Friday, October 31, 2008

Is the market at the lowest already ?

Today, 1st November 2008, Saturday, I went to ubi office to do an off site fs for a house in Australia and 2 annual reviews and then off to Simei to check fs for a HDB flat.

DAILY THOUGHTS: These days , "stock analysts" focus on the "cash at bank" in most listed companies and then make their analyses.

The months ahead are not going to be rosy especially the next 3 years hence those companies who aways had "a philosophy of staying trim and lean" will do well to weather the storm that will last for 3 years and would therefore still be profitable or at least breakeven. I may be just stating a fact but these are what I "read into the future" and what I would like to share with you so that your own knowledge can grow. And you can plan for your future too.

FENG SHUI: Some of my clients love to play 4D and when they strike they get very happy and say that my fengshui work. Is this what fengshui is all about ? To some extent "yes" and to some, "no". This is because : the philosophy behind fengshui is : "it is alive", it depends on how you use the "water" to activate what ?

I shall give you an example: Suppose you know where the "sickness energy" is in your house and then you go and place a "water feature" (like a 4ft long fish tank) to activate sickness and then you can fall very very sick and even get cancer. Do you want to try this and prove me wrong ? Go ahead.

This year, the sickness energy falls in the SE sector of the house however some clients who bought the hulu found that it didn't work and so she called me to visit her house one sunday afternoon this year and I discovered that they forgot to remove the cover of the hulu and the plastic bag that wraps on the hulu so : how to work ?!!!!

If you bought one and didn't work too well then buy 2 hulus and 2 vases and place them together in the SE sector - this is kaisu fengshui and sure to work !!! sometimes your hulu can be too short. Ideally should be about 6inches tall, bronze and can stand on the floor. I don't use the wooden one.

BTW, I am quite well known for being "a kiasu fengshui master" in that I would always add a double "dosage of antibotiics" to your house or my fengshui solutions.hehe

DESTINY: Some people are good with figures while there are those who don't like to read figures. all these are bazi related. I belong to those who don't like to read figures but have no choice as it is the ONLY way to learn how to keep wealth and to grow. For me, my wealth will all be given to my children and I would just keep some aside for myself.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: It is good to set aside some money and put in shares. The best bet so far would be those that are good for your bazi. However, if you just wish to buy any stock then go in to those "Reits" that own buildings or offices would be a safer bet.

Property stocks like those of developers may not do well, the next 3 years. hence if you just wish to buy and make profit then this stock is out. However, if you plan for a long term stock then it is good to enter now and "keep buying till 2019" where property stocks can make big money and then exit because another crisis will come in the next year of the rat/ox (2020/2021) .

Once, we live through a cycle and "analyze figures and trends" and by putting our money there too then we can learn and grow to become wiser and then know what to expect from the future and so we can safeguard ourselves.

Yesterday, my client ask me if any of my clients lost money in the minibonds and I said "no" so far none told me about it but most lost money in stocks, yes that one have. All because : we went in too early however it is good to note that we are not all alone.

If I want to keep my money in stocks and to keep for the next 10 years till 2019 is to buy earth stocks or wood stocks then by 2018 the year of the dog, they will "all" rise in value and I can then cash out.
Imagine : that you own wood stocks bought at 20cents and in 10 years time they go to one dollar, can you just see" how much profit you can make with each lot ? and mutliply that by 100 lots or even 500 lots. That would be S$100k or $500k by then. This is what I would be doing for the next coming 10 years - just buy and keep.

TIP:"Yes, but not all is over - two weeks later got another drop"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One of my favourites from youtube

My treat tonight, sweets, rabbit candy, anyone ?

Today, 31 October 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews for 2009. Today is halloween night - treat or trick, which one you want. The halloween balloon in the SW sector will be there for two weeks. It's a trick and bad. FS takes two weeks to see results. so 2 weeks later, the market is going down again. Code: BBB (means buy) Code : SSS (means sell) ok ? Code : HHH means to hold and to wait.

This is because once my new blog is up, I will update info there and just leave this blog floating in "search engines" to give me more advertisments to my business. You would note that I had deleted those sensitive topics already.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When business is good, we must learn how to keep our money then sometimes business is slow then we would not be affected or too worried. That is why I always tell my clients that should they sell their property is to keep some cash aside and not to put all into the purchase of their new apartments.

There is a fengshui reason to it : that money in your bank stays and can attract more money to come to you. You would remember my "2007 fengshuiQueen tip" is to keep S$500/- cash in our zip pocket.

I am sure you saw ""more wealth" coming to you that year and never mind, the economy was good that time. Your business is good that year or you had better bonuses. I remembered a male client telling me that : got once he just went to collect many cheques and cash and was so afraid that he would drop the money. I said to him : "Hei, that's it, that is what you should always do!!!"

When you have grown your wealth then it is now time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and to enjoy life a bit and to know how to behave, being rich. By behaving, it does not mean that you become rude or arrogant, you can still be humble and rich and people will respect you more for that. And there is no need to wear expensive clothes, simple ones, neat and nice. This is because when you are rich, there is this glow on your face and only those "spiriutal ones" can see this "rich glow" on your face.

FENG SHUI: I have a feeling that I would be asked to do fengshui in Nepal and even though I am on my retreat I can still do fengshui as long as I know where the sun rises and sets. Hence, the smart fengshui master do not need to rely on the compass all the time to do an accurate fengshui work. This is the hallmark of a good, true master.

Last year, when I was in India, I was asked to do fengshui for a school which is in my blog here and have since made online donations towards this school. I was not prepared for it but nevertheless since I was asked to, I had to do. The school faces South West, good fengshui for 20 years.

DESTINY: If you wish to perfect reading other people's lifes, then do as many as 100 lives first before you can start to do it professionally if not there will be a lack of skill and knowledge and What if : instead of helping people, you "hang hang" them ? and make them scared ? the bad karma will come back to you, you know ?

These days there are so many wannabes that they go around "hang hang" so do becareful or tell them that you only listen to your own fengshui master. That way, you can find a good excuse for yourself. If I never did fengshui in english, who knows this trade may die a natural death because nobody will popularise it correctly and bring this old profession of being a fengshui master to be one so full of respect and honour. I can tell you that my 0.03% shares (almost the top 114 largest shareholder) in a listed company here, helped angled me in some way and I like that - that "feeling". well, it might have also helped me clinch a couple of deals.

In fact, a few of my corportate clients have jobs in both the IRs and I hope they are doing well.

There was a day, a client came for her life reading and then I said something to her. I told her to prove me wrong. she was so startled then I burst out laughing.

Being confident is a good mark. however if you are the only one who think that you are good and very confident then you are probably missing something in your life. The ability to read the situation well and to have a heart that cared are important. Readers benefit from my blog because they try out the fengshui tips here and some saw results. I wouldn't say everybody as not all would try.

To be a leader in the fengshui market is to have followers too, the more the merrier .

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Even though the market has gone up, however because most of us are medium term investors so we might not see "profits" yet.

When you want to invest, you must be like a LEADER : "make decisions and stand by it"

Most people I note are too scared to make mistakes and so they will never learn the first skill of "being decisive and stand by it". Now you know why I am so firm in some matters although time to time, I do joke. We must know when to be serious and when to relax a little. that way, we show that we are professional in our work amd never let others "mouth" deter us from our goal. Stay focus.

The stock market is fire element and is "ying fire". Therefore, to make any money out of it is to first learn "the art of patience" as "patience is fire" If you use" impatient tactic" which is also fire, it don't work because you can loose money.

Besides patience, we also need skill in buying and when to exit.

I use my savings to test the market and if I test "saleh" this time round, too bad for me.

