Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fengshui weather like the clouds

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How's the fengshui weather today ??

Today, 19 September 2008, Friday, I went to do house fengshui then to office to do readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When you don't take beef, mutton or pork, your body can become more sensitive and therefore you will be more sensitive to the energies of the environment, while daily meditation at 5am in the morning helps to become more alert and sharp. Therefore you will be able to see more than what others can see. Plus when we read into any situations, you can read deeper than anyone else and can do a spot on prediction. All these are part of the hard training to be a super fengshui master. People train for many years and very hard under harsh conditions to win the gold medal in Olympics and just for a few minutes or hours of work/playing the games.

Can you see the similarity ? our work may be only about one and half hours of work in one location but then our best is produced during those hours. 3 months later the effects of the fengshui should kick off then one would know that the fengshui has started and the fengshui has to work.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My web developer is still working on the "Daily Thoughts" on my official website.

Feng Shui : Are you still carrying your bagua pendant, bronze size of 20 cent still in your wallet ? This was your fengshuiqueen tip for 2008 and is meant for protection and to attract more wealth (choiu chye) (hokkien).

DESTINY: If a person is born in the year of the rabbit who is supose to be short guy and is born in the time of the tiger then that person will be tall. Want to make a tall baby like a model ? do a Caer Birth, can make it. Most important must bring good luck for their parents.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The troublesome "5 yellow" energy is in the south for 2009 hence countries that are below the equator that is located on the southern hemisphere would soon find themselves in some trouble. Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia are all in the southern hemisphere.

Troublesome energies are those that can cause freak accidents, accidental etc and in year 2009 will be located in the south and that means that it can occur in the southern part of any city, town or even within a country. One can use various ways to detect this and explain this troublesome energy that we call in chinese "five yellow" (wu huang).

The earliest date when the troublesome "5 yellow" energy will kick off is around 22 December 2008.

When buying stocks for 2009, choose those stocks that do not have exposure to these countries. Plus, that stock must suit your bazi ok ? if not try not to buy or if you must, buy less.

TIP:"One word sums up - troublesome"

The Book of changes - I-Ching Oracle

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Today, 18 September 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office to do readings and then to British Club for lunch as my gf/client was buying me lunch and red wine. A few evenings ago, a lady client wanted to buy me wine for her annual review and request that we do it at Wine Network on a sunday, I laughed and said ok. she had been my client for the last 8 years.

I had a Humpty Dumpty made of egg shell sitting on the shelf and one evening the wind was so strong that my Humpty Dumpty fell and cracked. the hole was quite huge such that I had to throw it away. Poor Ted.

There are still a few sms coming in today regarding my blog and oh my ! All I could reply them was to get them to join my Google Group as a member and to wait for my anouncements on my Daily Thoughts like a blog to be done in my website. this also channels my readers to my website. the last update on my website is in the "weekly thoughts" in July 2008 where I used to write weekly and post photos of my trips.

Today, the market is down and so one client sms me saying that she intends to buy this particular stock. then another client says thank you for after reading the blog she made money from gold and asked if she should keep or sell. I told her Gold is going up next year and if she is in no hurry she can wait till next year then cash out. I had to do my next year predictions for her. oh my !! and am revealing too much, wait nobody wants to come and listen to me speak at my talks in 2009 at Safra. When they open for booking in December, you better be quick as there are limited seats only.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Blogs are Great for added revenue. I speak for myself as I get many people seeing me for life readings after reading my blog and a couple of fengshui checks as well. I haven't start to count how many more lifes, I have read this year.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui for one house can be different from the fengshui of another house, only if you have moved houses then you will understand what I mean. In fengshui, we have to be very detailed in our work as sometimes people may get the wrong idea and buy the wrong thing and then the fengshui can backfire.

DESTINY: Because I mentioned that a baby born in the wrong year can bring about difficult relationship for spouses. so there was a day when I went to do a house review and so this young couple had a long list of questions to ask me including which year they can have a child and which year cannot. wah. but that is good so that everything is smooth for them in this lifetime. hmmm.........I think they read my blog.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Most investors are worried that there are more "big problems" coming and so the sentiment for the stock market is no good. Fengshui masters had already predicted it already that the market would be down around now and October because the water in the rat year come and extinguish the fire in the stock market and so the market cannot breathe. Ying water extinguishes ying fire.

Last year, 2007 we had yang water (the pig year)and so around August/September (7th lunar month) the stock market had a big fall and it went down, 3 steep falls. After that fall, many people also came to see me for life readings to find out more and what stocks they can play or cannot. "Word of mouth" that my predictions were very accurate spread and so I had more business too. At that time, I did the prediction in yahoo mailing list as well as in my "weekly thoughts", months ahead before it happened.

FSQ NOTE: Now, can you see why this fengshui knowledge is so powerful and in the old days only the rich who can afford a fengshui master grow to become richer and richer while those who didnt believe in one and did not engage one could potentially become poorer and poorer.

There is a logical 5 elements explantion to this from the fengshui angle and so whether you choose to believe that fengshui can explain matters even about the stock markets or world events.

It is not up to you to choose to believe or not. It is for REAL and is there.

TIP:" We incorporate I-Ching Gua into our readings to make it even more perfect"