Monday, March 23, 2009

My Fengshui Queen story :

Today, 24 March 2009, Tuesday, I will be going to my Ubi office and then off to do a can or cannot buy at Jurong.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: I will try and write in this blog as much as I can so that this blog remains as popular as ever and to help many readers in times like these. Any bit of fengshui tips can help you get a job or remain at the work place, save money for some good investing etc.

SINGAPORE FENG SHUI QUEEN LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you for coming here to read more about me and my feng shui.

About myself
: I grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, studied in the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, Kellock Road, Victoria Street and then to CJC then to the University. I was a science student in CHIJ and then went to CJC to study the arts as I love economics and got a A for it !!! Come to think of it, I should have developed this skill and become a top notch ecnomists here in Singapore. But then my interest in Chinese Metaphyscis was getting stronger by the day.

My mother is a taoist who prayed to "tao peh kong" and all of those. Till today, there exists one God in her house. Being a girl, I was naturally close to my mother who told me stories about taoism, black magic and stuff like that, I grew up in those era and was strongly influenced by her in these. Though when I practised feng shui as a profession, I decided not to use religion in it and hence it became a feng shui based on theories and science.
When she relates stories about feng shui, old ancient techniques (talisman) etc that hit a chord in me and I remembered I was barely 12 years when we moved in to this corner terrace house (sembawang hills estate) and when my mum invited those overseas fengshui master to check our house then. I happen to be one with very good memory lah !! She was'nt very happy with those and till today still grumbles at those fengshui masters. it was because those masters' cure did'nt work !!! and none ever told her to place a "water feature" in our house until I did feng shui and told her to install two fish tanks in this house for good luck and prosperity.

Fengshui is about the use of real water. If a water feature is not part of the fengshui solutions and where to place them, then that feng shui master may not be up to standard. why call it "feng and shui" if it is not about the use of "shui" and how to tap the "feng" to go into the "shui" ?

This house still exists and I try to visit her every Sunday if I could.

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Teo said...

Dear Master Lynn
Would you be sharing a little on your forecast of the stock market in the 3rd and 4th lunar month since 2nd lunar month is coming to an end?

Also, can you share/recap a little regarding taxi receipts ...where should we keep them for luck?

If not conv to share here, can do so in your pte blog. I am a member there too.