Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is fortune telling a right livelihood according to Buddhism ?

Today, 14 June 2009 Sunday : weather looks fine and I have a lazy Sunday, simply doing "nothing".

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? We are into the half way mark of 2009 and hope that you are all well and has "work" to do. My mum always remind me that there are many people out there who are having problems so help them if you can.

TWITTER: Personally, I find that we can use Twitter to enhance our small business especially those very small companies to create awareness for your products or services that your company provides.

You can also use it to engage with your customers and attend to all their needs in the after "sale" service. It is a great tool but one must be careful how one start using it, if not all your "personal life" story could be told especially when you tweet about your fav food or craving for this and that. It's good to show that there is a human behind that great photo but sometimes one can get too carried away. I make sure that my Brand reputation stays in good shape.

FENG SHUI: Every brand of beer tastes different that I know when I was doing a feng shui check and decided to sample different brands of beer. Then I tried whisky and volka too and I realised that they too taste differently if labelled under a "different brand".

So, in feng shui, different "brands of fengshui" will give rise to different fengshui being done and "different" results. Hence, not all fengshui masters are the same. Some younger, some older, some more experience, some very new, some uses Iching school of fengshui, some uses flying star school of fengshui or others. There are simply too many variations to the art of feng shui and I just hope that it does not loose its "original meaning".

DESTINY: Any person who is born in the month pillar with a snake or horse is someone who is very good at maths. your child has this ? then he is very good at maths, no need to study much also can pass.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you ever want to grow rich the first step is to find out from your bazi what can make you "rich". Is it from properties, shares of in business ? then zoom in and go for it and then GROW your wealth.

Did you notice that this month of the horse, some times shares go up and sometimes go down ? it's the season of the "fs horses", crazy but adorable .

PS: someone REALLY did sms me today asking me : what is meant by "going for the broke" as in my private blog at


FSQ TIP:"I learnt that as long as the motivation is correct, it is ok but I intend to ask Ajahn Brahm when I meet him next week for my meditation retreat at Hua Hin, 17 June to 21 June"

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