Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When the dust settles, let us go and pick the gold, ok ?

Today, 12 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to check fengshui for a HDB at Rivervale and then to ubi office to do an annual review for 2009.

DAILY THOUGHTS: A blog is like our diary except that it can be open to invited friends to read or open to the public to read. of course if it is open to the public then it is open to : jealousy, criticisms etc and that can bring about a negative energy.

Therefore I am "careful to protect" it so that it will always bring about good energy to anyone who come and read it. yesterday, we had a record of 1412 visiors to this blog however when my new blog is ready, I will only write once a month on this blog and would be every 1st day of the month and the first one would be 1st Jan 2009. while for the new blog, it will be every day unless I am travelling and I intend to travel on 3 Feb to 9 Feb 2009 for another form of retreat. When I come back, I will show you many beautiful photos of holy objects so that you too can be "blessed".

LYNN YAP BLOG: We had 1,412 visitors and that is a record todate. However, I am past that "feeling" of wanting to have more and more visitors, preferring to write better fengshui articles for my clients and have more" long time loyal followers" than new readers.

FENG SHUI: You know.....eversince I spill the beans about my "wooden chopstick" stories and when I watch channel 55 when a man spilts the "wooden chopsticks" to have a meal, I was laughing to myself. oh !!! no !!! me and my "wooden chopsticks". Anyhow, I've got a nice Golden one sitting on a "dragonfish" place in the "power sector" of my office which is the main door. I bet you : many who come to my office would not notice it.

They probably are too engrossed by the many newspaper cuttings of me in the newspapers on "my wall of fame" - one wall simply dedicated to newspaper cuttings and that excludes magazine interviews.

DESTINY: Destiny is fixed and so when one enters into a destiny path where the couple is bound go "break" in their marriage then it will break and even if it did'nt, the next 12 years later, it will come. so how many 12 years do you want to live your life ?

There is something I note : when a person enters into 4 money elements that year or in their 10 year cycle , money is bound to come to them and it can be quite a lot. however once they leave that 10 year cycle and into say 2 money elements only in the next year of the pig, 2019 then that person may not be making that much money when the next pig year comes and it could be lesser.

SAVVY INVESTMENT: There was a lady who asked : is it a good time to go into shares ? I said yes and then she turnaround and said but the stocks have all gone higher than the "bottom bottom". I laughed and said to her : we are not experts in picking stocks at the "bottom bottom" but we can still enter and then postion ourselves at this price and then wait. However, be prepared to "loose money" and if you can't let go and are not prepared to "loose money" then don't enter. otherwise you will cry alot more.

Shares investng is definately not for the faint hearted people. it takes guts to enter and that williness to take "risk" and learn to admit your own fault when you enter too quickly or when it went up, you didn't want to sell because you were simply greedy.

When we buy stocks : for us there are many ways to read the company that we want to invest.

a) the fundametals of the company and their future in the next 5 years -
b) which industry is it in - can match our bazi or not ?

Once, we have both "yes" then we can enter and "buy" now. Just buy but follow these two in mind or if you know more, then you are alot better, that's good because you will stand to make more money than us.

TIP:"ready to make some money ? or to learn more about fengshui and investments and how they are linked ? join us !!! 24 paid members to date for my new blog can't be wrong. eh ?"

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

Live each day at a time and eat simply

Today, 11 November 2008, Tuesday, I went to do a house review at Joo Chiat area and then to Pasir Ris to do a house feng shui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How is your day ? it rained yesterday and it rained today. Maybe you did'nt get wet because you work in an air con environment while I don't. My job usually involves going from homes to homes most of the time and sometimes I am in office. I recently also went shopping and bought a new pair of low heel red GEOX so that I can run faster and to match my red CHANNEL bag. I will still wear my GUCCI when I "party".

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, I had 708 visitors to my blog. I was like "wow" after so long still got so many visitors and more than the 400 visitors which I had initially when I first started. Looks like it gets better and better. Thank you so much for coming !!!

FENG SHUI: The fengshui tips that I often give are just part of the bigger fengshui. If you really want to learn more, you must attend a course by any fengshui masters and learn all "the different kinds of school of fengshui".
This is because some follow the "Compass school of fengshui" while others may follow the "Black Hat fengshui" or even the "Flying Star school of fengshui". some of my clients even told me what the other fengshui master uses and I will know how skillful they are.
DESTINY: Someone recently ask me if destiny is already fixed and can we alter it ? I said "yes". it is fixed at birth, the first breath you breathe and your destiny is already fixed and can be altered if you mixed with the right partner or marry the right person. Sometimes in life, after you marry the wrong one, your luck goes down, then how ? Feng shui can help.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I received an email from someone saying that finally she found someone who can connect fengshui with investment. Eh ? I thought other masters also write about them too ? I don't really know but I have been writing about these for a long long time. you can read about them in my past "weekly thoughts"found at my offical website http://www.fengshuiqueen.com/index.html
When my new blog is up, I shall show you my FSQ Portfolio and please don't follow because those I bought are according to my own bazi and is good for me. while for you - yours could be very different from mine. If you follow blindly then you are sure to loose money. this is because this is not the way to learn how to grow your wealth.

Today, I also pick up a call from another lady whom I don't know and she said she wanted to learn how to buy shares. I got worried. eh ? if you don't know better don't try. If you want to try, you must be prepared to loose money for your "learning curve" if not don't ever try lah. I am worried for you, you know ?

I am trying to figure out "which stocks" are best for the next 3 years so that we can all buy irregardless of our bazi. Give me time to think about it while I am in Nepal ok ? and write about it in my new blog.
If you pay me something I will make sure you get double your money's worth or even more. This is my style and it goes the same if you pay me for your house fengshui or office.That is why : if you know any of my clients, you will note a BIG DIFFERENCE : My clients are always laughing and smiling all the time !!! right ?
Oh and I just got paid to my company's paypal account by Blog Mastermind Programme and is more than US$500/- I did'nt know that I can do it, till I try. thanks, Yaro !!!

TIP:"that way you can learn to grow richer as well as happier. when your mind is peaceful anywhere you stay can always be happy"