Saturday, June 28, 2008

How DEEP do you believe in MY FENGSHUI ?

Whether the day is a happy day or not is how your MIND thinks

Today, 29 June 2008 Sunday, I brought my parents to thomson plaza, a place I frequent since my house is nearby, to Peach Garden for tim sum. then at 2pm to go to the western part of Singapore to do a condo fengshui then home.


ON MY LYNN YAP BLOG: This BLOG is about what happens after fengshui has been done to your house and that you HAD PROSPERED. I am sure you would want to know how to become savvy investors isn't it ? I am sure many others would want to know that too and that is the real reason why I BLOG. I wanted to share with MY CLIENTS/readers about how I went to get a loan from a bank to finance my house and what properties did I buy and why. This is because in the course of my work, I realised that : there was a NEED for my clients/readers to know and why not I share with them about my own personal experiences ? these kind of information you would not read about anywhere else except here (limited edition) - RIGHT HERE at my BLOG and I have already garnered enough followers to this "BLOG". DAILY VISITORS : total 300.

After the ad was out on GOOGLE on 25 June 2008, there have been 117, 976 page impressions for my ad and a few clicks. somehow my content in the BLOG is THE one that DRIVES in the most page impressions and not so much from search engines. Interesting. Are you a online marketing person ? Well......I am not I am a fengshui expert but am now an end user of GOOGLE ads so what do I hope to achieve when I advertise ? you know ? first intention was to drive up the traffic to this BLOG and I get a special "kick" when I see my traffic "move". I don't know why...... so in the end I place a small ad in GOOGLE then I had to learn everything about how to make the full use of adwords, keywords etc. I haven't finish reading on how to maximise these and thought that I should leave my advs running for a couple of days and see what happens as I don't have history with GOOGLE and then I might pause the ad for a while when I get my daily "hits". I don't like to spend money cause I am savvy. sounds cool.
QUESTION: DID the BLOG help my fengshui business ??? you answer that yourself lah. let me sip my red wine.
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: How can one start to learn fengshui ? the best method is a) invite the fengshui master to your house then read everything about what this master wants for fengshui in order to work. b) attend a class conducted by any fengshui masters so that you can learn in depth.

When you invite a master down to your house, it all look so simple during the one n half hour session or sometimes two but actually there are many theories and books to study before one perfects the fengshui. To begin : fengshui comes under the umbrella of chinese metaphysics. so there are : fengshui,bazhi, tzu wei do shu, face reading, palm reading.

In the old days before people want to build a town or city they would engage a learned man to help them determine where the entrance of the village or city should be. this is under town planning. as years go by then these learned men become known as fengshui masters and because most of the books on fengshui are written in chinese therefore most fengshui masters are male and chinese educated.

Very few are female and english educated that can make it BIG and FAMOUS. not easy ok ? I've had my tough moments in the past. I started fengshui in the years when we did'nt even have the internet. I started fengshui in 1989. At that time, I was already on IRC chat to chat with many people (I was a bored housewife and pregnant with my first child)and when internet first came to Singapore, I was among the first to sign up and I asked Pacific Internet if they had chatlines then I sign up. that was in year 1994. After that I learned how to put my photo in my web page. A Hong Kong IT guy taught me about writing html tags and do a ftp over. I was that IT SAVVY. At that time, it was a strange kind of PASSSION that drives you......if you are now an entrepreneur you would know what I mean. He now reads my BLOG too. thanks for everything.
Then when M1 first launched their mobile phones on 1 April 1997, I was among the FIRST to sign for it and that is where I picked my mobile number, 9685-2718 ending with a 8 because period 8 fengshui (years of 2004 to 2023) was coming meaning any numbers that end with a 8 will have better luck. Can you SEE how I had GREAT VISION then ? hehe. and yes, I am pretty old by now but hei look !!! I still look good and young. See that photo with Nancy? Want to know my secret ?
From my slide show on the right, you can see how my career brought me to Europe (switerzand) ( Lausanne, year 2001: where I taught Fengshui for Hotel mangers)(we did hands on where everyone was given a small lupan to test out the fengshui theroies. it was fun), China, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei and what the media commented about me. hmm..............I did'nt add in my photos from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. my projects are there too. let me update the slideshow this week.

