Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ivan !!!

Today, 1st August 2008, Friday, I will be going down to Ubi office for life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today is my eldest son, Ivan's 18th birthday. He is currently attending Junior College. Last year I gave him a laptop with a built in webcam and I did'nt know what he did with it and then suddenly, I saw that his drawings had turn into colour. So beautiful, talented and creative. His dream is to study Animation, hopefully here in Singapore and to be his own boss with mummy as his shareholder/Advisor. hehe. Have a great day, my son and mummy loves you.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP: When I first started blogging, my mindset was to make online money from blogs and since others can do it, why can't I, that kind of mindset you know.......and if I can do it then I want to share it with everybody on how to make money. that way, the next time when you want to retire, maybe you too can become a blogger.

I know that when my blog becomes bigger I will need help and that is when I would need to hire people to help me build this blog or several blogs.

Yesterday, I was reading on lesson 26 - how to buy and sell blogs. I jumped lessons. hehe and it pointed to a particular website to go to - to advertise and sell. I was like WOW. cool and then now I am going to organise something.
Those who sign up BLOGMastermind through my link here will automatically qualify to become my BLOGGING CLUB members and I may plan to do it big. you see......I am on my next direction to help others and in blogging. I strongly believe that if we do it right, we can make money from a blog and also create traffic.
Yesterday, I had 770 visitors coming to my blog, nevermind if I did'nt collect alot of revenue from the advertisments, one can still sell a blog based on traffic.

So if you wish to join my BLOGGING CLUB, click here to join BLOGMastermind first. those who have joined, I know who you are. this campaign closes end August 2008. Then we will meet in September for buffet lunch at Sheraton Towers, all on me and the food's there great !!! We can brain storm or simply a get together and have fun. My sons can't join us cause they are having their exams, O level and A level, this year.

FENG SHUI: I have always enjoyed fengshui so when I was pregnant with my eldest son, I was already reading feng shui books and those days many were written in mandarin. it was a tough journey but I went on and then to build my own career path which has its up and downs. most importantly, my family are happy and have their own private space to grow.
DESTINY: Everyone needs to learn how to alter destiny so that their life onwards will be smooth and good. sometimes it is simply to own a car in your name where a car is big metal and the more luxury the car the better. it is simple things like these and so you will need to see a fortune teller to read your life and then explain to you. there is a lot of philosophy behind that you will find that there is so much to learn. I know of a client who loves to read about destiny and so I still keep this column so that he can learn the right thing.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Something is brewing soon and then the market will correct. last year, it caught alot of people and this year, many seemed to be more careful and aware. my members in yahoo mailing list had the best advice - they were told to be careful last year. this year and now here in this blog which is very open as anybody can read this. just be careful ok ? and keep cash and wait or do nothing. I intend to do nothing and just keep my shares.
TIP:"When you do alot of good deeds your children will benefit from that too"

My Fengshui Book translated into Japanese

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

8 Mistakes people make when it comes to house Feng Shui by Master Lynn Yap

1) They tend to place the pond not in the actual wealth area -

2) They tend to leave it unattended and so the water level in the pond drops to half -

3) They tend to be less open minded and listen to themselves and do the things according to their own mindset and not that of their fengshui master-

4) They change the water in the pond when it should'nt be changed at all - the dirtier the better

5) They tend to still have glass cabinent doors or mirrors in the house -

6) They tend to have fans in the house especially ceiling fans above the dining table or masterbed -

7) They tend to sleep with a bed that does not have a 6 inches gap between the matress and the floor -

8) They tend to have a glass cover that protects the wooden dining table -

Add to Google


Thank you for the red wine !!!

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Today, 31 July 2008, Thursday, I went down to Siglap area to do a house review then off to run errands then home to study about blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, I received an sms about how I know what is passion to me ? I replied : "It's that strong feeling that comes and capture your heart and is telling you that - this is the way to go"

I always wait for this strong feeling to come before I take action only then I will know that that is the correct path for me.

PHOTO: The other day, my client gave me this bottle of red shiraz wine and I took this photo to show you. This is the 3rd red wine in this blog. Actually the first half of the year, I received many wine bottles and of course now empty hehe I drank them all lah !!! oh and thank you to those who gave me, all red wines, so generous !!!

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG - With 3 months of blogging and having a total visitors of 20,000 is no small feat. it takes a lot of effort and doing the right thing to have this. this means now with an average of 550 visitors per day and revenue too also has grown and that would be a nice passive income.

It is not the fact that I advertise in GOOGLE that brought about so many visitors. why don't you advertise in GOOGLE too and see if your visitor rate grow ? and then when you don't advertise do people still come and read what you write ? its about the quaility of the content and you as a writer.

For me, as I have walked on the grounds for the last 19 years visiting homes, factories and offices. I have developed a good relationship bonding with all my clients and they trust me. so it is easier for me when I blog. And you would rememeber that I try to meet 5 new people every day and 19 years later, guess, how many people, do you think I have met ? hehe

A thought came to me this afternoon when I was on my way home - I could set up a new domain name and use this new blog to house all my clients blog roll now total 5 and collect advertisments on my new blog and then grow this business. This means that I would have to organise a buffet lunch meeting to meet all my felllow clients bloggers and discuss this plan together with my web developer, the one who did the fengshuiqueen website. I intend to convert it into a blog and am just thinking out loud. Give me time to think on how best to do this then we meet. Do you think it is a good idea ?

One condition though, you cannot blog about feng shui, if not you won't be in my clients blog roll. Reason is : I cannot be responsible for what you write about feng shui which can have a big impact on people's lives, be it good or bad.
I did a search on Lynn Yap and found this link where my Book 101 Fengshui Questions and Answers, published in Japan is in Read this or click to buy in japanese -

FENG SHUI - 8 Mistakes that people make when come to house feng shui - read next update.

DESTINY - When there is no money element in your bazhi then one solution is to open a joint account in your lucky colour with the bank and in two names account but only one signature, your signature. that way your money will stay and can grow.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS - When I first bought this investment house in 2003, my first thought was when I can sell it at S$1.3million and pocket the S$400k profit, I would be very happy. that day has arrived and yet I did'nt want to sell the house and I wondered why. It is because my financial knowledge has grown and now it is better to keep it and wait till 2019 when it reaches S$2 million dollars and then sell, that would be better. In 10 years time, the house would be fully paid and with the value of the house at S$2million, I can then safely give my two boys, one million each.

Now, I plan to buy my next property and that would be in year 2010, when the timing is right and to grow my own net worth.

TIP: "Public Relations skill is a must if you wish to grow your wealth"

A playground in my mind

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Today, I went to Parkview Square to check office fengshui and then off to Jurong to do a can or cannot buy fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Parkview Square.....Wah...I was just there the last 2 months and here I am back again this time for work. I love this beautiful building which has got class, really something and wow !!! heard it belong to Li Ka Shing.

