Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Folding paper cranes !!!

Today, 1st Ocotber 2008, Wednesday is a public holiday and am in office for work and my dell at home, kaput so my blog may take a while before it gets updated.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I usualy like something that is within my control rather than not at my control which makes me at the mercy of others and they can slow me down.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My blog may take a break till my dell gets repaired.

FENG SHUI: Always stick to one fengshui master that works for you if not it can go hay wire as no two masters may see "eye to eye" on even the same wealth area.

DESTINY: Follow your destiny and let it leads you while you arm yourself with huge matal or live ner the sea to make it up and balance.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Tomorrow or days later, is time to sell your shares if you have just bought some.

TIP:"to chase my blues away"

The big DROP came a day too early - bottomline is : I am chun !!!

Today, 30 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings and one change of chinese name.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I reached home in the afternoon took a quick look at my favourite stock and bought 20,000 shares. last check, I just made a quick S$200/- and am not selling yet. If you are my FSQ followers/fans, you would know which stock is my most favourite.

Personally, I don't drink cow's milk, goat's milk or soya bean milk and I dont drink coffee/tea either. I only take plain water and with ice. wah.........very cheap to maintain. hehe

LYNN YAP BLOG: Have you ever tried blogging ? I know....when you first hear of a blog, you must be thinking.....ai yoh.....must write everyday....no joke.

Recently, thank you for the 4 comments made yesterday evening. At least, I know some people are reading what I write as I was about to be thinking "wah no readers leh", jia lat.

Do you like your fengshui master to be smiling and laughing all the time or someone who can't even smile ?

FENG SHUI: How happy the person is - is to look at the laughter. Can you tell ? or shall I say, can you fengshui tell ? usually when the person is really happy is because the house fengshui is done and so everything is perfect with less troubles or obstacles. then when the person sleeps well and is happy the smile or the laughter - how deep it is, one can tell.

You go home today and laugh and then ask your brother or sister to take a photo and then you see for yourself. how deep is your laughter. ho, ho, ho.

DESTINY: There were two sisters who came for their life readings recently then I noticed one lady who seldom smiled and is usually quite a rigid lady and so I told her to go and buy a laughing buddha and put in her house so that she can always be laughing all the time then guess what ? she said in her religion she can't place these in her house and we all laughed.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Dow Jones was down 777 points last night and I was really shocked when I saw it early this morning but then I knew my prediction was accurate and came true and this morning, I had many more sms about the stock market. I just tell them go ahead and buy small small.

The sms was not because people are worried about the drop in the price of shares but rather whether they can now go in and buy and of course I said "yes". so you see ? we are all like minded. when the price of shares drop, we go in and grab.

TIP: "Time to go and grab some and then sell ok ? got another small mini drop coming, we got to sell before then"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest news about my new blog

Today, 30 September Tuesday, my web developer, Mr. Gan sent me an sms at 6.50am saying that HP called and it's about my laptop. You would remember that I bought a new HP mini notebook to do my blogging and so now it kaput about a month ago already (I couldn't see any thing on the screen) and my web developer took it from me last week to help me get it repaired and also to install the BLOG into fengshuiqueen website on this laptop so that I can do my "FSQ Daily Thoughts Blog" there.

I didn't want to move my Dell laptop at home - the one where I have been using for years for "reconfiguration".

I text him to ask HP to give me a new laptop lah !!! Mr. Gan said he will try and also said something about HP getting a new mother board and test. so please be patient with me while we wait for them to sort these things out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wait for the next drop

Today, 29 September 2008, Monday in the afternoon, I would be going down to Chuan Park to do feng shui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last night, I watch the F1 in my bedroom and was having champagne in bed. nice, I mean the champagne .....oh the show was really really fantastic, make me want to take my bmw for a ride.Vroom !!! anyhow thanks.

As you can see even though I am a buddhist I am still very open minded and drink as most buddhists would tell you not to drink as pure buddhists cannot take wine. I am what you would say a "very open minded" person with buddhism as my philosophy towards life.

This is the way to go, my dearest and that is : to be open minded and listen to everyone else and then make your own judgement. that way you also come across as being professional in your work.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I might want to keep the blog except that those too sensitive topics I will delete away - leaving articles for those who want to read and just leave it like this. then can still collect google dollars. it is not that I want to make money from advs online just that I feel bad towards Google since they sent me a cheque in sing dollars and I am so grateful.

I will write mainly in my "Daily Thoughts" and share more on shares, market up or down etc. Definately, you will get the best from me and from there. you have to understand that I need to bring traffic to my own website and not to a blog which I don't own and which is very very popular. I don't think my clients knew how popular I was until I blog.

FENG SHUI: .............maybe next year I will have more business in CBD since most of my big corporate clients are there.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: After the successful launch of our Singapore's First F1 night race, the stock market will definately be up this morning and so I sold 100,000 shares which I bought when the market had a big dip the day after Dow Jones dropped 500 points. I cannot influence the stock market if not I would get myself into trouble and so that is one of the main reason why I had to keep my blog with private readers only so as to protect myself and then share the stock tips with you.

I can predict the market up or down but I cannot influence the market nor to influence you to buy any particular stock. Hope you can understand where I am coming from and how best I can help you. just read my blog and learn to pick all the cues ok ? that way, we all can grow our wealth together and party together too.

Now, we wait for the next drop in October and pick some more shares and then sell and that should wrap up for year 2008.

Some men and women have asked me in email or sms what stocks can they buy. It is very difficult to tell you except that you have to take a look at your own bazi and buy those favourable element stocks. Even then it is not all full proof that you can make money. I had already spent years paying tuition fees and now I hope to take back some money from the losses in the past when I was very young like 23 year old and buying my first stock.

DESTINY: Some people want a lot of fame while others prefer to be making money and do not wish for fame. which one do you want ? I prefer to be doing more business than fame as fame can be good and fame can also be bad. the power element in your bazi represnts fame. you got or not ? 1, or 2 elements ? hehe

TIP:"akang datang, next change or coming soon - patience is not a fire element but it can bring in your wealth"

This rat year, fortune changes hands

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Rats, I can't even drink goat's milk ?

Today, 28 September 2008, Sunday, I brought my parents to Warren Country Club to have tim sum and then went down to Amithba Buddhist Centre to do a recitation of the sutra of Golden Light then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Anyone wants to drink "cow"'s milk ? if we can't drink "cow"'s milk, maybe we should drink "goat"'s milk. Oh...I forgot next year is the year of the "ox" (cow) which will clash with the "goat". Rats !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: I just received a cheque from Google and it is more than s$150/-, not bad eh ?

FENG SHUI: Tell you a fengshui joke : one day when I was on my way back in a taxi and upon arrival the taxi driver said : "oh your house has been fengshuied"..............I looked at him with a grin and said "Yes, uncle, I am the fengshui master". You should see the look on his face after that.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Some people always focus on money and so they tend to focus on the money in as their salary and then the money out as their expenses and then they will tell themselves that they can't save money. I told them to take a calculator and start counting where all their money is and I said to them : "Some people can make the biggest money from properties and so next time when they wish to sell their property the money is all there" and that includes their cpf money.

