Friday, May 29, 2009

You will need charisma if you want to succeed in anything !!!

Today, 1st June 2009 Monday : Happy Birthday Alex !!! I asked him if he wants anything and he replied : "no need for anything special". As a mother, what would you do, just give him the "normal" and is his 17 birthday. As his mum, I am naturally proud of him as he is quite handsome. Both boys, Ivan and Alex are handsome to me though on the quiet side........well, which mum wouldn't think the same for their sons ?

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: "Charisma" is what some people called : the "x factor" and in the "new social media" once you are in it, there will always be people saying "good" things about you as well as the "bad" things. Most important is : look at where it is coming from, before you decide if that is a fact or fallacy and best is not to take action unless really really necessary and never ever let them "control" your life and influence your happiness. sometimes we know somethings while others don't and usually is because they do not have the "full facts" and yet, they shout so loud.
Happiness is our state of mind. Once we can control our mind and influence it to be happy and peaceful, always, we can then relax and learn to let go and don't ever worry about others' "rude remarks" or anything like that.
Many thanks to my clients who told me that they love to read this sort of "write ups" about the way of life into happiness. whenever I think of something, I will write them and to share whatever that I know of.

Charisma is "in born" and not trained. How can one train a person who doesn't smile all the time ? eh ? yes, that is charisma too.

FENG SHUI: There are many different brands of fengshui that exits and with so many "different fengshui masters" then each having their own "brand of feng shui" would somehow have its own fs variations and accuracy.

A QUICK NOTE: How does one tell which fengshui master to engage ?

If the fengshui master has been in business for the last 10 years then check his or her personal progress and find out if their own fengshui work for that master or not and it SHOULD if not : how then can you believe in that master ?

The fengshui master should be at least be wealthy after 10 years if not then how to give "Good Credible advice" to help others create more wealth, good health and harmony with the nature's forces of qi, if he or she is not in the Elite FS League. That is the "report card" of all feng shui masters at the end of 10 years into the business, if that master is not wealthy, look sickly then something is not right, some where.

BOTTOMLINE : the key word here is CREDIBILITY

SINGAPORE FENG SHUI BLOG LYNN YAP: This public blog has always been my favourite because I can use colours like red to highlight the text and is read by many readers. I only started blogging last May 2008 and todate we have added Twitter "updates" and to have micro blogging with 140 characters, both working very nicely together.

TWITTER UPDATES LYNN YAP: Come follow me in my twitter updates as I update on stocks, properties and any interesting news ! I am rank #fengshui, number 4 and in #singapore, number 11.
The fengshui queen SG rolls itself into the net using Twitter, Facebook and Blogs to keep in touch with all my clients. It's been more than 10 years and that's how we had kept in touch. I may be the FIRST Geomancer in Singapore to use Twitter, Blogs and Facebook successfully, currently with over 1,567 followers. I will pop champagne when I hit 2,000 followers. There is no monetary gain in this just the "wow" factor. I am different from other feng shui masters.

DESTINY: The first breath any baby breathes, his destiny is fixed from birth. However, who his parents are, his siblings and his friends all can have an impact on his "destiny" then comes the "fengshui" of the house.

Destiny is always stronger than the fengshui of the house.
I first began studying this when I was carrying my eldest son, Ivan and as a housewife reading books on feng shui especially chinese books in 1989. My eldest son was born in 1990 which explains why he is also a bit more on the spiritual side and is gifted in this area.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you have missed the first wave when stocks went up, we are all not alone but you should'nt have missed the second one. I did'nt and made some and so did my clients and family members.
I won't reveal anything more than necessary and let's wait for the "down"(our secret) and then make money and then let's move on to 2010 and let us wrap 2009 with a "big bang" and then pop chamapage in our "enchanted gardens" at our backyard just in case neighbours' get jealous or you pop yours in your balcony then come for my "Predictions for 2010" on 9 Jan 2010 invited by Safra Mt Faber. I am booked one year ahead for my Predictions usually for the past 3 years by Safra Mt Faber.

At S$100/- a bottle, we should be able to afford many bottles - pop PoP pop and more Pop !!! (hope it make you laugh on a Monday)
Since it is my son's 17 birthday, give you a GOLDEN FENGSHUI tip :
Place your name card on your writing table at home, standing in a box or standing using any stand then place 3 rows of one dollar Singapore coins must be 2006 and stack them up to 6 pieces. hence, total number of coins is equal to "sat fat" (18 for cantonese). Get it ? if not follow me in my tweets as in twitter.

FSQ TIP: "Ask yourself : do you have it ? or the men don't get it ?"


Minghui said...

Thank you for your generous tip Master Yap!

Question: Do we place the 3 rows of 6 coins each along the perimeter of the name card or on top of the name card or is there a specific arrangement for us to follow?

Please enlighten us!

Sean Toh said...

Hi Lynn,

Always learn alots from you. Great Blog!

Yours Sincerely
Sean Toh

Anonymous said...

can use malaysia's 1 dollar coin?

moo8787 said...

do i place the coin with flower facing up for Yr2006 facing up?

moo8787 said...

do i place $1 coin with flower side facing up?