Sunday, August 31, 2008

Speed is the key to the future

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Today, 1 September 2008, Monday, I went down to the eastern part of Singapore to check fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday, I receive an sms about my retirement home and passive income from a guy to contact him. I am simply amazed that there are many people out there who wants business.

LYNN YAP BLOG: You would remember that we use to speak to each other in weekly thoughts and a private mailing yahoo list with over 2000 members since 1999 and since May 2008 when I started a blog, everything goes public and so we would have readers from all over the world, believers and non believers in feng shui.

FENG SHUI: Many things that happened can be explained by feng shui and could have been avoided. The troublesome energy is in the north sector affecting mainly younger male while the sickness energy is in the south east sector. My fengshui cure has been always to : use a pair of dumbell about 5kg each and place it in the north while we will use a bronze hulu about 6inches tall and place it on the floor to trap the sickness energy then the whole year will be smooth.

FSQ NOTE: My clients and I have been using these cures year after year and we are all, ok. I will let you know where is next year 2009 's during my 2009 talks and then you can start to shift these.

DESTINY: The first half of this lunar year is yang earth andso many of us may tend to overeat and then grow fatter. Don't blame yourself for that except that you will need to exercise to trim off those unwanted fat so that you can look slim or fit, at least try to look fit, no need to look gorgeous !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Anyone can learn how to be an investor and even if you have just a bit of spare cash only and wish to learn to be one, you too can also learn to be one. It is your mindset that needs to be changed or adapted to investing all the time and then you will make it.

My Skype Name if you wish to skype with me, it is "lynnyap8888" oh and bear in mind that when I am busy or not at my computer I will not answer, ok ?

TIP:"When you can work fast and focus on time, you will be a winner because many people waste a lot of time on unnecessary matters"

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Checking fengshui is my passion !!!

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Today, 31 August 2008, Sunday, as usual to parents place then to do a house review and then to check a can or cannot buy fengshui for 5 condos and another landed property for another client to check can or cannot buy at 6pm. I will be home late so I write my blog first before I go out. tata !!

DAILY THOUGHTS: My working hours are quite flexible and it is my schedule that ditates where I will be going each day. It is this that keeps me motivated everyday to work. Bottomline is : I need to survive and like I said before my survival instincts are very strong. we must be very hungry for success and then we will achieve it. having arrived at one success, there is the next level to go and we go for it. What is your next level ? mine is to be a savy investor for a while before I finally retire and travel round the world or work and run a nunnery or go head a retirement village and it should be fun with me around.

LYNN YAP BLOG: To succeed in anything is to have discipline. you must be disciplined in your life in order to succeed in anything. Discipline also means to stay focus. By staying focus on your passion (it can be your work) you will cut down on alot of unncessary time on other things and then you will be able to find free spare time to relax.

FENG SHUI: It is the mindset of the fengshui master to determine how they want to run their own business. no matter how one does it, do not go for the wow factor, have substance is the best.

DESTINY: Have you ever met people who keep asking you questions after questions and then they also reply their own questions ? I have.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One of my objective in life is to retire when I think I can and have a passive income of S$10k per month so that my current standard of living like my current lifestyle do not drop otherwise I cannot retire. oh no.......but retirement to me, do not mean not working. I believe people who retire at age 62 official retirement age are still very active persons and they will find something for themselves to do. For me, retirement here means that I will be doing something else. I would like to have another challenge, another phase of my life.

TIP: "I love it and I love looking at houses too as I love to look at how others decorate their houses !!!"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Be humble at all times

Today, 30 August 2008, Saturday, I went down to Bedok to check feng shui then to Ubi office for a selection of wedding dates.

DAILY THOUGHTS: After many years into the business, I still find people writing to me via snail mail to my "3P Fengshui Studio" which was incorporated around 1997/98, a sole proprietor company and in year 2000, we converted it to a Pte Ltd company. this company who sent me the snail mail, obviously got the correct office address but outdated information and am I suppose to inform them ? they can always check the registrar of companies to know if this company is still in existance or changed name. Anyhow, my accountant keeps all the records for me and keeps me updated while I also update him on my most recent purchase on The Issara, Ladprao Condo if you have been to Bangkok, you will know which one and is not built yet, ready by 2010. the developer is a listed company in BKK and there are still units available and you might wish to buy one next 2 doors away from me ? hehe

LYNN YAP BLOG: I am probably the only person in Singapore to advertise my blog in GOOGLE Adwords unless you know of any other then I am not the only one but maybe the first one hehe ever to advertise a personal blog although blogs have been around Singapore for some years now as I have seen some blogs that started around 2003.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui only became accepted and became popular only after 10 years especially in the english speaking market and since 1998. The begining years were very tough as we were not allowed to advertise but at that time, there was a BE.Magazine and I advertise a small ad there and that sealed my career. my company grew and finally I decided to grow my own net worth rather than the company itself and that's where I am today.

DESTINY: A person who is born in the animal sign of the tiger is also usually a tall person.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: My investment plan is to capitalise on the next pig year, 2019 and to make a purchase before that year, still got 10 years to save. I started to think about my budget and what I can afford and what is a good investment condo to go for. I think at the most I can go for a max S$2 milion property and with a 20% downpayment (now saving very hard or get an asset loan to cover the shortfall when the time comes) and have to buy it earlier and TOP by 2018, year of the dog and then by pig year sell with tenancy. Big risk and this is my case study project A only and is dependant on whether I can find a good fengshui condo with the swimming pool at the right location in Singapore.

My other project B is to buy a retirement home overseas - I will still read the annual review for you and for 5 years, one seating but you will have to come to me, where ever country, I choose, maybe Bangkok, maybe somewhere else and I will travel round the world even though my retirement home is elsewhere or even in Singapore, I just need a small unit for 2 as I will be hardly home. I make sure that I feng shui it so that I can always fly. hehe

TIP: "Just imagine yourself to be the smallest one among all friends and you will do well in being humble"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When the mice is ready, the cats will come out to play

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Today, 29 August 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning as I was about to go to work , I saw that my opposite neighbour had a bird in a cage and I thought oh !! and then put myself in the shoes of the bird and walk around it. Er ..... birds got no shoes ? hehe......then I thought.

When we are caged in with a roof over our head and got food to eat, we would want our freedom, that freedom to go anywhere we wish. However the minute we are free, we would have to suffer and go look for food and a roof. so which is worse ? the latter is.

What then does this tell us about ourselves ? it tells me to look at the bigger picture in life and not to focus on our little black spot and complain about life. This is because most of the time, we like to complain and every small thing, we like to grumble. But that is NOT the right attitude in life - so never complain and then your good fortune will come. If you know me as a personal friend, you would know that I hardly ever complain about anything and that doesn't mean that my life is a bed of roses.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Please be patient while I get my email up in and in the meantime if you need to send me a mail, mail to my gmail account which is yesterday, we had over 800 readers. let's make it to 1,000 readers soon.