I also tell them that : "money in and money out now is a temporary situation now as she has two growing up children to attend to and the kids will definately need money at this stage. I told her to look at the bigger picture where all her money is and to save later next time when she can or to do that "pay yourself first" method and to start saving a little at a time now. I usually tell them to start with S$50/-

TIPS: "The year of the ox will come and clash with the goat"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feng Shui is when the energies in the environment balances

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Today, 26 September 2008, Saturday, I went down to ubi office in the morning at 10am to do 3 life readings then to Serangoon Ave 3 to check condo fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How is your day ? Good I hope.

LYNN YAP BLOG: After writing a blog for the last 4 months, well it has been fun as I do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you and particuarly on "fengshui and destiny" as they are something that I love very very much. Lately, I have been busy and that is why some things could have been done faster but I didn't.

FENG SHUI: If you wish to understand more about fengshui - the first step is to remember that fengshui is all about "logic". If anything is not logical don't follow or ask why and then try it out for while and see if you can see any results before you said "no". this is to allow fengshui time to give results before you dismiss it as not workable.

Even if a fengshui master uses the "Flying star school of fengshui", there can be many differences. One of which could be : the facing of the house and this is where it may differ from master to master. some masters take the main door of the house as facing while some take the side with the most yang energy as the facing.

This means that no two fengshui master is equal. The truth would be : which fengshui master fengshui work vs which one did'nt and how would you know ?

DESTINY: A person whose hour pillar has a snake or horse are usually very intelligent person. the only bad point about this is : everytime the child try to do something the child would be afraid and is usually the first time the child do something like riding a bicycle or swimming etc.

KARMA & EFFECTS: Keep doing good deeds so that you will have a large amount of merits and sometimes when you see people have lots of money and then they encounter difficulties is because their merits are gone and expired.

Buy a person lunch or dinner creates good merits as when "the person" you buy lunch/dinner do other good deeds then your merits will multiply. that is why it is always good to buy Rinpoches lunch/ dinner or anyone whom you think do help other people. Buying drinks for that person also help Example : are those who bought me bottles of wine. I lost count how many already since the beginning of 2008 - I think more than 20 bottles by now. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One thing to note about investment is : it is there, it may not be there. Example is : when you have paper loss now and it might not be there tomorrow, meaning that you can make back the money.

FSQ DAILY TIP: Always wear your lucky colour if you want money to come to you and on THAT day only.

TIP:"When the energies are in harmony, everything becomes smooth and fortune comes"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are you passionate about what you do ?

Today, 26 September 2008, Friday I would be going down to Ubi office to do a readings then to OUB Centre for a meeting then to collect air tickets then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I am sorry my blog update is late today as after I had collected my air ticket from beach road went to have dinner with my 3 gfs and bought them dinner. Usually in the morning I would update my facebook and say where I will be for that day. so you can try and be my facebook friend and read that first so that you know where I will be every day and what time the blog will be updated.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I have receive some interesting emails and sms saying that my blog is interesting and they are actually looking forward to reading them on my official website at fengshuiqueen.com

Hmmm.....sometimes I wonder what makes my blog interesting in that it ticks ? maybe because it is a first party telling stories like I use the word , "I" and not they. so this gives it a personal touch and an insight into my life other than work. Frankly, I think my personal life is a bore but I am not complaining because that is the way to grow my own wealth, the way I want it to be done.

For example: I already lined up all my assets and counting to a tune of S$10k passive income from the rental of all my 3 properties. However, I won't retire yet till age 65 while my brother said he will work till 70 and I said OMG.

FENG SHUI: Anybody it seems can speak on fengshui then how does one judge if the master is speaking the deeper truth or scratching on surface. I believe reputation has to be earned first and once reputation is earned, the trust factor is there. when you earn the trust from your customers, you will have many followers.

A fengshui master also ought to be objective when looking at all matters - hence the fengshui master also needs to be looking at the bigger picture to see things further and beyond. that would make a great fengshui master and that is respected too by its peers.

DESTINY: How is your life so far ? if it has not been good then maybe it is time for you to try to do a life reading.

The answer for yesterday's question was : if it is a single person who goes into her or his 10 year luck cycle and into 4 money elements then one person only will get about S$500k or slightly more. while if that person is married and if married to the right partner then he or she can get more than one million.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If a company has an asset then that company would have value. most companies have goodwill in them and is an intrinsic value. One will need to put a value to your goodwill. It is just like asking yourself - what is the value of this company and please do some calculation to add numbers and then you will be understand.

TIP:"Passion is defined as an energy that drives you to your level best and your eyes will sparkle"

One more big drop in October 2008

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and we won't eat grass in year 2008 instead we would have made more money and following your fengshui Queen !!! yeah !!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Never panic in times of crisis but learn to be strong, this time round

Today, 25 September 2008, Thursday, I went to check fs in Tampiness and then to Dakota Cresent to check another HDB fs.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everyday I am still receiving sms regarding how to access my blog. This time round, I ask them to mail a cheque to my company's name since they say they missed it so much and they love it. ok, show me the money.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Sometimes I wonder if I am being kind to my fellow Singaporeans would they appreciate me more or my clients from Malaysia ?

FENGSHUI: In the year of the rat, we saw "rats falling down" from a ceiling of a restuarant. in the year of the ox (bull)(cow), are we to see cow falling down ? yes, if your logo got "an ox" on it.

We would probabaly experience the highest rainfall this year of the rat.

DESTINY: There was a lady I met recently and we had a short chat. she told me last year her luck is very good as she make more than a million dollars in profits from her company and another million in property and she says she is very very happy.

From my bazi research on 2007, I know many young single ladies make at least half a million paper profit from their properties. while there are others who actually make more. why so ? when both of them are entering into their 4 money element period.

Do you know the answer ? I tell you, tomorrow. I want to sip my red wine and enjoy channel 107. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This is an opportunity to pick some good shares if you are still keen in investing for the longer term. Read their reports, all kinds and then make a decision.

Sometimes I wonder why smaller companies don't want to get themselves listed ? finally I understood why. it is because of a lack of education on financial education, the fear is there.

I usually would not invest into a company if they have no intention to get listed. this is because if a company gets listed that's where my shares have value and is easily transferable but if the company do not wish to get listed then I may be stuck with the money in the shares and the only way is when the company gives me the profits and equal to my investment value then these shares will be free and a big BONUS. can that day happen and fast ??

FSQ DAILY FENGSHUI TIP: If green is your lucky colour then when you change your fifty dollar note and if there is a green colour S$5/- that means that you are still in good luck.

TIP:"this time is different because the value of money lost would be greater than anything else"

Fengshui talk 2009 - registration


This is to inform that if you wish to sign up for my PREDICTIONS talk at Safra Mt Faber scheduled on 10 January 2009 Saturday, the registration opens next friday.