About my feng shui business - the last 5 years, I did'nt do any advertisments and that did'nt mean that I was'nt doing well. on the contrary, I was so busy working and travelling that I did'nt have the time to surf the net or to want to advertise on the internet. so you would hardly see my advertisments anywhere and not even on GOOGLE. this year in May 2008 and because I wanted to have more visitors to my blog, I read that I need to advertise and so I read and learn about Adwords and how to create more clicks to my Ad and so I advertise. My click rate is pretty good you know but then it also burst my daily budget in US$ !!!

Well, what was I doing the last 5 years ? well, I was busy preparing to build my own net worth and having accomplished that this year 2008, I intend to work for another goal. I don't know how the others are doing, I just do what I think is good for me and to grow and to have a good lifestyle and to build a legend too - Feng shui Queen legend.

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG: It is really interesting to see how far a blog can go. Most important is : Even before you start to blog, your mindset must be : "To make money from a blog" and with that in mind, you are sure going to make some money at least from your blog and there are two ways a person can make money -

1) Advertisments from the advertisments displayed -
2) Affiliate Marketing - if you are really interested in this, you should sign up for the BlogMastermind and start reading all about blogging before you start is the best. I sign up for the 6months AUD$497/- program yesterday and I got all the lessons emailed to me immediately and now it is up to me and at my own pace to speed up learning then I can be more successful as a Professional Blogger.

If you sign up for one month AUD$97/- you will get weekly emails and that means that your progress would be slow, it is up to you - you see which program suits you. Click here if you intend to sign up for the BLOGMastermind Coaching Program or simply watch his video before you sign up

My Exit Strategy is to : Sell away my blog, there was a guy who wrote about cars and he had an offer of US$5million from yahoo for his blog. Who knows I get an offer from GOOGLE or YAHOO or MICROSOFT too ? you too can be a multi-millionaire blogger !!!

LATEST NEWS: I just got a email from Yaro Starak and I am among his Top 10 Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing Program for his BLOGMastermind Program for the first 12 hours. I am now at number 6 and there is a prize for being top 10 and I am only a 3 month old Singaporean chinese blogger who read his BLOG PROFIT blueprint, free and I haven't been coached yet and hei, I can compete on World Standard and is number 6.

Want to know how I did it ? study the coaching program together with me with Yaro Starak, aged 29 as the best teacher and we can all build our wealth together by blogging. hehe and I will share with you my personal tip too. common in, its fun, blogging !!! and you know that I also want to be a Professional blogger (so far I am Singapore's fastest blogger) and one day I will travel around the world teaching people how to make money from a blog. Teaching is also my other passion as my daddy is a retired english school teacher. that is why you find that I incorporate fengshui and teaching together. hehe

FENG SHUI: One of the fastest way to learn feng shui is to invite a fengshui master to your house and take a look. then pay attention to all the concepts that are laid down for you and listen. One needs to listen with an open mind if not the real fengshui concepts will not get into your head.

DESTINY: If you don't even have a money element in your bazi then it means that your money is really really hard to earn and that you will find that you can't save money too. This means that everytime there is money in your bank then something will always happen like a fridge suddenly got spoilt for no reason and it will mean that you have to spend money. Do this happen to you ? Do you know that there is a cure for this ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Currently, I am 0.03% shareholder of Magnus Energy and even if I know that the stock market is going for a big correction, it doesn't mean that I have to sell off all my shares otherwise the value of my investment will be lower. I do not have this kind of mindset, maybe in the past, yes and that was because I really haven't studied how to make money from shares. Now, I do know how after so many silly mistakes. hehe. I am a newbie when it comes to buying and selling shares however for the last 2 years, it seems that I am pretty good eh ?

As the CEO of, I intend to grow this website and add in an avata designed by my son, Ivan and one day to sell it off when it is ready. I believe the internet market will be ready for me by then. when that day come, my dream will come true too. So, I will work towards this goal for the next 5 years and ensure that the blog, fengshuiqueen is ready.

The internet world must be ready for feng shui as a popular topic and I read overseas blog and very few local blogs because I think BIG DREAMS and I can predict my own future, can you ? I am Singapore's Best when it comes to predictions so chun chun. I can also be said to be Singapore's most successful fengshui master, in terms of net worth.

PREDICTION: You would remember that I mentioned something happening to the water industry? well, the water industry refers to ships and planes.

TIP: "There are 3 kinds of investments : short term, middle term and long term"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BLOG Mastermind Coaching Program, now opens


You would remember that I read alot about blogs from Yaro Starak from Brisbane, Australia. And right now is an opportunity for all of us to sign up for his coaching program which will begin in 1 hours time at 10pm Singapore time. For a start, you may wish to sign up for a month first at AUD $97/- to test out before signing all 6 months of his coaching program. if you sign all 6 months, it is AUD $497/-

Then there is this BONUS if you are among the first 100 to sign up -
Bonus 1: “Conversion Blogging Revealed” - Live Teleconference With Yaro Dissecting The Conversion Blogging System

Bonus 2: “How To Use The Power Of Video To Market On The World Wide Web” - Live Teleconference With Gideon Shalwick PLUS six brand new videos from Gideon, the man behind the fantastic videos

Bonus 3: “How To Boost Critical Conversion Points In Your Blog Business” - Live Teleconference With Will Swayne on testing elements of your blog and email newsletter to improve conversion rates

How did I discover ALL this ? Well...........sometime back in May 2008 when I was surfing the internet for more information on blogs then I stumble on his website and download the BLOG PROFITS Blueprint and it's free. I learnt a lot about blogging and how to make it profitable and to have more traffic.

Now you know why I am so fast as a blogger because I read the right stuff and don't waste time. hehe.....eversince I announced his program here in my blog, there were over 140 people who downloaded this blueprint from my link here and if you have seen how fast I have been and how good I am as a blogger...........why not join me in his coaching program where we can then exchange ideas and those who sign up will be included in his special community where we can post our questions and our difficulties with our blog etc.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008 is the day the door is open for the public to sign up. last nite, I already signed up for 6 months as I have never been coached before in my blog. so maybe after Yaro's coaching I can be a greater blogger. hehe, wanna join me ? then click below, see you in his program.

Note: When you sign up for all 6months, you get all the coaching notes straight away and so you can learn faster than the rest and I intend to revamp my fengshuiqueen website soon and work on it. till then.....

