Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new Blog coming........soon

Early this morning, 21 November, Friday, I was given my url to enter to read my new "blog layout" which is using word press. We currently have 41 paid members to this new blog, thank you very much for your support and today will be the last day I write daily for this blog.

For those who sign up for the new blog, please wait till I sms you your "userid" and "password". Give me a few days while I get used to this new blog so don't sms me but just wait, ok ? I will try to sms you tomorrow if I can and as soon as I get hold of the "userid" and "password". Cheers !!!

The "Fengshui Savy Investor" blogspot next update will be 1st January 2009. Come this day and read. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

When your mind is calm even a little itch on your hand would not cause you to fret

Today, 21 November 2008, Friday, I went to check fs for a condo at Jurong East area.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I have met some clients and they told me that business has began to be "slow" for them especially the last two months and they are trying hard to hold on. These are my "life readings" clients and not my fs clients for offices.

Usually at this point : I would ask them if their company has a line of credit from the bank and most of these are very very small business firms and they told me that these days banks are more careful in lending them the money. when I heard this, I was quite sad as I know many firms are in these situations and unless they had fengshui done to their offices or homes by me then I know, they need not worry. this is because my feng shui work and they would be ok.

A THOUGHT: Do you in all honesty think that when businesses face slow down : would they invite fengshui masters to check more fengshui ? Hmm........

LYNN YAP FENG SHUI BLOG: It is my style of writing that engages readers and that is why I have so many many readers to my blog and once they read it they become "hooked". I am like a "magnet" to them as most readers feel that here is a sifu who can help and bring a smile on their faces.

Since you are my clients and everything is fine with you so why not this Christmas give a bit more or spend a bit more those those who really need your money and these are the : taxi drivers.

Most of them have a whole family to feed and their children too. so why not take a taxi to this place or that and give them that income. with this income they can then spend the money on food or money for their children when they go out with their friends.

Imagine that : one of the kid is your son or daughter and you would be able to feel the compassion that I feel ,whenever I pay my taxi fares. Each day, I spend a minimum of S$20/- on taxi fares and another sum on food as I eat out often. I do my part for society, do you ?

FENG SHUI: Now you know why I collect "taxi receipts" and "wooden chopsticks". Well, I got more things that I collect or place in my fengshui investment home..........want to know more, come join me in my new blog !!! this new blog is going "private" as I do not wish new readers to make unwanted comments on stuff that I do. that is why you can see that I don't reply the comments here unless I know that person.

DESTINY: Once you learn my "thoughts", very soon you will find that you can learn how to predict for the year 2009 and by then : you don't need me to tell you already. Where do you read your news ? and if news upset you a lot, then don't read and make yourself upset lah.

To keep our luck, we must always have a "peaceful mind" - a mind that is calm so that whatever news that we hear, we would not jump and immediately bark. Are you like this or is your boss like this ? hehe.......barking around like a mad dog. wah, this sort of person usually have a lot of fire that makes him or her impatient plus "an untrained mind" that is so full of thoughts inside that this person would be a little bit "insane". then the people working beneath this person.......oh no !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Holding cash now is still the best or unless if you wish to invest in shares, you would probably already enter by now. I have always said : money in the bank stays and don't try and invest in this or that just because it pays you a bit more interests or unless that "colour bank" suit your bazi then "can go".

TIP:"you simply would'nt even notice that itch nor feel it"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts#comments#comments

Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts

Today, 20 November 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office for readings and would be home late. so I write my blog this morning.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Most people are worried that the recession is going to be deep and long but it is not true. by the time the next year of the dragon, 2012 comes, things should start to pick up, though 2009 is going to be a bad year.
It depends on which 5 elements industry that you are in and usually the most "difficult" period is one year only which means it can be in 2009 and all you need is to have reserves for a whole year's of expenses so that you can get by over this difficult year.
LYNN YAP FENG SHUI BLOG: Thank you for making me a popular fengshui blogger such that my blog is now at page 1 of "Singapore fengshui Blog" if you do a google search. Most of my readers are actually my clients and of course there are some new readers.
FENG SHUI: If your garden happens to be a "power" sector then you can add a big boulder, 4 ft tall or have more lamps in that area as the "power sector" usually consists of "earth" element in "flying star school of fengshui" we have the #8, mountain star and so we can use "earth" to enhance the "earth" element as well as using "fire" to produce the "earth" to make the "earth" stronger. The number, 8 is an "earth" element.

DESTINY: Once you know alot about destiny it can help you understand your spouse alot better or even your children...... but in life, nothing is perfect and even if we know our spouse can harm us and is our enemy, then what do you do ? "siam" ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Here are a few invesment tips for you :
a) There are some people, the minute they invest into one share they have this bad habit of wanting to take back their money as quickly as possible -

b) Sometimes when their bad habit or implusive nature catches up with them, these same group of people will then WANT to sell their shares even though it means making a loss of S$5k and even though they do not NEED the money and they usually dare not tell anyone about it.

c) These are the people who need to learn how to let go of their money - meaning that : to have a mindset that : "they must learn to part their money into shares and let them remain there till a profit is made" before they can sell if not THEN don't sell. It is all about learning and realising these yourself and understand a bit more about yourself and YOUR "investing techniques" and how to change. Only then you can LEARN how to profit from the market.
I've done it and so can you.
d) What I do these days are : those that I had bought high even though I bought them in October, I now try to buy more to "average down" and so far I have only two stocks that are in need of that and time is on my side. so with each payday, I go in to buy a bit and a bit and then wait. then when the market goes up, I will sell half and keep the other half because I know that when I sell, that stock is sure to go up for a while or sometimes shoot so high. you know that kind of feeling lah. I have been there too.
These are but some of my personal experiences that I had observed and I thought, should share with you.
FSQ NOTE: If you like my investment tips, let's discuss in my new blog which is not ready and thank you for being so patient with me.
TIP:"we believers of fengshui will be able to go thru n still make it a wonderful X'mas"

It is going to rain a bit more these days

Today, 19 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office to do 1 annual review and then off to ABC centre at Lor 25A, Geylang for prayers at 2pm and just got home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How is your day today ? good, I hope.

FENG SHUI: How to fengshui a garden ? first of all, it all depends on which sector the garden falls under. Example : if the garden is in the "wealth area" then that would be perfect to place a "pond of water" in the garden complete with flowers or shrubs if you wish for wealth and some romance. If you do not wish for any "unwanted romance" then make sure that there are no flowers in the wealth area of your garden.