Contact : Rozianah (zee) at : +65-6377-3677 or email at : rozianah@safra.sg or visit their website at http://www.safra.sg/

All participants would be given a door gift and I think it is going to be a "golden bull".

The rain continues and is going to flood

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Today, 24 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to office to do a selection for a brand name and then to Tampiness to do HDB flat fengshui. Oh and today, I receive my 8th bottle of red wine !!! yippy. burb.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I had noticed that most of the time when clients invite me to help them choose their HDB or condo, most of the time they will buy that unit if I said that the house has good fengshui. my closing rate is about 99%.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Today, one client sms me saying please don't delete my blog........I told her I have to delete it as I need to bring readers to my new blog which is going to be at my website and would call it "Daily Thoughts".

FENG SHUI: There was a day when I went to help a client choose a flat and I told her to use her sixth sense to help her get a feel of what it is like to get a good fengshui house. One had a good fengshui while the other had no more power area and so that house tend to be rather dull and the qi feels stale even though the house may look nice and neat.

When the power area is trapped in the middle of the house this means that the people living in the house would move slowly and have things very slow to them and health might not be good either. It is even worse if the wealth area is trapped in the middle.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Keeping cash in the bank even though the interest rate is low is ok and good always remember that at least money stays in the bank and not gone or lost.

FSQ DAILY FENG SHUI TIP: Carry a small workable calculator in your handbag so that you will have lots of money to count. I bought mine from popular book store and is been working well.

TIP:"the rain in spain stays mainly in the plane ?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can I hang a bell on my cow ?

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I don't want to eat grass in the year of the ox, 2009

The COW year is coming !!! moo moo

Today, 23 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to ubi office for life readings then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: People have already started booking me for their annual reviews for 2009. Offically, I am starting on 1st November but there are others who had requested an earlier date and I agreed. Why is it good to come for an annual reivew ? it is because then you can be warned of the things that you need to take note of for the coming year and then learn to be more careful. I usually give my clients two hours of my time each.

A person also need to have lots of merits in order to meet with a good fengshui master or even a fortune teller who can predict events accurately for you and also how to avoid.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The Daily Thoughts should be coming up soon maybe earliest by next week. When it is ready, this blog will be gone. delete.

FENG SHUI: Next year is the ox year or some people call it the cow and looks like the milk got into trouble already and as early as September 2008. If you want to know what else is in store, come and attend my predictions talk for 2009. Anyone wants a rabbit candy, my favourite you know ?

DESTINY: If you are born in the year of the goat then it is best not to have a baby born in the ox year ok ? however if can't be helped then there is always a cure. Master Lynn always got solution one. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: With the events happening, one notes that it is still best to keep money in cash and please do or invest in stocks or properties however property prices will be coming down soon with the biggest drop in prices in year 2010. so if you buy now, you may buy a good fengshui property while when the property prices are down, it might be more difficult to get a good fengshui property.

The best fengshui property is one where the wealth area is at the main door, very very good for the money.

TIP:"Moo, baby, MoVE lah !!! don't stand there like a heavy bull"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The golden rooster lay eggs ?

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I just heard someone's rooster go cluck a doodle do, on the street where you live

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Today, 22 September 2008, Monday, in the afternoon I would be going down to Bukit Batok to check fengshui for can or cannot buy, 3 units. maybe the market is picking up, I don't know. yesterday when doing my 3 life readings a lady client called me sifu.....and when someone calls me sifu, "wa ho hoi sum"..........."arm teng" lah !! then I give her more tips.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Whatever that we receive from sms or when we hear from other people about any news, the most important is to : remain calm and don't act on it. One question to ask yourself is : did the news affect you ? if not then, ignore. Never be a kaypor if not you may loose some luck.

This is the time to learn how to keep your own luck and don't let others spend it away. This is why my blog logs out those who read and are not my clients as these are the ones who may give negative remarks and negative energy. Question: why should I share my luck with them ? I would rather share them with my clients, even if they are my new clients it is ok because they can soon be my long term clients.

Can you see how many long term clients that I have collected over the years and why ? Let us not be so shallow and play with them at their games. We've got some fengshui standard and we believe that the correct fengshui can work for anybody.

LYNN YAP BLOG: After some negotations, we (my web developer and me) have reached an agreement on how best to do the "daily thoughts" and the fee. coming soon.....akan datang.

FENG SHUI: Sometimes when I am free I would go and read other online forums to find out what is happening in the fengshui market other than mine, just to have an idea or in depth knowledge of what is happening.

DESTINY: I have already shared one of the best kept secret about extending your life. How did I know about this ? well......there was once I was showed a d. certificate and I tally this with the person's birthdate and time and viola. I got it !!! that is why the more years of experiences the fortune teller is, the more "kang hoo"

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Fengshui and stocks do have an impact on one's investment. Fengshui and properties also have another impact. It is up to you to choose to believe in it or not.

TIP:"the street where you live is the estate directly opposite seletar hills, nice quiet serene, heaven !!!"

Sunday, it's a beautiful day !!!

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When one do many good deeds then one will meet with the rightful master

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Today, 21 September 2008, Sunday, I went to check fengshui for a condo at Leicester area and then to ubi office to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How did your week go ? Good, I hope.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Once the Daily Thoughts is up on my website this blog will be closed. I would write for only one area and promote it.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui can help you to see wealth come in faster however one would also have to do good deeds then the wealth can continue to come.

DESTINY: A person who is born in the dog (7pm to 9pm) or dragon hour (7am to 9am) would usually be plump.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Start saving again and try to save, however there will always be something that you like to eat or to buy and if it is very important then can go ahead, if not then wait.

Money earned today need to be saved and not spent as one never know when one will need more money. for some people, money comes in easy while for some others, it is all hard earned money.

FSQ FENG SHUI TIP: To prolong your life, wear the animal sign of your hour pillar on you. If you don't know then when you come for your annual review 2009 then ask, ok ?

TIP:"The rightful master is known as a learned man or kau ren (mandarin) in the old days"

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's another SATurday, let's sit, ponder and reflect

Today, 20 September 2008, Saturday, I am going to Ubi office to do readings and a selection of wedding date.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The Organisers at Safra contacted me yesterday and I gave them my new email address. I like to use the one at google, maybe because the font size is bigger and is easier on the eye for me to read.

"Why grandma, do you have such big eyes ?" asked the little red riding hood in Han Anderson's fairy tales.

When I was growing up, my retired ex school teacher, father, Mr. Yap TG now close to 80 years of age and of St Margarets Secondary School made me read these books and I grew up thinking that I am as pretty as Cinderalla.

