Thursday, September 11, 2008

When one crises come n subdued and another happens

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Today, 12 September 2008, Friday, I went down to ubi office to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Every morning, I would write a bit of my blog and then when home, would add more, edit and then post.

LYNN YAP BLOG: For the past 3 months, many read my blog and then on the 4th month when it was closed to clients only then many sms, emails to Google Group or even to my new email address at :

It shows many things : 1) we are moving fast pace and can be here today, the blog and tomorrow we are closed for clients only. hence nothing is permanent, my clients and that's life. so when it was free, you should appreciate and when it is now closed, it is even more precious to you.

However there is a catch : this blog can only have 100 readers and I am almost close to the first 100 readers. then what shall I do ? can anyone suggest ? write another blog ?

FENG SHUI: There was a time when I went to a clients house and on her dining table was Gardenia white bread. ooh.

DESTINY: Come for a life reading if you haven't. It is good to know about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and then learn how to overcome them and also how to tackle your destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When you have made your first million then go for the second and then the third. However if you are already rich then learn how to behave like a rich man or woman ok ? That is : don't run but walk with style. there are many more......tell you one at a time.

TIP:"we call this in fengshui theories, troublesome matters like the five yellow that is in the north sector this year"

The rich and the famous ? you wish to be one or would you rather care for the average Singaporeans

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Today, 11 September 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings. These photos are taken at Warren Golf and Country Club when I went there to have my lunch as I am a member there.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The world's economy is not going to be good. What I would like you to do is to stay put in your job, work hard and come yearly to see me for your annual review or house fengshui review. That way, we can see how to overcome the difficult years that are coming. The market is down today and many people have already lost money, the same with me which I mentioned earlier in the year that is why I make it paper loss.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, my blog went private. There is good and bad. The good one is : only my treasured clients will get to read what I write and I get to share my merits with my good clients and not the negative attitude of some readers who can come and zap up my positive energy.

The bad is : my readers will drop and maybe no new readers will be able to read what I write. I felt that, it is ok as my own luck is more important than the readers. My blog can serve my clients while my website, http:// can serve the new customers. I can try this out and see how. Most important is : I still got business to do.

This year, I have done fengshui for two more listed companies under my wing and total todate I have 6. revenue so far has been quite good except for August 2008 which is my lowest. Do you know how much revenue my company has to make in order to pay me S$10k a month and I get paid monthly and then goes to the loans and the car.

FENG SHUI: If you think your pond needs to change to a bigger one then do so. However the pond size cannot be too big such that it can drown the whole house then it is not right ok ? Usually the size of the pond that is maximum is about 4ft long and don't go for 7ft which is too big for an apartment or unless you own a landed property and intends to have a nice koi pond inside and outside of your house.

DESTINY: There was a couple who was in love and then they get married and because the wife gave birth to a child born in the wrong animal sign that clashes with her day pillar and so she and her husband's relationship started to go hay wire and on the verge of getting a divorce. So would you like to go for a second child or third child when the animal sign can clash with the animal in your day pillar ? be careful, ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To be a savvy investor is first learn to become frugal. I think our society do not think that a savvy frugal person is well respected. Our society may look upon people who drive big cars and own condos. this is the wow factor. what about someone who is very thrifty and saves most of the time, wear shabby clothes or travels economy class and eat at hawker centres or even cup noodles or bread for dinner ? he or she can be a multi-millionaire you know ?

Next time you meet an old friend, simply ask how are you and how is your net worth ? hehe

FSQ NOTE: The market is down today and so around October 2008, you can go in. If my blog is public, I cannot write this. I can't tell you when to enter and when to get out. This is closed doors, better and I like to have it closed for a while and let us make money together.

TIP: "My job is to make the average Singaporeans more than average"