Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crystal rolling fountain

This just came in....sms: "Hi Master Lynn, our boss placed a rolling crystal ball fountain on his desk and we kept falling sick. what can we do ?"

I replied: "throw away the fountain".

FengshuiQueen Tip: My water feature is usually a pond placed on the floor and with water spouting in all directions or water flowing in one direction and never a rolling crystal water featuure because this type doesn't work. Don't believe me, try this in your wealth area that has been chosen by me.

Make yourself happy even when others make you unhappy

Today, 8 October 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Do you ever get tired of eating the same food ? if you are a metal person or have metal below your day element, you can take chicken rice today and tomorrow and never get tired.

FENG SHUI: You know ? yesterday as I was typing the tips on how to fengshui your office ? a wild thought dawn on me that : hei, wouldn't that make bosses worry that : what if every staff wants to sit with a wall behind their desks, then how answer to them ? woh. trouble.

However if you are a smart boss, you would have all the answers to alleviate the fear in them or simply say :"our fengshui master says it is good that you sit here so that you can bring our company, Good Luck" hehe

DESTINY: Interestingly enough if a person has a fire element (ying fire horse or yang fire snake) in his day pillar that person can somehow make money from shares. one of my favourite past time is to : analyse a person's face and the way he speaks in public and the hidden body language.

I would like to perfect my skills so that one day I can look at you and say what element person you are and your fortune without referring to my ten thousand year calendar book.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are a few small companies, I mean those whose company only have less than 10 staff and I do noticed that these CEOs do lack some PR skills in their approach towards, many matters. Some of them speak in hokkien, cantonese or mandarin and are very very comfortable with that and they make money.bottomline is : they must make money then their business can survive.

It is alright if we speak to customers in one language and then to our friends or family in dialects. that way, we are versatile and can have a lot of practice.

One must also have travelled to many countries then your mindset will be open and your heart open too. You wil find that people who have travelled to many countries are people more open minded than you as they are the ones who have seen the world or worked with these overseas people.

If you own shares now and intends to trade then the first sign of market up, you must sell and cash out. then for some people's destiny : the minute they sell, the shares shoot up higher. I usually advice them to sell in stages and you must learn the experience yourself because no body is going to teach you and even your broker can give the wrong advice then who is to blame ?

Always remember to blame yourself first and never others and don't do a "tai chi" to blame all others except yourself.

We have to learn to be very professional in our work so that others always say good things about us and our work, even in the gossip column as they create "sheng qi", good energy. I dislike negative qi or "sha qi", bad vibres as the modern people call it.

Next year 2009 - many businesses will be down in their sales, unemployement up and our business will pick up. I just saw one life reading because of retrenchment from overseas. It is a sad truth and I will do my level best to help them.

TIP:"it is because when you are happy, the happy energy will surround you and then everybody around you will be hapy too. is because you live your life for others and not for yourself"

Fengshui Tip:

In the old days, there exists false fengshui and these fengshui still remain today and in statures or figurines. these exists in the old days was because of a war and to win the war, false fengshui was let out to confuse people so that the one who knows the REAL fengshui will win the battle.
Fengshui Queen Tip: Do not place a "Dragon on a tortoise" in anywhere in your office or house or else your Business will be slow like the tortoise. This is one such "false fengshui figurine" that exists in those days and still exists today. I don't use this tortoise or even turtle in any of my feng shui.