Initially, I was a little concerned as I wonder how are they going to contact me since my yahoo email is down. Then as a buddhist, I put my life in the hands of the Buddha and let Buddha lead the way and so I hope for the best. This is probably the other side of me which you have not seen.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, a lady sent an sms saying when am I going to open my blog to public as she can't stand the "cold turkey". I had a good laugh. I thought it was a cute guy trying to pull my leg. there is nothing that I can do now......except to wait for my web developer.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui and Scent - it is always good to make your bedroom smell nice like placing some essential oils like lavender in a pot in the bedroom to make the room smell nice before going to bed. Lavender has a very calming effect on me and so does a red wine.

DESTINY: For most people who find that money is always going out, it could be because your expenses are more than what you currently earn and hence you may find it very difficult to save. There was a book that I read and it taught us to write down how much we spend each day. I have not tried this : maybe I was afraid to know how much I spend each day.

THE FACE: The nose denotes the wealth, the bigger the nose, the more the wealth. the sharper the nose, the better the business acumen. however if the nostrils can be seen then this person can't save money. this sort of person have better not write down what she spends each day......cause it can be most alarming. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS:This is a time to keep cash or invest in gold. Commodtities are still good investments however the next few years do not look too good for the weather but I think we can weather thru and that is : if you had bought stocks that has commodities in them.

FSQ NOTE: I am looking forward to my retreat. the date has been changed again and starts 4 Dec 2008. The latest that I heard was that there are no rooms for us at Kopan Monastry and so we would have to stay in a hotel and every day take a jeep up to kopan. I think only 3 of us are going for this trip. Retreat : is always a good time to practise to be a great follower of the Buddha.

TIP:"In life, someone looses, someone gain"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fengshui weather like the clouds

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How's the fengshui weather today ??

Today, 19 September 2008, Friday, I went to do house fengshui then to office to do readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When you don't take beef, mutton or pork, your body can become more sensitive and therefore you will be more sensitive to the energies of the environment, while daily meditation at 5am in the morning helps to become more alert and sharp. Therefore you will be able to see more than what others can see. Plus when we read into any situations, you can read deeper than anyone else and can do a spot on prediction. All these are part of the hard training to be a super fengshui master. People train for many years and very hard under harsh conditions to win the gold medal in Olympics and just for a few minutes or hours of work/playing the games.

Can you see the similarity ? our work may be only about one and half hours of work in one location but then our best is produced during those hours. 3 months later the effects of the fengshui should kick off then one would know that the fengshui has started and the fengshui has to work.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My web developer is still working on the "Daily Thoughts" on my official website.

Feng Shui : Are you still carrying your bagua pendant, bronze size of 20 cent still in your wallet ? This was your fengshuiqueen tip for 2008 and is meant for protection and to attract more wealth (choiu chye) (hokkien).

DESTINY: If a person is born in the year of the rabbit who is supose to be short guy and is born in the time of the tiger then that person will be tall. Want to make a tall baby like a model ? do a Caer Birth, can make it. Most important must bring good luck for their parents.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The troublesome "5 yellow" energy is in the south for 2009 hence countries that are below the equator that is located on the southern hemisphere would soon find themselves in some trouble. Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia are all in the southern hemisphere.

Troublesome energies are those that can cause freak accidents, accidental etc and in year 2009 will be located in the south and that means that it can occur in the southern part of any city, town or even within a country. One can use various ways to detect this and explain this troublesome energy that we call in chinese "five yellow" (wu huang).

The earliest date when the troublesome "5 yellow" energy will kick off is around 22 December 2008.

When buying stocks for 2009, choose those stocks that do not have exposure to these countries. Plus, that stock must suit your bazi ok ? if not try not to buy or if you must, buy less.

TIP:"One word sums up - troublesome"

The Book of changes - I-Ching Oracle

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Today, 18 September 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office to do readings and then to British Club for lunch as my gf/client was buying me lunch and red wine. A few evenings ago, a lady client wanted to buy me wine for her annual review and request that we do it at Wine Network on a sunday, I laughed and said ok. she had been my client for the last 8 years.

I had a Humpty Dumpty made of egg shell sitting on the shelf and one evening the wind was so strong that my Humpty Dumpty fell and cracked. the hole was quite huge such that I had to throw it away. Poor Ted.

There are still a few sms coming in today regarding my blog and oh my ! All I could reply them was to get them to join my Google Group as a member and to wait for my anouncements on my Daily Thoughts like a blog to be done in my website. this also channels my readers to my website. the last update on my website is in the "weekly thoughts" in July 2008 where I used to write weekly and post photos of my trips.

Today, the market is down and so one client sms me saying that she intends to buy this particular stock. then another client says thank you for after reading the blog she made money from gold and asked if she should keep or sell. I told her Gold is going up next year and if she is in no hurry she can wait till next year then cash out. I had to do my next year predictions for her. oh my !! and am revealing too much, wait nobody wants to come and listen to me speak at my talks in 2009 at Safra. When they open for booking in December, you better be quick as there are limited seats only.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Blogs are Great for added revenue. I speak for myself as I get many people seeing me for life readings after reading my blog and a couple of fengshui checks as well. I haven't start to count how many more lifes, I have read this year.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui for one house can be different from the fengshui of another house, only if you have moved houses then you will understand what I mean. In fengshui, we have to be very detailed in our work as sometimes people may get the wrong idea and buy the wrong thing and then the fengshui can backfire.

DESTINY: Because I mentioned that a baby born in the wrong year can bring about difficult relationship for spouses. so there was a day when I went to do a house review and so this young couple had a long list of questions to ask me including which year they can have a child and which year cannot. wah. but that is good so that everything is smooth for them in this lifetime. hmmm.........I think they read my blog.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Most investors are worried that there are more "big problems" coming and so the sentiment for the stock market is no good. Fengshui masters had already predicted it already that the market would be down around now and October because the water in the rat year come and extinguish the fire in the stock market and so the market cannot breathe. Ying water extinguishes ying fire.

Last year, 2007 we had yang water (the pig year)and so around August/September (7th lunar month) the stock market had a big fall and it went down, 3 steep falls. After that fall, many people also came to see me for life readings to find out more and what stocks they can play or cannot. "Word of mouth" that my predictions were very accurate spread and so I had more business too. At that time, I did the prediction in yahoo mailing list as well as in my "weekly thoughts", months ahead before it happened.

FSQ NOTE: Now, can you see why this fengshui knowledge is so powerful and in the old days only the rich who can afford a fengshui master grow to become richer and richer while those who didnt believe in one and did not engage one could potentially become poorer and poorer.

There is a logical 5 elements explantion to this from the fengshui angle and so whether you choose to believe that fengshui can explain matters even about the stock markets or world events.

It is not up to you to choose to believe or not. It is for REAL and is there.

TIP:" We incorporate I-Ching Gua into our readings to make it even more perfect"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Humpty Dumpty had a big fall !!!

Today, 18 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office for readings and then to do a house fengshui at Sembawang.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How are you ? Do you know that I used to blog weekly in my "weekly thoughts" and members pay to read what I write ? and that has been years till I started this blog and go full steam and then a Big Brake. Today, I got 5 sms about the blog. Yesterday all in total, I get about 8 sms regarding my blog. The blog is full and I cannot invite more readers to this blog.

