Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet, I thought I saw a putty cat !!!

Today, 1st May 2009 Friday, I am going out and 2nd May Saturday, I am working the whole day.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? fine ......I hope and we are now into the month of May '09 already. Wow ! how time flies when you are not looking.
PHOTO : How do you like this photo which was taken from my Nokia E63 and downloaded using the USB plug into my laptop at home. nice ? I also carry a HTC HD touch phone to read emails while on the road.
SINGAPORE FENGSHUI QUEEN LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you for supporting us in feng shui business this year. My family members and I are very appreciative for your kindness so I hope to give you a good FS tip to thank you for your kindness. Todate, I have received over 20 bottles of red wine from my clients. wah !!!........that is a lot of bottles and I can open a shop very very soon....... nah, just kidding cause I drank all of them. brb.
TWITTER: Come join me in my Twitter updates as I update on "stocks" and occasionally on predictions of the stock market (of the world) whether going up or down. My account is
And I am rank number "one" on "find people" under "fengshui" with over 1,259 followers and ranked Top 111 Singaporean Twitterer. I tweat.
1) Avoid crowded places during this month and avoid people who sneezes, cough and has a running nose.
2) Do not take beef, mutton or pork this whole year - so no "ba kut teh" eh ?
3) Go buy a small table fountain and place in the wealth area of your house (must be fs by me) (add on) and wait there would be added wealth coming in and very very soon. This is meant for those who wants to see more lottery luck or more money coming in.
DESTINY: Some people really work and work and do not know how to stop, rest their body and their mind till it is too late. These are usually the wood day element person. Relax .....if not you will "burn out" and there is no point, sometimes when you relax, the good luck comes.
EXAMPLE: A) If water is your money element, the more you laugh the more money come to you. B) If fire is your money element, the more you loose your temper or get angry over money, the money comes. Did you notice it ? Don't you think how true all of these are ? Don't forget ......I spent 20 years experiencing destiny, am 50 this year and reading many many people's lives including those top CEO's.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The coming 4th, 5th and 5th lunar months are all fire months hence the stock markets can easily "sway" sometimes up, sometimes down.
FSQ NOTE: The "sickness" energy (#2) falls in the "east" this year 2009 which usually affects the "male" hence death occurs for the male. The "troublesome" energy (#5) this year 2009 falls in the "south" which means it affects "females" and it can also mean countries in the southern hemisphere or even southern part of the city or country.
FSQ TIP: "Come follow my tweets (updates) in Twitter everyday !!!"


Sean Toh said...

Hi Lynn,

You are looking great with lots of "Yang" qin in this picture and I must say that this post is definitely going to be very useful and informative for people who believe in the art of applying Feng Shui in enhancing their overall wealth and well being in life.

Yours Sincerely
Sean Toh
Author of “4 Steps To Financial Freedom”

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you in Twitter where you can "network" with fellow "online marketers" etc and go "chope" your name !!! and I can share with you what I had learnt there with codes like RT, OH etc so that you don't have to go thru what I had gone thru.

Go to n sign up

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Yap,

If Water is Laughter and Fire is Temper, kindly adv the behavioural aspects for Earth, Metal & Wood.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

When you mentioned blur for wood, do you mean real 'blur' or 'act blur' ie. "cha cha". Please advise.

Thanks !