TIP:"Enjoy tonight and sip champagne. Life is too short to worry about many things"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is your take on stock investing ?

Today, 30 October 208, Thursday, I went to Tampiness to check HDB fs and then to Ubi office to do a life reading and to collect my Dell laptop. I am now blogging from my Dell.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Actually in times like this, most people do feel "tight" to a certain extent towards money, so do spend carefully. Spend on those that you need to and those that can wait, can wait. However, take these hard times to learn a good lesson in life - Ask yourself what did you learn ?

For me, I learnt that : I should buy at the bottom bottom rather than enter too quickly. I should learn to be more patient with stocks. Well, I am not complaining as when I decide to buy a stock at this price and whether it goes down or goes up, I always have my "strategy plan" waiting to react and I do not regret each step of my purchase this year although I should buy less. then now, I can buy more.

FENG SHUI: I hope you do enjoy the new daily tips that I share with you. Most important is : Take action and don't ask me any questions about it unless I was "not so specific" as to where to place the things or whatever, then it is my fault and you can ask me, if not, don't ask.

My philosophy for you is : Just follow if you wish and don't ask questions till you see results if no results then let me know.

My new BLOG will be up soon , probably next week and so far I have 7 people who have registered although it is not yet open for booking.........these are our kiasu fans. hehe

DESTINY: People who are born in the rabbit year might have rabbit years - I mean with ears jutting out. Please take out a mirror and tell me while those who are born in the dog, dragon, ox or goat will have ears that are very flat to their face because these are the stubborn ones and most of them are our "ba ba ti" friends. I mention this because I was watching channel 55 and there is this program on chinese korean serials where the lady actress had her ears jutting out and I was trying to figure out her bazi. hehe

Believing in fengshui is one area and those who believe in fengshui generally believe in destiny and would have their destiny read by any fortune tellers here in Singapore. I wonder how many famous and chun chun one do we have here in Singapore ? and am I number one ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Recently I received a flyer asking if I wish to sell my ubi office and rent it back from them.

I thought : oh what a wonderful idea !!! and today I read the classifieds that someone intends to follow this scheme and rent it back from the new owner at Ubi Techpark. However the current rent is now S$2.50 per sq ft which means that if I rent from the new owner, I would have to pay S$3700/- a month and that is a lot of money to pay for an office and when I am hardly in.

I am still thinking about this scheme, let me sleep on the meantime check the stock market.

TIP:"Do you invest for the medium term or short term ? if medium term then don't look at the market everyday, short term one yes, must study"

The Savy Investor: Be sincere in your attitude towards people#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: Be sincere in your attitude towards people#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: The bubble burst for the stocks and the bubble will burst for the property soon#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: The bubble burst for the stocks and the bubble will burst for the property soon#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: My 2008 predictions have come true#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: My 2008 predictions have come true#comments#comments

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be sincere in your attitude towards people

Today, 29 October 2008, Wednesday, I went down to Raffles Country Club for Magnus Energy AGM n EGM.
The lions there are still facing one another.

DAILY THOUGHTS: For some of us, who are buddhists would always live their lives in simplicity.

The other day, I met a client who is also a buddhist like myself and she told me that she live her life in simplicity and I exclaimed, me too. Maybe you don't believe me but it is true. see ? I don't drink coffee or tea but only plain water and each night before I sleep a glass of red wine.

I belong to a different group of "women" so don't learn to be like me and drink what I drink and eat what I eat.
you will be bored. hehe

As a true buddhists, I accept whatever food is given to me and simply eat them and no complaints. Hence, you would never find me saying that the food is too oily or the rice too ripe etc. I merely just eat.

You may then think that hei, that is silly......but we all eat to live, isn't it ? so that we can go from today to tomorrow and so why make life difficult for those round you ? and why go to the man and says your rice is too ripe or worst, over night rice.

Saving your breath here is "a virtue" and can create good luck to come to you. Have you tried ? I have and am a firm believer of keeping my mouth "shut".

FENG SHUI: Everyday when you come home, you would have to check the water level in your pond that is in the wealth area. Ensure that the water level is always 3/4 full and that the water is running or splashing all the time, ok ?

If you do fengshui in your house and you don't wish to install a water feature then using a "painting of fishes" or "waterfall" in the form of "still water" is also a good subsititute. however when the wealth comes, it is only S$60/-

DESTINY: When you have wealth and you say things at meetings or board meetings, people somehow will listen to you unless you have 2 power elements in your bazi then there is no need to have a lot of wealth when you speak and people also listen.

"The Power Element" can come in the form of status example if you are related to "so and so" or you have lots of money or you have two power element in your bazi and very little wealth. Power also give rise to fame hence you would become famous. however being famous does not necessarily mean you have wealth.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are some stocks that reach a high of say S$18/- in 2007 but say they fall to now S$6/-. Would you think it is a good time to buy this stock ? and there are many good stocks like these and which do you buy ?...........maybe buy all. hehe

Well, you can choose those that are suitable for your bazi and buy them. however, for these kind of stocks, this investment has to be kept for at least 5 years before you can make money and then exit. I hope you've got my point.

FSQ DAILY TIP: When you buy take away food always keep the "wooden chopstick" given and bring home and put it in the drawer in your kitchen to represent that : there will always be food for the family.

TIP:"People can feel whether or not you are sincere in helping people or helping yourself"

Drop, drop then drip blood - code : enter

Today, 28 October 2008, Tuesday, I went to do annual reviews.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everytime if someone calls me and speak of the financial crisis, I would listen and then tell them where I stand on this matter. Firstly, for most of them they are not so affected about it : that is they didn't loose their job because of this, they still got their family members and their good health.

Then, it was my turn to tell them : Why do you worry ? other people who are directly involved have more trouble and stress than you have. Don't you agree ? and there are many people out there working very late at night to clear some mess. while here, you are still surviving, so be thankful !!!

Anyhow, these are usually not my clients just some readers of my blog who wanted to know when my new blog will be ready.

What I am driving at is : There are other people who really are in deep trouble and they have more worries and stress than we do. We, believers of fengshui are able to get away from this "deep shit" because we have got a small bagua inside our wallets to protect us from making mistakes. You would remember I always stress that cash in your bank STAYs even though the interest rate is very small, but the money stays.

FENG SHUI: When clients wish to engage a fengshui master, it should not be the fee that is the decisive factor but the fact that this fengshui master's fengshui do work and has proven track record and just pay what the master ask.

Anyhow, "word of mouth" is the most powerful tool in gaining more and more clients.

DESTINY:If you have a fire element in the day pillar and if you train hard, you can still be a savvy investor in stocks.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I learnt a lesson this time: "patience in buying" in is key. I should have waited till it drop, drop, drop, drip blood then buy. Anyhow, I am still proud of my purchase as I buy in stages.

Remember to "sing" good energies then the market will go up, ok ?

Can you just imagine the ST index at 3600 and now drip to STI 1600, can you tell me how much money is gone ? it is really really huge and so wealth comes and go away just like that. What does it tell us ?

Quote about money :"It is there, it is not there".

It was a "perceived wealth" in terms of "share price" and still is now. Those brave hearts like us, now who go in will be singing the last song and popping champagne.

TIP:"enter in 3 stages is best and wait"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My 2008 predictions have come true

Today, 27 October 2008, Monday, I went to attend to my personal matters.

DAILY THOUGHTS: It is the time of the year to reflect on what you have achieved this year and what you haven't.

Todate, I have done fengshui for 6 listed companies and if I do fengshui for their offices chances are I won't buy their shares for fear of "insider information". I only buy shares that are good for my bazi so that I won't loose money and so far it is working well.

LYNN YAP BLOG: This week, I would be testing on my new blog and once it is ready, I will announce it here as well as my Google Group which todate has 190 members and probably the largest Google Group for "fengshui".

