4934. He gave permission for me to announce here. I will post the photo tomorrow.

PROPERTIES: You know...when I look at the property agents ....I sometimes wonder : Why is it that some agents are so busy and make more money while others are so free or lesser business. I came to the conclusion that :
a) their bazhi
b) their effort (hardwork)
c) their attitude towards clients

Then it came to my attention that property agents close at least 4 to 8 deals in a month. so on a very good year they can make a lot and on not so good years they will make less and because I spoke in public that "Property agents should BLOG", I too should BLOG if not I don't walk the talk. Now I can tell them come to my BLOG. hehe

My Ubi Techpark office : I have informed my agent to find out for me how much is the value now as I may sell it. I would then reflect on how much I paid as downpayment and how I manged to buy this office unit and if the profit is enough for me to WANT to let go. I have also asked my office interior designer, William to install a new BTU 18,000 air con for me in my office as the old one is too warm for me.

SHARES: STI index close at : 3115.35 today. I am not very savy when it comes to shares as I buy only one or two stocks only but I will give you many tips and very the "CHUN" one.

TIP: "Love other people's child as though he is your own"

Monday, May 26, 2008

"Monday Blues"

Today, I went down to my Ubi office to do life readings and then in the afternoon go down River Valley Road for fengshui work.

Last night I slept early but was rudely awaken by a client from overseas (sms) on my Nokia handphone which I usually place beside me. I replied him at 1.10am and thought hei !! ......just to show to him that I am available to my clients 24 hours but he sent 5 same sms to me and got me quite fed up that I had to reply him "Er...excuse me I need to sleep. Don't you have a heart ?". Then his sms stopped and he apologised and then I was able to sleep. he said he forgot about the time difference. In my heart I was thinking he was only being selfish and there are many people out there like him who only care for themselves and what they want FROM ME and they forget to "CARE FOR OTHERS".
I call this "Ignorance" and wish that one day he will be able to change his mindset.

The point that I am driving at is : If anyone can spare a bit of time to reflect one's own action for a while to check if what one did is correct or not......then the world would be a lovely place to live in.

I start work usually at 11am and end whatever time. my work schedule is not fixed and is quite reflexible.

There are actually 4 ways anyone can grow to become wealthy :
a) from properties
b) from shares
c) from inheritance
d) from business

PROPERTIES: People are still buying and selling or renting. only thing is : it is slow when compared to last year and because most people love to "COMPLAIN" so they tend to complain but it will only reflect badly on them if they do. that is they are not being professional and mature in their outlook.

SHARES: Market will go like a "YO YO" because of the negative news that keep coming. however we can still make some money. I don't trade every day......but I WILL LOOK, LOOK.

TIP: "Walk around the shoes of those that you meet: CARE for them as though they are your loved ones. that is called :GREAT COMPASSION"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"To each his own"

