Wednesday, July 30, 2008

8 Mistakes people make when it comes to house Feng Shui by Master Lynn Yap

1) They tend to place the pond not in the actual wealth area -

2) They tend to leave it unattended and so the water level in the pond drops to half -

3) They tend to be less open minded and listen to themselves and do the things according to their own mindset and not that of their fengshui master-

4) They change the water in the pond when it should'nt be changed at all - the dirtier the better

5) They tend to still have glass cabinent doors or mirrors in the house -

6) They tend to have fans in the house especially ceiling fans above the dining table or masterbed -

7) They tend to sleep with a bed that does not have a 6 inches gap between the matress and the floor -

8) They tend to have a glass cover that protects the wooden dining table -

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Thank you for the red wine !!!

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Today, 31 July 2008, Thursday, I went down to Siglap area to do a house review then off to run errands then home to study about blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, I received an sms about how I know what is passion to me ? I replied : "It's that strong feeling that comes and capture your heart and is telling you that - this is the way to go"

I always wait for this strong feeling to come before I take action only then I will know that that is the correct path for me.

PHOTO: The other day, my client gave me this bottle of red shiraz wine and I took this photo to show you. This is the 3rd red wine in this blog. Actually the first half of the year, I received many wine bottles and of course now empty hehe I drank them all lah !!! oh and thank you to those who gave me, all red wines, so generous !!!

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG - With 3 months of blogging and having a total visitors of 20,000 is no small feat. it takes a lot of effort and doing the right thing to have this. this means now with an average of 550 visitors per day and revenue too also has grown and that would be a nice passive income.

It is not the fact that I advertise in GOOGLE that brought about so many visitors. why don't you advertise in GOOGLE too and see if your visitor rate grow ? and then when you don't advertise do people still come and read what you write ? its about the quaility of the content and you as a writer.

For me, as I have walked on the grounds for the last 19 years visiting homes, factories and offices. I have developed a good relationship bonding with all my clients and they trust me. so it is easier for me when I blog. And you would rememeber that I try to meet 5 new people every day and 19 years later, guess, how many people, do you think I have met ? hehe

A thought came to me this afternoon when I was on my way home - I could set up a new domain name and use this new blog to house all my clients blog roll now total 5 and collect advertisments on my new blog and then grow this business. This means that I would have to organise a buffet lunch meeting to meet all my felllow clients bloggers and discuss this plan together with my web developer, the one who did the fengshuiqueen website. I intend to convert it into a blog and am just thinking out loud. Give me time to think on how best to do this then we meet. Do you think it is a good idea ?

One condition though, you cannot blog about feng shui, if not you won't be in my clients blog roll. Reason is : I cannot be responsible for what you write about feng shui which can have a big impact on people's lives, be it good or bad.
I did a search on Lynn Yap and found this link where my Book 101 Fengshui Questions and Answers, published in Japan is in Read this or click to buy in japanese -

FENG SHUI - 8 Mistakes that people make when come to house feng shui - read next update.

DESTINY - When there is no money element in your bazhi then one solution is to open a joint account in your lucky colour with the bank and in two names account but only one signature, your signature. that way your money will stay and can grow.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS - When I first bought this investment house in 2003, my first thought was when I can sell it at S$1.3million and pocket the S$400k profit, I would be very happy. that day has arrived and yet I did'nt want to sell the house and I wondered why. It is because my financial knowledge has grown and now it is better to keep it and wait till 2019 when it reaches S$2 million dollars and then sell, that would be better. In 10 years time, the house would be fully paid and with the value of the house at S$2million, I can then safely give my two boys, one million each.

Now, I plan to buy my next property and that would be in year 2010, when the timing is right and to grow my own net worth.

TIP: "Public Relations skill is a must if you wish to grow your wealth"

A playground in my mind

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Today, I went to Parkview Square to check office fengshui and then off to Jurong to do a can or cannot buy fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Parkview Square.....Wah...I was just there the last 2 months and here I am back again this time for work. I love this beautiful building which has got class, really something and wow !!! heard it belong to Li Ka Shing.