FENG SHUI: There is a close relationship between a fengshui master and their clients and that is : the trust. once the trust is in place, it will be very difficult for any fengshui master to break that trust and every fengshui master has their own fans/followers/clients and friends.

DESTINY: A tall person is one who is born in the tiger hour of 3 am to 5 am in the morning. Go ask your tall friends, however bear in mind that this is JUST ONE way of finding out because there is still the combination of the snake and the pig to give, a tiger element.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I read about this in Robert Kiyosaki's latest book "Increase your Financial IQ" that : To look at a person's future is to look at how he or she invests her time. if she buys investment books to read and attends AGMs and buy shares or buy properties then this person is bound be to someone, somewhere soon.

TIP: "I believe our airport is ready for the millions of visitors that are coming, our other infrastructure should also be ready"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm an entrepreneur, are you ?

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Today, 28 August 2008, Thursday, I went down to Central Business District. it is going to rain and rain these days and planes cannot fly and ships get jammed.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The other day, I went down to Toa Payoh Hub to meet my client and while there as I walked, I noticed a few people looking at me as I continue walking then I met a lady client who smiled at me and spoke to me for a while. she said she is my fengshui client and attends my talks regulary at Safra. I gave her a big grin and then asked her "how 's the property market ?" and she gave me her reply.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My job as a fengshui expert is to do the fengshui and it can be for the house or the office and mainly is to balance all the energies in the environment such that the ying and yang are balanced and everyone is happy with the prosperity.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui is there even though some of your friends or bosses may say that they do not believe. well, they probably do not know what feng shui is all about and would brush this matter aside. if he is your boss, would you still want to work for him ? for a man whose mindset is so narrow and is not open. I definately wouldn't and am not saying it because I am in the fengshui business but am saying it because I would like to choose my boss too and he definately must be an open minded person.

Look at all the successful men in Singapore and ask yourself how "open minded" they are. If you have the chance to meet them personally and exchange conversations, you will know what I mean.

DESTINY: Everyone loves a successful person and would love to know you so sell yourself or promote yourself and you must'nt be afraid of being famous because, that is the way to go. I know of some entrepreneuers who are most afraid of FAME because they are shy but they are very good interior designers or whatever that they are good at. Then when they turn 40 and met me they said they regretted not being on cable TV or even talking to our press.

Speaking of being on TV, there was a male client who told another male client recently that he saw Master Lynn in cable TV when he was in China. Er, got Olympics Games in China, so I guess many would also have seen me on cable tv. then this other client met me recently and told me about it. I thought, it must be the one that I did on "Fengshui and Numbers" for Discovery Channel.

FSQ NOTE: Aim for US$1million as your net worth and then use the money element in your bazi to give you, the power element.

A short person is one who is born in the rabbit hour, 5am to 7am in the morning. Tomorrow, how to determine a tall person.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The best investor is one who is willing to take a reasonable risk be it in buying properties, shares or even investing into another company.

TIP: "Just set up a company and be an entrepreneur then grow the business with my fengshui advice !!!"

When you have learnt to let go of everything then you will be truly happy

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's money is small when compare to tomorrow's

Today, 27 August 2008, Wednesday, I met my client for a baby's chinese names and then to Bedok Central to check fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How do you cope with inflation ? the best way to cope with this is to learn how to stretch your dollar. these are some methods which you might wish to try:

a) Use the 50 cents coins and S$1/- coins to pay for your breakfast/lunch - that way your dollars can stay in your wallet longer. Try to take only 2 meals a day.

b) Find our how much do you spend on food and transport per day and then per month and see how to cut costs and save money -

c) Don't buy and store too many groceries in your store room of your house - when you run out then go and buy. I know some people have many toilet rolls in their store room. I would rather store dollar notes lah then toilet rolls.

d) When going for lunch buy rice and not noodles unless you are not very hungry - this is because rice can keep your stomach full and you won't get hungry too fast and then you will have to eat again. Notice that taxi drivers will usually go for cooked food with rice and not noodles is because noodles can't fill the stomach longer than the rice can.

e) Take the train down to Central Business District area if you need to go to town and don't drive. you can save some money here and if you are in a hurry then take the taxi, if you need time on your side. maybe we have been pampered for too long and this can be a good start for you to try and adjust.

f) If you own a car, petrol can be expensive so plan your routes well and try to cut some down on some unnecessary trips if you can.

FSQ NOTE: Be patient while we cope with these as there will always be a cloud with a silver lining, be patient and wait.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The younger children, 10 years ago have now become teenages and very soon our fine young adults will turn 21. Majority of these children are IT savvy and are into internet or computer games. most of these will also soon start to blog to tell their stories and make money online. what does this tell us about our children's future ? Think. That means that : most businesses must go internet and be IT savy at least if not, hire one who is or you simply got to learn if not you will have to learn it the hard way and it may mean "out", do be careful.

FENG SHUI: The other day, I was with some friends and they intended to build a retirement village. I just hope that they build it with a nice big fountain in the village and in the correct place so that the sound of water can create positive energies around and that these old folks who stay here can live longer and is alot happier and more active than other villages, this will be your competitive advantage.

DESTINY: Are you a people's person or are you are someone who likes to give commands only and don't like to do any dirty work ? your destiny can tell. If you have the element of "earth" in your hour pillar, there is a tendency for you to be a bit more lazy than other people. so you would have to work a lot harder than usual.
Tomorrow, I will share with you how to note, a short person, what element they have in their hour pillar.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Before one learns about investing, one has to read the world news and so how do you do it ? the paper and the internet. The internet is moving very very fast and very soon it could become the one with the most readers than the one in print, give it another 10 to 15 years. Just look the age group of those who follows popular blogs like Mr. Brown, kennysia and Mr Wang says so. you would have to be an individual who is in touch with the reality of issues surrounding people.

TIP:"Learn to see today's money with the bigger picture in mind and you will understand what is tomorrow's money all about"

Blogging with my new mini HP notebook !!!

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Venue: Wine Network and my favourite spot.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Investing in commodities takes time, are you ready ?

Today, 26 August 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then in the afternoon to do a house review and then home, sorry I am home late.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How to encourage women to have more children ? I put myself in the shoes of a working lady and wondered what would be my wish list and I believe this can work only if the companies have not implement this and that is to : Allow women to work from home.

Most IT companies allow women to work at home while others did'nt or not yet. The details can be worked out with their companies like maybe for meetings you will have to go to work if not then can work from home.

Give them a laptop and allow them to work from their homes. Bottomline is : as long as all emails are replied and work gets done, it didn't matter if they are in town working or anywhere else, bottomline is : work gets done. Sometimes she may even have to travel to Vietnam or other countries for work and so she can fly knowing that there is someone who can help look after her baby. Pay remains the same so that it won't add on to the companies expenses otherwise most companies may not wish to hire more women and the market value of women will go down.