Lynn Yap

Baby, it's yesterday once more

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Today, I went down to Hougang to check fengshui, do 1 life reading then off to do errands and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The last few days of the 6th lunar month will not be an easy time for most people especially for those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birthdate and time) has a lot of water then the 6 months period of the water rat is not going to be a good period for you. The FSQ (fengshuiqueen) solution is to wear some gemstones or stones round your neck to reduce the water elements in your bazi and you will be ok.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Most readers of my blog are my fengshui/destiny clients and they have been supporting me for so many years and reading what I write in my yahoo private mailing list (2124 members)as well as in my private paid golden members in weekly thoughts in my official website. my family and I are very thankful for your wonderful support all these years and because of this wonderful support I have decided to show you this special photo above that is me. cute or not ? hehe

How did I get hold of this photo eh ? well......last Sunday, my mum suddenly showed me this photo when I was at her place and so I promptly took out my digital camera and shoot. I think my readers will go gaga over this photo. hehe. so if you like girls as your daughters, maybe it is time to consider having another child ? especially if you currently only have 1. I have 2 you know ? I think you should go for 2 too especially if you can afford. I am sorry if this sounds a bit commerical but it is good for our nation to have more babies lah.

FENG SHUI n SPIRITS: There was a shophouse when I went to do feng shui some 2 years ago. while doing my job I could feel this uneasy energy around my legs and I promptly told my clients to go find a ghost buster to catch this spirit. I also suggested that they do an oil painting of a house with a living room and bedrooms that can be visually seen. I also wanted a drawing of a television set there to be turned on and a nice beautiful bed for sleeping. I informed them to hang this painting on a particular wall in the office and then to get the ghost busters to capture the spirit and then lead him into the oil painting so that this spirit will be too busy watching tv and sleeping and so will not be able to disturb my clients.

DESTINY & BUDDHISM: There was a time when a male client came to see me and he complained that his right arm is stiff and when he lift it up, it is painful and wondered if there is anything he can wear to cure it. He also said his friends told him that I have all sorts of solution for any problems and that is why he asked this special request. I was stunned at first and then thought deeply for a while before replying. My reply to him was : That this solution is religious and if he does not wish to act on it, it is ok. I told him to go and sponser a ten thousand arm kuan yim buddha (Goddess of Mercy). The larger the arm, the better. I also told him it may take 3 years before his arm can be cured and 3 years later, it REALLY did.

FSQ NOTE: Both of the case studies mentioned are real life cases.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For the next 6 months be careful with your money especially if you intend to buy shares. the best thing to do for the next 6 months is to save money. Always remember that money in your bank stays even though the interest rate is low. it is better to be in your bank and STILL there than to be invested in other things and then maybe lost, ok ? be careful.

PREDICTION: The environment will not be good the next 6 months so more people may tend to fall sick, take good care of yourself.

TIP "Time for more babies......"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Learn to appreciate the people around you at work

Today, 28 July 2008, Monday, I went down to Chinatown to check office feng shui then go to Bedok for a hdb feng shui then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I will be quite busy this week and is hard for anyone to try and get an appointment with me. still keep your sms coming........I will try to fix something for you.

About work and productivity - well, I do know that there are some companies where the staff reads my blog and that is a good thing because my blog helps create productivity and help you to improve your sales. How ? Is it ??? giving you fengshui tips that I occasionally write about and that it can strike a cord with you. yeah. An Example is : Today's feng shui tip on how to get a good night's sleep as a good sleep can improve your productivity at work.

SINGAPORE's FASTEST BLOGGER LYNN YAP: One of the ingredients that when I read other blogs is : It must have that X-factor. if it did'nt have that X-factor then that is a normal blog. Another factor is : A blog has to be entertaining and has to make someone learn something or find it amusing and interesting for them to want to come and read it everyday. Everyday you joke.

A good marketing Blog is - when you update your blog, it also gets updated in Technorati as well as Mybloglog or other websites associated with your blog. They all have to go together. That way your blog will go up in search engines. I learn this though I am not an IT guy but I can say I am IT savvy or simply more intelligent. hehe

Most important is : I know how to make money from my Blog. A couple of thousands already came through and more than enough to pay for my one month ad in GOOGLE and I usually choose my good days then I start the Adwords Campaign and quit the compaign whenever I like.

So sometimes you will see my Ads in GOOGLE here and sometimes not there. So far this Ad has given me more fame and more new readers. I have a new group of readers to my BLOG who would never come to my feng shui website at and these are the fellow Singapore bloggers and overseas bloggers and those interested in online marketing. My blog has something interesting for them to read and is on the savvy investments.

I also intend to be Singapore's fastest blogger with 600 readers per day now and then going to 1,000 readers and then more. Most bloggers, I note took 2 years to get to where they are. I don't want to waste time, 2 years ? I am going to do it in 6 months for 1,500 readers per day. my new title is : Singapore's fastest blogger, Lynn Yap

FENG SHUI: This article is about feng shui and sleep - everyone needs a good sleep so what do you do when you can't sleep ?

Either go to the internet to surf websites till you are tired then go to bed or drink till you feel sleepy ? which method are you currently using ?

Some people may tell you that drinking is bad for you. Yes, I agree excessive drinking is bad but moderate drinking is fine and good for long life like drinking sake every night or a glass of whisky.

So what does having a good sleep do to you ? well it helps you to think better and especially if you have an important meeting to attend the next day, a deep sleep helps.

What then is the relationship between fengshui and sleep ? Read on....
1) A good bed is important - there should be 6 inches gap between the floor and the mattress. these beds will allow chi to flow underneath it and so you won't feel tired after waking up the next morning.

2) There should be a wall directly behind the bed and a wall directly opposite the wall.

3) Inside the bedroom, there should be no glass cabinet doors or mirrors in the bedroom otherwise you can't fall asleep easily then there will be lost hours, counting sheeps.

4) The worst is when you sleep with your legs facing the windows. The sun's rays will shine early into the room and you will be awake very early even though you have not rested enough.

For me personally : I do not use an alarm clock when I sleep. I have my own body clock to wake me up. that way I am always well rested for my next day's jobs. Every job to me is important as this involves people's lives, their health, wealth, career, business etc. I have to make sure that I cover everything that I wanted to tell my clients before I leave. You can say that I am responsible Geomancer which I am. However, in the course of my work, there are some jobs that I have done that can keep me awake at night if I don't learn to let go.

5) Next, if you can place your bed in the wealth area or the power area of your house then you would always be in good luck always at least for the next 20 years.

And do try to sleep early say 10.30pm every night or by midnight is healthy for you.

DESTINY: A day water person will always have the destiny to always travel. Don't believe me ask around ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Thank you to all my new readers who find this column interesting.

Do you know why I wanted my blog to be about investments and coming from my own personal experiences and to share with my clients from fengshui ?

It was because early this year, I met a 70 year old man who just bought another landed property next door to his house and he didn't know where to get the bank to lend him the money. I felt that if I had written more about my own experiences with finding the best bank loan (red colour bank) for my own needs then more people can benefit from the feng shui angle.

With this in mind, I started my blog on The Savy Investor but because I wanted it to be on GOOGLE's search engine page 1 for Singapore Fengshui, I had to use Singapore's Fengshui Queen in front and this is about using Adwords for search engines.