DESTINY: Sometimes it is not a good idea to learn a lot about destiny. this is because the more you know, the more lonely you will be. This is because you would want to "siam" people born in the dog or dragon animal signs or those that clashes with you. wah.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The stock market looks like going to a bottomless pit which investors somehow would not know when this drop will end. It will keep going down like this till early next year 1st Jan 2009 then there will be a change. just watch this column OR enter to my new blog and we discuss it further there.

When the shares of some shares are much lower like now they may be a target for a take over and these take over will most likely happen to the earth industry stocks like reits and property.

TIP:"and till January, it will be hot and sunny"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Merit Multiplying Day

Today, 19 November 2008 Wednesday is a merit multiplying day so you may wish to go to any websites to do a small donation either to prolong the life of any Rinpoche or to offer food to Kopan Monastry or even to Sera Je food fund and even a small donation like US$5/- can go a long way. I intend to do my part later this evening after I come back from my prayers at ABC centre at 2pm today.

If you can read deeper into a painting then you are someone who can read deeper into words

Today, 18 November 2008, Tuesday, I went to office to do 4 annual reviews and 1 life reading and just got back.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Well, today has been a long day and in the canteen this morning at Ubi Techpark, one of my life reading client sneak to me and said "hi". wah and oh and I just got a 14th and 15th bottle of red wine from one of my annual review client this week and they are all merlot !!! and one tin of x'mas cookies too. wow. I think I am going to have a wonderful x'mas this year in Singapore.

FENG SHUI: Do you know we can do fengshui for the garden too ? I will tell you about it tomorrow. am going to watch my ch 55, 7pm show, (sin pu leow chin) starting soon.

DESTINY: A day element metal person is a "never say die" person. this sort of person will usually have that strong fighting spirit in them such that nothing is ever too difficult for them.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Each month, after getting your pay and if you are keen in stocks is to : just buy a share or so and keep. However make sure that the company has strong fundametals and is cash rich.

TIP:"the words that were said or not said"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Always try to stay positive when people around you are not

Today, 17 November 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews and then to the supermarket.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I still have two weeks more before I fly to Nepal with my buddhist friends. My web developer recently shift his server and probably has problem with that and that is why my new blog is going to take some time. I am really sorry but in the meantime, just enjoy reading what I write here, ok ? and when I am in Nepal, I would like to spend quiet time reading as well as meditating and attending dharma teachings so I choose not to blog. we will start your subscription dates from the day my new blog starts so don't worry if you have paid too early.

And I have "thought" of sharing one very very good fengshui tip to all paid members when they first log in. You will love it !!! trust me.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui is almost now almost a "household word" that most people can talk about. However it is still very much a "belief" meaning that some people do believe in it while some still don't. It is alright for me as I am kept busy with my work mostly thru referrals and with this blog, I do get some new fs clients as well as life reading clients so you can say that my blog has been extremely successful. many people especially my own clients have come up to me telling me that "my blog is very good" so I guess it must be good. we are now at page 9 of Google search engine on "Singapore fengshui" while my bloglog is on page 2. my fengshuiqueen website is on page 10.

Thank you very much for making me a popular "fengshui blogger" and never mind if I am not the first blogger on this topic or maybe I am ....I don't know , it's not important but what's important is THAT : A popular fengshui blog must have many readers - a blog that engages people and influence them giving them deeper insights into life.

DESTINY: If you are a "ying wood" day element person then people who are born in the "yang wood" person will usually be your enemy. so this person will somehow harm you. got or not ? go check your bazi. Reason being : a ying and yang would ultimately "clash".
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I do know of some clients who have never dabbled in shares but now want to go into shares. These are the clients I usually don't like to give them direct advice but would somehow steer them out of it. This is because investing in shares is not for the faint hearted (kia see, kia suue)(hokkien). There is also no such thing as making easy money from stocks investing. but once you make a good trade that kind of wow feeling is like striking 4D or wining a bet at the casino.

It really takes a lot of experiences and time in order to make some money and usually it can take along time like 2 to 3 years. however sometimes can get luckly and then do a short term trade. but these kind of trade belongs to the day traders because they are more skillful than any of us.

TIP:"That way you will have to learn to be strong and grow up maturedly more than the rest"

Announcing a new property portal recently launched


If you are a property agent or a house owner and wishes to sell your property, you may wish to list them at
which is free or simply looking around to buy any properties. I have been invited to be the "resident fengshui master" of this portal to answer any questions that readers want to know about the "fengshui perspective angle" when choosing a good property.

This property portal which incidentally also allows you to do a "quick calcuation" as to whether you can afford to buy one or not and how is your "repayment" per month like.

It is a good guide for you to check especially when you did'nt want to ask any banker yet or simply email to the owner of this property portal !!! You may even wish to check with him on how to refinance your property !!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A blog is a diary written to keep my fs notes

Today, 16 November 2008, Sunday, as usual I went to visit my parents, chatted with them and then off to Ubi office to do one annual review for an old client.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I have heard that "higher end luxury" goods have lesser demand now while the "middle expensive" goods are "ok" (still got demand) especially in the states. This news kept me in "deep thoughts" as I was thinking about my clients who have customers from the states and how they are coping. I guess for now they should be ok and if their pond is still around in their offices, then the fengshui should work for them and give them new clients from other countries, this is how the fengshui works.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to the 100 precious readers as well as new readers who come and read. If you read is because you want to learn more about fengshui as well as to make yourself laugh ! then you are most welcome to visit my blog often.
My new blog has 35 registered members already.
A person's heart must be "big hearted" then you would be one who would be most compassionate to all. I am not so "big hearted" yet..... AND I care for MOST of my readers as I always wish to give them "good positive energy" so that even though economy is slowing down, we fengshuiqueen readers/clients/fans would STILL be alright.

DESTINY: Some of us have the destiny to make money from shares that is of the "fire" element while some can't. But sometimes, we can still do a deeper study to see how one can still make money from shares. It's tough, I can tell you and the only benefit I see is : it keeps one alert and something to do. Is "Fire" element (shares) your favorable element ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Last friday, I entered another 10,000 shares. yesterday, I checked my purchases and realised that I bought my shares, mostly in October.
TIP:"this is my dairy for today and my fs thoughts"

When a hard bouncy ball hits the ground it will bounce upwards higher

Today, 15 November 2008, Saturday, I went down to Chinatown first before heading for ubi office to do an annual review and then to Clementi to do a condo fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, after visiting Chinatown I took a taxi to Ubi office and on my way there I pass by the Marina Sands IR.

LYNN YAP BLOG: These are the number of visitors this week:
Monday : 708
Tuesday: 1412
FENG SHUI: Once we understand a lot about fengshui, the next step is to learn how to grow your wealth and to grow rich. Fengshui is not just about fengshui, it is about a way of life and by understanding. that is why I spent many hours with my clients explaining to them and how to improve so that they can see results, 3 months later. This is because my fengshui has to work, if it did'nt work then there must be something not right about the type of water feature that they buy.

