Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come on and have a tweet !!!

Today, 15 April 2009 Wednesday, morning, I will be out to do my own thing and in the afternoon to check fs for a hdb flat. This is how my day usually go and is about the same daily though I work 7 days, 24/7 by sms I work on piece meal project basis and loved every minute of it !!!
FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? I am sorry as I have been real busy with work and projects but I will always find time for you my dearest viewers/readers to my blog. Even though, I write mostly twice a month here, I still get over 1,000 viewers to this blog. Thank you so much for coming and hope that I don't disappoint you. That is why : I try to write interesting feng shui stuff to my readers and even younger readers and that is is cool to be Fengshui Queen, Lynn Yap's clients !!!
Because I am a trendy mum and fengshui master. Cool mum : is because I understand kids and the way they think.
Hey, Ivan did'nt mummy rush to Sake Sushi to get your tempura prawns when you were first allowed out of camp before I go for work on a Sunday ? well............that's how close we are and bought Japanese fried chicken n sushi for Alex ? Ivan wants to do design either from NTU or NUS.
SINGAPORE FENG SHUI LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you viewers/readers of this blog for making us first under search for "Singapore Fengshui Blog" and "Feng shui" on page one of Google.
TWITTER : Come follow me in my twitter under "lynnyap" as I do micro blogging and updates on where I am. http://www.twitter.com/lynnyap Last week, I sent my son a MSN to inform him to get into Twitter and as usual, I know he would wait as he has too many things on his hands !!!
Currently, I have over 452 followers and I intend to work hard to cross that over 1,000 followers in my twitter. Though I think I maybe the first Singapore Geomancer to be on Twitter and to have the largest followers (for fengshui ) I still need to work hard on it and be "number one" as usual for a lot of things in the fengshui industry here in Singapore.
If you do noticed by now, over the last 10 years I have worked very hard to be where I am today, commanding, respecting and influence. I can exert a certain influence and helep improve people's lives in terms of health, wealth and happiness. 100% of my clients are very very happy today than where they were before, before they enagage me as their feng shui master.
FENG SHUI: Give you a tip : Directly opposite the house main door is the secondary wealth area and this one everybody should have. Unless you have bedroom doors around that corner then : Close all the 3 bedroom doors to form a corner - that will be your secondary wealth area.
Then, place a "laughing buddha", "chye sen yeh" or any "auspicious objects" there in your house wealth area so that at least you too can see some money coming to you and : without inviting a fengshui master to your house and that is cool !!!
FSQ NOTE: Try it, give it a try and then watch the results. Never let your stubborness influence you for you may be too stubborn for your own good and ask yourself : Are you stubborn for the "right reason" or the "wrong reason" ? Discover it yourself, have the experience yourself before you say : "No, I don't believe in fengshui when you have totally "no experience" with this. then, what are you talking about ?

You will look like a "fool" if you do that. This is because almost 7 out 10 people here in Singapore have heard of feng shui or at least have engage or do fengshui in their homes and I have many many followers and they read my blog !!!
DESTINY: Be happy. Happy is of the water element and if water is your money element then when you are happy, "the wealth" comes. Then, if "fire" is your "money" element, the more angry you are, the more the wealth. Don't believe me ? Test this out yourself. But first, you would need to get someone to tell your bazi and why not sms me.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For the most part of this year, I did not do any investments but merely monitoring them (shares, gold, property) though I managed to sell most of my 90,000 shares (those stuck stuck ones bought too early in Oct/Nov/Dec 2008) and yesterday I entered some - to test my own bazi vs my own investing skills.
FSQ TIP:"People started blogging say 5 years ago and people want to blog short and so we have mirco blogging and what's coming next ? if we here in Singapore and can develop the latest software or to start something like these, we would be the World's first to come up with the next "new" thing in the internet world !!!. Now...........let me micro blog"


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The corner that is diagonally opposite your house main door is the corner that is "inside the house". Try to find it or re-allocate a corner for this "secondary wealth area" which anyone can find without inviting a fengshui master to their house.

If you open your house main door and it faces the mirror then it means that family members do not like to go home often and are out most of the time. It is better to remove the mirror or "cover it" to make it "non reflective" then you can change your house feng shui.

If you do nothing then nothing will ever happen or if it will, will be slow. I hope this answers your question or if not sms me at 9685-2718 or twitter me.