In 2007, I did become a savy investor afterall my properties that I had bought never loose money firstly because my feng shui is excellent and my destiny also suit buying property. I somehow would always have the money to buy when the property prices start to dip. My next property investment will be in 2010 when the property prices will have the biggest fall. I know I will buy something that year, just watch this space and see where I buy.

PREDICTION: Those in the water industry will soon be in trouble, be careful.

TIP: "Smile or say hello to all at the work place and the world would be a better place for everybody"

I have the feng shui eye, do you ?

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How is your Sunday, ? well, today, I went down to my parents' place as usual and then to work at Boon Keng Area. the photo above shows where I was this afternoon. hehe

DAILY THOUGHTS: If you like to make friends you may wish to join social websites like Zorpia I joined Zorpia maybe 2 years ago and have a fengshui group there though not so active. my female clients invited me to join so I join just to find out, curious.

LYNN YAP BLOG: There was a day when my blog had 618 page loads (618 visitors) on 24 July 2008, Thursday, in my stats counter found at the bottom of my blog, on the right. This counter is really interesting as once your blog hits more than 500 page loads (500 visitors) it will stop there because it is free so in order to update it to show the current number of page loads, I had to pay money and so I did.

In fact when I first started my blog I download free blog profits blueprints, read all about blog and how to make it successful and also bought into an e book on Adwords on how to make convincing advertisments with GOOGLE so that I would have as many clicks from GOOGLE out of the page views as this is what termed sales and this is what that counts, to convert clicks into a sales. But it was'nt my intention as I just wanted my blog to have many visitors per month. Well......... with that motivation in mind, the sales somehow also come.

Incidently, my BLOG is on page 13 of GOOGLE's search engine on "Singapore fengshui". I will work hard and write more content to reach to page 1. Not bad, already for a new 2 months blogging on fengshui and investments.

FENG SHUI: Do you see feng shui with your eye everyday ? well, I do. I eat, sleep, breathe, blog also feng shui. it has become so much a part of life that I just can't imagine living my life without it. I don't expect you to be like me so fengshui savvy like me, I had to because it is my passion as well as my career. while for you - it is probably a hobby or something to use and then that's it.

DESTINY: When your heart is kind you will meet with good people around you. do you believe in this as in your destiny ? and how your life is going to shape up in the next 10 years or so ? I certainly do and it was that curiousity about my own future that gave me the strong passion to want to learn more and more about destiny reading and how to perfect it. so far most of my predictions have been very accurate for the last few years and that is why every year, many come to listen to me speak on my PREDICTIONS for the year.

The second half of the year begins on 1 August 2008 and these 6 months are the months when the rat is at its strongest. so either it is very good for you or very negative. just be prepared is the best. we can expect disasters, floods, typhoons to happen very soon and a big correction in the stock markets around the world, probably occuring on 13 or 14 August 2008.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you are planning to buy your first property then usually try to get one that is 999 leasehold or freehold. this is because in time to come there will be capital appreciation. once you have bought your first house then it is now time to save more and buy the next house which could then be one that is 99 leasehold either for you to wait 5 years later to sell, make a profit or who knows maybe en bloc potential.

Try not to only own one house, aim for two properties if you can and then learn how to grow your wealth so that when you are old there is something there for you and your children.

The last house that you intend to stay can be 60 years leasehold or even 99 years leasehold, just make it fully paid so that you don't have to worry about that roof over your head when you finally stop working. maybe that time you will learn how to blog. hehe

The next 11 years from 2008 to 2019 - if we wish to make profit is to find one that can give you the most profit and with capital appreciation. though we maybe looking at our passive income but there is something one needs to know. What is your exit strategy for properties ? when do you intend to cash ALL out or to will it for your children or donate to charity or to save the money made for your own retirement fund ?

REMEMBER: Exit strategy for properties is important.

TIP:" fengshui eye means to eat, sleep, breathe and blog about fengshui as fengshui is my world and I am fengshui"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good health is wealth, you know ?

Today, 26 July 2008, Saturday, I went to Johore Bahru, Malaysia and then back.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This photo is taken this morning when I was in Johore Bahru, Malaysia, we had lunch and then they drove me back.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I believe one can make money from a blog but then it has to have followers then the blog can work and also the writer of the blog has to write it himself. then one can read deeply into the personality of the writer and how the writer thinks. I guess, most important is to be sincere and honest. the readers will be able to FEEL the honesty that comes from the text written.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui can be termed to be quite "shuen" meaning "special". If a person place a table fountain in the wealth area and then 3 months later he can see results in that some form of money can come to him, would you believe it if I tell you ? and that it works like that ?

This is exactly what I tell my clients - that after 3 months later they have to see results after the feng shui is done then they will know that the feng shui has started. they can also invite me back to their house or office 3 or 4 months later for a review just to find out how they are doing.

FSQ NOTE: If feng shui is done to your house, you should see results then you know that the feng shui is working. The sound of water in the house or office is one of the most important factor for the feng shui to work.

A FENGSHUI TIP THAT WORK : There was one secret daily feng shui tip on the pineapple on the dining table. a client sms me this week saying that she strike 4d (my car number) after she placed the "onglai" (hokkien for pineapple) on her dining table.

Buy a fresh pineapple and place it among the plastic fruits on a basket on your dining table if you wish for more Good Fortune. It works, try it.

DESTINY: METHOD I- A tip for single ladies : when you love a man very much and wish to make him love you too.......then one has to use feng shui in your bedroom for it to help you, make it come true. Try this : place several plastic flowers about 30 or 40 roses in the bedroom and some fresh flowers any kind (no white or yellow) in the bedroom - then 2 days later you should see results. This is called using the "flower theory" to help you find the right man.

METHOD II- The other "flower theory" is to bath with loose flowers. you can buy them from any flower stalls in the wet market. go home and bath with the flowers from the top of your head 3 times then wash up and you will be ok. one hour later a male is sure to call you or sms you for a date. that man is usually the man who has destiny with you. so if you can't stand him but he has destiny with you ? you see how, lah.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The average income for most Singaporeans is probably around S$4.5k. A household income may probably range from S$8k to S$25k on the average, anything more is above average income.

This morning, Wealth Journey commented on my write up about average income per month. You can read his comment as well as my reply and you may also visit his blog at :

TIP:"A person's health is very important so when your mind or body is tired, please go to bed"

Friday, July 25, 2008

If you are a judge for a BLOG, what would you look for ?


1) Traffic - the blog has to have consistent traffic that is increasing

2) Revenue that comes from the BLOG's Advertisments must be substantial -

3) Comments in the blog - this shows that there is interaction between the readers and the writer of the blog

4) The look of the blog - how appealing it is to the eye

5) The photos and video - these are the tools for a Professional Blogger

6) A large email mailing list that is collected from the blog - so that revenue can be made next time through affiliate marketing and this can be huge revenue if you are planning to be a Professional Blogger.

