Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are you passionate about what you do ?

Today, 26 September 2008, Friday I would be going down to Ubi office to do a readings then to OUB Centre for a meeting then to collect air tickets then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I am sorry my blog update is late today as after I had collected my air ticket from beach road went to have dinner with my 3 gfs and bought them dinner. Usually in the morning I would update my facebook and say where I will be for that day. so you can try and be my facebook friend and read that first so that you know where I will be every day and what time the blog will be updated.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I have receive some interesting emails and sms saying that my blog is interesting and they are actually looking forward to reading them on my official website at

Hmmm.....sometimes I wonder what makes my blog interesting in that it ticks ? maybe because it is a first party telling stories like I use the word , "I" and not they. so this gives it a personal touch and an insight into my life other than work. Frankly, I think my personal life is a bore but I am not complaining because that is the way to grow my own wealth, the way I want it to be done.

For example: I already lined up all my assets and counting to a tune of S$10k passive income from the rental of all my 3 properties. However, I won't retire yet till age 65 while my brother said he will work till 70 and I said OMG.

FENG SHUI: Anybody it seems can speak on fengshui then how does one judge if the master is speaking the deeper truth or scratching on surface. I believe reputation has to be earned first and once reputation is earned, the trust factor is there. when you earn the trust from your customers, you will have many followers.

A fengshui master also ought to be objective when looking at all matters - hence the fengshui master also needs to be looking at the bigger picture to see things further and beyond. that would make a great fengshui master and that is respected too by its peers.

DESTINY: How is your life so far ? if it has not been good then maybe it is time for you to try to do a life reading.

The answer for yesterday's question was : if it is a single person who goes into her or his 10 year luck cycle and into 4 money elements then one person only will get about S$500k or slightly more. while if that person is married and if married to the right partner then he or she can get more than one million.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If a company has an asset then that company would have value. most companies have goodwill in them and is an intrinsic value. One will need to put a value to your goodwill. It is just like asking yourself - what is the value of this company and please do some calculation to add numbers and then you will be understand.

TIP:"Passion is defined as an energy that drives you to your level best and your eyes will sparkle"

One more big drop in October 2008

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and we won't eat grass in year 2008 instead we would have made more money and following your fengshui Queen !!! yeah !!!