My bloglog, Lynn Yap is on page 3 of Google Search for "Singapore Fengshui". This is amazing.

FENG SHUI: This year, so far my "2008 predictions" have come true particulary for money matters, unemployement and envirnoment matters resulting in a "difficult year".

Money matters refer to "financial crisis" as stock market is predicted to go very down on 22nd October 2008. Many people are retrenched and so the unemployment figure rises. The environment matters refer to the "poison" in cow's milk etc. Actually, the fish is suppose to get poison but so far we have not heard of that yet.

Frankly, I never liked my predictions to come true especially when it is going to be a "bad year like 2008". However to be a top notch fengshui master is to be one who can accurately predict the down of the stock market and the up of the maket, plus other matters.

This in turn CAN get respect from people of all industries plus I have to compete with so many other masters for any jobs and so I have to be the best and to be on my toes, all the time. Being the most acurate in my predictions will make me stand out.

Now, we get ready for 2009 which is anything about the countries in the southern hemisphere and already an earthquake erupted in Indonesia, yesterday.

DESTINY: For those who are able to read deeply into the stock market and to able to make "accurate predictions" would be ONE UP above the other fengshui masters. That is why I am not afraid of competition in fact, I welcome challenges and I know I am Singapore's Best and BEST among all even in the World. How many chinese, female fengshui masters around in the World are there and what ranking are they ?

You can sure I am top 5 among the ranks in the World. This is my position and would angle myself here for the world to beat my record. you might never know that I can be World, number one.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Everyday when I wake up the first thing I do is to turn on my computer to check Dow Jones, up or down and by how many points. This gives me the "pep energy" that I need for the rest of the day. when it is down, I would key in to buy and if it is up, I would key in to sell and that depends on whether my average price of the stocks are ready or not to sell.
However, I do less than 5 trades in a year actually very very few.

If you have never tried buying stocks then don't attempt to so so because it takes years of experiences to master this skill although I am happy to state that the last two , 2007, 2008, I didn't loose any money, now I have a proven good track record in "shares investing".

Whatever name, one call it be it "shares trading" etc, it is all due to "fengshui luck" (bazi stock analysis) and the ability to time and to get into the market to buy and when to sell since I am so good at predicting the ups and downs of the stock market and I want to have a good name in this - "chun".

My FSQ Porftolio is now close to S$100,000/- (most of the time I keep and seldom sell unless I make good profit) and I know of a rich lady client who has sunk in S$300k in the market but she calls it "stuck".

You count your own stock portfolio, ok ? go do a spreadsheet. hehe

TIP:"Being Chun is my nickname" says fengshui Queen, Master Lynn Yap

In a crisis, someone looses while some gains and who are they ?

Today, 26 October 2008, Sunday, I went to visit my parents as usual and then to do 2 life readings recommended by a lady client.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Are you ready to buy shares now ? it might be a good time to enter. Let's see how on Tuesday.

Prediction : The hardest hit next year in 2009 would probably be those in the entertainment business which is water as the earth in the ox will come and control the water business. so there would be less customers for them in that year.

FENG SHUI: When I started to do "feng shui" as my career and business, I wanted to be the best, top notch fengshui master who will do many important corporate projects and also to have many followers. Todate, after so many years I am happy that I have achieved all of that and am now on to my next level. While I try to achieve my next level, I always want to help my 2 sons to gain their own financial knowledge. I intend to spend the next 10 years helping them unless they tell me they are not ready.

DESTINY: If you stay in this house and you prosper and then when you shift to another house, somehow it didn't did as well as last time - is because of two reasons. 1) Every house fengshui is different. 2) Your own destiny and for that particular few years that you stayed in this house.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The best thing to do right now is to save cash and then each month park a little into shares that you like or that it suit your bazi.

Most of us buy shares that match our bazi. So you too should choose your own. I have received a few sms regarding what shares to buy and it is so difficult to reply in sms as it pertains to their bazi.

FSQ DAILY TIP:"When everyone says good things about you, that is good for you. however if everyone says negative things about you that is negative energy"

TIP:"Those savvy investors would gain"

Friday, October 24, 2008

The bubble burst for the stocks and the bubble will burst for the property soon

Today, 25 October 2008, Saturday I went to ubi office to do an annual review and two more annual reviews from a couple who live in KL, Malaysia. Oh! and I have my 11th bottle of red wine since blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I attend AGMs or even EGMs, what I want to learn is to gather the knowledge from those who asked questions. when they speak, we understand where they are coming from and then we pick up the signals of what is actually happening and to listen to what the management has to say.
Wood Industry stocks : will still show good profits for their year ending 2008 like in 2007. however because of the "stock market's bazi" and the "current economic conditions" that is why stock prices start to fall. Hence, we should read the industry sector's performance together with the "current economic conditions" for the year, and that should be our "answer". I still bet on "wood" industries.

FENG SHUI: The "5 yellow" is in the NORTH this year and sickness in the SOUTH EAST. I may be the only fengshui master who predicted this and just look at all the happenings in the northern hemisphere. The earthquakes in China, problems in Malaysia and Thailand and financial crisis in USA also north. North also denotes younger male and so these are the ones who had troubles.

The troublesome energy will fall in the SOUTH next year. If I haven't convinced you enough then stay tune to next year 2009 and wait and see the results. The sickness energy is where ? Come to my "predictions talk" and find out.

The FS cure : is to use two dumb bells or weights for troublesome energy, "5 yellow" or to use a bronze hulu for the sickness energy. ideally, you can use 4 : 2 hulu and the other 2 is to use empty vases.

DESTINY: I am someone who has very few friends probably because I know too much and so I "siam" them. hehe. do you many close friends or very few close friends ? this in itself is destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: So what do people do when the market is down is to enter now to get some good stocks and keep.

If you are a "day trader", you probably already are a seasoned player and know what to do and how to react. Well, catch the "window of opportunity" in Jan 2009 and Feb 2009 to cash out and make profit. These are the timing that the market is going up.

Most fengshui masters already predicted the "down in the stock market" and not many believed - those "ba ba ti". This is because some do not trust "fengshui masters" or to take them seriously which is so sad but then : what the heck ! we just take care of ourselves and make money lah !

TIP:"what a lot of wealth that had been swept away to bring about fortune changing hands"

Welcome to my FengshuiQueen world of Fung Shui

Today, 24 October 2008, Friday, I went to attend Golden Agri Resources EGM at 2.30pm and voted with my 60,000 shares and then to Sheraton Towers at 4pm for a meeting with my overseas clients from Shanghai, China.

DAILY THOUGHTS: In life, there will be people who like us while there are those who dislike us. All these are because of bazi - sometimes our bazi clash and so we somehow just don't like this friend or sometimes it can also be your spouse or your childen. Have you ever noticed that ?

FENG SHUI: Last time, I used to give 30 talks in a year. for the past few years I decided to give less and to charge more for my talks. It didn't mean that when you give talks you will get customers and anyhow it is never my intention when I deliver my fengshui talks. My motivation has always been to share my knowledge on fengshui and how it can truly work and help people. And because you are good, people naturally warm up to you and then you get business.

Bottomline: Your motivation must be sincere because people can feel the energy that comes out of your speech and "body language".

If you believe in my "fengshui Queen" brand of fengshui then you will know what I mean - quite unique eh ? as I don't like mirrors, glass n fans.

FSQ DAILY TIP: If you need "wood" in your bazi and whenever you travel by taxi always ask for a receipt which is a "piece of paper" and that is "wood".