7) The contents that you write - has to be interesting and also tie in with the award title that you submitted your blog for. An example : if it is an Insightful Blog Award, then how insightful is it ? do readers get to feel what you think and know you ? do the readers get insightful after reading the blog ? insightful has to do with the inner soul. it has to touch the heart and make people take action.

8) How old is the blog -

9) What is the ranking of this blog in the search engines -

10) What is the impact of this blog to society -

NOTE: numbers : 1, 2, 3, 6 are most important ingredients for a successful blog.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is the meaning of life ?

Today, I went to Ubi Office to do 2 life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: There will be more negative news coming up about inflation, earthquakes, floods etc so just be prepared. My trip to Jakarta has been confirmed and am travelling by SQ as I always insist on SQ unless no flights then no choice.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Occasionally I do advertise in GOOGLE just to get more clicks.of course there are many ways to increase traffic without advertising, you can go surf and find out or chat with me about blogs when you come for a life reading, it's really interesting.
FENGSHUI: This week when I was at the ubi canteen to have my breakfast then I met my client who later came and sat at my table and asked me about plants. Question :"Master Lynn, where should plants be placed in the house ?" I replied that they should be placed in the wealth area or power area of the house. We chatted and had a few good laughs and then I went off.

DESTINY: There was once when my shop was at Serangoon area and when a lady came to see me for a life reading and after telling me her story asked : "Is it ok for her to go for an abortion". This has been the toughest question to reply firstly because of my buddhist faith and secondly because of my job as a professional fortune teller. What do one do ? what would you do if you are in my shoes ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Sometimes we are busy working that we don't have time to plan about our finances. well, did your spouse carry a calculator and ask you how much have you saved ? hehe I can tell you - most women would set aside some money that the husband do not know about and if she has seen me for a life reading before getting married I would remind her too.

There was a couple that I know who has 3 children and almost every 2 years I see him changing a new car. One day I said to him during a house review. I said I think you should create more wealth or at least keep them to let your children have one million dollars each. He looked at me completely stunned. I probably drive home an important point. that's me lah.....fengshui master and savvy.

ZEN TEACHINGS: If ever my son ask me :"what is the meaning of life, mum ?" I would reply :"the meaning of life is to benefit others. you have to live your life for other people with the motivation of making them happy or to help them find happiness. you can do any job you want as long as it serves this purpose then when you have achieved that my son, your own happiness and purpose of life will be fufilled"

On a personal note: It took me many years of discovering and reading to find out this purpose of my life. what's yours ?

TIP: "The meaning of my life is to benefit others"

Watch this video if you are really keen about making money from your BLOG

This Video is from Yaro Starak, Founder of Blogmastermind and a very successful professional blogger. I believe there is something there to learn for you. watch it and then join his program which is begining soon and will let you know when to join. I am in. Are you ? for me, I just want to learn how he make US$10k a month (minimum) from blogging and only spends 2 hours each day. what are his secrets. hmm......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whether the day is happy or not depends on what is in your MIND. Are you happy today ?

Today, I went to ubi office for work on another off site feng shui for a house in USA and 1 life reading and 1 annual review, 2008/09.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last week, I took this photo and thought that the clouds were so lovely and the sky - so blue. so sorry I can't see the 4d there but yesterday my car number come out 2nd prize and if you did an ibet, you've won. My BMW silver with black leather seat is SCY 2718 - same 4 digit as my mobile so that my car number will never go out of fashion. the SCY also indicates the year when I bought my FIRST brand new car which was a HONDA Civic white and I hired a chauffeur to drive me around then. Now with petrol prices and higher wages, OMG.

Oh and one lady sms me this morning before 10am saying that she strike ibet and was thankful especially after the fengshui of her house was done. yeah !!!

Anyhow........ my chaueffeur quit in 2006 and that was when I decided to buy my BMW and drive it myself. I was also trying to be financial savvy by saving money. Frankly speaking, I am still thinking of hiring a chauffeur so that I can run around faster and go more places. I missed the time when I tell my chauffeur to drive me down to beach road just to sample the prawn noodle and paying S$6/- for a bowl or to go to Amoy Street to have my favourite fried kuay teow. yummy. well......if you know of any rooster born willing to work for me, email me.

LYNN YAP BLOG: There's still a lot of work to be done on my BLOG and especially when it is only slightly more than 2 months. I have just created an email list for my fengshui business yesterday and already have 26 people signed up. Some people call this email marketing. I shall try this so I need to go home early and write my emails so that they can be dispatched in early September - like a business system.

Don't forget that I am Business Admin grad, Singapore Uni , Singapore born and I love the subject of sales and marketing. So these will naturally appeal to me because of my background.

FENG SHUI: One of my signature fengshui is a ceiling that is oval shaped or rounded and the floor also oval or rounded - the idea of this fengshui is to give power to the companies so that their competitors will not be as strong as them because of their competitive advantage which is their fengshui and even if their competitior companies also has fengshui done then it will depend on who their master is - that can make a big difference.

DESTINY: Destiny is fixed the minute a baby breathes its first breathe so whether in this life time he will be a fat baby or an intelligent one is already fixed at birth. Then it depends on the environment where this baby live as the feng shui of that environment can have an impact on him and then comes the family members. how his parents' bazi can have an impact on his future, this is the first step to understand about destiny.

I know some of my life reading clients are very keen to learn more. I hope to share some basics with you so that you can improve on your studies but don't go and read for others when you are not ready because there is karma involved. ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Most of my new readers like my savvy investment section because it is an eye opener for them as I share my personal experiences with buying properties and shares.

The first step to learn how to be savvy also is to : start to learn how to save. Many people have heard of this many times sometimes it comes from our parents. what I did note was : although my mum always tell me to save money when I started my fengshui business, what she didn't do was to : tell me how to start saving money. So I spent a few years not paying myself any salary until all my 3 staff left one by one and then I started to pay myself my first salary of S$10k and pay CPF that I learnt to grow rich. I am just above average..... I feel as there are many others who earn much more than me but then my lifestyle and working hours are probably what many would envy as I get to go home early.

I read in the papers that there were actually 66,000 women here in Singapore who earn S$10k a month, correct me if I am wrong and then what about those who earn S$20k or even S$30k a month ? woh, even less........ these are the cream of our women elite club. yeah !!! one up for the women !!! mother of all inventions. hehe

I had a destiny reading lady client who earn S$40k a month and she complain about no boyfriend and I said to her : "when you are rich and earn that kind of income there would be very few men who can match your salary and your kind of wealth". "look lower and foreigner maybe you can find someone and has to be born a rooster and no Singaporean chinese male" that's her destiny.