Today, I drove my BMW to my parents home in Sembawang Hills Estate, a mere 15mins away from my investment house and then drove back. I love the music today on radio FM 90.5 and anyway when I drive, I would "sing". ahem.
Then, I went down to Sheraton Towers coffee house for some "meetings" and then home. that wraps up my work today and yes I work 7 days a week.
At Sheraton Towers as usual I ordered my glass of house red wine and today I also ordered a Heinenken Beer. Of course I only drink this beer in public for reasons best known to us. hehe. On the table you can see my Mont Blanc Gold pen that is about S$1000/- which I use for life readings n fengshui work and my Mont Blanc black diary where I write all my schedules. Pretty good luck, you know ? hehe
PROPERTIES: Last year in 2007 the year of the pig, many people became instant millionaires because of the rise in propery value of their house. take for example : myself. I bought an investment house in 2003 for S$900k and today if I wish to sell it for S$1.3million, I would be able to pocket a cool S$400k profit. let us not complicate the bank interest rates etc. but CAN you see the RISE in "property value" and how it can increase our own "net worth" ? I also made money from my Ubi Teckpark office. I was really amazed when I take out my calculator and started to count.
This is why I always advise couples who see me for their "life readings" to first buy their "first property" and then sell and move on to increase their own "net worth" till they reach their first one million.
I am alot wiser now and in 2007 I had a client who bought a penthouse in Cainhill Road for S$3million in 2005/6 and today the price is worth a cool S$12million. if he sells the property he would have been able to pocket a cool S$8million. Now - this is what I call "wow". and I intend to find the best best property in the low low period like this penthouse to buy and then wait for the pig year 2019 to sell and hopefully to pocket just S$5million and I start looking around NOW.
SHARES: There is no market today but then we can do our homework and study and find "new stocks". no, I did not buy Wilmar although if you did, you would have made a pile and remember I said go for the "WOOD" industries : they are the best and with the highest and fastest price rise for 2008. "EARTH" industries too are good.
The reason why I did'nt buy any is because the total value of all my shares already total close to S$90k and I am not prepared to invest more dollar into the stocks. I prefer to wait and see as I still need to raise my funds to fund my new apartment in Bangkok by Dec 2010. I cannot over commit.
This is Life and Finance : We have to strike a balance and to keep to two years of expenses always in the bank and don't touch. I really learnt alot about balancing my money after I committed to this landed property and I wish to share whatever knowledge that I know about property to anyone who reads this BLOG.
TIP: "Learn to talk less and LISTEN more. there is more to learn from others and being silent than to be talking all the time"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Properties, properties everywhere - which one is good ?"

Today, I went down to check a can or cannot rent condo and back to my office for two life readings and then to do a can or cannot buy condo.

Property : Market is soft but still got people wishing to rent condo or even to buy so if you are a property agent I guess this is good news. Always remember to stay positive, ok ?

Shares : Let's see how the market perform on Monday. Dow is down.

I sleep at 10pm every night as I enjoy sleeping early and reading a book before zzzzz. hehe

TIP: "When the going gets TOUGH the tough will still be GOING"

Friday, May 23, 2008

"An enjoyable day !!!"

Today I went down to check fs for a lady client's condo at West Coast Road. We had lunch and dinner and am now home. brought my camera too. hehe

a) Property - There was one person who sms me if it is ok to buy a condo now.

b) Shares - I am still monitoring my shares. got one person sms to say he or she bought at 5 cents Magnus and sold at 8.5 cents. Good. make money is all I ask of you.

TIP: "Have compassion for anyone whom you meet everyday"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"As COOL as the Snow"

Today as usual I go to work then home and "work from home". last week I had a new DAIKIN 18,000BTU air con installed in my masterbedroom so that I can work well.

In this BLOG, I added a "counter" and my favourite music "if you remember me". I know how to write html tags. this one is easy.

What do I do every morning when I get up ?
First thing : to turn on the computer and check what is Dow Jones last count ? UP or DOWN and by how much then I will decide if to sell any of my shares or to hold and wait or to buy more. most of the time I don't do anything as I hardly buy or sell. it is because I LOOSE most of the time and I hate to loose.

Then MEDITATE for a while. breath in breath out and count as 1. I can count to 100 without my mind wandering. I belive a person's mind has to be CALM when the mind is calm you will be READY for the day's challenges and work. One can also develop "insights" when one's mind is calm. Can you do this too ? try ok ?

Next turn on the radio and hear our national song being played and then came in......Hamish Brown and Maggie (Margaret Mary Lim) on the radio at 6am and then all those songs on 90.5FM brings back memories and MUSIC can REALLY pep you up when you are down. Both of them (Hamish and Maggie) are my FACEBOOK friends.

My car also tune in to 90.5FM when I drive. I am a sunday driver. hehe

Now is not the time to buy for investment - as property will go down in value in year, 2010. however some clients of mine DID BUY landed property and they are good buys. this is because sometimes it is difficult to find a good fengshui property especially when property prices are low. it is still a good time to buy landed property and to stay there for a while. property prices may dip in 2010 but it won't go down to the really low like in year 2003 when I first bought my landed property.