Give you a tip: I do not use rolling crystal rolling and rolling in a water feature. Don't believe me, buy one and test it in your wealth area and tell me if this works.

DESTINY:I love reading people's destiny and telling them things so as to help them to understand about life and what to expect in the future and how to make their smoother. I derived a lot of satisfaction doing it and I think my long term faithful clients know it too.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Actually now is the best time to keep entering and buying more shares. If you decide to enter later like next year 2009 is also quite ok.It all depends on what is your "plan". You wish to enter for the "short term trading type" or the "medium term" type.
And even if shares are suppose to go for a "mini bull", don't expect the bull to be "high" so that you can sell your shares which you may consider "stuck" for others, we may view them as an investment. This "mini bull" is not going to be fantastic in fact, it may even be a "non event" as it depends on how you define a "mini bull" or maybe its horns got "cut". so dont have too high an expectations on this "mini bull".

TIP:"unless the ground is not flat and is bottomless then the bouncy ball can get drowned"

Friday, November 14, 2008

This morning, something to share, from YouTube

Fengshui Talk 2009


I have just confirmed another fengshui talk on "The fortunes for the 12 animal signs" invited to participate at HDB Annual Fengshui Talk 2009 16th Jan 2009 at Greenridge Shopping Centre at 7pm to 8pm. I would be there only for this evening. see you !!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The sound of metal can fill up all the spaces in the environment

Today, 14 November 2008, Friday, I have a meeting at 11am then meet a couple for a selection of wedding dates and then another lady client for her annual review.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I have this small group of clients who simply love to buy 4D. they do all permutations and combinations just to get the right winning number. Sometimes I would reflect on these "group of people" and wonder how they are doing ? Gosh ....putting all their energy into buying 4D, betting on 4D etc. Hmm..............I would'nt say it is bad as it can give these small group of clients, something to think about and something "forward looking" which is not bad.
Have "future" will make them all excited and excitment brings about "positive energy" in their body. I like "positive" people as friends and do not like "negative minded" people. this is because they can make you feel sad and very drained in energy. I would always "siam" them. "er.....sorry not free".

LYNN YAP BLOG: I can't wait for my new blog to be up as that way I would be "free" to write what I want to say, this blog is too too public. If readers like you, that is good. however, if readers don't like you - then zapped !!! they will produce negative energy to this blog.

However, I always have my own fs cure to ward them off so that my own luck is still good. I am always careful to always keep "good luck to myself" because one of the main important part of my job is : to bring "good luck" to any of my clients and I know my clients all love to shake my "lucky hand" which can give you "good postive energy" and in turn "good luck" plus my usual spoken : "chu nee how yuen" !!!

FENG SHUI: Every master will say their fengshui is the best. however the real judge of them all are : usually their clients and followers. This is because if their fengshui skill is good then there would be many clients and followers. One thing to note: not all followers are clients of that master. And one very important rule : it is best to stick to one fengshui master especially when that master works for you.

DESTINY: I somehow get a "strange" feeling that persons born in the animal signs of the "rat" or born in the "rat hour" have this tendency to "exaggerate" until "like real". I used to be "bought over" by them when they tell me stories especially some of my close friends. However, over the last couple of years, my "spiritual level" has gone up and hence I can see clearer and further that these people are usually not to trusted 100%.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Hmmm......I am not too sure if I am a saver or a spendthrift person cause when I shop at POIS Boutique at Paragon where I am known there in my first name, I would buy a couple of clothes on a single visit.

By using fengshui to understand the cycles of the movement of the stocks, we invest in at the right timing and wait. When the market moves up and in an upward trend, all our stocks would make money. yesterday, I just bought another 100,000 shares into "oil and gas industry" so as to average down. The question on most lips now : "would be when the market is going up".

PROPERTY: Property prices will start to fall but don't enter now because it can go much lower next year, 2010, year of the tiger. If you are ready, go in next year 2010 but you can start shopping for one now in river valley or orchard road area.

TIP:"My windchime, the sound of metal, chimes everytime it is going to rain, filling up my small garden"

The Fengshui Savy Investor: When you have kindness in your heart and you live your life for others#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: When you have kindness in your heart and you live your life for others#comments#comments

Always have a loving kindness heart inside you and all would be well

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When you have kindness in your heart and you live your life for others

Today, 13 November Thursday, I only have one annual review and this , the lady client suggested going to Wine Network at Dempsey Road and I agreed. The time : 2pm. Wah drinking at this hour.....really cool eh ? Yeah lah, only Master Lynn would be doing that.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Every morning when I wake up, I would be full of energy and getting ready for work. Work can be going to ubi office to do readings or to parts of Singapore to visit clients. I do not work at all hours or a fixed time frame. Bottomline is : I get paid for my work and would usually give them more than what is necessary in terms of advice as I want them to grow rich as well as "spirituality", the so called : fengshuiQueen culture, it is this community that we belong to and that works for many of us.

FENG SHUI: Actually I have turned down a few talks for 2009 already. I remembered many years ago, when I wanted more people to get to know fengshui better I did many many talks as many as 30 in a year. That time, feng shui very hot. After a couple of years as fengshui became more popular then of course, many others also came and started this business. After learning from some courses and then they start this business. well, it is fine as long as their intention is to help people and not to harm them.

Anyhow, destiny will come into play - that is whether you will be my client or their clients. if you are already my clients then you have to know that we have destiny while if you are other master's clients then you probably have destiny with them and maybe with me, next time.

I always have this belief that : "nothing is impossible for me". when I want to do it, I will.

DESTINY: Last week a client came to see me for her annual review and she told me that factories in China are already closing their factories and shutting their doors because of "no business". and that means people are being retrenched there. If it happens in China, it can happen to all parts of the world and that is scary. Well, the only thing to do is : MUST do FENG SHUI lah, sure got business.

In fact when economy is down or up - fengshui business do roaring business. this kind of business is definately "recession proof". Clients who have consulted our consultancy would not have to worry because they are sure to have business and even if they are facing some problems, it is usually related to their management style and their cash flow management and not feng shui related.

What I saw most frightening was the : opening of too many restuarants in Singapore and with hefty rentals, in times like these, how can they survive ? and I find spending over $15/- for a spicy soup and rice too expensive for lunch and the rice can't even fill my stomach at these food outlets while I usually go to "kopti tiam" and have my brunch and don't order drinks, just food only. I can save alot of money and then invest them in stocks. I have been doing this the last 5 years.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I remembered in year 2006, year of the dog that year I predicted that the METAL industry would make the most money that year and they did. Example of Metal Industries includes banks, or companies dealing with steel, metal.