That will free up time for the lady to want to give birth to a child and then have a nanny at home to help her look after the new born child. We will also create more new jobs for the elderly over 55 women to work as nannies and to help you look after your baby and to change nappies for you. She can also help you cook and look after the baby which will free up time for you to sit at your laptop and work, plus watch tv hehe

Another point could be to have a childcare within every building or at least very close to their workplace. When the facilities or structure is there women will feel that it is a good thing to have another child.

The women's mindset also have to change - it is first important to go and get married. you would remember that I share some tips about where to look for your Mr. right. now it is time to pick and select and I usually advise woman to pick an educated man so that at least there is a good income for both of you.

One thing about women is : if there is no cloud 9 feeling they won't want to marry. I can understand this as I went through marriage. now, I advise them to marry even if there is no cloud 9 feeling if not they will not even want to get married then we will have too many spinsters. I wonder how many single women are around ages of 26 to 40 in Singapore ? these probably are the ones we want them to get married.

Bottomline still is : both hands have to clap. Although being a woman means that you can give birth while the men can't, however we still need the man to help us get pregnant lah !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, I had a record of 910 readers. wow. so after reading my blog for the past 3 months so what do you think of me ? that I am a tough lady, very focus on my work even though most time I work at home except for those times I went out for meetings like a fengshui audit. Yes, I go and audit companies or homes for fengshui matters because I am a fengshui expert. Er excuse me, I am 50 already and I can still type fast and reply my sms using only one hand either left or right, entrepreneur, lah.

Why I write with singish is because : Singaporeans love it and especially my clients, it makes us closer together, arn't we now n with my blog ?

FENG SHUI: You would remember the big rat and the small rat story ?
Well the guy who strike the first prize lottery because a big rat came to his house earlier this year, sms me recently that he saw a small rat came to his house and he strike a small lottery. I told him that I write about this story in my blog and he mentioned and he was honoured. Great stuff huh ? ....put more fish crackers the one sold at Tanglin shopping centre on the ground floor, one packet, one dollar. smelly and nice. Then aim for a big fat rat to come and then buy big and strike big. then you can wrap up your year of the rat with your own version of the rat story.

DESTINY: FACEBOOK is a good place to get headhunted ? many of you are being headhunted thru this means or maybe soon. If you work for a head hunting company you can try FACEBOOK, I have many "facebook friends" who are bankers. looking for young bankers, search my friends list or make me your FACEBOOK friend.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How to practise your maths ? is when you take a taxi and when you arrive at your destination what do you do ? Look at the meter and do a mental calculation of what is the total amount for your taxi fare and then the change, how much the taxi driver should give you back. it helps, you know.....?

TIP:" When investing ask yourself what is your appetite for risk"

Elements for the week:

1) 25 August 2008 Monday - ying metal, rooster
2) 26 August 2008 Tuesday - yang earth, dog
3) 27 August 2008 Wednesday - yang water, pig
4) 28 August 2008 Thursday - ying water, rat
5) 29 August 2008 Friday - ying earth, ox
6) 30 August 2008 Saturday - yang wood, tiger
7) 31 August 2008 Sunday - ying wood, rabbit

Tall building with Power n Arch for stability

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you a mummy ? come on n become one and join the club!!!

Today, 25 August 2008, Monday, I went to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last night, I watched the closing of the Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 and my thoughts were : There is a certain strength in the people who performed at the show and I would use just one word to sum it up - DEDICATION. You can see that written on all their faces.They are just so dedicated and I suppose they would never say that they are tired or lazy. Did you watch the show too ?

The same should also go with our business, big or small. we must be very dedicated to our work. we can start work at 6am in the morning and end at 10pm then to bed, that should be enough and very dedicated and 7 days a week. it will be these tough training that can make you ONE UP above the rest, don't you think ? of course, on the sidelines will be the love and attention to our loved ones.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I know some of your children are also quite IT savvy and may perhaps also have a blog. you should read what your children write about so as to know what they are doing and to understand their mind. We will be the naughty mummies and naughty daddys lurking around.

What do the "mummies" do when they get together ? The answer is Egyptian walk and talk.

FENG SHUI: I did a Goggle Alert on "fengshui" so that anyone who post anything about fengshui would come to my Google Alert and sometimes when I am free like in the early morning before work, I will go and read their blog to find out what people write about. I have not done a google alert on my mobile yet though.

DESTINY: Every person can make a mistake in their life then it is at the end of it to ask yourself : Has the mistake make you learn something or did it benefit you or anyone, anyway, whatever way, it was. In destiny, it is said to be predicted that one can make a big mistake in that year and it depends on karma if it is going to be a big one or a small one. To have it come as a small one, is to do a lot of merits so that it will come small.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When I tell my clients about my other clients who bought a house here and so forth. I never reveal their real name. I would also tell them the next time you see a person who own a landed property just ask them how many properties do they own especially when they own a small terrace house.

It is not the size of the house that should make you go "wow" but how many properties do this owner has ? and then count their net worth. It is just like we don't look at the total assets of a person but we look at their net worth. I have some clients who own a terrace house but they also own two condos while some just own one.

In the old days, I would hear many people telling me that hei, got to pay property taxes you know ? and when I first heard this, I thought by owning one property is enough so that I don't have to pay a lot of property tax. A few years later, I began to realise that, that was wrong thinking. I learnt it later on that I should look at the BIGGER PICTURE of focusing on capital appreciation on properties rather than on rental income or property taxes. It is the capital appreciation that can make one rich and not focusing on the shorter term of rental income because when times are bad, the rental income can drop.

Just look at FORBES top 40 richest person in Singapore, many are entreprenuers and many are also into properties and are of listed companies. Many are also very intelligent and street smart. Some also had inheritance and with their financial knowledge they grew that pie. Some dropped out because it was never meant to be but they can also come back again. A case of : fortune changing hands.

TIP:"mada, mada where art thou ?"
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am Singaporean, are you ?

Today, 24 August 2008, Sunday, as usual went to my parents place and then to ubi office.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today also, for the first time, I showed my dad my new HP mini notebook and my USB plug for mobile broadband and showed him my blog. my dad replied "yes", he knows what a blog is.

One day I was with my client and she asked me if I have a blog and I replied "yes, I do". then I asked her :"how did she know ?" she replied that her gf came to her house and told her, Master Lynn has a blog. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool and so is the internet. I was afraid that my uncles will soon know about it and then it will be very embarassing for my dad if he was the last one to know and so today, I showed him my blog which is updated daily.

LYNN YAP BLOG: As I continue to read more about Singapore blogs and what they write, I get the notion that readers love to read about politics, food and anything "kapoor" about Singapore and others' daily life story. Bottomline : Readers love a blog when the writer is touch with the real life problems of every Singaporean and is unedited because it is written by the writers themselves and comes from their heart with spelling mistakes sometimes here and there but Singaporeans simply love it, that's what makes a blog, popular.