The first few readers are really lucky and they probably are the ones who really come and read my blog every day. The rest are those who probably come and read once a week and that is why the readership figures are not constant.

The readership number is important for me while many, take it easy. it would be a waste of my time to write while nobody reads. Probably that is why : it is always best to charge people money then you can get the really serious readers.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When the Daily Thoughts in my website is ready, those who are the non paying readers can still read it free except that they will be reading the old news, of about 1 week. Those paying members can read the latest daily happenings and thoughts.

I will announce it here as well as the Google Group which is now my main forum where any readers can post and ask me any questions on fengshui and destiny readings.

FENG SHUI: Never buy a house that is facing a staircase whether up or down. If you need to buy this one then use a convex mirror and paste it on the wall above the main door to bounce off the staircase and to make it disappear.

FSQ NOTE: These are the typical fengshui cures to such a problem. The more creative fengshui master will have a more useful and creative cure.

DESTINY: People born in the rabbit year are generally short people. Ask around and maybe you can see some rabbits hopping around.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If your fengshui master is a savvy investor it helps right ? to give you sound property knowledge other than fengshui.

A few days ago, a client bought a condo based on my advice that fengshui is good. However with the recent news of the US Financial market situation, my client got worried and sms me.

My reply to him was : The fengshui of the house is good for the next 40 years and if the condo is freehold or 999leasehold, the property prices may drop a little in the next few years but what is most important is that this condo can have capital apprecation after say 10 years. This is the reason why before you buy the condo I ask what is the leasehold of this property before I tell you to go ahead. The fengshui is good and you should be doing well after you move in and on the subject of property investment, this is a good buy.

For the next few years : Would you keep cash, keep gold or keep property ?

TIP:"And more coming while the crack on the dumpty is so huge that it is too big to cover"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baa Baa BLACK RAT !!! ouch

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Today, 16 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then to do my personal things.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market is down today and many would loose money but it is all because of the rat year, a terrible rat. For individuals, it is now time to pick some good stocks to keep or wait a while longer say in October. it is always best to buy stock when the wall street had a big fall then you go in.

What would worry most people are the domino impact on us. Let's hope we can all go thru this "difficult" period. More dark clouds in the next few weeks, be careful.

LYNN YAP BLOG: 3 months of blogging and open to readers and the 4th month closed to only invited readers but then the invited readers are only up to a maximum of 100 readers. After that : what happens. I didn't know what to do either but after a few days, an idea suddenly crept up and that is to turn the "Weekly Thoughts" in my official website to "Daily Thoughts" and then open only to paid members as that would solve all the hassle of my blog and readers.

This is because everyday I get about 4 sms regarding my blog, mailbox too in FACEBOOK, Google email and fengshuiqueen website mail.

When it is ready in my fengshuiqueen website, I will let you know. You would have to pay and then a userid and password would be given. My web developer is working on it now and it will be daily as I am already in the habit of writing daily.

FSQ NOTE: Some people have a face that people like to look at. Some people are good at writing that people like to read. I belong to this category that people like to read what I write about hence I can have a secondary income and I started this many years ago, blogging but weekly and in my "weekly thoughts". It is now timely to convert it to daily.

I never had intended to make money from blogging in this manner but the way things out..........I guess it is the best way to deal with it. What do you think ? make my blog open again and then I can't go for my retreat ? no way. I need to go it is good for my soul, my merits, my children, family members and clients. now you know why all my clients always do well ?

FENG SHUI: Feng shui actually can explain many things. It is whether you understand it or not.

Something negative has to happen this year because it is a rat year and the longer one prolongs it, the worst it can become. Even fengshui masters these days will also need to be aware of whatever is happening on the global scene such that their own predictions can be most accurate. chun !!!

DESTINY: If earth is your money element, then please grow fatter a bit ok ? because earth is fat.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Most of us go to work, earn an income, some more than others. To be financially savvy is to learn the mindset of the rich and how they became rich. Some of their models can help us as we can relate to some while some we may find that we can't relate but still it is all a learning curve.

Keep learning all the time and don't give up !!!

TIP:" have you any wool er I mean cheese"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Retreat at Kopan Monastry, Nepal (12Dec to 30Dec 2008)


I just booked my air ticket to Nepal for my retreat which starts on 12 Dec to 30 Dec 2008. I would most likely be staying at Kopan Monastry where there might not be any signal or maybe this time they have, you can still try to contact/sms me at : +65-9685-2718

After I blogged out my blog to restricted readers, this great news came if not I don't know how. Now maybe you can understand why I wanted to keep my own good luck for a purpose : I needed someone to organise and bring me for a retreat and I felt that I had to get it done for this great news. Now, I am so happy to be going for my retreat !!!! yeah.

When your mind is calm, whatever scenery you see is beautiful

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Today, 15 September 2008, Monday, I went to attend to my personal matters then at 8pm got a can or cannot buy for a house at Lavender Area.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Read the headlines on top of my blog and then read the bottom tips because they are related.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When you write your blog and only a few people read, it would seem like you are talking to yourself. however if there are many readers, you would feel different and that you will have to write with responsibilty because there are thousands of readers out there and you don't know who they are !!! if you own a blog, you will know what I mean.

FENG SHUI: Recently there was a man from jkt who sent me an sms asking me if indonesia stock market will pick up soon and I replied "no" then he asked again, when will it go up as he wants to know if he may cut loss or wait.

I replied him with a "no" because I know what is going to happen to Indonesia in 2009 because of the "five yellow" energy.

NEXT YEAR, 2009 : The five yellow will be in the SOUTH.

Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, parts of India, South America is going to have troublesome energy and therefore stock markets will not improve particulary in Indonesia. In fact there may even be earthquakes there and can be as early as Dec 2008, the start of the ox year and it will be no bull for the stock market.

You can catch the details in January 2009 when I make my first presentation on my Predictions. You won't be able to download my presentations in your thumbdrive like last year until I have finished all my 2009 Presentations or I will upload it here and you can mail it to all your friends like in 2008, the revised edition one (now still in GOOGLE search engines) where I took out the page on my corporate clients.

As usual, I will only give my predictions in early January 2009.

Therefore any stocks that we hold that has revenue from Indonesia may be down for quite a while. Try not to pick those stocks if you wish to make money on a : one time off for next year, 2009.

DESTINY: At the work place, even if we know we are smart but we cannot show that we are smart if not the bosses may be afraid of us. The intelligence of any person is denoted by the fire element in their bazi. check to see where the fire element is in your "4 pillars of Destiny".

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When we make more money on a month what do most people do with their money ? some spent them on LCD tvs or buy jewels, expensive watches while some even buy brand new expensive cars.

Then what happens when the next few months are slow and next few years ? they usually tend to complain.

