Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am Singaporean, are you ?

Today, 24 August 2008, Sunday, as usual went to my parents place and then to ubi office.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today also, for the first time, I showed my dad my new HP mini notebook and my USB plug for mobile broadband and showed him my blog. my dad replied "yes", he knows what a blog is.

One day I was with my client and she asked me if I have a blog and I replied "yes, I do". then I asked her :"how did she know ?" she replied that her gf came to her house and told her, Master Lynn has a blog. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool and so is the internet. I was afraid that my uncles will soon know about it and then it will be very embarassing for my dad if he was the last one to know and so today, I showed him my blog which is updated daily.

LYNN YAP BLOG: As I continue to read more about Singapore blogs and what they write, I get the notion that readers love to read about politics, food and anything "kapoor" about Singapore and others' daily life story. Bottomline : Readers love a blog when the writer is touch with the real life problems of every Singaporean and is unedited because it is written by the writers themselves and comes from their heart with spelling mistakes sometimes here and there but Singaporeans simply love it, that's what makes a blog, popular.

What I also observe from their blogs and their readers : is that as real blooded Singaporeans, we all love our country deeply, it is unspoken and we definately will unite when the time calls for it. when election comes, the blog is the best way to gather all true blooded Singaporeans to vote for the right party. we shall see, it should be very interesting and with podcast too.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui for the house can be defined very simply by saying that it is an art of placing things in your house such that your house becomes very comfortable and the energy is vibrant.

DESTINY: There are people who are born to be lesbians or gays. these are also destiny related and we should acknowledge these group of people and learn to accept them. Every single human being is our friend if we allow them to be.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have yet to give my sons their first book on investments but I do know at least sometimes they read my blog so that they can get some ideas about manging their own money. It is like what we parents expect from our children and what our children are truly capable of. Give them time and space to be in their own world to have their little bit of freedom while there are many ways to control our children either thru email, msn chat or sms when face to face don't work . Choose any of these methods that work best for you.

Yesterday evening, my eldest son, Ivan became my FACEBOOK friend and I went to his wall and gave him a post complete with flowers.

TIP: " As Singaporeans, let us remember to give back to society"
12 Ways to determine an Entrepreneur by Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, savy investor

1) An entrepreneur is one who will have that crazy notion that his business model will succeed when everybody says no.

2) An entrepreneur is one who speaks very fast and has that glowing passion in him.

3) An entrepreneur is one who will DO FIRST and think later.

4) An entrepreneur is one who is impatient for success and will not like slow people around him.

5) An entrepreneur FACE is usually quite broad and looks handsome or pretty.

6) A successful entrepreneur is one who can hold his or her liquor well because of the fire element in their destiny. If you can't drink, you will probably not be a very very successful entrepreneur. when you do business overseas you will know what I mean. if you can't drink, you won't get far.

7) An entrepreneur can be successful but up to one level and to climb to the next level is to have some knowledge on business administration. that is why most of them go for their MBAs or to get a Doctorate.

8) A successful entrepreneur is very capable of being very focus in what they want and will go all extent to get it done, within legal limits.

9) A successful entrepreneur do not like to waste time so they can stay very focus and have more time to do many things, they can multi-task.

10) There are many levels to an entrepreneur - once the first step is done the second level requires finanical knowledge of that entrepreneur to be a skillful business entrepreneur leveraging on his business model and partners or simply to grow the business to have more sales turnover.

11) A successful entrepreneur is an intelligent person with deep thoughts and knows when to do an exit strategy. they know when to exit when the timing is right, then, they will be most respected as a top notch entrepreneur, it is because they have a plan.

12) A successful entrepreneur is one who years later became a multi- millionaire to show to others that he has arrived if not then he is still a practising entrepreneur.

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