DESTINY: For those single ladies and men - when you first meet a person and "sparks" flew. it is because you have destiny with that person. however, some people ahve the destiny to meet but the destiny to marry. so be quick if you wish to capture the man's heart. wear sexy clothes and charm him, ok sweetie dearest ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Every month once I get my pay I will try to buy some shares and keep. so that one day when all the share price rise the highest, I will make profit all at one go. cash out. This is one of my savvy plan.

For those who intend to buy shares just buy those shares that you always trade in or go for blue chips. The market is weak now however it may not be weak the next year. I believe "the bull" will come and give me a good ride on its back. Follow my blog, I will let you know here and not in my "prediction slides".

Be a member and PROSPER !!!

TIP:"where fengshui truly works"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shui is Water - Do you have a pond in your house ?

Today, 23 October 2008 Thursday, I went down to ubi office for 3 readings. After work I went to visit my friend, Nancy who now works at Body Contour, Malacca Street.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The best thing to do right now is to invest some money in stocks. every month set aside some money and go in. the first is to buy those that you need to do an average selling price then later buy those favourite stocks of yours. everyone of us have a stock that never make us loose money.

When we go to shopping centres or to the bank there are cameras around and if taxis are going to have cameras too ? Well.....welcome to the world of "Period 9 Fengshui, 2024 to 2043" which is going to be about the "eye" or "hidden small cameras".

FENG SHUI: What is the real reason why many sought fengshui ? for most corporates, they understand about the fundamentals of fengshui where the "energies of the environment has to balance" and so they will engage their fengshui master and most would choose fengshui master that they feel is good or that they feel that that is the one whom they are comfortable with.

DESTINY: If you have fire element below your day pillar chances are that your friends would always make you angry and that they would one day betray you. It is hard to change because of your day element which can be fire, earth, metal, water or wood.

Life reading can be said to be about the 5 elements if you choose a life reading based on the "four pillars of destiny".

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The market has its fall on 22 Ocotber 208, right timing. It is a day where the water element is the strongest. This is the one that I knew will come and happen. that is why when each drop from Dow, 500 points or the 777 points.... I knew the worst has yet to come because it wasn't yet even 22 October 2008.

Only when people call me and talk to me or that I hear from my clients then I know how bad the economic situation is.

I listened and then tell them my predictions for year 2009 so as to help them make better decisions.
I also advised them, not to worry cause they still have a job, good health and enough money to spend each month. And I told them : "You don't have a problem but why do you speak like you have a big problem ?" I dislike people like these and they will never be my close circle of friends.

TIP: "A pond of water collects qi and this is where the wealth will be activated whether or not the water is running"

Feng is Wind - Can you feel the wind in your house ?

Today, 22 October 2008 Wednesday, morning went down to Ubi Area to check fs for office then to Heeren to check fs for a retail business. and I heard ubi office area per sq ft is now S$450/-

DAILY THOUGHTS: Many people still have "negative thoughts" about the current economic situation and these are the ones who will need to change their mindset. I hope they change them fast so that their own happiness can come.

And "happiness is a state of mind" where your mind is free of all anger, jealousy, worries and problems. Just remember that I have always said that : "Contentment is happiness"

However, it does not represent that we don't have any more drive or ambition. we still can have our goal that we wish to achieve however our mind has to be contented each moment along the way. that way, we will always be happy and smiling broadly. Cheers !!!
Oh!! many thanks to my clients who gave me more for their annual review for 2009, thank you, I appreciate. I will donate them away in Nepal. I heard that I would be staying at Hyatt Hotel as the rooms in Kopan Monastry are all fully booked and my room with my roomate is facing the Stupa !!!! yippy. I would be blessed every night when I sleep there for at least 11 nights. when I am back I would be very charged and ready to "cheooongg" for another year !!!

FENG SHUI: The use of "mirrors" in feng shui. By now I believe many of my clients know that I never like mirrors cause they can reflect things away. It can reflect health or wealth away or even romance. You want meh? No need to call me to do the feng shui, just place a big mirror facing your dining table - 6 months later the results will show ...........then you tell me. you got more food on the table or less.

DESTINY: For young couples, I advise you to get married as soon as you are ready. that way, you can speed your destiny up and maybe improve for the better.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Today, someone asked me how is my "chew chan" shares ? I laughed cause she knew which one is my favourite one. I told her I bought and then it dropped. bought again, dropped again. then bought 3rd time again drop again and I stopped buying.
When I sell my "chew chan" you better also sell. if not hold till they announce their annual results.

TIP"Wind can be good or bad - where there is fast wind there is faster wealth however wind can be bad too bringing about faster loses of wealth. Hence a good fengshui place is well sought after by many because all wants faster wealth and for wealth to stay"

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Savy Investor: The coming of a new era#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: The coming of a new era#comments#comments

What happen after crisis - calmness

Today, 21 October 2008, Tuesday, morning went to Ubi office for readings then afternoon off to do a house fs review.

DAILY THOUGHTS: My job requires to travel around Singapore and in doing so allows me to visit many properties which otherwise I wouldn't have the opportunity to do so. you can say that I throughly enjoyed my work very much.

FENG SHUI: There was a time when I was asked to speak in public about "feng shui" and I named Master Yang Yun Song as my sifu and one close friend of mine said : "I have never heard of anyone who claim Master Yang as their sifu". That incident showed my creativity and intelligence. Do a Google search on Master Yang and you will know what I mean.

I am also very fascinated with our chinese culture and its practises as I grew up in a world of taoists with talismans as a common tool.

DESTINY: If you need metal in your bazi in the old days fortune tellers would ask you to wear gold so that you can have more metal in your bazi and so then your 5 elements in your bazi would then be balanced then the good fortune comes. What I did "extra" was to tell them to go buy a car which is a very BIG metal and put it in their name so that they can own this huge metal and never mind if they are not the drivers.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Experience counts when it comes to investing in shares and the only way to accurately predict the stock market is to get myself into it. Hence the last few years have been great experiences for learning for myself to buy according to my bazi and to see if I can make coffee money, though I hardy drink coffee nor tea.

FSQ DAILY TIP: "Go to the bank once a week to create wealth for yourself. Got or not ?"

TIP:"To be a savvy share investor is to learn the art of patience"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have faith !!!

Another client just sms.......this one got black ants around the stove. A promotion is coming. Trust your fengshui master, Master Lynn !!!

The coming of a new era

Today, 20 October 2008, Monday, I went down to Ubi office to do readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The coming of a new era brings about changes in fortune for all. Some will find more while others will have less. These are the workings of the Universe which in itself is quite complex and difficult to comprehend for most people. 2009 would be an interesting year to watch. What I want is for most to have a stable job and be happy. If you get promoted and moved to a bigger house, is fine. Don't forget to check the feng shui first. hehe

FENG SHUI: One turn of the "wheel" and fortunes changes. In fengshui, I always tell people : people can be stubborn for the "right reason" and also stubborn for the "wrong reason". It is "what you know" that will set you apart from your peers.

Suppose the "wheel" has to go "anti clockwise" for a good reason, it should remain so. Because in life, one must remember that one may not know the whole truth of matters so why react in this manner ? Ultimately the truth of all matters will surface and guess who suffers ?

DESTINY: Of all the 12 animal signs there exits all animals except the Dragon which in real life dun have. Hence, the Dragon is seen to be a very powerful "animal" can can denote the "water element" in its interpretation of bazi. this is a hidden secret which most masters may not know.
Maybe they may disagree with me but that is fine. The truth will ultimately surface itself and my predictions for the individual will hold the final key to their own destiny and I have many clients to vouch for that. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you are small business owner the first thing to learn other than having more sales and reducing expenses to create more profit for yourself and your shareholders. One should also have the ability to read your own balance sheets and understand it.