How to buy property these days ? is to source for a good district 9, 10, 11 condos. buy the smallest one if your budget is tight. I am looking for one now and a studio say S$700k. maybe you think there isn't a property at this price. but there are ONLY if you search the papers hard enough and SURE can find. I NEVER say no to myself. I always TRY and don't give up.

A $700k studio means 20% downpayment is about S$140k cash. the rest take a loan. if you go for DBS loan I heard can stretch till age 75. that way your monthly payment is low but interests got to pay alot. look at the bigger picture ok ? and refinance 3 to 4 years later and top up cash an extra S$100k of your savings. that way you can reduce your loan amount and your debt is low. this is a good debt. better still pay all cash, one go at S$700k.

Whether to go for 99 leasehold or freehold one is up to you. how long do you intend to keep this property. let me go shopping when I am free and then see how. I am looking at City Lights (can see the sea) which may not be in 9,10,11.
I want to go for the view and good fengshui even for "rental income" and a good location.

Now is not the time to ENTER : wait till August 2008 when it will DROPPED like a pack of cards falling. then just enter and pick and pick. but wait for the second DROP then pick a bit and wait for the 3rd DROP then pick again. you decide when ok ?

When the sentiment for property is low you can expect the sentiment for shares to be "moody" - "no mood".

This time round ......please make sure you can take your "dinner" yeah ? and don't tell me you "can"t eat". "kenna stuck" is a bad word.

My shares in Magus Energy - yesterday it recorded over 75million shares traded which is quite a lot for this stock. closing was 9cents. today at half time already 32million shares traded. what's up ? hmm.....I hope got GOOD NEWS. if for every share I can make just would be nice. please mutlipy for me because I can't count. I got 510,000 shares bought at very very high price.


I CAN REALLY see how FORTUNE change hands at the click of a mouse.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Growing wealth needs a Plan"

Today this morning went down to do fengshui check. that is work. I do not wish to talk about "my work" here.

I wish to use this BLOG to help people create more WEALTH using : a) properties b) shares. This is my wish and my motivation why I decide to BLOG. well..........maybe to get some advertiser money. hehe

PROPERTIES: market seem soft still. but I do have clients who had bought landed property and asking me to do the fengshui as well as Condo. so I guess the market looks good. this week I did'nt do any HDB mostly landed and condos and plenty of life readings such that I had to work 7 days a week as usual.

I also stop work on VESAK DAY cause I am a buddhist.

SHARES: this morning I heard the news that Magnus Energy has gone up to 9 cents. I almost choke and scold myself for selling those that I bought at 5cents. I guess I am still a newbie when it comes to shares and have a lot to learn.

But then I know that whenever I SELL....that stock sure go to up one !!!
hehe so how ??? I also don't know. well I came to the conclusion that money has to come but in one form and one X amount only. I make money from my business. maybe that is enough and no need extra from shares.

Hmm..........I still am trying to figure this BLOG thing and how to make me a FAMOUS BLOGGER.

hehe that way when I permanently retire from my full time job at age 60 then I can BLOG all the way. haha and also become a Day Trader. oh.....that one "dangerous" (sure to loose money)............ but at least can keep me "sane".



Hi, today, is the first day I start to BLOG. wow......what a big word.

Let's start by talking about my past investments :

Two Scopes:
a) property
b) shares

Currently property is moving less people start to buy them. However for me I have business.......I do go down to help people choose their properties and am kept busy with these.
Property prices will be slow for now the first half of year 2008 (yang earth) while for the next half beginning 1st August it will move. property agents will be busy and when they are busy so will I (ying water). hehe

My latest acquistion is a studio apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the pix above. it is my first overseas investment and my 3rd property owned in my own name and as I grew I realise that I need to learn and this time is about "foreign currencies". I look at sing dollar vs thai baht every day whenever I can so that I know what is the latest exchange rate.
As for the shares : there are plenty to talk about. Let's start with what I already own.
a) Golden Agri - 21,000 shares - going to sell soon.
b) Magnus - 510,000 shares - planning to keep for a while and see what the new management would do. in fact I intend to keep to 1 million shares. let's see how.
We talk tomorrow.

Today - 20 May 2008

Hello......just a test.