In year 2007, year of the pig, I predicted that the WOOD Industry would make the most money that year. True enough stocks that deal with palm oil, education, seminars, books and stationary, textiles, clothings, paper did very well. The economy for 2006 and 2007 (especially this one) was excellent.

In year 2008, year of the rat, I predicted that the WOOD industry would make the most money this year. Stocks that deal with palm oil, education, seminars, books and stationary, textiles, clothings and paper will again do well.

Economy for 2008 - not so good because of "money matters". Plus, we must also read these together with the "five yellow" energies in the NORTH this year and what can happen or already happened.

We all knew that the stocks will have the biggest fall this year and so we waited till October before we went in. although at this point we may loose money but look at the bigger picture, we bought these stocks at a "steal".

Now, we only hope to see the next 3 years, how the economy can perform and then we would know which year, we can cash out and make money.

If you want to know : Of the 5 categories of industry, which industry will do well in year 2009 ? come to my "Predictions talk 2009". The first one is going to be on 8 Jan 2009. I will announce it later who invited me and you just go, but I think not open to public. If I can accurately predict for 3 years running, I think I am on the RIGHT TRACK.

1) year 2006 - metal.
2) year 2007 - wood.
3) year 2008 - wood.

And I currently own 70,000 shares in one "wood industry", putting my money there where I predict and that suits my bazi. so that when I talk about shares will know what I am talking about. Not just "chez shan tang pin" ( talk on paper, talk only) (mandarin).

We may see a "mini bull" around Jan and Feb 2009, however I am not selling my shares. I would wait for the "mini bull" to be over and then down and down again then I enter again. you "bull" with me ? however if you wish to sell, go ahead, make some money then say I very "chun" is good enough for me.

Give you a fengshuiQueen tip: "Never place a horse stature inside your house or unless "fire" is your "money" element in your bazi then you can put one. if not it can mean things will be runing away from you and it depends if the horse has one leg up or 2 legs up etc. even paintings of 9 horses are out"

I know of a man whose money element is fire and he as a stature of 9 horses running together on his desk. one day, his boss walked in and saw that new horses and asked for them and took away his wealth because he did'nt know how to say no to his boss. then I offered him a new "fengshui tip"to gain back his luck. the fengshuiQueen strikes again.

Oh tell you a joke : One of my male client said he wanted to be a monk and get away from it all. I studied his chart and said to him : you won't be a monk and if you do, you will be a very "naughty" monk. you would be going to look at all the nuns in the nunnery next door !!! so you better don't be a monk and tarnish their reputation. we had a good laugh !!! happy ??? I will lead the way to 2009 and we are going to have a happy 2009 n quietly pop champagne in our "fengshui homes" despite the slowdown in economies for the next few years. let us live one year at a time, ok ?

FSQ NOTE : For year 2009 : just look at how forgetful people get. then laugh at them but make sure you are not forgetful or careless, eh ?

TIP:"many good things will come to you because of your compassionate heart"

The Fengshui Savy Investor: When the dust settles, let us go and pick the gold, ok ?#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: When the dust settles, let us go and pick the gold, ok ?#comments#comments

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When the dust settles, let us go and pick the gold, ok ?

Today, 12 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to check fengshui for a HDB at Rivervale and then to ubi office to do an annual review for 2009.

DAILY THOUGHTS: A blog is like our diary except that it can be open to invited friends to read or open to the public to read. of course if it is open to the public then it is open to : jealousy, criticisms etc and that can bring about a negative energy.

Therefore I am "careful to protect" it so that it will always bring about good energy to anyone who come and read it. yesterday, we had a record of 1412 visiors to this blog however when my new blog is ready, I will only write once a month on this blog and would be every 1st day of the month and the first one would be 1st Jan 2009. while for the new blog, it will be every day unless I am travelling and I intend to travel on 3 Feb to 9 Feb 2009 for another form of retreat. When I come back, I will show you many beautiful photos of holy objects so that you too can be "blessed".

LYNN YAP BLOG: We had 1,412 visitors and that is a record todate. However, I am past that "feeling" of wanting to have more and more visitors, preferring to write better fengshui articles for my clients and have more" long time loyal followers" than new readers.

FENG SHUI: You know.....eversince I spill the beans about my "wooden chopstick" stories and when I watch channel 55 when a man spilts the "wooden chopsticks" to have a meal, I was laughing to myself. oh !!! no !!! me and my "wooden chopsticks". Anyhow, I've got a nice Golden one sitting on a "dragonfish" place in the "power sector" of my office which is the main door. I bet you : many who come to my office would not notice it.

They probably are too engrossed by the many newspaper cuttings of me in the newspapers on "my wall of fame" - one wall simply dedicated to newspaper cuttings and that excludes magazine interviews.

DESTINY: Destiny is fixed and so when one enters into a destiny path where the couple is bound go "break" in their marriage then it will break and even if it did'nt, the next 12 years later, it will come. so how many 12 years do you want to live your life ?

There is something I note : when a person enters into 4 money elements that year or in their 10 year cycle , money is bound to come to them and it can be quite a lot. however once they leave that 10 year cycle and into say 2 money elements only in the next year of the pig, 2019 then that person may not be making that much money when the next pig year comes and it could be lesser.

SAVVY INVESTMENT: There was a lady who asked : is it a good time to go into shares ? I said yes and then she turnaround and said but the stocks have all gone higher than the "bottom bottom". I laughed and said to her : we are not experts in picking stocks at the "bottom bottom" but we can still enter and then postion ourselves at this price and then wait. However, be prepared to "loose money" and if you can't let go and are not prepared to "loose money" then don't enter. otherwise you will cry alot more.

Shares investng is definately not for the faint hearted people. it takes guts to enter and that williness to take "risk" and learn to admit your own fault when you enter too quickly or when it went up, you didn't want to sell because you were simply greedy.

When we buy stocks : for us there are many ways to read the company that we want to invest.

a) the fundametals of the company and their future in the next 5 years -
b) which industry is it in - can match our bazi or not ?

Once, we have both "yes" then we can enter and "buy" now. Just buy but follow these two in mind or if you know more, then you are alot better, that's good because you will stand to make more money than us.

TIP:"ready to make some money ? or to learn more about fengshui and investments and how they are linked ? join us !!! 24 paid members to date for my new blog can't be wrong. eh ?"

