Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Less people are going out to eat, most stay at home to cook

Today, 6 November Thursday, I went to ubi office to do 2 annual reviews and one cae birth date.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday, I was out with my gf and who will be my roomate in Nepal. We went to shop for stuff that we need and then to go for a light dinner. She is a vegetarian while I am not yet one so I was simply curious as to how she can do it while I can't.

You see ..........each time I go for my retreat, I would be on all veg and once I am back I would stay veg for a while until my body gets weak that I had to stop and to go on a fish diet to gain back my physical strength. This is because I need "energy" to climb staircases in HDB flats or go up 4 storey in a walk up apartment.If you think being a fengshui master is so easy, you come and do lah !!!

I am still thinking of what I "lack" in my food intake in order to give me that "pep energy" of going all, full vegetarian. Ok, tell you a recent joke.

There was a day, I was going home by a taxi and this taxi driver started talking about the lack of people in hawker centres recently and I asked : "oh is it ?". Then I asked again :' ''where do they go and eat ? cook at home ?".

The driver said : "probably, yes". At that moment, I replied oh yes, take canned food (kuan tau) some frozen chicken or frozen fish is good, cheaper. He nodded then I exclaimed : having cup noodles, even better. At this moment, the taxi driver laughed and said : "yes, that one even cheaper !!!"

The conclusion is : if we are tight on the cash part, we would know how to tighten our belt. kids may not be able to go thru this difficult period but I hope they can at least try and tell them it is temporary so that there is always a ray of hope for them or for us. Kids need something forward looking for them. while for ourselves, even taking "can food" can be a joy in itself if : only your mind is willing.

FENG SHUI: One of my client said Master Lynn, you love to keep taxi receipts while I prefer to take my boading pass and put them in the wealth area so that she can travel often. Then I replied : oh yes, I will put it there too with my passport whenever I want to travel and sometimes I would take out my luggae and place it in the wealth area so that someone will call me to travel.

FSQ Concept of : whatever items you place in the wealth area, it will grow.

DESTINY: Some people have the gift of "sight" and so they can "see" things whole some have the gift of hearing and so they can hear things while some have the gift of "feel". which one do you have ? I think the worst to have is the gift of seeing things. if you can see spirits how calm and peaceful can you get ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When you get your pay then look at see which stock is your favourite one and then you can enter and buy. But this one keep for at least 3 years ok ? then you can make some extra coffee money for yourself. however if you are first timer then don't touch or unless you have a very good "stock sifu" who can guide you and help you so that you make lesser mistakes.

TIP:"it will be about the survival of the fittest food outlet, cash flow management, advertising and promotions"

Othello anyone ?

Today, 5 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to office to do 2 annual reviews for 2009 and then went to Taka to meet my gf who is going to Nepal with me to buy some stuff and I bought my book on "The Snowball : Warren Buffet and the business of life" by Alice Schroeder.

DAILY THOUGHTS: You know something ? it is really nice to meet my old clients again for their annual reviews, this is because there is so much to know about how they are currently doing and what's next for them ?

FENG SHUI:Fengshui for landed property : if you live on a landed property it is important that there are two white rounded bulbs to represent the pearl of the dragon at night and to be turned on from 7pm to 6am in the morning. so that on that road itself your house is the brightest so that the dragon's breath can come to your house at night. Then you will have ever lasting prosperity as long as you stay in that house.

If you bought a landed property and don't live there then the fengshui do not have much of an impact on you although there is - some impact.Please turn on your "lights" at night, ok ?

If you live in an apartment : it is also important to leave a night light on so that there is brightness in your kitchen in the day as well as night.

FSQ NOTE: "Knowing how to use the Dragon is an important secret in fengshui theories"

DESTINY: People who have fire somewhere in their bazi is someone who can hold their liquor well. and bazi can tell. usually for people who go for interviews and if their new job involves entertaining, it is important that they can hold their liquor well. Two clients who wanted a job change told me that their interviewer asked them : "Can you hold your liquor ?"

The best reply is not a "cheong hei" (long winded) reply but something that is more professional like :

"I love drinking, every night I drink a glass before going to bed. I can take whisky, volka, wine, champagne, sake etc"

Drinking well can get you to many places - so be sure you can hold your liquor in public and still walk straight after 3 bottles of wine in 6 hours. it is a case of non stop drinking and chatting and eating plus with the right company it can be very very fun and enjoyable. Try it ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This is the time to save money or park some money into gold or shares.

TIP:"have you played this game of black and white chips on the board and won ?"