Saturday, January 31, 2009

"When a door close another will open and is a new begining !!!"

Today, 1st February 2009, Sunday I went to visit my parents and then to work.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: We are now into the 7th day of the lunar new year of the Ox and how are you so far ? Today I have received many sms on happy "ren ren ri" while there were 3 persons who strike 4D using my "18 oranges and 1 pineapple" theory and most of them are extremely elated because they can get the "HENG HENG" effect from these. Maybe my lunar new year heng heng greetings also work !!! one client strike 1st prize, the other strike 2nd prize, ibet. Maybe you may wish to try this too and put them on your dining table and every now and then change the 18 oranges.

FSQ NOTE: The way a blog is written may tell about the writer's personality however it has to be written in such a way that can connect to many Singaporeans or visitors to this blog such that people love to read what I am writing and would come back for MORE. That in my defination would consititute a successful blog and we are still listed as number 1 in GOOGLE search for "Singapore fengshui Blogs".
SINGAPORE FENG SHUI LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you for your wonderful support, without you, the readers then what is a Blog ? maybe it should the be known as a note or a journal. Because of your wonderful support , I get about 1,134 visitors per day even though I write only once a month in this blog and I intend to write twice a month here (I am inspired)so that it will be updated every 1st and 15 day of the english calendar month or unless I am travelling then there won't be any updates.

FENG SHUI: The last 2 years because people were busy buying n selling properties, we, fengshui masters were all very busy. Come 2009, because of world recession, we are also busy but for different reasons, for some people it was helping them to find job faster while for some it was to protect their jobs using fengshui and destiny reading, both combine together.
DESTINY: If you intend to learn destiny reading like bazi do not just concentrate on the 5 elements, go a step further and learn that the rat denotes north and snake denotes south etc. If you can understand mandarin, buy the chinese books to read about bazi and I am sure you will be opened to the world of chinese culture, so rich in their chosen chinese words. Can you see what I am driving at ? That is : we write in prose. Example: I shall meet you at the snake hour at my Ubi office tomorrow ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This year 2009 if one were to compare to year 2008 would be a lot better in the sense that it is not going to be about money nor financial matters. Because of the earth in the Ox Year, it is going to be about survival of the fittest company and being small would have all the advantages than being big. In a nutshell, it is going to be a tough year for most people not all but most.
NEXT UPDATE: 15 February 2009

FSQ TIP: "It all depends on how positive is your mindset"


T T Tan said...

Thank you for your Advice Master Lynn

Joanne said...

Hi Master Lynn,
Thanks for sparing time to write twice a month... I love to read your blog.. even over and over again...It always brings positive energy.

lunaticg said...

Just stumble your blog via blogcatalog. What a great site about feng sui. Will try to go to your site more often.
See you around.