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

Live each day at a time and eat simply

Today, 11 November 2008, Tuesday, I went to do a house review at Joo Chiat area and then to Pasir Ris to do a house feng shui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How is your day ? it rained yesterday and it rained today. Maybe you did'nt get wet because you work in an air con environment while I don't. My job usually involves going from homes to homes most of the time and sometimes I am in office. I recently also went shopping and bought a new pair of low heel red GEOX so that I can run faster and to match my red CHANNEL bag. I will still wear my GUCCI when I "party".

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, I had 708 visitors to my blog. I was like "wow" after so long still got so many visitors and more than the 400 visitors which I had initially when I first started. Looks like it gets better and better. Thank you so much for coming !!!

FENG SHUI: The fengshui tips that I often give are just part of the bigger fengshui. If you really want to learn more, you must attend a course by any fengshui masters and learn all "the different kinds of school of fengshui".
This is because some follow the "Compass school of fengshui" while others may follow the "Black Hat fengshui" or even the "Flying Star school of fengshui". some of my clients even told me what the other fengshui master uses and I will know how skillful they are.
DESTINY: Someone recently ask me if destiny is already fixed and can we alter it ? I said "yes". it is fixed at birth, the first breath you breathe and your destiny is already fixed and can be altered if you mixed with the right partner or marry the right person. Sometimes in life, after you marry the wrong one, your luck goes down, then how ? Feng shui can help.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I received an email from someone saying that finally she found someone who can connect fengshui with investment. Eh ? I thought other masters also write about them too ? I don't really know but I have been writing about these for a long long time. you can read about them in my past "weekly thoughts"found at my offical website
When my new blog is up, I shall show you my FSQ Portfolio and please don't follow because those I bought are according to my own bazi and is good for me. while for you - yours could be very different from mine. If you follow blindly then you are sure to loose money. this is because this is not the way to learn how to grow your wealth.

Today, I also pick up a call from another lady whom I don't know and she said she wanted to learn how to buy shares. I got worried. eh ? if you don't know better don't try. If you want to try, you must be prepared to loose money for your "learning curve" if not don't ever try lah. I am worried for you, you know ?

I am trying to figure out "which stocks" are best for the next 3 years so that we can all buy irregardless of our bazi. Give me time to think about it while I am in Nepal ok ? and write about it in my new blog.
If you pay me something I will make sure you get double your money's worth or even more. This is my style and it goes the same if you pay me for your house fengshui or office.That is why : if you know any of my clients, you will note a BIG DIFFERENCE : My clients are always laughing and smiling all the time !!! right ?
Oh and I just got paid to my company's paypal account by Blog Mastermind Programme and is more than US$500/- I did'nt know that I can do it, till I try. thanks, Yaro !!!

TIP:"that way you can learn to grow richer as well as happier. when your mind is peaceful anywhere you stay can always be happy"

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fengshui Savy Investor: "Weekly Thoughts" in website

The Fengshui Savy Investor: "Weekly Thoughts" in website

My 12th bottle and 13th bottle !!!

FSQ NOTE: my clients gave me these recently. 13 bottles since 20 May 2008 of blogging - 6 months. Prior to 20 May, I've also had many bottles sorry, lost count, how many.

Asia will have its history re-written

Today, 10 November 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office for meeting with my printer and then off to Kenkoo and then Thomson Plaza then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning, my blog went public and so far, so good. Yesterday afternoon I spent the rest of the day reading the Warren Buffet book that I had just bought and I discovered many new insights that I can use for my own stock picking.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Today, 3 people sms me for their userid and password for the new blog and I had to reply them that the new blog is "not ready". In fact, I have not even seen the new blog which is going to use wordpress yet. I don't know how it is that these people can get a "misunderstanding". I will continue to write on this blog till the new blog is ready and then I will stop writing here except every 1st day of the month.
FENG SHUI: When you meet fengshui masters ask them questions so that you can test if what he or she knows is more than you or not. maybe after reading most bits about fengshui tips, you already know quite a bit. Fengshui is not taught in courses and then you become an expert. it is a lifelong learning. that is why the longer he or she is in the business, usually the better. however, there can be a few exceptions where the fengshui master is "intelligent" or "creative" and the fengshui still works.
DESTINY: Sometimes when you meet a person and that person seem to give you that "cloud 9" feeling, it usually mean that you and him has got destiny. However within a year - must get married. This is because of the new influence of the new year that sometimes can clash with your marriage pillar then how ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This year, 2008, the "five yellow" is in the NORTH and hence "bankruptcy" occuries in the NORTH. Next year, the "five yellow" is moving to the SOUTH and so banks or companies in the Southern Hemisphere or in the SOUTH may go "bankrupt".

This is looking at the world in 2009 from a fengshui perspective : you simply watch and see if I am right or not. then if this is the case, then we should not invest into Australian dollars nor New Zealand dollars now but to wait for the "big drop" probably around September/October 2009 and then enter.

TIP:"and it is all about money"

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round#comments#comments

We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round

Today, 9 November 2008, Sunday, I went out with my family members for brunch.

DAILY THOUGHTS: 3 people sms asking for my company bank account to tt money over for my new blog while oveseas clients ask for my paypal account. thank you so much for your interest. I am MOST inspired to write better fengshui stories.

The other day, I was watching channel 55 and saw how people sell "real live chickens" and then cut up the chicken in order to place that plate of chicken for others to eat. The more I see this show, the more it makes me "feel so sad for the chickens". Oh no, I hope I can still take chicken rice. I think once I start to give up on chicken and duck, it will then be : no beef, no mutton, no pork , no chicken and no duck.
PHOTO: shows the back of my garden.these plants are not mine, my neighbours !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: One more day to go before we go public. what do I have to say to you ? well, I sincerely thank you once again for making me a popular fengshui blogger. at the rate this blog goes in a couple of years time, there probably will be many readers. hei !! then I think I must have been a great writer.

My counter will move much faster on Monday onwards. just watch this counter ok ?

FENG SHUI: This Chinese New Year will fall on 26 Jan 2009 and when you go visiting and if you see "outside people's house main door" - got a "semi moon" door mat either green, red or blue, chances are they are my clients. Placing a mat outside the house has always been used by many chinese around the world. However, most do not understand the "real meaning" of why we must put a mat outside the main door of the house.