You would look a lot smarter talking to your friends or associates when you can speak the financial lingo. If you are intending to invest into another company : there are a few ways to do it : a) injecting all cash b) shares swop and cash c) soley shares swop to bring about a "win win" situation.

STOCKS n FENGSHUI: In 2008 - It is a "ying water" year. hence stocks related to the water element did well the first half however towards the second half, they did not do well. Next year is earth and earth will suppress the water element industry.

In 2009 -It is a "ying earth" year. hence stocks related to the earth element will still be able to do well the first half however towards the second half' it will be very very tough for them. this is because the "wood tiger" 2010 year is approaching which is normally quite bad for the "earth" industry.

Even though property prices will start to fall - however if you are a savvy property investor, please wait because it can go down further. However, this has to tally with your own bazi, when the timing to buy or to sell your property.

TIP:"will begin in 2009 and continues......"

The wind will change fortune, very soon

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The sound of objects matter in feng shui

Today, 19 October 2008, Sunday, morning, I went to visit my parents and then off to do fs for a condo at Jurong East.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I think for us, believers of fengshui, we are probably quite well protected during these period of crisis. The next few years are going to be difficult years so we will need to be careful in whatever we do, be it investments or at work. And don't find fault with people or things !!! keep quiet, can ?

FENG SHUI: There was a lady client who sms me just now saying that because there were big red ants at her house's main door yesterday and she striked 4D first prize !!! and that was when she asked me :"MLY, good or not har ?" I replied : "yes, very good" and true enough she strike. I just sms her : "Eh? I chun or not ?" hehe

My take on lottery is : I do not encourage however if your bazi is very suitable for it, I will help you make money from lottery. There was a male client who saw me in the house visit recently and I encouraged him to go keep a real rabbit. I hope he strikes soon then this couple will invite me back for yearly house review.

Personally, I enjoyed such visits. my longest record time for a house review visit is 4 hours. Every year, this couple somehow always invite me back for a review. They are not the only couple, I have many of such clients. You can see that I enjoy my work very much and have many repeat clients.

DESTINY: Some peopple talk too much and so each time they speak they create negative karma. hence it is important to watch what you say. Example: "I don't like this" and if you gossip about others, others will also gossip about you.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For those who bought "wood" industry stocks, hold on to them as when they report their full year earnings in early Jan, their share price should go up and when they also announce good dividends too. This may be the "window of opportunity" to get out of this stock unless you wish to keep for medium term. so exit time is : Jan 2009 and before our chinese new year.

Next year, 2009, we should bet on a different industry to make the most money from the Ox year. We, fengshui believers would have our own "mini bull" by buying the right stock in 2009.

22nd October - is not about share price dropping but rather events that can happen. Don't worry too much about this date otherwise it can give yourself "unnecessary" worry. this is not what I want. I just want you to be "cautious" on this day.

TIP:"like the sound of water in fengshui to attract wealth"

The Savy Investor: The Savy Investor: 22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

The Savy Investor: The Savy Investor: 22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

When you give money, give it from your heart

Today, 18 October 2008 Saturday, I went down to do a house review and then to Clementi to check HDB fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I am home, I like to relax with tv, laptop and wine. For me, this is life !!! and once a year go for my annual retreat. This time is from 1st Dec to 12 Dec 2008 so I will be home for x'mas this year. This year since I would be home for christmas I intend to pop a bottle of champagne, drink and reflect on the year that just passed and to plan for my 2009.

FENG SHUI: Look for ants in your house - if there are ants it means good fortune is coming. If your house has frogs in your pond in the garden, it also denotes good luck and don't chase them away.

DESTINY: If you are a specialist in your field then be the best and number one. there is no need to sing about it, people will come to know and then you just do your job. whether you are a dentist, doctor, accountant etc.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Yesterday evening I was watching Ch 55 and there was a show that touched on the subject of money that I wish to share with you.

A rich man said : "Honey, we are rich arn't we ? but why arn't we as happy as that table with the family members who are also having dinner with us in this same resturant ?

The answer that the lady gave this man was : it is better to be rich than poor.

My thinking was : it is because those family members probably know "the art of letting go" and that is why they are so happy together and having a meal.

If you dabble in shares - you must learn to take risks and then learn the art of letting go. that way, you can learn to trade better, at least your emotions are "contained".

PROPERTY : If you read the classifieds, you would notice tht the prices of property has come down a bit.
I also think more people are fearful about their jobs than anything else. without a job, many people would not be happy and bottomline is : Without money, most would also not be happy for they would tend to worry about money. this is because they didn't know how to save. even a S$20/- set aside every month can come a long way.

It is the art of learning how to save that is important.

However in life : There is this universal truth that somehow when you are very very poor and down to your nearest dollar, someone will just come by and give you some money to tide you over that difficult period.
Have you ever experience that in your life ? I have.

TIP: "your family members who got your money can feel it"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Savy Investor: 22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

The Savy Investor: 22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

The bagua that we carry helped us avert misfortunes

Today, 17 October 2008, Friday, morning went to do my personal stuff and then out in the afternoon for an appointment to check a can or cannot buy condo at Novena area. Looks like this area is getting "hot".

DAILY THOUGHTS: The hot topic on people's mouth is probably about the stock market and many probabaly wonder how low will it go. Let's wait till 22 October and then see where it is going. this is the time to buy some good stocks and wait for next year. Come to my talk on "Predictions for 2009" at Safra Mt Faber, Toa Payoh or Tampiness and ask me any questions.

FENG SHUI: Many years ago, I did a fengshui for a building and called it : "The Queen's Kirin" at Changi Business Park. In 2008, I did another project at Jurong Area and called it : "The Queen's Dragon" situated along the main road where you can see it with the Dragon's pearl inside the Dragon's mouth. Once it is done, it will be a very powerful building.

FSQ NOTE: We all know the Dragon will always chase after the pearl so why not make the Dragon happy by placing the pearl in the Dragon's mouth ?

DESTINY: Some people have the bazi to be very rich without making much effort. while most of us have to work to get some money. however there are even those who had to work hard for a whole year to even earn a month of our salary. Therefore, I want you to be thankful for whatever that you have now.

Learning to appreciate people and things around us is a step to obtaning happiness in life.

Ask yourself : Are you happy ? if the answer is no. write down why no and then ask yourself again. what CAN you do to make your life happy today ?

SAVVY INVESTMENT: Today, another sms came and asked if he or she can buy one particular stock A and I replied that I have been buying up and now have 60,000 shares. I am just waiting and see how.

What happened : When the Dow Jones dropped at 500 points and then at 777 points. We waited and waited then enter once. then kena stuck then enter again also kena stuck and now "stuck stuck".

Altogether, the Dow Jones dropped 3 times but the last one was the longest drop for a couple of days like a woman who got mad with her husband and refuse to talk to him.

Actually, it depends on what goes on in your mind ? did you buy to keep for 5 years then you don't bother or you buy to sell and make profit ? then bad news cause not experienced enough. But I think many stock experts also not experienced. I think we are better off at least we know the Dow Jones was going to drop and when. At least, we are not caught unaware. Last year 2007, I also accurately predicted the dip and it went down for 3 times too.

Well, I go into the market for the "thrill" that it provides so that my life would not be so dull. hehe and am enjoying every moment of the "coaster ride" with my mind there at the present moment and in time. I tend to look at the bigger picture of things (waiting for it to rise and rise) and don't ever worry. what's there to worry about ? at the most, I loose all those money.

TIP: "I will always care for you if you become my client or not yet my client, then I wait. Patience is key to most matters even the stock market"

22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

Today, 16 October 2008, Thursday, I went down to Suntec to do an office fs and then to do a condo fs near to United Square then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been this week ? the ox's nose is appearing soon and so many people will fall sick. So, please take good care of yourself, ok ?