About my feng shui business - the last 5 years, I did'nt do any advertisments and that did'nt mean that I was'nt doing well. on the contrary, I was so busy working and travelling that I did'nt have the time to surf the net or to want to advertise on the internet. so you would hardly see my advertisments anywhere and not even on GOOGLE. this year in May 2008 and because I wanted to have more visitors to my blog, I read that I need to advertise and so I read and learn about Adwords and how to create more clicks to my Ad and so I advertise. My click rate is pretty good you know but then it also burst my daily budget in US$ !!!

Well, what was I doing the last 5 years ? well, I was busy preparing to build my own net worth and having accomplished that this year 2008, I intend to work for another goal. I don't know how the others are doing, I just do what I think is good for me and to grow and to have a good lifestyle and to build a legend too - Feng shui Queen legend.

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG: It is really interesting to see how far a blog can go. Most important is : Even before you start to blog, your mindset must be : "To make money from a blog" and with that in mind, you are sure going to make some money at least from your blog and there are two ways a person can make money -

1) Advertisments from the advertisments displayed -
2) Affiliate Marketing - if you are really interested in this, you should sign up for the BlogMastermind and start reading all about blogging before you start is the best. I sign up for the 6months AUD$497/- program yesterday and I got all the lessons emailed to me immediately and now it is up to me and at my own pace to speed up learning then I can be more successful as a Professional Blogger.

If you sign up for one month AUD$97/- you will get weekly emails and that means that your progress would be slow, it is up to you - you see which program suits you. Click here if you intend to sign up for the BLOGMastermind Coaching Program or simply watch his video before you sign up

My Exit Strategy is to : Sell away my blog, there was a guy who wrote about cars and he had an offer of US$5million from yahoo for his blog. Who knows I get an offer from GOOGLE or YAHOO or MICROSOFT too ? you too can be a multi-millionaire blogger !!!

LATEST NEWS: I just got a email from Yaro Starak and I am among his Top 10 Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing Program for his BLOGMastermind Program for the first 12 hours. I am now at number 6 and there is a prize for being top 10 and I am only a 3 month old Singaporean chinese blogger who read his BLOG PROFIT blueprint, free and I haven't been coached yet and hei, I can compete on World Standard and is number 6.

Want to know how I did it ? study the coaching program together with me with Yaro Starak, aged 29 as the best teacher and we can all build our wealth together by blogging. hehe and I will share with you my personal tip too. common in, its fun, blogging !!! and you know that I also want to be a Professional blogger (so far I am Singapore's fastest blogger) and one day I will travel around the world teaching people how to make money from a blog. Teaching is also my other passion as my daddy is a retired english school teacher. that is why you find that I incorporate fengshui and teaching together. hehe

FENG SHUI: One of the fastest way to learn feng shui is to invite a fengshui master to your house and take a look. then pay attention to all the concepts that are laid down for you and listen. One needs to listen with an open mind if not the real fengshui concepts will not get into your head.

DESTINY: If you don't even have a money element in your bazi then it means that your money is really really hard to earn and that you will find that you can't save money too. This means that everytime there is money in your bank then something will always happen like a fridge suddenly got spoilt for no reason and it will mean that you have to spend money. Do this happen to you ? Do you know that there is a cure for this ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Currently, I am 0.03% shareholder of Magnus Energy and even if I know that the stock market is going for a big correction, it doesn't mean that I have to sell off all my shares otherwise the value of my investment will be lower. I do not have this kind of mindset, maybe in the past, yes and that was because I really haven't studied how to make money from shares. Now, I do know how after so many silly mistakes. hehe. I am a newbie when it comes to buying and selling shares however for the last 2 years, it seems that I am pretty good eh ?

As the CEO of, I intend to grow this website and add in an avata designed by my son, Ivan and one day to sell it off when it is ready. I believe the internet market will be ready for me by then. when that day come, my dream will come true too. So, I will work towards this goal for the next 5 years and ensure that the blog, fengshuiqueen is ready.

The internet world must be ready for feng shui as a popular topic and I read overseas blog and very few local blogs because I think BIG DREAMS and I can predict my own future, can you ? I am Singapore's Best when it comes to predictions so chun chun. I can also be said to be Singapore's most successful fengshui master, in terms of net worth.

PREDICTION: You would remember that I mentioned something happening to the water industry? well, the water industry refers to ships and planes.

TIP: "There are 3 kinds of investments : short term, middle term and long term"