The real fengshui reason is : "to let the Dragon rest" outside the house and then everything in in the house will always be smooth. sometimes we also add a "metal windchime" at the back of the door so that everytime they open or close the door it will chime to produce the "sound of metal" which will break up the negative earth energies that are found in most houses, near to the main door. My own research has shown that about 70% of most houses that I had fengshuied have a #2 or #5 there. if you don't understand what that is, it is fine as these are the deeper studies of flying star fengshui.
This is also one of the main reason why I started the "6 one dollar Singapore coins" and has to be 1996 or 1997 coins (because 6 and 7 stands for metal) pasted on the walls above the house main door. these days we changed the coins to 2006. this is another of my fengshui creation. if you see those : hah !! sure is Master Lynn's feng shui. This year, chinese new year, I will give ang pow like last year's amount. if you can't then give less this year and save some money. Just tell them "hang zhen tang pai", I am sure they will understand. I think I should tell that to my mum.
DESTINY: There is a small group of clients who tend to worry over small matters and could not focus on : what's important for them in their life. If you were to ask me what is important to me now in my life ? I would reply : "my business". and 15 years later if you were to ask me this same question, it would be :"my enlightment". So.......what's important to you now ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For some of my clients I told them to get ready to buy a property especially those who are currently renting. I was reflecting on the year, 2007 - so hectic. my clients were buying property in the first half and second half some of them were selling and then they buy HDB flats to stay or renting and I get to check the fengshui. It was such a hectic year that : the houses were bought and sold in seconds.

I remembered one of my clients, a couple wanted to pay S$1.5million for a 99 year leasehold property in the east coast and ask me about the feng shui. I did the feng shui part and told them it is not worth paying so much for this. That time : was the height of property market where the sellers just want to get the best and higher price for their unit. I believe the propery agents saw alot of those ugly sellers.

Finally, this couple bought a $1.5million property but freehold and in the city area. Fengshui wise, both about the same.
On saving money : we should always learn how to prudent either cook at home or have simple meals just to fill the stomach is ok already or unless you belong to those group of people who only want to take the best food available. Of course time to time, we can treat ourselves to "fine dining" or to go to a good restuarant for those special occasions - just to celebrate.
Something to amuse you : if you are applying for a job in a fengshui consultancy firm or a fengshui shop, one of the criteria on the appilication form would state : Are you a believer of feng shui ? .......your call, my dear.
Of course, the answer has to be a YES !!!
TIP:"Once we learn the art of saving and being thrifty and once we grow to become rich, people like your friends or relatives will then turn and look at you, differently"

Stretching your dollar wisely by using coins can help you go far

Today, 8 November 2008, Saturday, I went to office for a 9am appointment for 2 annual reviews, 1 life reading and 1 selection of wedding dates.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Somehow, I got this strange feeling that many people STILL do not know how to use their money wisely. Some let "money control them" while there are a few who are pretty "good with their management of money" and these are ones who will have a better retirement next time.
Others probably after 62, they still have to work. If you are lucky then next time let your kids feed you and you go and live with your kids that way you got a roof over your head and food to eat, so no worries.

For me, when I meet them, I usually would share with them my mindset and how they should "think" after that, I let them go home and "think think" for themselves and hopefully they can change to become better with their management of money. There is really a big need to educate our people about the use of money and how to use them wisely.

Bottomline : Why these people don't want changes is because they are too stubborn and refuse to change. They are also too lazy for a change.

FENG SHUI:If you have many handbags that are not being used, it is best to drop a coin in them so that they are never empty is the best. I don't have many old handbags, just a few and I put one dollar coins or 50cents coins in them. AND : dont ask me any MORE questions on this because I will NOT reply. wait my own fengshui don't work for me anymore then how ??

It is like the same "taxi receipts" and "wooden chopsticks" which are all my own secrets that I have been secretly doing. that is why I got business. so I cannot let anybody ask me any questions on them but somehow it is my karma - sure got some people will ask me questions. one time, two time, I will reply but when I can feel that it is no good for me anymore then I will not replying your questions everytime I give a damn good tip.

Just watch : if you come to my talk this Jan 2009 my fengshuiQueen tip will be damn good. These are all part of our chinese culture. How deep is your chinese, answer me.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you wish to know what I have to say about investments for 2009 then come to my "Predictions talk" at Safra Mt Faber, Tampiness or Toa Payoh. Please call them and book a seat. This time round, you cannot bring your thumb drive and get my slides until all my predictions are done. ok ? The first time my slides got leaked out was in the year 2005. After that every year, every body wanted to read my "predictions". I will put it up in my blog for all ok ? after that if you wish to distribute to your friends, sure.

You must be a leader in your industry then people will want to hear what you have to say because : what you have to say can affect the future and people wants to know so that they can plan ahead. Hence most people like to hear from economists, political leaders or fengshui masters especially those who give very good accurate predictions and constantly over time.

TIP:"Use 50 cents or one dollar coins if not use all 20cents coins"

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Fengshui Savy Investor: "Weekly Thoughts" in website#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: "Weekly Thoughts" in website#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This retreat, attending teachings by Lama Zorpa Rinpoche#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This retreat, attending teachings by Lama Zorpa Rinpoche#comments#comments

This retreat, attending teachings by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Photos : Lama Zopa Rinpoche giving blessings after I sponsored to the building of Amithba Buddhist Centre now at Lorong 25A Geylang in 2001. This retreat, although I would be staying at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu, Nepal, each morning would be taking a jeep to Kopan Monastry to attend his teachings. I would love to stay at Kopan Monastry but was told that there are no rooms available. The good news is that : I can still receive sms. so send me your usual smss.
As usual for most of my retreats, I would offer a candle there for "all my clients wishes" so that their wishes can all come true. Some of my clients strike 4D during these periods.

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This blog is going public soon#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This blog is going public soon#comments#comments

"Weekly Thoughts" in website

Many years ago, maybe 8 years ago, I started writing "weekly thoughts" once a week and in my website

I should say, it was like a form of a blog except that : it is open to subs. based members divided into two : a) golden member b) lifetime member (only a handful)

The fee then was : entrance fee is S$50/- and annual fee is S$50/- (golden members)

However, because I was so busy with my fs work, I did'nt have the time to monitor these members nor to ask them to renew their subscription. My staff back then had other job functions to do. so, if you have been enjoying free yearly articles which I write and I did'nt ask you to pay again and again, don't you think it is time to pay for my this new blog ?

In order to set this up, I had to pay my web developer too and it really has been taking a long time which I have "no control" of. However, in this process, it allows me to learn patience and more patience. Even my entreprenuer platfom has been delayed.

The articles which I have written on my "weekly thoughts" would all be open to readers to my website except for the blog which will hold one week's of latest articles and so people who did not pay can still read but outdated information.

To learn to grow rich - is to just pay when others ask and I make sure it is of a reasonable amount or unless you don't wish to pay then you can remain sitting on the outside rather than be in my most inner circle of clients/followers.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you, 100 readers of this blogspot for coming everyday to read what I write as I really really do spend quite a bit of my time on it and that includes taking photos on my digital camera and downloading them. Can you do it, would you do it ?