FENG SHUI: Feng shui is indeed very very powerful and can help you in your business or whatever that you wish and that includes romance. However feng shui can be used to do bad things too.

Example is : When your competitor gives you a nice expensive vase and you happen to place it in your wealth area then no more wealth is going to come to you.

Competition in business is always good - because it helps you to stand on your feet all the time and waiting to fight like "guang kong" which is a common diety found in most chinese companies.

DESTINY: Destiny in life is one thing. the other is to create merits in life so that your destiny will always be smooth and good meaning that even when negative events are suppose to hapen to you that year, it will come small and so you will be ok. So start donating money to create more good luck for yourself.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: What happens if you own shares in a company and you used those shares to pledge for more cash. Then, when the market goes down like these few months wouldn't you be in trouble ?

This year, I predicted that those in the water industry - they will have good news and they will have bad news.
Overall, they will be in trouble in this year like those planes and ships. Go read my "Predictions for 2008".

Next year of the Ox is earth element - guess what would happen ?

TIP: "let's watch what will happen on this day, ok ?"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cloud 9 feeling is wonderful. White cloud feeling is even, more nice !

Today, 15 October 2008, Wednesday, I will be going down to Ubi office for 2 readings and then to waterloo street to meet the interior designer for the factory project that I just did, we have a meeting.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning I went downstairs and to my garden sit on my outdoor furniture and with my HP and Starhub, I started to blog with my radio 90.5fm in the background listening to music and to the latest news. I figured that I would be home late today since I might have a long meeting so better to blog and to get that"out of my mind" first.

FENG SHUI: If you live in a landed property and your house is facing a busy road ? what does that mean ? The road represents water or river in fengshui terms and hence there is a need to "ground" your house by using big big boulders of any kind.

If you drive along a busy road and that house either have a pair of stone lions or big boulders then chances are that house has been fengshuied.

DESTINY: There was a day when I mentioned here about how the birth of a baby can make a couple's relationship fall out.....then I had 2 more people coming for life reading and asking me about their relationships with spouses.

I can tell you that : retrenchment has started and it is not from our country but overseas. hold on tight to your job and if you have any problem, sms me. I am always there for my clients, 24 hours no matter where I am. I am still contactable even though I am going to Nepal soon for my retreat to reflect on myself for the whole year on whether I have been naughty or nice. hehe

FSQ NOTE: If you are in business it is better to be in a recession proof business or if not then ensure that you have plenty of cash in the bank to tie you over the next few years or do fengshui to speed your business up.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have a group of clients who when they strike 4D tells me that the feeling is : "really nice". I didn't know how that feeling was till I sold my 100,000 shares and picked up a small profit and I went "wah" deep inside. Everytime I think of that "thrill", I go "cloud 9".

Tell me your stories when I see you next year for your review. If you've plenty of stories, ask me for 3 hours of my time. I will be there to listen.

Selling shares : if your bazi is not suitable to buy shares like mine and is trying so hard to make some profit then when you buy, you buy in stages and when you sell also sell in stages. that way , the stock will go up even higher. we call this the fengshui reasoning. absurb. but why don't you try it yourself then see for yourself. And it works 100% of the time.

It is about understanding the "universe energy" and you and how to balance it, right.

TIP: "White means pure. Are you tainted or are you white?"

Monday, October 13, 2008

One should live life in very simple terms

Today, 14 October 2008, Tuesday, took time off to go do my things and was trying hard not to place any appointments.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I can understand why certain people tend to worry while there are those who don't.

Let me share with you a little about buddhism:
True buddhists would some how believe that they should place their lives in the hands of the Buddha and let Buddha guide them.

True buddhists somehow do not speak with extreme views. Example: I don't like to do this or that as they are suppose to go with the flow. Can you do that for a change ?

If you have the opportunity to speak to me then you will know that I don't talk alot. I am a thinker. when you speak, I think or when you ask me many questions, I try my best to reply all. That way, I practise my own patience.

FENG SHUI: The sickness energy falls in the SE this year so somehow my mum caught a bad cough and so today I decided to take time off to go and get a big hulu and place it in her house for her. I don't normally fengshui her house and usually joke with her on these matters.

Today being my dad's english birthday I decided to get him half a chicken from the famous chicken rice stall at Serangoon Gardens too. However, I know my mum can't take the chicken because she is coughing and do you know why ? I bought the chicken anyhow as I hardly have this chance to be a dutiful daughter.

The Fengshui reason is : Chicken is metal and metal is the mouth so if you have a mouth or throat problem, the saying is that : "it is best not to take chicken when you are coughing". wait the chicken bite you then you know........(joke)

DESTINY: If anyone goes to have his life read. After that he should see "good luck" coming to him even though he haven't already gone to wear his lucky colours or own his lucky colour wallet so that he has a lot of money to count.

The reason is : When your luck is not very good you should see a fortune teller to alter your luck. This is a simple and basic theory. Hence most fortune tellers don't live very long. I've heard yukky stories about them. This is one reason why I go for my own retreat every year and do a 5 figure donation every year. Not you know ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There was someone who sms asking my opinion about this and that stocks. I replied no comments because if I haven't read their annual reports and haven't studied their historical price, then how can I give my opinion when I don't know anything about these except I know which industry these stocks fall under like water industry, wood or earth industry.

I only read the stocks that I owned as I don't have the time to read others. I usually stick to what I know.

TIP:"Be contented with whatever you have at every point in time but can have dreams so that you can achieve something in life"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Which side of the fence are you on ?

Today, 13 October 2008, Monday morning went down to Bukit Panjang area to do HDB fs and then to do a condo fs.

DAILY THOUGHTS: People seems to be feeling worried with some worried ones very concerned about their jobs as they came for their life readings last week. I've got good news for some meaning that: they need not fear retrenchment is because it is not in their charts. They will always have a job to do.

I enjoy my work very much as I find that I have the skills to help them especially in relations to their bazi or their house fengshui so that they can still ride thru it like in 1997 and 1998, the cycle is coming back.

Stubborn people won't believe in what we are saying. That is fine, it is them who stands to loose more and we to gain, with our fengshuiQueen brand of accurate knowledge. which fence are you on, honey?

FENG SHUI: Have you ever tried taking veg fod just to cleanse yourself so that your good luck can come ?
so you can still take the "char kwey tau" without taking the fish cake and the "hum".

DESTINY: If you are really keen to know more about destiny the best thing is to first read from books and then attend class to learn from any master. However if the more you learn and KNOW the more worried you get. then it is better that you dont learn and just listen to your own sifu will do.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Actually the market will take a long time to come up again and it may be for another few years of the ox, tiger and rabbit years which are potentially "no good" years. that means 3 years.

Property prices will have the biggest fall soon in the year of the ox and continues to the tiger, 2010 and rabbit years, 2011.

So if you have recently purchased some shares then wait for at least 5 years then can see "some profit" or you try to average it and see how. The "window of opportunity" to get out is this lunar months first and second of 2009.

I personally don't intend to get out but to keep some money into shares and wait for the biggest gain in 5 years, so it like a medium term plan.

Everything depends how you look at it : most of us don't need the spare cash and so can afford to wait. it's just that it is a "lousy feeling" of money being stuck in shares. Then, it is how your "mindset" thinks that can make you wiser than the rest.

TIPS: "my side or the other side"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank you for my 9 and 10 bottle of red wine !!!

Chilly Crab, anyone ?

FSQ NOTE: "He's looking at you, babe"
I love crabs all methods of cooking and with Champagne. It is "Wa la la" !!!!

