Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Humpty Dumpty had a big fall !!!

Today, 18 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office for readings and then to do a house fengshui at Sembawang.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How are you ? Do you know that I used to blog weekly in my "weekly thoughts" and members pay to read what I write ? and that has been years till I started this blog and go full steam and then a Big Brake. Today, I got 5 sms about the blog. Yesterday all in total, I get about 8 sms regarding my blog. The blog is full and I cannot invite more readers to this blog.

The first few readers are really lucky and they probably are the ones who really come and read my blog every day. The rest are those who probably come and read once a week and that is why the readership figures are not constant.

The readership number is important for me while many, take it easy. it would be a waste of my time to write while nobody reads. Probably that is why : it is always best to charge people money then you can get the really serious readers.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When the Daily Thoughts in my website is ready, those who are the non paying readers can still read it free except that they will be reading the old news, of about 1 week. Those paying members can read the latest daily happenings and thoughts.

I will announce it here as well as the Google Group which is now my main forum where any readers can post and ask me any questions on fengshui and destiny readings.

FENG SHUI: Never buy a house that is facing a staircase whether up or down. If you need to buy this one then use a convex mirror and paste it on the wall above the main door to bounce off the staircase and to make it disappear.

FSQ NOTE: These are the typical fengshui cures to such a problem. The more creative fengshui master will have a more useful and creative cure.

DESTINY: People born in the rabbit year are generally short people. Ask around and maybe you can see some rabbits hopping around.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If your fengshui master is a savvy investor it helps right ? to give you sound property knowledge other than fengshui.

A few days ago, a client bought a condo based on my advice that fengshui is good. However with the recent news of the US Financial market situation, my client got worried and sms me.

My reply to him was : The fengshui of the house is good for the next 40 years and if the condo is freehold or 999leasehold, the property prices may drop a little in the next few years but what is most important is that this condo can have capital apprecation after say 10 years. This is the reason why before you buy the condo I ask what is the leasehold of this property before I tell you to go ahead. The fengshui is good and you should be doing well after you move in and on the subject of property investment, this is a good buy.

For the next few years : Would you keep cash, keep gold or keep property ?

TIP:"And more coming while the crack on the dumpty is so huge that it is too big to cover"