Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shui is Water - Do you have a pond in your house ?

Today, 23 October 2008 Thursday, I went down to ubi office for 3 readings. After work I went to visit my friend, Nancy who now works at Body Contour, Malacca Street.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The best thing to do right now is to invest some money in stocks. every month set aside some money and go in. the first is to buy those that you need to do an average selling price then later buy those favourite stocks of yours. everyone of us have a stock that never make us loose money.

When we go to shopping centres or to the bank there are cameras around and if taxis are going to have cameras too ? Well.....welcome to the world of "Period 9 Fengshui, 2024 to 2043" which is going to be about the "eye" or "hidden small cameras".

FENG SHUI: What is the real reason why many sought fengshui ? for most corporates, they understand about the fundamentals of fengshui where the "energies of the environment has to balance" and so they will engage their fengshui master and most would choose fengshui master that they feel is good or that they feel that that is the one whom they are comfortable with.

DESTINY: If you have fire element below your day pillar chances are that your friends would always make you angry and that they would one day betray you. It is hard to change because of your day element which can be fire, earth, metal, water or wood.

Life reading can be said to be about the 5 elements if you choose a life reading based on the "four pillars of destiny".

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The market has its fall on 22 Ocotber 208, right timing. It is a day where the water element is the strongest. This is the one that I knew will come and happen. that is why when each drop from Dow, 500 points or the 777 points.... I knew the worst has yet to come because it wasn't yet even 22 October 2008.

Only when people call me and talk to me or that I hear from my clients then I know how bad the economic situation is.

I listened and then tell them my predictions for year 2009 so as to help them make better decisions.
I also advised them, not to worry cause they still have a job, good health and enough money to spend each month. And I told them : "You don't have a problem but why do you speak like you have a big problem ?" I dislike people like these and they will never be my close circle of friends.

TIP: "A pond of water collects qi and this is where the wealth will be activated whether or not the water is running"

Feng is Wind - Can you feel the wind in your house ?

Today, 22 October 2008 Wednesday, morning went down to Ubi Area to check fs for office then to Heeren to check fs for a retail business. and I heard ubi office area per sq ft is now S$450/-

DAILY THOUGHTS: Many people still have "negative thoughts" about the current economic situation and these are the ones who will need to change their mindset. I hope they change them fast so that their own happiness can come.

And "happiness is a state of mind" where your mind is free of all anger, jealousy, worries and problems. Just remember that I have always said that : "Contentment is happiness"

However, it does not represent that we don't have any more drive or ambition. we still can have our goal that we wish to achieve however our mind has to be contented each moment along the way. that way, we will always be happy and smiling broadly. Cheers !!!
Oh!! many thanks to my clients who gave me more for their annual review for 2009, thank you, I appreciate. I will donate them away in Nepal. I heard that I would be staying at Hyatt Hotel as the rooms in Kopan Monastry are all fully booked and my room with my roomate is facing the Stupa !!!! yippy. I would be blessed every night when I sleep there for at least 11 nights. when I am back I would be very charged and ready to "cheooongg" for another year !!!

FENG SHUI: The use of "mirrors" in feng shui. By now I believe many of my clients know that I never like mirrors cause they can reflect things away. It can reflect health or wealth away or even romance. You want meh? No need to call me to do the feng shui, just place a big mirror facing your dining table - 6 months later the results will show ...........then you tell me. you got more food on the table or less.

DESTINY: For young couples, I advise you to get married as soon as you are ready. that way, you can speed your destiny up and maybe improve for the better.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Today, someone asked me how is my "chew chan" shares ? I laughed cause she knew which one is my favourite one. I told her I bought and then it dropped. bought again, dropped again. then bought 3rd time again drop again and I stopped buying.
When I sell my "chew chan" you better also sell. if not hold till they announce their annual results.

TIP"Wind can be good or bad - where there is fast wind there is faster wealth however wind can be bad too bringing about faster loses of wealth. Hence a good fengshui place is well sought after by many because all wants faster wealth and for wealth to stay"