What I also observe from their blogs and their readers : is that as real blooded Singaporeans, we all love our country deeply, it is unspoken and we definately will unite when the time calls for it. when election comes, the blog is the best way to gather all true blooded Singaporeans to vote for the right party. we shall see, it should be very interesting and with podcast too.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui for the house can be defined very simply by saying that it is an art of placing things in your house such that your house becomes very comfortable and the energy is vibrant.

DESTINY: There are people who are born to be lesbians or gays. these are also destiny related and we should acknowledge these group of people and learn to accept them. Every single human being is our friend if we allow them to be.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have yet to give my sons their first book on investments but I do know at least sometimes they read my blog so that they can get some ideas about manging their own money. It is like what we parents expect from our children and what our children are truly capable of. Give them time and space to be in their own world to have their little bit of freedom while there are many ways to control our children either thru email, msn chat or sms when face to face don't work . Choose any of these methods that work best for you.

Yesterday evening, my eldest son, Ivan became my FACEBOOK friend and I went to his wall and gave him a post complete with flowers.

TIP: " As Singaporeans, let us remember to give back to society"
12 Ways to determine an Entrepreneur by Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, savy investor

1) An entrepreneur is one who will have that crazy notion that his business model will succeed when everybody says no.

2) An entrepreneur is one who speaks very fast and has that glowing passion in him.

3) An entrepreneur is one who will DO FIRST and think later.

4) An entrepreneur is one who is impatient for success and will not like slow people around him.

5) An entrepreneur FACE is usually quite broad and looks handsome or pretty.

6) A successful entrepreneur is one who can hold his or her liquor well because of the fire element in their destiny. If you can't drink, you will probably not be a very very successful entrepreneur. when you do business overseas you will know what I mean. if you can't drink, you won't get far.

7) An entrepreneur can be successful but up to one level and to climb to the next level is to have some knowledge on business administration. that is why most of them go for their MBAs or to get a Doctorate.

8) A successful entrepreneur is very capable of being very focus in what they want and will go all extent to get it done, within legal limits.

9) A successful entrepreneur do not like to waste time so they can stay very focus and have more time to do many things, they can multi-task.

10) There are many levels to an entrepreneur - once the first step is done the second level requires finanical knowledge of that entrepreneur to be a skillful business entrepreneur leveraging on his business model and partners or simply to grow the business to have more sales turnover.

11) A successful entrepreneur is an intelligent person with deep thoughts and knows when to do an exit strategy. they know when to exit when the timing is right, then, they will be most respected as a top notch entrepreneur, it is because they have a plan.

12) A successful entrepreneur is one who years later became a multi- millionaire to show to others that he has arrived if not then he is still a practising entrepreneur.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning has broken n is a beautiful morning !!!

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Today, 23 August 2008, Saturday, I went for work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning, I woke up early as I am about to go to Serangoon Gardens Area and is one of my favourite areas. this is a photo I took this morning before it rained.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I was surfing the net yesterday, to find out which website has most of our Singapore Blogs so as to list my blog there. I found this one which you can see on the right hand side of your screen. If you know of another one which is quite an Authority in this field of all Singapore Blogs, email me.

Recently, I have added a few more friends in my FACEBOOK and now I have 344 friends, most of whom I have never met them in person.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui has its roots way back in China, some 5000 years ago. In the old days, many fengshui masters were male and hardly one can hear of any female fengshui master who do this business of going down to people's homes and offices and advising them on what to do. In the old days, women were told to be in the kitchen and at home. Wah, lucky I am not born at that era or maybe I was then in this life time I became a female (chja boh) (hokkien) keke because I was too naughty as a male.

Recently, I received an sms inviting me to go and check fengshui for his house and he asked : "if I am the master who will go down to his house to check fengshui ?" and I replied "yes" though I was curious as to why he asked this question as I do all my fengshui projects myself. I will go there and give them my accurate advice and would go back say 5 months later for a review so as to find out how they are doing and whether the fengshui did work. My house review fee is S$200/- so I always tell them that when they are ready then invite me back, if not they can always wait but I will surely come.

DESTINY: Is it better to be born a male or female ? Have you once thought about it ? that maybe in the next life time : you may want to be born a male ? and then get to do all the things a guy does ? hehe or would you still prefer to be born a female ? food for thought, though. Destiny is such that male or female if your destiny is great, you will have a wonderful life. For me, I still want to be born a female. I feel that being a female is great and has many advantages like can wear a skirt.

ENTREPRENEUR: One of the way to grow rich being an entrepreneur is to remember to pay yourself and cpf.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many people are employees and as employees, you too can grow your wealth by having a good income and then learning how to save and after you have saved so called enough then it will be time to invest either in properties, currencies, unit trusts or even gold. Most people who became very very rich are mostly entrepreneurs so if you wish to grow richer maybe it is time for you to become an Entrepreneur. A word of caution though : if your destiny do not allow then it is best to go in with partners so that the chances of you succeeding is greater than if you were to go in alone.

For example : once you have succeeded say as being a successful fengshui master, what then is the next level to be ? The next level for me : is to be an investor. Of course, I can be a savvy investor by buying properties, gold, own shares of a listed company or at least a 10% shares of potential companies to be listed or for you : if you want to be kiasu, then buy their shares before they go listed, however make sure timing is right then you can make a big one if not can also loose big.

Everything has risk but we take calcuated fengshui risk.

Even you, as an individual can also take yourself to the next level and most of you are much richer than me so you know how to go.

TIPS: " The coldness in the chi reminds me of my childhood days, growing up in Sembawang Hills Estate"

A long and winding road

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fred n Fay went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

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Today, 22, August 2008, I went to Ang Mo Kio Hub and then to ubi office for life readings at 2 pm .

DAILY THOUGHTS: Business will be slow the second half of this year for most people , so do becareful if you are an entrepreneur with your own business. However, do something to also create some business for yourself. For some: it is to travel (water element) for others it is to go for a body massage (earth element) or simply go paint your nails red (fire element). I hope yours is not (metal element) if not, you will have to go change your car or go buy a brand new luxury watch.

LYNN YAP BLOG: There was a lady who hope that one day my blog will be the number 1, most read blog in Singapore and to me Wah, that is like a tall order and no thanks. 1,000 readers per day is enough for me, anything more than 1,000 would be a bonus. I am contented with 1,000 readers as contentment is happiness. Many people are never contented in life, they keep searching and climbing and forget their loved ones. Yes, that is ok for the first 10 years of your entrepreneur career and after that when you have finally arrived is to start to care and look at those beside you - your spouse, your children, your parents. I have plans for my immediate family.

We do not have 4 million people who believe in feng shui, you know ? Our fengshui market is actually quite small, a very niche market and very very small - the customers. Hence this business may be only worth US$9 million per annum or smaller or maybe bigger ? I don't know as there was never any report on these and these exclude those who sell fengshui products.