So the first step in learning how to save is : Every 1st day of the month set money aside say S$100/- and put them in a savings account where money goes in don't go out. S$100/- may be a small amount but it's a start and then as you get used to saving more money the habit will come in and make you want to save more then one fine day you maybe able to save S$1k a month. Try it, it works.

TIP: "I will always forgive anyone, do you ? please do for life is too short to get angry all the time"

There will be a lot of rain the next few weeks, rain rain go away....come again another day !!!

Today, 23 July 2008, Wednesday, I went to Ubi Office for 3 life readings and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning at 7am it rained and there was a big gush of wind. I opened the doors to the front and back of the house and all bedroom doors upstairs to allow the wind to flow in and out - to give new energy into the 13 year old house. I always do this when there is a big wind as the "street where you live" seldom have strong wind so whenever there is this opportunity and I am home, I would always open the windows. fresh and nice.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: I am trying out my hand at being a Professional Blogger and am learning the ropes. I don't mind getting a full time pay and using only 2 hours of blogging every day. so far....I believe I am Singapore's fastest blogger with over 16,500 visitors in less than 2 and half months !!! that is quite a feat and revenue cannot tell anyone. I can only say that it's GREAT!!! one day my traffic will grow very big, you can be sure of that as I become more of seasoned blogger and that my content and links to other pages also grow. this is how a BLOG works.

When you read my BLOG, remember that there are other people who are very new to feng shui and these are the readers that we need to educate them so we try to give them some FS knowledge so that they can learn or be convinced about my BRAND of feng shui. so if you find some stories that I have told before especially in my weekly thoughts then bear with me as I relate those stories again to them, just to share.

Some people have commented in my FACEBOOK that my BLOG has wisdom. cool and am glad he enjoy reading my blog. thanks !

The best time to read my BLOG is - before you sleep or next day before you start work.

ON FENG SHUI: Yesterday while doing the house's feng shui, this lady's mobile rang and it has a nice ringing tone : "my love will get you home". I said : "hei, I like this song" So she immediately send the tone over to my mobile. she took quite some time doing it and then later she played the ringing tone again and playfully said to me : "Master Lynn, since you love this song so much.......haha I play this song now to tempt you!!!" ..........wah, she so cute.

When I got home I edited the songs on my music playlists and now I can listen to it every time I am reading my own BLOG. hehe

ON DESTINY: I do notice one thing about people - in that those who speak cantonese will usually marry someone who also speaks cantonese or those who smoke will somehow end up with friends whose good friends are also smokers. which one is you ? I love to drink so I will have friends who also love to drink. "lei yum that mo ?" (cantonese)

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To begin to be savvy is to first go for a life reading to determine which method is best for you - example : some people make the most money from property while some make the most from shares and others from other means. so the FIRST STEP in learning to be savvy is : to go to a fortune teller.

If you currently lose money in shares - please do not sell when you are loosing money now. you are suppose to buy more when the shares drop around August, September and October of 2008. By 22 December the shares can start to go up especially after "tung cheur" (tung yan). this is where we cash out (take back all the money) and that wraps up for the year of 2008.

TIP: " You can tell whether that person in front of you has love in the heart or don't"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Do you want FAME ?

Today, 22 July 2008, Tuesday, I went to Ubi Techpark office for work on an off-site feng shui check for a house in Australia. Oh !! and I love Australia, its nice people and lovely weather. cool. At the end of my work my lady client asked :"Master Lynn, would you like to buy one too ?" I replied : "yes if you have one that has a number 4 on it" she replied that it has been sold then I smiled at her and said "not the right timing then, next time".

DAILY THOUGHTS: One of the nicest things that I find most rewarding about my job as a Geomancer is when corporate's clients's businesses grow in terms of sales revenue and with very good corporate clients that they manage to clinched their deals with. I have known of two corporate clients who had business deals on the Sentosa IR as well as Marina Sands IR. I too have big names as my corporate clients most of which cannot be revealed. But I do know how important it is to clinch these deals. CONGRATS !!! , your success our passion (registered trademark)

ON PHOTO: This is an article in our chinese newspaper, Lian Her Zao Pao on my interview and thoughts on Sentosa IR. I can't remember which year it is maybe 2006 or 2007 if you can read mandarin, maybe you can read what I said. my chinese name is "yeh ee chen" or sometimes they may termed me as : "feng shui huan ho" then you will know that is me. ok ? I am that famous lah !!!

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: As I begun my 3rd month in blogging, I wonder how many people can actually REALLY make money from BLOGGING and doing it professionally such that they be known as a Professional Blogger. As of now, I do not get a lot of advertisment money from my ads here in this blog but more so from my fengshui business but it's been fun........blogging I mean and reading up...on how to make it better.

ON FENG SHUI: If anyone out there is keen to learn feng shui, the best way is to start from books. Just go and buy any book that you think may be an interesting read and start. You can start with english books first if you are english educated and if you are bilingual then can also go for some chinese books found in bookstores. There are very few good chinese bookstores these days or maybe you can buy from internet from those chinese websites with all those chinese texts. hehe
ON DESTINY: Sometimes in a husband and wife's bazhi where there is a big clash then what do this couple have to do ? most important is : one of them has to lead in a marriage and the other just follow and no comments always then this marriage will work if you marry this type of husband. however if you are luckly enough to marry someone who can make you laugh all the time and listens to you too then you are indeed very very fortunate. A marriage cannot have two heads. there should be just one in order that most matters can get done in the smoothest way.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have read two comments from people who needs help but then they complain of no money or not enough money. Actually in life, everything is about managing money and how best to use other people's money to build our own asset and then to grow. So the first thing is to examine your own money management. How do you allocate your money every month.
For example: if you earn S$3000/- a month. you should not be spending S$1000/- a month simply paying your insurance policies. this is because you cannot afford it. I mean at this point in time. most of them do try to sell you something or a policy but you have to see if you can afford now or not. buy something yes, but buy less is the best and if your financial advisor is a good financial planner for you then he or she will be able to plan something just right for you.
Next comes : How do you pay your bills ? for most people they simply wish to pay everything that they owe immediately. it is because they dislike to owe the bank money. however if you look at those rich business men, they also owe bank money but for a good cause. Example is : they use the bank money to buy properties and then wait for capital appreciation so that they can then cash out to increase their own net worth. or some borrow money to help in their businesses etc.
Hence it is the mindset of an individual that needs to change - in order to have good fortune all the time.
Next : if you wish to engage a fengshui master to help you then start saving money, S$20 a month also good and as long as you have the strong motivation to save and learn the habit of saving, one fine day, some fengshui master will come and help you for even a mere S$150/-
However, it is the habit of saving that one need to learn and the right mindset. if you don't have these even if you engage a fengshui master for a song, you still will not succeed in life. remember that, ok ?
I will not do your house for S$150/-. maybe S$200/- and only if you really are in financial difficulties and that you promise to have the right mindset and to start to save money then I will help if not I may not.
Send me an email and see how I can help on your house's feng shui without me going there...............maybe this can help you ok ?
TIP: "When your heart is kind the Universe will reward you soon"

Thank you for all your comments !!!