I would. it is because I have to be responsible to all my first 100 readers who backed me up during the months, 10 Sept, Oct till now when I closed my blog so that : my own "good fortune" comes back and I got my trip to Nepal coming up all nicely done. I will just live for this moment in time.

Have a great weekend and don't spend too much.

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Less people are going out to eat, most stay at home to cook#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Less people are going out to eat, most stay at home to cook#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This blog is going public soon#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: This blog is going public soon#comments#comments

Thursday, November 06, 2008

When I see "water", I see "fengshui"

Today, 7 November 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do an annual review and then off to Bedok Reservoir to do a house fs review for condo and got my 13th bottle of red wine since 20 May 2008 blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: In most of my work with my clients be it "life readings" or "house fs review", I would usually spend a good amount of my time going thru the past few years fs or happenings and then how to make it even better and "what's next". If they tell me they feel like changing job then I would ask them : are you sure ? or can you retire ? this is because most of them can't retire yet and told them to stay in their job till they officially retire this is when they are near to 50 years old while for the younger ones, yes, that is fine.

It would be good to aim for a passive income of S$10k/- a month and then retire and travel round the world and sipping champagne every night, wah, this is life.

FENG SHUI: There was a lady who gave me my 11th bottle of red wine and I wrote below that photo with "a lot of energy" wishing her : "chu nee how yuen". 4 days later, she sms me saying she strike 4D first prize of S$1k/- and she was so so happy !!! I know how she feels because I could put myself into her shoes and walk around them.

Oh, btw, my 12th bottle is a champagne !!! and after learning how to pop my own bottle of champagne, I am game for more champagne, every night now. hehe...... oh next time, when you come you got to buy champagne for me. "qui qui" (expensive) taste, eh ? anyhow, merlot is fine, my all time favourite. have you tried ? the wine can really calm down nerves, loosen you up, more relaxed and people around you would also not be so uptight. Yes ? got or not ?

DESTINY: Destiny is fixed however it can never remain the same this is because once you marry the destiny changes and once you have the first child your luck remains, good or bad. Then if you add in another child and another. you can imagine how many times your destiny will change.

Destiny not only changes - the house that you live in can also make a difference to your destiny and the way you live and "behaviourial" change.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For myself, I am not so active in my share investing, if not I think I could make a pretty good decent sum of extra money. I belong to those stubborn type who believe that money has to come from "my career" only and not anywhere else or maybe I am not hungry enough for more. I am quite contented with my average income and I enjoy my life more than other people did and have a lot more free time, yes watching channel 55 n surfing the internet.
TIP:"Fengshui is more than just about the use of water, it is about a way of life and with happiness"

This blog is going public soon

This blog will be going public on Monday, 10 November 2008 and once it does if anybody post questions here, sometimes I will reply while sometimes I won't as I do not wish to zap up other people's negative energy especially those who view me with a sceptical mind and has negative motivation in them.

Once a month, every 1st day of the month, I will update this blog so that this blog can still be in Google's search engines and help me in advertisments since I have put so much effort in building it.

My new blog would be up anytime soon. todate, I have 8 subscribers and if you intend to subscribe to read, daily like this : then write a cheque of S$50/- subs per year and mail to :

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd
Block 10, unit 04-61
Ubi Cresent, Ubi Techpark
Lobby D
Singapore 408564

Upon receipt of the cheque a "userid" and "password" would be given and then you can read my new blog which will be on my offical website. See you there !!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Less people are going out to eat, most stay at home to cook

Today, 6 November Thursday, I went to ubi office to do 2 annual reviews and one cae birth date.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday, I was out with my gf and who will be my roomate in Nepal. We went to shop for stuff that we need and then to go for a light dinner. She is a vegetarian while I am not yet one so I was simply curious as to how she can do it while I can't.

You see ..........each time I go for my retreat, I would be on all veg and once I am back I would stay veg for a while until my body gets weak that I had to stop and to go on a fish diet to gain back my physical strength. This is because I need "energy" to climb staircases in HDB flats or go up 4 storey in a walk up apartment.If you think being a fengshui master is so easy, you come and do lah !!!

I am still thinking of what I "lack" in my food intake in order to give me that "pep energy" of going all, full vegetarian. Ok, tell you a recent joke.

There was a day, I was going home by a taxi and this taxi driver started talking about the lack of people in hawker centres recently and I asked : "oh is it ?". Then I asked again :' ''where do they go and eat ? cook at home ?".

The driver said : "probably, yes". At that moment, I replied oh yes, take canned food (kuan tau) some frozen chicken or frozen fish is good, cheaper. He nodded then I exclaimed : having cup noodles, even better. At this moment, the taxi driver laughed and said : "yes, that one even cheaper !!!"

The conclusion is : if we are tight on the cash part, we would know how to tighten our belt. kids may not be able to go thru this difficult period but I hope they can at least try and tell them it is temporary so that there is always a ray of hope for them or for us. Kids need something forward looking for them. while for ourselves, even taking "can food" can be a joy in itself if : only your mind is willing.

FENG SHUI: One of my client said Master Lynn, you love to keep taxi receipts while I prefer to take my boading pass and put them in the wealth area so that she can travel often. Then I replied : oh yes, I will put it there too with my passport whenever I want to travel and sometimes I would take out my luggae and place it in the wealth area so that someone will call me to travel.

FSQ Concept of : whatever items you place in the wealth area, it will grow.

DESTINY: Some people have the gift of "sight" and so they can "see" things whole some have the gift of hearing and so they can hear things while some have the gift of "feel". which one do you have ? I think the worst to have is the gift of seeing things. if you can see spirits how calm and peaceful can you get ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When you get your pay then look at see which stock is your favourite one and then you can enter and buy. But this one keep for at least 3 years ok ? then you can make some extra coffee money for yourself. however if you are first timer then don't touch or unless you have a very good "stock sifu" who can guide you and help you so that you make lesser mistakes.

TIP:"it will be about the survival of the fittest food outlet, cash flow management, advertising and promotions"

Othello anyone ?

Today, 5 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to office to do 2 annual reviews for 2009 and then went to Taka to meet my gf who is going to Nepal with me to buy some stuff and I bought my book on "The Snowball : Warren Buffet and the business of life" by Alice Schroeder.

DAILY THOUGHTS: You know something ? it is really nice to meet my old clients again for their annual reviews, this is because there is so much to know about how they are currently doing and what's next for them ?

FENG SHUI:Fengshui for landed property : if you live on a landed property it is important that there are two white rounded bulbs to represent the pearl of the dragon at night and to be turned on from 7pm to 6am in the morning. so that on that road itself your house is the brightest so that the dragon's breath can come to your house at night. Then you will have ever lasting prosperity as long as you stay in that house.