FENG SHUI: In fengshui, I believe in forms and shapes - Forms refer to tall buildings representing mountains and roads representing water. A mountain and a water is a very important backbone of feng shui study. Shapes refers to the shapes of buildings or of matters. Example : if your building is shape like a tomb, what does it mean to your business ? How does one define shape ? what is the first impression you have when you first see it. it is the same like looking at clouds ? What is your first impression of the shape of the clouds ? that is your answer, the universe answer to you.

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Sometime back, "lain her zao pao" interviewed me on the "Tunnel for Fort Canning". The above photo is taken from "Lian Her Zao Bao", 2006. The reporter asked if that tunnel is like a tomb ? My reply to her was :"What is a defination of a tomb ?" a tomb is above the ground and has a hump and usually in a quiet environment. This tunnel is below a road and with cars going in and out so, it is definately not quiet. The tunnel for Fort Canning is not a tomb besides it is near to where couples register for their marriages so I suggested we should call it the "Tunnel of love" and paint it pink on the arch and to have the offical opening on a day that ends with a 9 for longivity.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Those who kept money in US dollar will shed tears as the US dollar had indeed fallen. The market seem about - to be right timing to go in as I saw some stocks that are pretty cheap, so to speak.

The stock market has indeed fallen as it was predicted as the fire industry for 2008 is on the average meaning, poor performance. The ying water in the rat year will come and control the fire industry like the stock market which is of the fire element and other industries which relate to the fire element like cooked food.

For the record :

1) 2007 - The best performing stocks came from the wood industry which is accurately predicted.

2) 2008 - The best performing stocks came from the ? which we will see when the companies closed their books for the year and you can check that with my predictions for the whole year for "The five elements industry" or search for my 2008 powerpoint slides in google search engines. I found my slides there.

TIP:" Be kind, be considerate to everyone, look at them in the eye and smile"

"How to meet your Mr. Right" by Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen

1) Go to any match making agency - and register yourself and find a match.

2) Go to any internet match making websites like or -
Put your old young photo there and give a bit of details about yourself and then wait. The emails will come and then it is time for you to choose.
Choosing here means Elimination. Those whom you don't like their looks are out - DELETE.

Those who look pleasant and is at least a university educated man, can consider. So you start by asking the man :"What do you do for a living ?"
Then after you know that he is educated NEXT ask him for his birthdate and time. Then do another round of Elimiation. Those that don't match what I give you for your Mr. Right's animal signs - delete. Don't waste time chatting with someone who has no destiny with you. They will usually ask for your MSN chat or Yahoo, go and chat there to know him better but don't waste a lot of time on the wrong guy ok ? and do becareful.

NEXT : Find out if the man is serious about getting married. This is because many men out there do not wish to get married or are afraid of marrying the wrong girl or simply a flirt. Then don't go for this type of man, waste time. Skip him and go look for another. In the internet, there are so many to choose, so don't worry.

3) Get your girlfriends to introduce - for some ladies there must be an introduction :"hi this is so and so" then the relationship will last if not it won't last.

4) Get your parents to introduce and then you choose - You can always say no when you don't like his FACE but you can also give him 3 trys that is 3 dates only. After that, no chemistry or you can't stand him then out he goes !!! keep finding till you find the right one. Put more plastic pink, blue and red flowers in the bedroom for more romance to come to you.

FSQ NOTE: When that guy you meet gives you a "cloud 9" feeling it usually means you have destiny with him but whether that destiny will result in marriage, is another thing.

FSQ NOTE: For some ladies, they cannot marry a chinese Singaporean male but can marry a Malaysian chinese or any chinese from a different country of birth. So if you are in this category, choose carefully.

FSQ NOTES: The above tips are meant for those ladies who find it so difficult to find their mr. right in their lives. This is due to their destiny and so the above tips can help them and if you have tried for 5 years and cannot find him then it is time to speed up, you will definately need the above tips for help. so don't be stubborn, go and try and until you have tried and failed then give up, if not come and see me. If you have not tried any of my methods above, you haven't done enough, ok my dearest ladies and good luck to finding your mr. right.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good energy in the house is very important for good fortune

Today, 21 August 2008, I went down to the western part of Singapore to do a condo fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: It's been 3 months already and sometimes I wonder if it is a good thing to start blogging. this is because as I blog my way, I also reveal alot about myself and my thoughts. Now many people know MORE about me. Well, once we have decided to do something, we have to continue most important is there are two benefits : 1) my business has improved 2) my 800 daily readers are very happy to read my blog as they can learn some of my thoughts of what I think and their mindset and attitude towards matters can change also and become better.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I remembered 3months ago when I began blogging and a man asked me how it is like to blog ? and I replied that "it was like talking to myself". 3 months later, I met the same man again at work and I told him "this time when I blog, I have readers and is not small now is 800 readers"

I remembered when it used to be only 400 readers and then it grow and grow. It is really interesting to know how anyone's blog can grow but I read alot about blogging and did my homework too and now I have my own blog traffic secrets. Some people blog about food and they can get ,8000 readers per day but that blog is a general topic and something that is close to Singaporean's heart and passion - FOOD.

I wonder how many fengshui masters in Singapore blogs and have many readers. What does it tell you about this master if this master has many readers ? No, it is not because this master's fengshui skill is "it chez pan".....hehe but rather this master has a people's touch to it and cared. of course, the fengshui has to work lah if not where got readers ? people will be throwing rotten eggs at me. Er....rotten eggs also increase in price. hehe

People read my blog is not because they are just readers as most of them are my clients thru the years. They know me is because they have invited me to their homes or they have their life read by me. of course there are those who are simply readers.Thank you my wonderful readers, it is you these days that make me blog harder.

FENG SHUI: A simple explanation of what is fengshui is like this : Do you believe when I say that you can place a small fountain there in the wealth area of the house which activates the wealth and 3 months later, you can see the result ? would you believe if this is, fengshui ?

DESTINY: How does one fall in love when in their life it is very difficult to meet the man in their lives ? and I think being a female fengshui master has its advantages in that we are free to talk about love and sex and I became known as a Master who is very free minded and easy going. I tell people to go get yourself pregnant !!! Well for these group of ladies I will write about how to meet your mr right. I will do this article to help you as I know most ladies go to work and then home and hardly network or interact with friends outside work.

For me, the last 7 years I had done many networking, going to functions for charities etc. these days, I do alot less and am home more.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you wish to be known as a savy investor you must know how to make money in your life otherwise how to call yourself savvy ? people will laugh at you, you know ? so start buying some books to read and see if you can implement any of what you read.

Passive Income is something most books talk about and maybe you can consider how to have a passive income of say S$10k per month then you don't really need to work anymore, if not try for a S$5k passive income. Please note your age as most of you have 20 years of working time while for me, I am left with 10.

