Sunday, August 10, 2008

Be generous in your life in order to grow rich

Today, 11 August 2008, Monday, I went to Ubi office for 2 life readings and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This week would be an interesting week for me as I would be travelling to Jakarta this Wednesday and back on Thursday.

LYNN YAP BLOG: If you intend to write a blog start first and then decide on which direction it is going, that is : to make money online or whatever, then do it FIRST. this is because most people tend to "procrastinate". hehe

If I show photos of buildings, yes, you can think of it being fengshui related but when I show clouds and when you also think it is fengshui related then I think my branding of Lynn Yap as a fengshui expert is indeed very strong and I would love to move on to add in also a Savvy Investor 2!

FENG SHUI: There are many families in Singapore who are indeed very very rich while there are those caught struggling to make ends meet. If you have friends who belongs to the latter half then try to help them whatever you can, ok ?

DESTINY: There are couples who are married and then they would find that somehow they would think differently from each other, so what do they do ? The answer is : "one party has to lead in this family" if not both would be at loggerheads and clash all the time, then it would be frustrating living in this kind of relationship.

Not many couples fall in this category as it all depends on your Destiny - so for those who are happily married and have never had a spouse who always think differently from you then you won't realise what others feel in this kind of relationship and what they are going through. so always spare a thought for all others around you and be nice to them. lah !!!

The best is to remember the chicken and duck story that my girlfriend told me about. "Yes, my darling you are right, it 's a chicken".

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To first learn how to get rich is to first get your first degree. with a good degree you can go places and then it will be how you make use of that degree , the knowledge that you studied to make you go places and to grow your wealth.

Alongside would be your generousity - be generous to people. Generousity here do not mean giving money it can be sparing some of your time to listen to others and then offer them some help or advice. it is this caring heart of yours that will make the world go round - your generousity.

If your parents can afford to send you overseas for a degree then it is fine while if your parents can't then borrow from banks or relatives etc and then go for a degree in any disicpine that you wish. Just make sure that after you studied this degree there is a job for you ok ? otherwise it can be quite wasted.

I have had several teenagers who come with their mum to see me and I usually explain to them that a good education is THE BEST and am usually very happy when they know their direction - their innermost passion, on what to study and then to grow their own wealth. well, basically what they need is a good job that can match their passion and their personality.

The best start is to advice any children to grow their first one million dollars - it may take them a long time to achieve this figure but once they learn how to arrive at this - you can be assured that they can stand on their own two feet and to grow their wealth EVEN more. This is what I usually do in my life reading session with some clients who want to grow their wealth.

TIP:"Once you have made your wealth, it is now time to be even more generous"

Beautiful Sunday, isn't it ?

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