Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts#comments#comments

The Fengshui Savy Investor: Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts#comments#comments

Time to invest and spend a bit more this x'mas n give cash as gifts

Today, 20 November 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi office for readings and would be home late. so I write my blog this morning.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Most people are worried that the recession is going to be deep and long but it is not true. by the time the next year of the dragon, 2012 comes, things should start to pick up, though 2009 is going to be a bad year.
It depends on which 5 elements industry that you are in and usually the most "difficult" period is one year only which means it can be in 2009 and all you need is to have reserves for a whole year's of expenses so that you can get by over this difficult year.
LYNN YAP FENG SHUI BLOG: Thank you for making me a popular fengshui blogger such that my blog is now at page 1 of "Singapore fengshui Blog" if you do a google search. Most of my readers are actually my clients and of course there are some new readers.
FENG SHUI: If your garden happens to be a "power" sector then you can add a big boulder, 4 ft tall or have more lamps in that area as the "power sector" usually consists of "earth" element in "flying star school of fengshui" we have the #8, mountain star and so we can use "earth" to enhance the "earth" element as well as using "fire" to produce the "earth" to make the "earth" stronger. The number, 8 is an "earth" element.

DESTINY: Once you know alot about destiny it can help you understand your spouse alot better or even your children...... but in life, nothing is perfect and even if we know our spouse can harm us and is our enemy, then what do you do ? "siam" ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Here are a few invesment tips for you :
a) There are some people, the minute they invest into one share they have this bad habit of wanting to take back their money as quickly as possible -

b) Sometimes when their bad habit or implusive nature catches up with them, these same group of people will then WANT to sell their shares even though it means making a loss of S$5k and even though they do not NEED the money and they usually dare not tell anyone about it.

c) These are the people who need to learn how to let go of their money - meaning that : to have a mindset that : "they must learn to part their money into shares and let them remain there till a profit is made" before they can sell if not THEN don't sell. It is all about learning and realising these yourself and understand a bit more about yourself and YOUR "investing techniques" and how to change. Only then you can LEARN how to profit from the market.
I've done it and so can you.
d) What I do these days are : those that I had bought high even though I bought them in October, I now try to buy more to "average down" and so far I have only two stocks that are in need of that and time is on my side. so with each payday, I go in to buy a bit and a bit and then wait. then when the market goes up, I will sell half and keep the other half because I know that when I sell, that stock is sure to go up for a while or sometimes shoot so high. you know that kind of feeling lah. I have been there too.
These are but some of my personal experiences that I had observed and I thought, should share with you.
FSQ NOTE: If you like my investment tips, let's discuss in my new blog which is not ready and thank you for being so patient with me.
TIP:"we believers of fengshui will be able to go thru n still make it a wonderful X'mas"

It is going to rain a bit more these days

Today, 19 November 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office to do 1 annual review and then off to ABC centre at Lor 25A, Geylang for prayers at 2pm and just got home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How is your day today ? good, I hope.

FENG SHUI: How to fengshui a garden ? first of all, it all depends on which sector the garden falls under. Example : if the garden is in the "wealth area" then that would be perfect to place a "pond of water" in the garden complete with flowers or shrubs if you wish for wealth and some romance. If you do not wish for any "unwanted romance" then make sure that there are no flowers in the wealth area of your garden.

DESTINY: Sometimes it is not a good idea to learn a lot about destiny. this is because the more you know, the more lonely you will be. This is because you would want to "siam" people born in the dog or dragon animal signs or those that clashes with you. wah.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The stock market looks like going to a bottomless pit which investors somehow would not know when this drop will end. It will keep going down like this till early next year 1st Jan 2009 then there will be a change. just watch this column OR enter to my new blog and we discuss it further there.

When the shares of some shares are much lower like now they may be a target for a take over and these take over will most likely happen to the earth industry stocks like reits and property.

TIP:"and till January, it will be hot and sunny"