TIP:"Negative energy in the house brings misery"

These are the stocks which will do well for 2008:

5) WOOD INDUSTRY: Excellent

FSQ NOTE: This is taken from my powerpoint slides from my "Predictions for 2008". It is not the share price that we should focus on but the companies' turnover and their profits. The best judge for this chart is when the companies close their books and then we can see which companies did well in 2008 and they should be the wood companies.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love is all around, feel the love, if you can !!!

Today, 20 August 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office for readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Good morning, did you sleep well ? I did. Well, thank you to those who sent me comments. however, I would appreciate if you think you are going to expect a long reply from me to post the questions in my Google Group. This is because it is easier for me to type in Google than in the COMMENT box that is so narrow and in a pop up window. thanks.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When I woke up this morning at 7 something, I saw that yesterday, I had the highest visitor of 808 and was like wow, now I am in "cloud 9". oh when I say that I am on "cloud 9", I do not mean that I am in love.....too old for such stuff and definately not interested.

FENG SHUI: How to protect yourself from "blackmagic" ?
Well, the first thing is :
1) you will need to have a religion because whoever you believe in will protect you from harm.
2) is to carry some thing protective around you where ever you go so that you will always be protected.
3) to have a lighted candle with your name on it like those found in temples so that you will always be bright and walking on the bright path towards the future.
4) Underneath your pillow is to keep something protective so that you will always be protected and do this where ever you travel.

DESTINY: Never ever blame your destiny - but ask what can I do to make my destiny better ? and if you wish to find the answers go and ask any fortune tellers in Singapore so that they can help you.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Before we can teach our children how to save, we need to be good savers ourselves. otherwise it is like "tzu shan tan ping" - "talking only on paper".

Then when we have some savings, we can also show our children, this is how mummy did it. you will have to put coins into the piggy bank if you are born in the year of the pig or if you are born in the year of the rooster then fill up that rooster bank, so that yourself , a rooster will always be rich. now you know why most pigs are rich ? hehe so many piggy banks around.

TIP:"When you meet anyone try your level best to help that person if she or he is seeking for help, that way you can also help to create your own merits"

A question from my Google Group, "fengshui_destiny"

Sunflower asked this question:
"sometimes, one faces roadblocks and fustrations in life, we long to have something, but somehow, we are not given (maybe not meant to be) or either we need to fight for it. Is this destiny? or fate ? or due to bad kharma? How to remove these frustrations in our life to face a better and happier life ? " in my GOOGLE GROUP, recently and I thought it might interests you so read my reply.

Thank you for your question.

In this lifetime when we are born, we are here to suffer. Sufferings means different things to different people. Suffering can be in the form of what you WANT to have and didn't have it or what you EXPECT of other people and others didn't perform to your EXPECTATIONS. All these boil down to karma. hence, we will need to do more good deeds to increase our MERITS so that we will be able to reduce our karma that we had incurred in our past lives.

One of the way is to have happiness which I believe is what you are seeking for is : to first learn to accept your life and then to learn how to accomodate your life such that life can still be happy even living in small apartment and having a small family. Once you have come to accept that your life is like this and the next step is to find out if you are determine to alter your destiny or your current lifestyle. If you wish to then education is one way to go while the other is to take on 2 jobs so that you can earn more income then you can have more to spend.

In order to learn how to remove your frustrations is to first learn to change your mindset : Adopt a mindset that : that "when your loved ones are happy then you are happy" attitude can help you come a long way to finding your own happiness and one day you will realise that you are actually very happy.

Next is to : Remove all your wants and needs - and do not compare if others have a better house or more money than you or whatever. Ask yourself one question : Are you more happy than them ?

Learning to be happy is not easy - the best way I know of to be happy is to learn to let go - that is to give up your attachment to things like your house, your career, your close friends, your family members etc. Once you can achieve that - you can be said to be a truly happy person.

Master Lynn Yap

NOTE: I intend to use my gmail as my email account and my Google Group on "fengshui_destiny" as my Group for any questions and answers. I have decided not to use the yahoo group which I used to before. So come and join me here if you wish to receive the latest info on stocks and shares and anything that may interests you. we currently have 7 members.

Monday, August 18, 2008

When a person's mind is not calm he will panic at the first instance of negative news

Today, I went to ubi office to do readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: There was a day when I clinched a job to do the fengshui for a condo and the lady client said to me that it was because I am the most popular fengshui master in Singapore and that is why she engage me for the job.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Today, my blog is 3 months old - We have to date, 35, 868 visitors and STILL growing with the the highest visitor rate per day, yesterday at 747 visitors and for the first time I had the highest Adsense hit too at more than US$4/-

Can you imagine if you take this amount and convert it to the dollars in the country that the person comes from say in India or other countries, then, this can be a very good income for anyone, even your own kid.

A BIG THANK YOU to many clients whom I met recently and told me that my blog is very good. Thanks for letting me know, at least now I know where I stand. Thank you also for all your support for making my blog - a success !!! Our new target now is 1,000 readers per day.

FENG SHUI: How to cast spell ? take for an example the hair of the person that you don't like and want to cast a spell. So you twirl the hair together and use soft glue to stick on the hair and then say some prayers and then keep in the drawer and use a heavy stone to go over the hair and the glue. Do this only for those that you don't like. Anyhow, I am not sure if this will work as I do not do such things but I thought that it is important that you be aware of such tactics that some people do. So, do be careful ok ?

NEXT : How not to get black magic on you. tomorrow....ok ?

DESTINY: A man is born and his destiny fixed at birth and when he marries, his destiny will change to some extent, good or bad. So marry the right girl and then when a child is born to them, their destiny also changed, good or bad. This is how destiny can affect a person's lives. Want to know more ? Stay tune.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For my own investment path, I intend to spend the next 10 years besides growing my own wealth, is to help my 2 boys learn how to savvy investors. I will find time for them and maybe attend any seminars with them and help them to learn how to network, find girlfriends etc. hehe..... however at their age now they are still young and may not be able to "catch" the financial knowledge yet so I may have to wait till they are 21.

Shares are a "no go" for my kids - it is not suitable for them however if they can learn something about shares, read annual reports and attend AGMs like I did then it can be a REAL EYE OPENER for them. When I attend AGMs either the bosses there recognise me and what I do for a living or I just keep a low profile, after AGM, I go off. I don't go for the food like which AGMs got sharks fin soup eh ? hehe

TIP:"Just watch your colleages at the work place and observe how they react and you will know what I mean"

The Five Elements Industry:

Fire Industry:
Properties of fire: it is warm and gives off heat.
Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restuarants, lightings shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, accounting firms

Earth Industry:
Properties of earth: it is hard and still.
Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovations, developers, agriculture, insurance, construction, cosmetic surgery.

Metal Industry:
Properties of metal: it is hard and piercing.
Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equiptments, law, fortune telling, gold jewellery, robotics, steel.