Thank you to those who sent me, your comments either thru email or sms. Thank you ALL for reading........the last 2 months and yes !!! I will try to bring you juicy stories on feng shui and my own personal experiences with feng shui. Stay tune !!! and maybe more "rat stories". hehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fengshui and Ghosts, do you believe in Ghosts ?

Today, 21 July 2008, Monday, I went to work as usual and it's been a long day so I got home late but nevertheless rewarding.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The month, July will be a slow month for many people including property agents or others in business. Just stay COOL and give yourself activity everyday then all will be well. of course, your feng shui pond has to be working lah !!!

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Last nite, I received a few sms and one of them said that my blog is actually very good and told me to keep it up. ai yo. The last 2 months when I was taking photos I realised that one of my favourite was to take clouds, the other was buildings like HDB flats or condos or office towers around when I was about to work.

Next time, you see anyone shooting the clouds or even their food before they eat - you will probably know that he or she is a blogger. hehe

ON FENG SHUI: Today, I wanted to write about my experiences with fengshui and ghosts. I shall tell one story first. Once there was a time when I went to check feng shui for a bungalow, towards the end of the fengshui audit, the lady owner asked me : "Master Lynn, is this house haunted ?" I looked at her without battling my eyelid and replied :"yes". then she asked me :"what did you feel or see ?".
I said that I felt very uncomfortable around my legs and that is when I know that the house is haunted. I told her that if she don't disturb the spiritis, they will not disturb you. I thought that she will stop at where I stop but she continued to test me and asked : "What did you see ? Can you tell me if it is a male or a female spirit ?"

Now.....I don't normally use my special skill and examine but then that time I had no choice but to use this secret skill to see with my third eye on what I can see and zoom at. Then I saw something and replied: "It is an old dark skinned man who is naked at the top and wear a sarong". She was shocked that I could see. Then she told me that she had invited someone to come and take a look and they told her the history of this land which belonged to the malay people where in the old days they don't wear a shirt at the top but simply a sarong. Then later I gave her some pointers on what to do to cleanse the house and then I left. This happend many years ago.

Conclusion: Do you believe in ghosts or spirits ? Can you feel them like I do or even to see them ?
ON DESTINY: I know a few of my life reading clients are very interested in destiny readings and they learned theirs from books and also want to know more from any expert. Well, if you like you can learn a few pointers here from me and how we use these information to help us buy the right shares or invest in the right unit trusts using the fengshui element in order to grow our wealth. stay tune.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Oh!.........the 1st August is coming.....and I really dread to think of what is going to happen especially from the stock market as I still have shares there. oh no !!

TIP: "Ghosts and spirits are the same to me : they are invisible however if you stare without blinking your eye hard enough, you maybe able to see them. try it"

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Allow your loved ones to live their dreams, ok ?

It is exactly two months since I started BLOGGING - will let you know how much I earn from this blog on the advertisments here when I reach 6 months. The money that I earned from this blog on my feng shui business is priceless and especially to new clients who know me as a Singapore's fastest blogger, Lynn Yap is OMG !!! I felt like a Celebrity Blogger especially when I carry the digital camera on top of my luopan and books.
Todate : 15,000 visitors (2 months)
Revenue from BLOG : priceless
Expenses spent on advertising in GOOGLE Adwords : priceless

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Success is a journey from platform to platform and is never ending

Today, 20 July 2008, Sunday, I drove to my parents' place spent some time with them then drove back and off to Sheraton Towers for a discussion on caesaran birth and some fengshui matters. I had my red wine there. hehe

DAILY THOUGHTS: If you are keen to understand fengshui, this is the blog for you as I am a feng shui expert and does many projects that are very important. What you read in the daily fengshui tips here in my BLOG are the tip of an iceberg because the actual detailed feng shui work involves a lot more skill and understanding into the work and how to make feng shui work for the clients such that todate as you can see - I have many followers and they are mostly my clients.

PHOTO: This photo is taken outside my investment house - on the street where you live.

ON SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP BLOG: I was tagged in this Blog. Cool. Read on

About my BLOG, yes......... I write all this stuff myself (broken english and all) and add in this and that............ plus, I have my own style of writing that makes my readers tick and make me super tick...... that is what's important, a BLOG that has the ability to capture readers, time after time, positive thinking lah !

A client told me that : My blog captures a very niche market and because it is a niche market, money can be earned. well said. my business did grow after I BLOG and then I find that I have to work harder which was not my intention why I blog. I just wanted to tell my clients that I do update my website, you know ? weekly lah but with a blog now is daily.....then now my clients know what I do everyday. hmm.......maybe it is good then they know that I am actually very busy and that I work 7 days a week but not all the hours.

ON FENG SHUI: Last night while watching the final espisodes of the Cantonese Serial on Starhub's channel 107, I found this page about my predictions for 2008, the year of the rat in euromoney magazine.

ON DESTINY: Caes. birth is something that is most difficult to do and that is why my fee for this is expensive S$218/- as it involves a new life and how this new life can affect the parents' fortune, health, relationships and harmony. That is why it has to be planned carefully and no mistakes.

I usually plan for an intelligent baby so that these children of our nation will grow up to be smart and later can lead our nation. I also give them very good chinese names so that when they go to China to do business and when people ask who gave you your chinese name ? and if they mentioned that their parents consulted Queen of Singapore's would be like a WAH !!!! I've done it again !!!

TIP: "Be thankful that I am still around to help you and I help with all of my sincerity to wish you well. I also work harder and go the extra mile for you"

What do you make out of this CLOUD ?

Friday, July 18, 2008

I am fengshui savvy, are you ?

Today, 19 July 2008 Saturday, I had to work at 8.30am for a house review and then to ubi office for two annual reviews and then off to do fengshui for a condo in the west.
DAILY THOUGHTS: Some people love weekends because then they have time to do their personal stuff or simply to spend time with their loved ones. Well, ultimately it is to balance everything in life isn't it ?
There were some people whom I have met and they told me that they felt bored with their life but I would ask them : "Would you be happier if there was someone around you where you have a companion or would you rather be happier being alone ?"

This is because for some people: They are actually happier alone than have someone nagging at them all the time while there are those who are afraid of being alone. So which one is you ? you would have to decide ok ?
And if you are happier alone well..........find some things to do every day so that the time pass faster.
If you are interested to read more about BLOGS PROFITS BLUEPRINT by Yaro Starak, you can download from my link here FREE and if you like to join their Blog Mastermind to learn more. This is the link where I FIRST learnt the most about BLOGS and how it had contributed to my blog now and that I am the fastest blogger in Singapore ever with the most number of hits per first two months - approx 15,000 visitors. How did I do it ? What did I learn that you did'nt ? and a good US$34.35 with 17,281 page views todate coming from Google Adsense. I got more from Nuff Nang and Advertelets too.