In any Crises there will always be a silver lining and it is how we can look at the bigger picture

Today, 12 October 2008, Sunday, my family celebrated my dad's birthday at Orchid Country Club, one of my parents favourite hangouts.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market really has been down the whole week but then us, fengshui followers already knew it was coming and it had to be a BIG one. We were all prepared for it. Then....what did you do after you have witnessed the big drop. If you did something then you can be termed a savvy investor and to be one would need life's "experiences" in share investing.

LYNN YAP BLOG: This is my 239 posts since I started blogging on 20 May 2008 and soon it will be 5 months on 19 October 2008.

FENG SHUI: Many years ago, when I was doing fengshui, I began to use the word QUEEN and then some chinese speaking masters said : Singapore got Queen fengshui meh ? yeah, got mah. it's me and I have been busy working and building my own wealth because I knew that was the way I wanted it to go.

That time, I heard these "masters" went to complain to their sifus. I had a good laugh then and was begining to feel that I am the leader in this industry in the english speaking market.

Then in 2008, 20 May I started a blog and thought maybe I should "advertise" to get people to come and read my blog and that was the time I heard from my clients that: Her friends ask her why I call myself QUEEN ? I laughed again and this lady client told her friends that she heard me speak in public before and agreed that I am Queen.

Anyhow, FengshuiQueen is my registered trademark as I was the first one to start using it and to register this mark. I smart mah but it also took me a long time to get it registered.

The Queen is now wealthy, grown her wealth over the years from properties by being a savvy property investor. At least after some years in business, got something to show like my 3 assets and planning for a 4th when the timing is right for me.

DESTINY: A fire person will work hard for the passion for the job rather than focusing on the money that was paid for his worth. I hope this fire person will learn to grow their income per annum and focus on it. If you currently earn S$120k per annum then go for S$200k per annum to show people your worth in the market.

You need results to know ? whether in assets or cash or shares owned or your income earned in a year. These are the benchmarks that people use so we just follow.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many readers who are not my clients love this section because the knowledge shared can help them. I also hope I can help them in this way. It didn't matter to me if they are not my clients because my own motivation was to educate people.

SHARE INVESTING: This is my portfolio and I used to show my portfolio of S$100k. this time I use less money to buy them.

Check your own bazi and then buy some shares. choose your own ok ?

For me, I went in stages. For example: I buy 20 first then another 20. this time round, I learnt a lesson.

TIP "Don't be too quick to buy and learn to be patient and wait. The mountain tortoise will win the race"

The Savy Investor: It's a cycle predicting events and is a fengshui cycle#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: It's a cycle predicting events and is a fengshui cycle#comments#comments

Cheers, let's all make money together !!!

Photo taken by author of "life of lopsided 8" blog. Go to her blog to see more photos of what we did last nite. Her blog is on my clients blog roll.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a cycle predicting events and is a fengshui cycle

Today, 11 th October 2008, Saturday, went to ubi for 2 life readings then to do HDB fengshui.

Yesterday I had a drink with the author of the blog, "life of lopsided 8" and she gave me two bottles of wine. Wow, now I have my 9th n 10th bottle of red wine since the day of blogging. thank you !!! "wa hoh hoi sum"

FENG SHUI: There are people who believe in feng shui and there are those who still don't. while there are also those who know a bit of fengshui and then go around and "hang hang" (scare) people, which is very bad

I always believe in : What goes out from you will come back to you.

Hence, I never like to scare people and would prefer to educate people about fengshui or at least to share with them on how fengshui can truly work since now you know....there exists false fengshui whose theories can sound very logical but then there is a deeper truth to it. And only if you are highly enlightened being then you will be able to have the vision to see far.

In short: the fengshui master who can accurately predict events that are to happen will be the one whith the deeper vision and there would be many followers. is because this master has helped many to make money and see the world in a bigger picture and not focus on small things to make themselves miserable, all the time.

Recently, I was asked for my predictions 2009 slides and I replied not ready as I usually do my predictions after my retreat so that I can analyse the world better and to give a better prediction. Anyway, overall : no good year ok ? I already forsee unemployment being the biggest problem next year.

DESTINY: Only when you have done many good deeds in your life then you will be able to meet a good fengshui master. It is always good to have a religion and once you say you are a buddhists or a taoists then people can see where you are coming from. so, you got religion or not ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS:: Industries in the wood element would still make huge profits in 2008 as when we read their annual reports. Industries in the wood element are : paper, printing, palm oil plantations, clothing, curtains, furnitures, events organising, seminars, hair business, education, schools etc

I will let you know which element industry will do well in 2009.
Fengshui masters other role is : to guide you when making investments.

TIP:"If not, then how do you explain this BIG crash in the stock market which is a fire element"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Because it has to happen for the fengshui reasons of the rat year with its teeth now bitting, my dearest

Today, 9th October 2008, Friday, I will be at ubi ofice to do 2 readings then to Wine Network to party, actually also work, lah.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market has been down the last couple of days and it will have to be the biggest down ever because of the "ying water" that comes to control the "ying fire" in the stock market. Let it bleed cause it has to happen. I don't know the economic impact but I can do an accurate prediction and also when it is going to go up.

FENG SHUI: Let me tell you another fengshui story: There was a young man who bought a terrace house and this house has two levels. however the upper level did not cover the area that happen to be the wealth area and so there was a hole in the wealth area. My client invited me to do the house fengshui as I was his master for his HDB flat. I toured the house and then advised him to extend his upper level to flatten the ceiling of the ground floor so that there can be no hole in the wealth area.

After the ceiling is done and fengshui pond in the correct place, the young owner strike first prize 4D lottery and invited me back to his house for a review. I walked round the house again and then came to the extended flooring, upstairs and asked :"is it safe ?" (cause I am afraid of heights) and then walked to that floor space and feel the energy there. I replied :"good" and then walked to other parts of the house sat down and gave comments before leaving for my next appointment.

FSQ NOTE: The staircase in a terrace house can fall into the wealth area and so if you have bought this type of house, it is better to get the fengshui checked and then do a remedy.

DESTINY: A person whose house has been fengshuied will have - their face looking bright and there is a glow in them. Can you see it ? Compare this glow with someone whose house is not being fengshuied, it is a world of difference. I am speaking the truth and you need not come and see me, you are most welcome to invite other fengshui masters to your house and have a look. Just make sure you don't pay too much and you get value out of it.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The dog year 2006, the stock market had a bull. In 2007, property market had its bull. so what do we do in 2008 ? 2008, market had its biggest dip in years and so it is time to pick up some good stocks and keep till the next dog year, 2018 then exit. cash out and take profit. then in 2019 begining or end 2018 enter and buy 2 properties. Hopefully you can make half a million dollars by then as this is the entry level if you are not yet a millionaire by now.

FSQ NOTE: It would depend on what economic status are you now.

If you are now a millionaire you should be able to make at least 2 million from all your assets bought in 2019 - my prediction for you. hehe

From your bazi - better check if you are in good luck 10 year cycle or not ok ? if you are not then you better get a sifu, fengshui master to guide you whether to buy or not. ok ? and don't follow your own instinct when you are "no good" in your 10 year cycle.

TIP: "Are you hurt by its sharp front teeth?, give me a GRIN !!! hehe"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We must be savvy and never let negative news affect us

FSQ NOTE: That way, we can learn to be professional in our work and respected by all others. Your current "net worth" also counts.