Water Industry:
Properties of water: Wavy.
Water Industries are those that deal with internet like the dotcoms, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, information technology, broadcasting, airlines, oil, marine products, money lending, telecommunications, animation, advertising.

Wood Industry:
Properties of wood: it is hard and grows upwards.
Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars/events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper, timber and pulp, furniture, fashion, politics, education, hair salons, photography.

Which Stocks will do well this month ?

1 August 2008 to 30 August 2008 - 7th lunar month

Fire Industry - Good
Earth Industry - Average
Metal Industry - Poor performance
Water Industry - Good
Wood Industry - Average

Water means wealth, means good fortune !!!

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So when you travel overseas, always bring back a mineral water bottle back to Singapore.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You will need to develop an insight to things that you read

Today, 18 August 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office for work, 1 baby name and 2 life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This month alone, I have done 3 baby names - 2 boys and 1 girl. I don't think the birth rate this year 2008 is more than last year by a great deal, maybe about the same number of babies being born and is just that I happen to have more babies name to do, recently.

We also have couples who wanted to have children but found it a bit difficult and some did consult me during their life reading sessions while others were when I go to their houses to do house visits and I would normally ask if they are planinng for a child or another child. This is because fengshui can help couples have babies. The fengshui is a bit difficult to do but CAN BE DONE provided they follow the "rules and conditions" of what they have to do, each evening and no, it didn't mean that they must have sex every night. hehe

Two readers sms me to say that when they feel stressed at the workplace they would go and visit my BLOG to see if I can cheer them up or not ?
and of course it's nice if you also have met me in person and consulted me. That way, we are alot closer than those readers who come around and read and read, it is ok as this blog is meant for readers. My target readers is 1,000.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Sometime ago in 2005, a lady client sms me saying that she started a blog and is the author of "life of lopsided 8". At that time my first thought about a blog was : "wah must write daily, no joke" so I thank her and didn't do anything about it till this year, a day after Vesak day, 20 May 2008. I also told her recently when I met her that it is all about timing and that I must feel that it is the right thing for me to do, then I will go and do it.

FENG SHUI: Today, I shall talk about black magic.
"black magic" is a term used to define a spell being cast on another person and this spell is called "black magic". this person will also do silly things or would not be aware of what he or she is doing.

How does one cast a spell on another person ? there are many methods and one of them is to take any item that belong to that person and then use those items to cast a spell. Very often people would take your hairs or your comb or anything that belongs to you and even your nails.

Tomorrow, I will tell you how to cast a spell or what other people do.

DESTINY: Look for the money element in your bazi to determine if in this lifetime you will ever be rich ? ideally is two money elements, too many money elements means that you may loose money or spend them away.

The elements of the week is given so that you can check which day is your money element day and so THAT DAY you can GO BUY 4D so that you can strike more and GOOD LUCK !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One of my best investment to date must be my Ubi Techpark office which I bought using my company's name in 2004 and it was S$150/- per sq ft while today if I wish to sell it, is worth S$280 per sq ft. At that time the developers throw in a lot of discounts so my downpayment was very small and so I could afford to buy and also because when I see other fengshui masters got their own office, I too want to have my own and when the timing was right for me, I bought it after checking the feng shui that is suitable for me.

Now in Ubi Techpark itself, I have 6 units there, all my FS clients including my own office. These days when I meet any small and medium size companies for feng shui, I would usually advise them to buy their own office unit and I would tell them that it is not expensive to own one. This is because I had already done it by buying my own office and so I know what it is like and so that their company can have an asset too. Currently now in Ubi area the offices there are going for around S$280/- or even S$290/- per sq ft.

I also share with them that "when you go around and do your business and when you tell people that you own your own office" people will naturally look at you, differently. I guess, is because this is, Singapore.

TIPS "When you can read the hidden meaning beneath every sentence that I write or anyone writes, then you are very good already in that you have developed your realisations"

Google Group - fengshui_destiny

Hi, if you wish to ask me any questions on "fengshui" or even about "destiny" and would like to reach me then go to my Google Group and post your questions there, I will reply to you soonest. Thanks !!!

Elements for the week

Monday, 18 August 2008 - Tiger, yang wood
Tuesday, 19 August 2008- Rabbit, ying wood
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 - Dragon, yang earth
Thursday, 21 August 2008 - Snake, yang fire
Friday, 22 August 2008 - Horse, ying fire
Saturday, 23 August 2008 - Goat, ying earth
Sunday, 24 August 2008 - Monkey, yang metal

Thank you !!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

To calm your mind is to learn meditation

Today, 17 August 2008, Sunday and as usual I drove my silver BMW and visit my parents.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Thank you to my client who gave me another bottle of red wine, here is the photo taken this morning and wow!!! and this is my 6th bottle after I started blogging.......hehe. Thank you for making my day as I love wine very much as it helps me to unwind after a day's work just sipping red wine and watching tv is to me : "heaven" and "perfect".

The photo also show the traffic secrets 2.0 which I purchased from the website in Yaro Starak to learn how to drive traffic to my blog or even to my other websites. this is how serious I take my blog or even on my new website which is not ready yet. By purchasing this from Yaro's website, Yaro makes money and is called "Affiliate Marketing". This is how anyone can make extra money from "Affiliate Marketing" and which I also already did by offering BLOG Mastermind Course in my blog. Read and see if it suits you as I am just in and learning more about blogging and how to earn more revenue from a blog.

Read this first

If you like what you see then order from here

Come on in and join me......let's talk about BLOG !!!
I am now number 14 in the top 15 list for the Affiliate Marketing program for BLOG Mastermind. you don't wnat me to go beyond right ? common.....lets show THEM what Singaporeans can do - that we are united and that we will help our fellow Singaporean. Cheers !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you so much for reading my blog daily and I would try to think of something new about fengshui or anything to share with you, ok ? Personally, I enjoy typing or writing and sharing my fengshui secrets with you and very soon I will write about "black magic". Otherwise when I stop practising feng shui, the secret will all be lost or unless I share them with my sons, if they are ever interested, hehe

FENG SHUI: Is there an expiry date on fengshui that had been done ? The answer is "yes" because fengshui will change every 20 years and now we are at Period 8 fengshui from 2003 to 2023 and the Period 9 fengshui will begin on 2024 to 2043.

In Period 7 fengshui 1984 to 2003 - anything that relates to the MOUTH became popular and so people made much money.

Then in Period 8 fengshui from 2004 to 2023 - The HAND becomes popular and so if you are in the hand business, you will make much money, as the fengshui favours it.

Hand Business refers to : handicraft, sewing, clothes, do it yourself furniture, photography, planting crops, agriculture, repair business, do it yourself buffets, construction, writing, internet typing like blogging daily,
nail business, body massages, robotics, lego toys, wrapper round the food, paper fan, oil paintings etc

Period 9 fengshui will relate to the EYE - so small cameras will be in fashion and new inventions to the eye or spectacles etc.

