Friday, August 08, 2008

This morning, the sky's beautiful

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Have a wonderful day and I am on cloud 9 !!!

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Happy Birthday, Singapore !!!

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Today, 9 August 2008 is Singapore's 43th birthday. I personally like the numbers, 4 and 3.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday evening while watching tv, I noticed that our sky was kinda spectacular so I went downstairs and took these photos around 5 pm. Taking a photo of the sky on 8 August 2008 and in the afternoon was a great moment.

First, because it was a Dragon day and with the hour of the Dog which was from 7 pm to 9pm, both animal signs combine to give a Rooster and so bring about a greater balance and so everything went perfectly smooth like the Beijing Olympics that kicked off on 8 August 2008 time, 8pm.

This is what fengshui masters usually do especially to calculate offical openings of companies or to pick good dates for any special occasions or even the birthday of a new born child etc. all combinations of the 12 animal signs must not go wrong.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP: Todate, I have managed a readership of close to 700 on a weekday and my blog is less than 3 months old while weekend readership will usually drop to 500 and this is common but then a very interesting note.

FENG SHUI: Every fengshui masters brand of fengshui can be different so as long as it's logical you can go ahead and believe in them or if you are still a non believer then just try one or two thing that the master preaches and see if you can have any results then you would know how it works and how it did'nt.

DESTINY: One method to change your destiny is to do good deeds. Doing good deeds can mean helping your friends like fetching your friends home or helping to buy things for her or others. One good deed will mean many great merits. this is because once you help this person and that person go and do many more good deeds then your merits will then also be multipied.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Do you know that when I was attending CHIJ Kellock Road I had to que up to buy stamps to paste on a card and that was my savings. I grew up in those era of licking stamps and pasting them on a paper. If you are as old or even older than me, you would have remembered that too. Well I went from CHIJ to Victoria Street science stream and then to CJC and then National University of Singapore while my brother went to ACS and all the way to National University of Singapore too.

My father is a retired school teacher who believes very much in education as being the greatest gift any parent can give to their children. I hold this value very strongly in me and that is why you would note that I want to give my children the best that education can give to them and according to their ability.

I will be watching the National Day Parade at home so will you too ?

TIP: "Be savvy, my dearest readers"

Today is such a beautiful day !!!

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A baby is born today, 8 August 2008 and I was invited to name this great baby. I am so happy to be doing so.