Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reflections of fengshui, reflections of our lives !

FENGSHUI QUEEN SG WISDOM: "Reflective nature" of materials can destroy the good fengshui in any bedroom.
WHY ? This is because a reflective glass of a tv or a mirror or reflective glass window panels or even cabinet doors are not good for fengshui.
The nature is such that : when one sleep on the bed, one's own body will be "trapped" in the mirror or in reflective glass nature of that tv set or in reflective glass from the window panels or even in glossy cabinet doors. Do you think if the "body is trapped", can anyone still have good luck all the time ?
FENGSHUI SOLUTION: is to cover them with a "cloth" or to make them "non reflective" and that will do. Never let modern inventions affect the way a good fengshui should be. If one can learn how to balance the "energies" in our environment, one can have a good grasp on the theory behind fengshui which dates back some 5000 years ago in China.
PHOTO : Science Park, July 2009

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