On this note, thank you to those who invited me to give a fengshui talk however due to my schedule I might not be available so didn't wish to commit and maybe next year 2009 and thank you for saying that I delivered my talk well and was well received by the public. those who have heard me speak would know what I mean, I am a different fengshui speaker and Master.

DESTINY: If you are born in the hour of the rooster and your spouse is born in the year of the rooster - then we have a perfect match. Of course there are variations to the rule and I will tell you more.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you cannot make it in shares and yet wish to invest in shares for some pocket money then do so for other reason so that you won't feel unhappy when you loose money in shares. investing in shares take courage and uses the brain so when you are old and wish to do this to pass time, it can help keep you sane and got something to do when you retire or unless you want to watch tv the whole day like my parents or my uncles and aunties.

The stock market is going to have a big correction soon after that then it is time to enter and exit by middle or third quarter of 2009. Buy shares where you always make money ok ? and don't try others unless you wish to take risk. For those who know me and my style - you know what I am talking about. shoo..........don't let them know too much.

My yahoo is still down so if you need to email me , then mail to :

TIP:"when your mind is calm, you will not panic when things go wrong and that is important if you wish to succeed in the corporate world"

A powerful building

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Our blog is almost 3 months old !!!

Today, 16 August 2008, Saturday as usual I go to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Thank you for your comments to my blog and well wishes. I am sorry if someone sent an email using my yahoo mail to all my friends/clients who are registered in my yahoo membership list, approx 2133 members to ask for money saying that I am in London when I am in Singapore. Well, this incident makes me more wary of anything that can happen to a person's email account, can happen. Thank you to those who sms me yesterday at 1500hours and this morning. One client even called to inquire if I am ok. so, until I get back my password to go in again then I would send out thru my Yahoo Group to inform that I am back !!! if not I will visit the yahoo team in Singapore at Suntec City Tower 4. I hope I don't have to go there.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge on fengshui, destiny, investments and the meaning of life - this would set the motivation for all 700 daily readers to read this blog and we are approaching our 3rd month soon.

FENG SHUI: Yesterday I spoke about the ability of fengshui masters to locate the CORRECT wealth area and after that what happens ? well if after placing a fountain or a small pond in the wealth area then 3 months later one should see result then you will know that the fengshui work already.

And it is polite to give respect to your fengshui master by calling her or him a MASTER, ok ? and this is because only when you have achieved several years of experiences in this field then you are allowed to call yourself a MASTER otherwise you would just be a practising fengshui practitioner. kindly address me as Master in your emails to me, thanks.

Personally, I do not like to see many blogs on fengshui - this is because some of them may not have enough experience in this field and then write all kinds of stories about fengshui and then it will not benefit Singapore at all. this is because fengshui was once a banned word in english and we were not allowed to advertise anywhere. this was back in 1994/1995 or even older. You forgot ? however I was determined to make fengshui as "hip and as cool" as ever and that was how it slowly became accepted till now so I hope people will not abuse it.

Many of you didn't live thru that era because you were not even born yet or simply too young to know. that was what fengshui was like in the english speaking market approx 15 years ago and we have come a long way, baby.......and now and it's blogging, this time.

DESTINY: It's that first breath you breath as a baby that your destiny is already fixed. so whether in this life time, you will be rich or not is also fixed. if you have good karma, you would be born to a middle income family while if not, you are also ok provided you went to the university to get yourself educated.

It is education that will set people apart - the fengshui master with a university education definately will set a standard in this "fengshui business" as our clients and readers are all educated if not even better, they got MBA leh !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The stock market has a cycle or some people prefer to call it a trend and so it follows a trend and this trend is very closely related to the "fengshui cycle". The share market is going to go down and more down.....just be patient as it hasn't really STARTED to go down yet so I won't be talking about it going up, yet and when.

A client ask me to give a monthly detailed report on the stock market in a newsletter as many investors will be interested. I am still sitting on this as I need to know if this is the direction that I want to go and whether I have the time to do it.

TIP: "Don't throw fengshui away, speak with honesty from your heart"

I hope to strike this car !!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

To have an open mind is to listen to whatever others say to you

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Today, 15 August 2008, friday as usual I went to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I travel and in the plane I have a habit of wanting to sit next to the window so that I can look out and LOOK at the sky or sometimes even to think. this photo is taken from my hotel room in Jakarta and the sleek office tower that you saw in this photo is one of the buildings that I had been to two years ago and one of my favourite office building. I like this building because it has a sharp point like a triangle that can give it power and I love powerful buildings.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When you want to begin to blog you must learn all that is to grow your blog otherwise it is just like a normal blog. There is actually a lot to learn and so little time. A good blog can help you to earn more revenue from the ads in your blog or it can also help you in whatever business that you are in and so your content is also important.

Most important is : The traffic - One needs to drive the traffic to your BLOG and the readers has to come often to read which it then would be termed, a popular BLOG.

FENG SHUI: One of the best method to see if a fengshui master is skillful or not is to see where he or she locates the wealth area of a house or office and whether their clients saw success after that. It is not so important whether the master speaks in english, mandarin or even cantonese or hokkien, most important is - the fengshui has to work.

Once the clients saw their own success because of feng shui they then will
stay with you because they would want to learn more and it's about the true authentic fengshui that was practised by the old masters of yesteryears. Those old ancient old text written by them thousands of years ago.

DESTINY: Destiny goes hand in hand with the fengshui of the house or be it office. This is because we will need to remember that :

There are 5 factors that affect a person's lives :

a) Destiny - It is the first breath a person breathes that the destiny is fixed.

b) Luck - The luck is dependant on the year's animal signs like this year 2008 is the year of the rat.

c) Fengshui - Fengshui only comes in third so it means that even if your house had been fengshuied it did'nt mean that you don't need to work hard since money will fall from the sky - it simply means that after fengshui is done everything becomes smoother and deals are closed more easily than those who did'nt have their house fengshuied or their office.

d) Philantrophy - Be generous and donate money away so as to create more merits for oneself always.

e) Education - To learn anything that interests you from anyone whom you think can benefit you, even learning to be spiritual is a good start.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How does one start to invest especially when at times are like now ? the first thing is to grow your cash at bank to S$5k and then to S$10k and once you have saved to this amount then it is now time to learn how to invest. If you have not yet reach this amount in your bank then don't even think of investing in buying gold or even in shares. This is because there is a feng shui element to saving money.

You would remember that I said : "Money in your bank can attract more money to come to you"

Therefore, be patient and wait ok ? till you have saved till S$5k or S$10k or even more. After that : you are ready to learn how to invest and you can ask your financial advisors or financial planners as they are trained in this area to help you learn how to manage your money.

TIP: "Let others say something to you and remember don't judge but to have an open mind to listen and then THINK about what the person say to you - did it sound good ? or is it something you can change to be a better person or even a better direction than yours ? then change"