Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fengshui Queen SG Tip:

Results: 4 of my clients who had placed the 2006 one dollar shiny coins stack in 3 stacks, totalling 18 coins in front of their name cards, strike wealth ! I was very amazed that, this tip really can show such "good" results.
NEW fengshui Queen, Lynn Yap tip: If you ever visit a condo with a swimming pool, go towards the pool, bend down and touch the water with your left hand but make sure you don't fall into the pool as this is the ox year yah ?
Most people would go and visit their friends living in condos but nobody would ever even think of going to "touch water" from the swimming pool as water is wealth in our ancient "classic text of feng shui". I can see deeper into its meaning of "wind" and "water", can you ?
FSQ NOTES: I love to give profound thoughts on "fengshui" and "buddhism" in my tweets. Care to follow me @lynnyap (Fengshui Queen SG) at www.twitter.com/lynnyap ? currently with over 3,100 followers and Singapore's top 53 twitterer by followers. I know I should be more humble.................don't worry, I am getting there :)

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