SLIDESHOW: FengshuiQueen, Master Lynn Yap travels to 10 countries that span over 19 years.

I will be visiting my overseas projects soon to do a fengshui review. when I am away, no blogging. then end of the year, December 2008, I will be away for my retreat and also no blogging.

If you like to read my BLOG, you also got to do your part. CLICK on any of the GOOGLE advs. once a day enough already, a few US cents also good and when I travel for my annual retreat I will donate the same amount in US dollars (hehe) away to help monastries or schools in India. I love children. they are so adorable that I can look a them the whole day long. It is about : how these kids make me FEEL. that is the true nature of things. do you get it ?

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Someone told me sometimes her husband would ask her how much money she has already at her bank. then when she told her husband, then her husband would take a calculator and then punch some numbers and then said to her : wah so much. is your husband like this too ? well if he didn't better do it. then you ask your husband how much money he has in his savings account and got anymore or not ? remember to ask that and then see if he is telling the truth. then you TAKE out a calculator can buy from popular book store and then show him - how much is both of your total net worth.

FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN: it is important to keep money aside that your husband don't know about. make him curious and if he loves your money, you got've a great deal - use money to make him LOVE you MORE. Write to me about your experience in being SAVVY.

ON LIFE READINGS: When a person does alot of good deeds their heart will open. the first thing that can make their heart open is to shed tears - plenty of it. how many times have you cried at the work place and you know it isn't nice to do so and yet you can't help it ? let me tell you : it is because of your bazi. if there is a fire element below your day pillar or in the hour pillar or that you are born in the animal signs of snake or horse, you would shed tears easily. well. that would make you a great actor or actresses.

BLOG COMMENTS: Yesterday, saturday, someone caught me at my laptop at yahoo messanger and sent me a short message saying that my blog is interesting and that she read it daily.

TIP: "When you do enough good deeds all negative events like sickness/illness would be delayed. they won't come. but you must do good deeds every year"

A drop in the street where you live

Today, I went down to Hougang area to do a condo house review and then off to Depot road to do fengshui for a HDB. Fengshui Masters do not work all the time hence their income per hour is usually quite high. However many of the work is done off hours too like replying emails, sms, forums or reading up or placing advertisments on GOOGLE etc. if you ask me how many hours I work, I think it should be 15 hours.

PHOTO: One leaf finally fell still got 2 more.


ON SINGAPORE BLOG: BLOG has been around for years and many people have begun blogging but only recently it had become more popular and is now seen as an effective tool of marketing and communicating. Ever since my small advertisment in GOOGLE, I now get a daily visitor of 300 people. this is not enough as I know I still need to do my homework to increase more traffic. my next target is 400 visitors per day.

ON FENGSHUI : I had spent the last 10 years (let's just take 10 for easy calculation)(have been in this business for 19 years) of doing fengshui and life readings and only the last 5 years that I started to ask people about property prices that they bought and then I did my own analysis and that is where I GREW wiser or should I say more financially savvy. of course the first thing that I did was to count my own money and in year 2007, many of my clients grew wealthier and because of en bloc and because their own property rise in value and somehow strangely enough, so did mine. I did not plan for it, it just came. however, for the next pig year in 2019, it is going to be a planned one. just watch this space for my next big purchase and I love buying properties.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: a) Colours play an important role in fengshui effects. so there should be a light coloured wall colour in all the rooms like beige and white. that would be best if you do not wish to invite a fengshui master to your house and have a look.

ON LIFE READINGS: There was a guy who came for life readings and he had 4 metals in his bazi and so he wasn't suitable to be wearing a gold expensive watch. when I mentioned that to him. he exclaimed yes true !! eversince he had this expensive metal watch, his luck went down. I had a good laugh and advised him to wear the S$20k expensive watch with the leather strap instead because leather is cow and cow is of the earth element.
ON INVESTMENTS: Wow. Singapore now has 77,000 millionaires those with a net worth of US$1 million dollars. are you now in this league ? I hope you are. I wonder how many of these 77,000 are Singapore born ? that would be an interesting read.

TIP: "Great insights come because of great good deeds done. have you done yours already?"