If you bought a landed property and don't live there then the fengshui do not have much of an impact on you although there is - some impact.Please turn on your "lights" at night, ok ?

If you live in an apartment : it is also important to leave a night light on so that there is brightness in your kitchen in the day as well as night.

FSQ NOTE: "Knowing how to use the Dragon is an important secret in fengshui theories"

DESTINY: People who have fire somewhere in their bazi is someone who can hold their liquor well. and bazi can tell. usually for people who go for interviews and if their new job involves entertaining, it is important that they can hold their liquor well. Two clients who wanted a job change told me that their interviewer asked them : "Can you hold your liquor ?"

The best reply is not a "cheong hei" (long winded) reply but something that is more professional like :

"I love drinking, every night I drink a glass before going to bed. I can take whisky, volka, wine, champagne, sake etc"

Drinking well can get you to many places - so be sure you can hold your liquor in public and still walk straight after 3 bottles of wine in 6 hours. it is a case of non stop drinking and chatting and eating plus with the right company it can be very very fun and enjoyable. Try it ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This is the time to save money or park some money into gold or shares.

TIP:"have you played this game of black and white chips on the board and won ?"

Monday, November 03, 2008

Do you have alot of love to give ?

Today, 4th November 2008, Tuesday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews.

DAILY THOUGHTS: People always say that we should first learn to love ourselves. Do you ? and do you know how to love yourself ? Loving yourself means : to look within you and to search for your own identity. who are you ? what do you want out of this life ? is your life happy ? if not then how to make it happy ? Count your blessings to make yourself happy and don't just focus on all the negative things happening around you.

Those negative things happenings are for other people to handle - what I hope to see is that : SMEs Companies continue to keep their staff and if business is slow then reduce wages across the board so that everyone is gainfully STILL employed. Bottomline is : everyone still has a job and we will weather it thru to the next dragon year, 2012.

FENG SHUI:When a fengshui master does the fengshui of the house, the fengshui master would usually also request for the family members birthdate and time to do the readings. One must remember that everything has to add up and balance. So the fengshui master has to think deeply and then to analyse and then to give the fengshui solutions.

The best fengshui house right now would be a swimming pool or the sea or river in the "south west" sector of the house. If you currently own a house like this, you are definately in good luck. On the other hand if your house faces the sea, river or swimming pool in the "north east" then that is really bad for you for you will loose a lot of money and will be in trouble. We call this in Fengshui Theories : "External wealth area" - water that is outside of your house.

DESTINY: I have always have this passion about four pillars of destiny and how to read it so that I can give the most accurate readings and when my clients come back and tell me this and that happen in the past year, I would go like a "Wow". Great ! I am spot on again and this gives me great incentive and passion to tell even more great happenings for their new year in 2009 and thereafter.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Today, someone sms asking if it is ok to buy Golden Agri at 22cents ? I replied : "I can't tell you lah". I cannot tell her because what if it goes up, he can be happy however if the shares go down he may get very angry with me and then what next ? I cannot afford to take "this kind of risk", you know ? I am very careful. This person also currently is not able to read my blog, so he does not know if I have bought any shares the last few weeks and what I had bought.

TIP:"When one has alot of love to give this is the attitude of a loving person with a big heart. If you always think of yourself day in and day out then you don't deserve the love from others because there is no love in you, my dearest"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Next year is going to be about property

Today, 3rd November Monday, I went to office.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I was thinking the other day which "industry stock" is the best to buy for the next 5 years and then to cash out in the year of the Dragon ,2012.

For year 2009 (ox) - water industry is bad
For year 2010(tiger) - earth industry is bad
For year 2011 (rabbit) - earth industry is bad
For year 2012 (dragon) - water industry is bad

If one just look at the next 4 years, that means that one should avoid buying into "water" and "earth" industry stocks which in turn means that : "fire", "wood" and "metal" are ok to enter.

With this "industry picture painted" then we can now decide which industry sectors to enter and buy and keep till year of Dragon to exit - the first exit.

So if in your bazi, your favourable elements are wood, fire and metal then you can buy these stocks and keep. Bear in mind that : each year there would be one particulary good element industry that can do exceptionally well. Example is :
2007 - it was wood industry
2008 - it is going to be wood industry

When will we know the final results of which industry would perform well would be to wait for their annual results then we can see if our predictions are accurate, spot on or not.

Do bear in mind that most of the time their reports are usually reported vs last year's revenue or proft. Let us not be swayed by these but rather look at the bigger picture of their results vs their last 5 years revenue and profits before you conclude.

FENG SHUI: When one goes in to any resturant, shop, office or even a house one can use one's "gutfeel" (6th sense) to feel the energy of the environment.

If the energy there is stale or slow moving, one can expect that this house or shop or even an office would be slower paced than others.

Stirrers of energy refers to : windchime, television, radio, water feature, air con, real tall potted plants etc. Which one you will use usually depends on the fengshui master which one he or she wants you to use.

For me, I have always believed in the power of the water feature because feng shui has always been about the use of water. water in the right place, you get the right results. water in the wrong place, you will get a bad headache or troublesome matters.

DESTINY: If you wish to learn destiny reading or fengshui then to study under those fengshui masters would be alot better for you. Then you will understand that there are actually alot of indepth knowledge that goes on in a single reading.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Investing in shares needs a lot of guts and money. Sometimes one enters at the wrong timing or bazi cannot make it then the next day that particular stock is sure to go down. Then I wonder how the rich investors do it and why they can make money from stocks.

For some, I know their bazi is suitable and so they can make money from stocks. however most of us happen to belong to the same boat - cannot make it one but still want to try. hehe,stubborn behaviour.

Somehow in the last two years I seem to be able to find a "good formula" that always win and don't loose. that way, we can always make money from stocks all the time.

TIP:"so ask yourself why property prices will start to fall ? it is because of unemployment, the main cause of it all"

Do you know how to play with a yo yo ?

Today, 2nd November 2008, Sunday I went to visit my parents and then to Wine Network to meet my client for her annual review but we moved to Wine Company instead.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I just got home late and time to write my blog.

FENG SHUI: Just remember that if you have any problem on hand - fengshui can explain many things for you to understand. It is only if you are willing to listen.

DESTINY: A day element person who has a "rabbit" in that pillar would also have ears jutted out while if below the day element is "ox" or "goat" the persons ears would be stuck to the head or rather flat.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The market is already at the bottom but just wait two weeks first and see how.

TIP:"I know.....because I was young once"

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My 11th bottle of red wine !!!

Since blogging on 20 May 2008 till now - I have received 11 bottles of red wine. Thank you to all my supporters !!! "chu nee how yuen" hehe