Sunday, June 28, 2009

What are the benefits of meditating ?

Why do we meditate ? Why ? Because........

1) It can increase our memory such that we can remember -
2) It can bring us peace of mind -
3) It can bring us good fortune -
4) It can make us very busy at work but for a good cause -
5) It can allow us to understand life better and to learn how to "let go" -
6) It allows us to have wisdom at the right time when you needed it most -
7) It can bring our career to the next level -
8) Whatever we wish for, it will come true, just close our eyes -
9) It helps us to be at the present moment in time and to learn patience -
10) It brings us fame and popularity without us realising it -
11) It brings merits, good karma for ourselves as well as anyone connected with us -
12) It allows us to have no more fear -
13) It allows us to have complete faith in the Buddha -
14) It will lead us to live our lives simply and to live within our means -
15) It will allow us to develop our compassion for everyone we meet -
16) It can develop our wisdom, deeper -
17) It can give you good health -
18) It leads us to the meaning of life which is "emptyness" and to be an "enlightened being" -
19) The seed of the Buddha is in all of us, develop it further with meditation and see the "light" -
FSQ NOTE: Why ? why do you want to meditate ? Bottomline is : what is your motivation ?

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