Sunday, September 07, 2008

Got a tiger in the house, I mean the can tiger ???

Today, 8 September 2008, Monday, I went to a condo in the centre part of Singapore for a house visit.

DAILY THOUGHTS: We are now into September and going on to October and before we know, it it is the end of the year. How has the year been for you ? good, I hope.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I enjoy writing my blog, it is like telling stories and there are over 1,000 readers per day and over 49,000 readers in total now though my blog is less than 4 months old. Better be mindful of what I "say" and with Google Reader, Readers do not need to click on my blog counter to even read what I write.

FENG SHUI: After your house has been fengshuied by fengshui queen then what is your next level ? The next level is go and become savvy investors and to be spiritual. We call this in branding - our brand experience and culture.

There is a certain community here where people follows the fengshui queen brand of fengshui, not only here in Singapore but the world too as I am internationally known and had appeared on BBC world, Discovery Channels etc and their main papers including a Gemain newspaper, many years ago and with emails from overseas.

DESTINY: There was a client who was in the beer business and he said he just joined this industry. I congratulated him and then told him to drink all sorts of beer till he can blindfold and can tell the difference between drinking a Tiger beer vs Heinenken. that was probably about 5 years ago and since I recommended him to do this, I thought I should also try it myself though beer has never been my fancy. Well, I drank Heineken and sampled tiger too. Now, blindfolded, I can taste the difference. Can you ?

FSQ NOTE: What am I driving at ? To be the best salesman, be the best. No sub standard, just know the ropes in your chosen industry, know what to do to achieve the best and then go for it !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Parents have to the first to help start a child to go the entrepreneur way.

An entrepreneur is born and not made -however with good guidance and training, an entrepreneur can be made. however, he may regulary need your guidance till he perfect the mindset of an entrepreneur.

How then does an entrepreneur think that can be so different from you ? Why don't you also ask how does a fengshui master think ? what goes on in her mind and walk around that then who knows you maybe a fengshui master in the making.

I will share with you more when my new blog is up as my web developer is hosting the domain and getting it ready for me to start writing. We are at (just bought this domain for 5 years) I will work hard on this as I badly want to sell this off - for a profit of course or who knows let my son continue it. I do first then see how

TIP "Do first, think later is the essence of an entrepreneur"

Elements for the week:

Monday, 8 Sept 2008 - yang water, pig
Tuesday, 9 Sept 2008 - ying water, rat
Wednesday, 10 Sept 2008 - ying earth, ox
Thursday, 11 Sept 2008 - yang wood, tiger
Friday, 12 Sept 2008 - ying wood, rabbit
Saturday, 13 Sept 2008 - yang earth dragon
Sunday, 14 Sept 2008 - yang fire, snake