The market will be up earliest Jan 2009

Today, 9 October 2008, Thursday, I will be going to Ubi office and then go HengHeng Goldsmith at Toa Payoh to buy a gold pendant, goat for my dad's birthday this coming sunday as he will be 78 this year and next year is the year of the ox which would clash with his own animal sign of the goat. I bought a round flat one so that he can drop it in his wallet and also bought another one for my mum and 3 other gold items for myself.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This is the big down that I am talking about in my "Predictions for the year 2008". I am not sure if there is going to be a mini drop or maybe won't happen and then we are off to the new lunar year.
There will always be some who trust my predictions yearly while there will always be those who are sceptical about us, Fengshui Masters and this is the reason why I wanted Fengshui Masters to be more acceptable by the public and accorded their rightful social status by being very accurate in predictions year after year and to be well loved by many who have benefited from fengshui which my fengshuiQueen Brand truly works cause I am the QUEEN.

This year, 2008, my company achieved a paid up capital of S$500k and made it to become a member of Singapore Business Federation coupled with my business admin degree, I will stand out in the crowd.

FENG SHUI: Have you seen many variations of laughing buddha ? I heard even have one that is standing on a dragon. If you have this at home, you have to becareful where the dragon's big "mouth" is facing.

Then the way the laughing buddha carry the "gold ingot" got a lot to play with. If you buy one one standing, you would remember my joke of : "wait he kar very sen" then you know. This laughing Buddha is usually placed at a corner diagonally opposite your dining table, very happy for work one. see ? I always laughing mah.

I also got one carrying gold sitting on my desk and facing all my clients, bringing wealth to you. I want those who come to my office to always make money !!!

Then they will say my fengshui work then I have more business. hehe

DESTINY: The first thing to understand about life is to : to learn to accept your fate first. Then learn how to be happy with all your family members and then close friends then associates.

Never complain about this and that and then make your life so miserable.

For example: If I have to loose money this year so that my sons will do well in their exams, I would prefer to loose money and am paper loss, S$30k down. I am not worried or sad. You never saw my face sad one, right ? because I am always happy and is because my "own mind" knows how to transform "negative happiness" about lost money into understanding how the universe work and why it is sometimes better this way and into something "positive happiness".

So, if you loose money in the stock market now - don't panic but smile or laugh like the "laughing buddha". Later on when you cash out and make profit next year 2009, you will have the last laugh, you know ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Those who are prepared to take risks will beat the market. Are you game ? If your bazi says you can't play shares then you had better stay out of it. Wait you......"hai lang".

For the last 2 years, I have been quite good at stock picking and can call myself, a savvy shares investor.

TIP:"The market has to go up or down everyday but we are not to be influenced by it everyday that way, you learn to be calm and see the bigger picture"

There is light at the end of this crises and is coming

FSQ NOTE: Do not panic. We never did, did we ? what we saw was a "window of opportunity" to buy some blue chips to keep for 10 years especially stocks that are known to give us good dividends. Of course from time to time the share price will fluctuate as it is a natural phenomena to do so. It is how our mind "thinks" that matters.

The Savy Investor: Fengshui Tip:#comments#comments

The Savy Investor: Fengshui Tip:#comments#comments

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crystal rolling fountain

This just came in....sms: "Hi Master Lynn, our boss placed a rolling crystal ball fountain on his desk and we kept falling sick. what can we do ?"

I replied: "throw away the fountain".

FengshuiQueen Tip: My water feature is usually a pond placed on the floor and with water spouting in all directions or water flowing in one direction and never a rolling crystal water featuure because this type doesn't work. Don't believe me, try this in your wealth area that has been chosen by me.

Make yourself happy even when others make you unhappy

Today, 8 October 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Do you ever get tired of eating the same food ? if you are a metal person or have metal below your day element, you can take chicken rice today and tomorrow and never get tired.

FENG SHUI: You know ? yesterday as I was typing the tips on how to fengshui your office ? a wild thought dawn on me that : hei, wouldn't that make bosses worry that : what if every staff wants to sit with a wall behind their desks, then how answer to them ? woh. trouble.

However if you are a smart boss, you would have all the answers to alleviate the fear in them or simply say :"our fengshui master says it is good that you sit here so that you can bring our company, Good Luck" hehe

DESTINY: Interestingly enough if a person has a fire element (ying fire horse or yang fire snake) in his day pillar that person can somehow make money from shares. one of my favourite past time is to : analyse a person's face and the way he speaks in public and the hidden body language.

I would like to perfect my skills so that one day I can look at you and say what element person you are and your fortune without referring to my ten thousand year calendar book.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are a few small companies, I mean those whose company only have less than 10 staff and I do noticed that these CEOs do lack some PR skills in their approach towards, many matters. Some of them speak in hokkien, cantonese or mandarin and are very very comfortable with that and they make money.bottomline is : they must make money then their business can survive.

It is alright if we speak to customers in one language and then to our friends or family in dialects. that way, we are versatile and can have a lot of practice.

One must also have travelled to many countries then your mindset will be open and your heart open too. You wil find that people who have travelled to many countries are people more open minded than you as they are the ones who have seen the world or worked with these overseas people.

If you own shares now and intends to trade then the first sign of market up, you must sell and cash out. then for some people's destiny : the minute they sell, the shares shoot up higher. I usually advice them to sell in stages and you must learn the experience yourself because no body is going to teach you and even your broker can give the wrong advice then who is to blame ?

Always remember to blame yourself first and never others and don't do a "tai chi" to blame all others except yourself.

We have to learn to be very professional in our work so that others always say good things about us and our work, even in the gossip column as they create "sheng qi", good energy. I dislike negative qi or "sha qi", bad vibres as the modern people call it.

Next year 2009 - many businesses will be down in their sales, unemployement up and our business will pick up. I just saw one life reading because of retrenchment from overseas. It is a sad truth and I will do my level best to help them.

TIP:"it is because when you are happy, the happy energy will surround you and then everybody around you will be hapy too. is because you live your life for others and not for yourself"

Fengshui Tip:

In the old days, there exists false fengshui and these fengshui still remain today and in statures or figurines. these exists in the old days was because of a war and to win the war, false fengshui was let out to confuse people so that the one who knows the REAL fengshui will win the battle.
Fengshui Queen Tip: Do not place a "Dragon on a tortoise" in anywhere in your office or house or else your Business will be slow like the tortoise. This is one such "false fengshui figurine" that exists in those days and still exists today. I don't use this tortoise or even turtle in any of my feng shui.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Cow goes moo moo as he runs up to the moon with a bell

Today, 7th October 2008, Tuesday, early morning went down to Joo Koon Area to check feng shui for a factory.

DAILY THOUGHTS: As we are approaching the year of the ox, bull, bull frog, cow.......whatever you are experiencing now is what you are going to experience next year. what happen to you today ? busy or very free ?

FENG SHUI: PART II: How to fengshui your office desk ?
1) Make sure where you are seated there is a wall behind you - so that you can have support from bosses and customers.

2) Make sure that you are seated in a nice corner and hence less turbulent qi flowing towards your desk otherwise you will have un ending troubles.

3) If you can ensure that your table is L-shaped with one side touching the wall to give you support and power.

4) The CEO always should have the biggest desk in the whole office - ensure that it is about 7ft or 8ft long and is solid.

5) Never sit directly facing the door of the office or you will soon be fired and be the first one to go.

6) Never sit with a small server behind you - the glass door of the server is like a mirror and is bad.

7) Ensure that there is no beam directly above the work desk or you will have full of work pressures. place a small convex mirror to bounce it off.

8) Ensure that your desk is messy as it denotes that you are very busy at work and have no time to pack, "keke" also good.

DESTINY: Do you have destiny with me ? in fact, we are all inter-related and connected in some ways or another and since you are my clients, we are therefore related to some extent and have destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you want to have luck in striking lottery or making money from stocks, you would first need to have merits. Merits is derived from the Good Deeds that you do. It can be helping someone or even buying that person a meal or simply donating money to charity.
Did you do any recently ? then you can make money this time round from the stock market.

TIP:"After he moo moo then he will go hee hee and we will all make money, together"