ON FENG SHUI : Feng Shui is an ancient art of practice laid down some 5000 years ago in China where in the old days before anyone were to build a town or a city, a learned man will be consulted. Today these learned men are now known as feng shui masters. They are usually a well learned person with many years of experiences, people naturally like an old feng shui master. The older they are, the more experienced would be their skills. That is in the mindset of people and that is why they tend to be rather elderly around the age of 50 (like me)(hehe) but may still look young with the invention of botox. Do you BOTOX ? hehe
And there are very few female feng shui masters in the past because most of the time these art are passed down to the males as females in the old days were told to look after the kitchen and the family and had very little education. Hence, they can't read the old ancient chinese text because they had very little education.
ON DESTINY: If you love a man so much and wanted so badly to have him, what do you do ? I usually tell the females to take a couple photo of him and you and then place the photo beside you where you are sleeping and in front to place a real fresh rose. This real flower will make him think of you and so he will call you or send you an sms. try it. because real flowers fade after two weeks, one is allowed to use a plastic looking rose.
ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I guess, most of us haven't earned enough or saved enough to fully retire. Then there was a day when someone asked me : "How much is enough for you?". I replied without hesitation : one million. ......On second thoughts with 3 more family members, I would need 4 so hopefully the next step is to save more and invest more to arrive at that 4 million.

TIP: "Do you fengshui ? it's hip and COOL to have a fengshui Queen as your master"

My photo with The Straits Times, 2003

In year 2003, I was interviewed by The Straits Times on whether fengshui masters do accept installments etc as economy was not very good then. This photo was taken at Shangrila Hotel where I was doing readings for my Indonesian clients and I had no other time to meet them except here in this hotel where I was and they promptly took the photos.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go with the flow, my dearest and you will be ok

Today, 18 July 208, Friday, I went to office for readings then to Suntec City for another office fengshui check. Today's client for life reading is very special because he is my first client from FACEBOOK. As you probably already know.....I have been in Facebook for quite some time already networking with friends in particular my friends with the same interest as me - buddhism. They poke me and I super poke them.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG:Hei..........give me credit ok ? for taking some time to blog and to educate readers on how to handle money, their financial knowledge which I felt is most important in life. I developed mine much later while for you - you are still young and have a long path ahead of you. You are so luckly !!! yahoo !!!

There are so much to read about how to improve the BLOGs and I guess most important is revenue that comes from the blog.

ON FENG SHUI: Give you a tip for those who send me comments on how to engage a fengshui master and do not have much money to engage one. Try this method : Go buy a 3 legged frog and place it facing your main door and pull out the coin. Place the coin in your wallet and go out to look for food or money. then when you come home, promptly place the coin into the frog's mouth and then turn the frog to look inside the house so that your money earned can be kept and not spent away.

My story : I am too lazy to always turn the frog so I always keep my froggy facing the main door all the time....maybe that is why money also goes out.
ON DESTINY: Some people complained about their life while some take action to see a fortune teller to improve because they are more pro active. Which one is you ? Never complain if you have not enough money to see a fengshui master or even a fortune teller. Simply ask if they can do it for you for a song. That is the RIGHT mindset of a positive person.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Take company A - the company employes 3 staff and all runs well as they sell a product. turnover maybe S$600k per year. Guess how much is their profit ? if you can guess then it means that you have the right skillsset to do better in life than those who don't know.

TIP: "Being positive also means never having to complain when things go wrong but to work or go around it"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you BLOG ? I now do

Today, 17 July 2008, Thursday as usual I went to check fengshui for a HDB.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The 7th lunar month is coming and this is where the rat is the strongest. Then what happens ? for some they are going to close a big deal and make money. For others, they may loose big money. The stock market is going for a big correction soon, just becareful.

To buy shares - you have to buy at the right timing and follow the fengshui cycle rather than your own gut feel, ok my dearest ? Next year market is ok and we will try to make some money.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: How to start to BLOG, either choose word press or then think of what you want to call it and then start !!!A lady client sent an email to me on someone's blog on clouds as she thought I love clouds but I have no time now to read other's blogs.

When you choose to BLOG, you will become the writer, editor, publisher all roll into one. If you write in prefect english, it may put off some readers. Most important for a blog is to have readers and so traffic is key. When you write a book the cover sells ......when you write a blog, the words sell, not so much the photos - the photos are there to decorate the text. If you write something cute, humorous and people have a good laugh at it - surely MORE people will come and read what you write. Isn't it ?

Yesterday's session there was a lady who commented that I am always so positive and I replied "yes" I am. that's the REAL me.

ON FENGSHUI : Feng shui masters are masters that are well respected, the more respect you give them the more they will help you. This is the reason why some people would call you "si fu" and usually when I meet elderly ladies who understood how feng shui was like 10 years ago, would usually greet me in this manner.

ON DESTINY: Your spouse or your children's hour pillar has a very important impact on your life and your fortune including your health and happiness. check everybody's bazhi hour pillar and compare that with yours. then you try to interpret it ok ?

This year 2008, till July 2008, I was still doing annual review for 2008, this is because there were just too many people wanting to see me and I could not finish seeing them so some sms and never got a reply from me because I didn't know where to slot the time for you. I am so sorry and that was before I BLOG.

Now with blogging .......oh no !! and I want to spend more time with you so next year 2009 annual reivew will start from 17 November 2008 and I will give you two hours each. some may request for 3 hours ....not all ok ? hehe Ai yah......looks like I got to work harder in 2009.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: What I am about to reveal to you will strike you as something "contraversy" anyhow you read on......Most financial advisors would ask you to pay off all your credit cards debts. however from the fengshui point of view : there is this very very special secret :"don't". this is because the Universe will create events for you to loose MORE money and to owe MORE when your credit cards are almost fully paid.

There was a case of a man who almost pay off all his 7 credit cards and then the wife went to buy an expensive item and then his debt actually GREW rather than reduce it. Can you see where I am coming from ?

Sometimes in house feng shui or even in life readings with my clients, I would touch on something very senstitive which is about money. this is because clients can now relate to me and share their financial matters then am I able to offer good fengshui tip and secret money matters to help them. This is where I am DIFFERENT from other feng shui masters. Not only in the last 10 years I had done many fengshui projects around the world as I have been travelling, my own financial knowledge GREW such that today I became, a savy investor. not bad already when compared to other fengshui masters.

The best way to deal with credit card debt is : to pay off till you left with 3 cards. then each card left half paid and then slowly pay even though it means that you will be paying more interest rates but it helps. so when you don't have new debt you should be very happy, you know ?
TIP: "It is better to have good debt like borrowing money from bank to fund your investment house and to wait for capital appreciation then cash out"

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