That is why it is important in life to be frugal most of the time (or learn how to be frugal) and save money. that is why people always say we need to save for a rainy day and the rainy day is about to come - where some people will get unemployed and that is a tough time for any family. The world's economy is going to be "choppy" for a couple of years. so hang on !!! and use the fengshui in your house to help you create more opportunities and business.

Therefore : "The person who has the vision to see far will rule the investment world".

CURRENTLY READING: "Smart women finish rich" by David Bach

TIP:"When your mind is troubled, whatever beautiful scenery will not seem beautiful"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One needs passion to survive, beneath that passion is the drive

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Today, 14 September 2008, Sunday, I went for lunch with my parents and then drove for work to Seletar Hills Estate.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The ability to touch peoples' heart will win the day. Take a look at those people who do a job that touches people's hearts and these are the people who will also make good leaders - the ability to convince people.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My readership may have dropped but then these readers are my clients and so in order to keep my clients, my long term clients, this blog is for you. Hope you can benefit alot from it.

I enjoy my FS work very much as well as my writing.

FENG SHUI: If you place a small object in a place and within hours something happens to you - be it good or bad, this is fengshui for you. I will share little stories about fengshui here and there to help you understand more.

The Five Yellow is in the North although some fengshui master says it is elsewhere. I did my own calculation and it is indeed North and that is why our northern neighbours are encountering troublesome matters like Thailand and Malaysia. Next year, 2009, their troublesome energy will be ok as the Five Yellow will move elsewhere.

North also refers to the younger male and so the younger males are in some trouble this year.

Earthquakes, hurricanes are all in the North, the Northern Hemisphere. convinced ?

A fenghsui master needs training and also years of experiences in order to be the best and I definately want to be the BEST. The one who will make the most accurate predictions - that is my forte.

DESTINY: If your destiny says so this time round has a lot of water then it is best to wear some gemstones on you to reduce your water elments in your bazi so that the rest of the year will be smooth for you.

For those born in the horse animal sign, it might be a good idea to carry a horse pendant on you so that the rat year will clash on the horse pendant and not on you.

FSQ NOTE: It is always good to carry your own animal sign gold pendant in your wallet. 10 years later, that gold will go up in value and you can make money.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: In life after you make one decision then stick to it but be sharp and focussed.

For those whose are having paper loss in stocks, maybe it is time now to buy some to bring the breakeven price to market value and if your funds are limited then enter some now and some later in October when the water in the rat year will be the strongest and which will flood the fire in the stock market and so the market cannot breath.

TIP:"how strong is your drive depends on your survival needs"

Come join Google Group, "fengshui_destiny"

The GOOGLE Group on :"fengshui_destiny" is now made public and I would advise all of you to join if you haven't as that will be the first place where I will make my announcements.

Google Groups


Visit this group

Friday, September 12, 2008

Love in the masterbed room is the theme for today !!

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Today, 13 September 2008, Saturday, I have a 10am appointment and then more readings at ubi office at 3pm to do a house review fengshui at Tampiness then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Each evening, I enjoy coming home and having a glass of red wine and relax. I find wine very relaxing, particulary red wine. In the last 5 years, since sampling wine, I find that my favourite is merlot as it can really have a nice calming effect on me. Don't believe, try it yourself and don't get drunk. hehe

I have ever heard my friend telling me that a person who knows how to appreciate wine is somene who knows how to enjoy life. Do you agree ?

LYNN YAP BLOG: This blog can only have 100 private readers. After that, it cannot take in anymore but let me check the Google help and see what I can find.

Why did I close it to my clients only, for a simple reason - to preserve my own good luck. I do not know how to explain it to you or maybe next year when you come for your annual review and then we chat about it. I am particulary senstitive to energies around me, whatever I do and hence I would read my own energies to determine if what I do is right or wrong.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui tips for the master bedroom :
1) Where the bed is placed has to have a wall behind and directly opposite you should also have another wall.

2) The bed ideally a Queen size or King's size is the best - the bigger the better is because the bed represents relationship. My bed is KING.

3) On the bed should have a pair of red heart shaped pillows to represent love, you can buy one of these pillows with hands from Ikea.

4) Beside the bed should also have a bedside table and a pair of table lamp and no black lamp shades as this represents brightness in relationship and relationship here refers to anybody, with bosses, with friends, relatives, spouse etc.

5) Ideally, the room should have something maroon or dark red or pink to represent love in the room.

6) One can also use an aroma lamp or scented wood to give the room a nice smell. Senses is important in relatonships and music too. Music is the water element and can be used to create moods in the room. Kelvin Kern, anyone ?

7) There should be a wedding photo of the couple in the bedroom - so that anyone who walks into the room will know that it belongs to this couple and not anyone else.

8) The bed should also have a headboard to give it power.

9) Directly opposite where you are sleeping or beside you can place a safe about 2 ft tall so that you can always grow wealthier, after every sleep. This is because the safe represents money and that is why wealthy people grow and become richer and richer and so you will need to follow this tip, very good for money luck.

10) When you enter the masterbed room should be a wall then the couple would always love to go to bed if it is a window it is not so good.

FSQ NOTE: Thee is no need to have a nice looking bedroom, reasonably clean and smell nice is important for a good rest.

DESTINY: If you do not have the resource element in your bazi, it means that it is best for you to work alone and even if you have staff, the staff would not be loyal. so which do you want ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: It is in your destiny whether you can make money from shares or you can make money from properties. This is destiny that is fixed : it is because you will buy property at the right timing and when you have the money to buy. then it means property is investing is right for you.

Some people have the money to buy but then the market is hot like in years 1996, 1997 and so they get caught when they make their purchase. 10 years down the road and it is now 2007 the year of the pig and yet they only breakeven. Some of these clients I told them to sell their 99 years leasehold property condo before the cycle comes back again and they will be caught again in the cycle and how many pig years are you going to live through ? the next time round, the lease gets lesser and there might not be any capital appreciation.

However a word of caution : Some very old condo if the whole condo project fengshui is good can have potential enbloc while some condo project will never get an enbloc not for the next 20 years.

Because my clients have been with me the last 19 years and we have gone through the patch of 1997 and 1998 and therefore they listen to me even though there is no need to discuss property investing with them but I can help them to make decisions especially when all 4 properties have the same fengshui results and then what next ? which one to choose. This is where me as a savvy property investor, comes into play and offer them property advice.

Because I always go for logic and reasoning, people listen. One client told me that this is now my added advantage because all my property investment never loose money. I put the money where the fengshui business is : A good fengshui property will never let the owner loose money, remember that.

TIP:"Love is : when the world is you and you are my world"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When one crises come n subdued and another happens

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Today, 12 September 2008, Friday, I went down to ubi office to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Every morning, I would write a bit of my blog and then when home, would add more, edit and then post.

LYNN YAP BLOG: For the past 3 months, many read my blog and then on the 4th month when it was closed to clients only then many sms, emails to Google Group or even to my new email address at : masterlynnyap@fengshuiqueen.com

It shows many things : 1) we are moving fast pace and can be here today, the blog and tomorrow we are closed for clients only. hence nothing is permanent, my clients and that's life. so when it was free, you should appreciate and when it is now closed, it is even more precious to you.

However there is a catch : this blog can only have 100 readers and I am almost close to the first 100 readers. then what shall I do ? can anyone suggest ? write another blog ?

FENG SHUI: There was a time when I went to a clients house and on her dining table was Gardenia white bread. ooh.

DESTINY: Come for a life reading if you haven't. It is good to know about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and then learn how to overcome them and also how to tackle your destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When you have made your first million then go for the second and then the third. However if you are already rich then learn how to behave like a rich man or woman ok ? That is : don't run but walk with style. there are many more......tell you one at a time.

TIP:"we call this in fengshui theories, troublesome matters like the five yellow that is in the north sector this year"

The rich and the famous ? you wish to be one or would you rather care for the average Singaporeans

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Today, 11 September 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings. These photos are taken at Warren Golf and Country Club when I went there to have my lunch as I am a member there.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The world's economy is not going to be good. What I would like you to do is to stay put in your job, work hard and come yearly to see me for your annual review or house fengshui review. That way, we can see how to overcome the difficult years that are coming. The market is down today and many people have already lost money, the same with me which I mentioned earlier in the year that is why I make it paper loss.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, my blog went private. There is good and bad. The good one is : only my treasured clients will get to read what I write and I get to share my merits with my good clients and not the negative attitude of some readers who can come and zap up my positive energy.

The bad is : my readers will drop and maybe no new readers will be able to read what I write. I felt that, it is ok as my own luck is more important than the readers. My blog can serve my clients while my website, http:// www.fengshuiqueen.com can serve the new customers. I can try this out and see how. Most important is : I still got business to do.

This year, I have done fengshui for two more listed companies under my wing and total todate I have 6. revenue so far has been quite good except for August 2008 which is my lowest. Do you know how much revenue my company has to make in order to pay me S$10k a month and I get paid monthly and then goes to the loans and the car.

FENG SHUI: If you think your pond needs to change to a bigger one then do so. However the pond size cannot be too big such that it can drown the whole house then it is not right ok ? Usually the size of the pond that is maximum is about 4ft long and don't go for 7ft which is too big for an apartment or unless you own a landed property and intends to have a nice koi pond inside and outside of your house.

DESTINY: There was a couple who was in love and then they get married and because the wife gave birth to a child born in the wrong animal sign that clashes with her day pillar and so she and her husband's relationship started to go hay wire and on the verge of getting a divorce. So would you like to go for a second child or third child when the animal sign can clash with the animal in your day pillar ? be careful, ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To be a savvy investor is first learn to become frugal. I think our society do not think that a savvy frugal person is well respected. Our society may look upon people who drive big cars and own condos. this is the wow factor. what about someone who is very thrifty and saves most of the time, wear shabby clothes or travels economy class and eat at hawker centres or even cup noodles or bread for dinner ? he or she can be a multi-millionaire you know ?

Next time you meet an old friend, simply ask how are you and how is your net worth ? hehe

FSQ NOTE: The market is down today and so around October 2008, you can go in. If my blog is public, I cannot write this. I can't tell you when to enter and when to get out. This is closed doors, better and I like to have it closed for a while and let us make money together.

TIP: "My job is to make the average Singaporeans more than average"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The emperor wears new clothes

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Today, 10 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to check fengshui at Hougang area then to ubi office for readings. Today, I decided to make my blog private so that only those who are my clients can read what I write as I am about to write sensitive topics like stocks.

DAILY THOUGHTS: 2009 is not going to be a great year but still we will need to go thru it. With housing problems and unemployment in US, very soon it will hit us in Asia. One would remember the last Asian Financial Crises which was in 1997, the year of the ox and this cycle is coming back.

In the olden days, the Emperor has many advisors, one of the advisor is a fengshui master (or so called learned man) who can help the Emperor about his luck, strategy and how to move, the next step or to cope. those days, only the Emperor's rope has 5 dragon claws.

Today, many companies have their own fengshui masters who act as advisors and help them steer out of the economy crisis and into a steady path.

Many would remember in 1997, it was a tough year for many and many came and seek for our help. we steer these companies into where they are now today. The "wheel" of fortune is turning again, be prepared and hold on to your job.

LYNN YAP BLOG: It is interesting how after approaching 4 months and I am still so active in writing with photos for my blog. Give any blog, 5 years and I believe : many businesses will start to use a blog other than the social networking like Zorpia or FACEBOOK for business.

FENG SHUI: Try out the steps that I have given for the single ladies and in 3months time, something should work out then you will know this is how feng shui work.

Fengshui can help you, just don't be too superstitious or go over board on feng shui. I never like that ......ok ?

DESTINY: Some people are not cut out to do business then it is better that you work for a company. however if you do wish still to be your own boss then you will need to have good partners, friends who can help you where you are weak at.

Most bosses are the ones getting the sales - they are in the front line while the back end is usually the spouse who handles all the finance and accounts.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Doing business would become more and more difficult because of competition. I do see many others that open up restuarants and if you are in the restuarant business. if you are in the spa business, it is the same. there are many spas around and some of them do have fengshui help and are doing well. Then if you are in the food business or even spa business for example (just take two examples and no particular reason why) then how can you stage your business to be different from others ?

The main difference would be : that personal touch.

If I go to the restuarant, I like the boss to come and say hi to me if he is around or when I go to a spa, I also would like the boss to say hello to me. That gives it a personal touch and we would go there often to eat or to spa. Branding and fengshui can help to give it a competitive advantage over others in the same business as you.

If you are in the restuarant business : Ask how many similiar business like yours consulted a fengshui master and if you are in the spa business did they also consult a fengshui master too and did their own branding ? It helps too if your fengshui master has a good global brand.

Being intelligent helps and if you think you need more help, get a fengshui master who's in the know about doing business so that she can offer great help besides fengshui. She can give you sound business advice or to give your cosmetics, a global brand name that works.

TIP:"Is it really new or transparent ?"

Monday, September 08, 2008

We must respect our parents only then others will respect us

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Today, 9 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then to the western part to check fengshui for a hdb flat.

DAILY THOUGHTS: You know......I was wondering what else in feng shui that you like to read. Well, I thought maybe I should begin on short sessions about fengshui and for today, I shall touch on fengshui for the single ladies. How to do up your bedroom so that it can attract the man in your life since I need to get all of you to MARRY.

There was a lady who sent me an email on "contentment is happiness". thank you, sweetie. One has to come to realise it then it hits you and only then can the contentment part of you come about. When one is contented, it shows in the speech, the calming face, no frowns, no wrinkles, no aging of the face and most important of all - the action of the person who has arrived at contentment, let us strive to be one.

My readership has dropped or maybe more people are using Google reader to read my blog.

FENG SHUI: How to fengshui a single lady's bedroom:
1) Buy a bunch of plastic pink or peach flowers and place them anywhere in the bedroom - the idea is that when one walks into the bedroom and one can see plenty of interesting flowers that it means that that lady has plenty of romance and I mean good romance to choose from.

2) Buy 4 male dolls like barbie doll but is a male type and place him next to your bed - and if you wish for a business type guy to come into your life then he has to wear a businesss suit complete with jacket and brief case.

3) Your bed should have a wall behind and where your legs are should also face another wall - that way when you sleep, you can get deep sleep and having deep sleep is important because then you can think well and have a clearer mind at the work place.

4) For some, they have to wear the 3 dimentional animal signs of the guys that they are interested in, some no need to wear.

5) For some, they even have to place the animal stature of the guy that she is interested in so that they can be together.

6) Then if a couple is in a relationship, they have to take a photo together and place that photo beside the bed on a beside table and to place a real rose in front of the photo for better romance.

7) One can also have flowers as a wall paper in the bedroom, it works too.

FSQ NOTE: All of the above works, try it if you need to as these are free tips for you.

DESTINY: If your destiny says, it is difficult to find a good partner in your life, then try the above or maybe you really need to go for match making. then please go or unless you wish to be single all your life, better don't ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: As parents, we too have to spend some time reading about how to be financially savvy. After reading about how others do it only then can we try to save money as being frugal can help us to grow rich and after that, we can then train our kids to be one or who knows some of our kids are better savers than us then it really puts us into shame sometimes.

In life, as you try to save money, you may find that sometimes it is impossible to cut down on your expenses as you may have a responsibilty to bring your parents for example to bring them out for dinner every weekned. then, you may have to spend.

There was a lady who came to me for life reading and asked me if she should cut down on these : I pondered for a while and said "no", please continue.

This is because : when you put yourself in the shoes of her parents, the only enjoyment that the elderly folks have was to : look forward to a good weekend where her daughter and son in law would come and fetch them and bring them out to dinner. so, how can anyone be so mean as to take away that "little happiness" that her daugher had for her. I can't. Besides I did ask how much she would spend each time and it is only about a S$100/- simple dinner and I said that's fine.

TIP:"To earn respect is to have honour and integrity"

Monday as it is ...

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Got a tiger in the house, I mean the can tiger ???

Today, 8 September 2008, Monday, I went to a condo in the centre part of Singapore for a house visit.

DAILY THOUGHTS: We are now into September and going on to October and before we know, it it is the end of the year. How has the year been for you ? good, I hope.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I enjoy writing my blog, it is like telling stories and there are over 1,000 readers per day and over 49,000 readers in total now though my blog is less than 4 months old. Better be mindful of what I "say" and with Google Reader, Readers do not need to click on my blog counter to even read what I write.

FENG SHUI: After your house has been fengshuied by fengshui queen then what is your next level ? The next level is go and become savvy investors and to be spiritual. We call this in branding - our brand experience and culture.

There is a certain community here where people follows the fengshui queen brand of fengshui, not only here in Singapore but the world too as I am internationally known and had appeared on BBC world, Discovery Channels etc and their main papers including a Gemain newspaper, many years ago and with emails from overseas.

DESTINY: There was a client who was in the beer business and he said he just joined this industry. I congratulated him and then told him to drink all sorts of beer till he can blindfold and can tell the difference between drinking a Tiger beer vs Heinenken. that was probably about 5 years ago and since I recommended him to do this, I thought I should also try it myself though beer has never been my fancy. Well, I drank Heineken and sampled tiger too. Now, blindfolded, I can taste the difference. Can you ?

FSQ NOTE: What am I driving at ? To be the best salesman, be the best. No sub standard, just know the ropes in your chosen industry, know what to do to achieve the best and then go for it !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Parents have to the first to help start a child to go the entrepreneur way.

An entrepreneur is born and not made -however with good guidance and training, an entrepreneur can be made. however, he may regulary need your guidance till he perfect the mindset of an entrepreneur.

How then does an entrepreneur think that can be so different from you ? Why don't you also ask how does a fengshui master think ? what goes on in her mind and walk around that then who knows you maybe a fengshui master in the making.

I will share with you more when my new blog is up as my web developer is hosting the domain and getting it ready for me to start writing. We are at http://www.entrepreneurplatform.com/ (just bought this domain for 5 years) I will work hard on this as I badly want to sell this off - for a profit of course or who knows let my son continue it. I do first then see how

TIP "Do first, think later is the essence of an entrepreneur"

Elements for the week:

Monday, 8 Sept 2008 - yang water, pig
Tuesday, 9 Sept 2008 - ying water, rat
Wednesday, 10 Sept 2008 - ying earth, ox
Thursday, 11 Sept 2008 - yang wood, tiger
Friday, 12 Sept 2008 - ying wood, rabbit
Saturday, 13 Sept 2008 - yang earth dragon
Sunday, 14 Sept 2008 - yang fire, snake

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dark cloud is lurking.......And.....

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Today, 7 September 2008, Sunday, I didn't have to vist my parents as they have gone to Genting and my dad reminded me there is lunch next sunday. later in the afternoon, I went to do fengshui at the western part of Singapore and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Have you wondered what makes a blog REALLY tick ? hmmmm....there has to be 2 elements in it and I think I can conclude : 1) humour - the ability to laugh at yourself that comes across thru your blog 2) personal thoughts - the ability to tell stories that readers can relate to and like.

The readers need not like you but they have to like what you write. These are my initial findings about blogs that tick ........who says ? Your fengshui queen master says so.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to readers who gave comments and support. Those stories that I mentioned are all real that happen to many of us. Most people do not write stories with such depth as I do because I happen to be a fengshui master. I can READ you but you can't read me unless you also happen to be a fengshui master !!!

Thank you, Twilight Zone for sharing and giving comments on my blog, from KL !!! I finally noticed you and went to read your blog !!! very nice and so, how's the property market there ?

FENG SHUI: Fengshui would perhaps loose its popularity had no one picked it up and market it in the english speaking environment. I cannot imagine fengshui only in the chinese speaking environment. well, I have been there and done it !!! and branded my fengshui, fengshuiQueen.

DESTINY: The last 2 weeks, I have seen about 5 ladies all wanting to know when their mr. right will appear and how to enhance it. I do have guys who come and ask when they will meet their miss. right but few. Most men who come usually are more concerned about their career and wealth. Are those who come to me a representation of the life reading, fortune telling market ? or maybe not.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If your destiny reads that you cannot invest in property or shares or even lottery luck then the best thing you will need to do is to learn how to save and save more. I was re-reading the book on "The millionaire next door" by Thomas J. Stanley n William D. Danko and came across the chapter on "frugal, frugal, frugal".

It means that in order to learn how to be rich the first step is to learn how to be frugal. An example is : have a simple meal, no need to wear expensive clothes, work hard and have an investing mind or learn to see money with your mind, be frugal and then one can grow rich.

TIP:"............it is a ..."